tagNovels and NovellasSex in Public and Risky Places Ch. 02

Sex in Public and Risky Places Ch. 02


Author's Note: Over the years I have had sex in interesting places, some public and others risky. As I reflect on those days past I realize just how risky some of those encounters were and how fortunate I was not to be discovered. Others were not risky but wild and exciting as they took place in a third party's residence with the person in the other room. I decided to revisit those encounters and share them with the readers. As I wrote the story it was getting very long so I decided to break it up into chapters as the characters changed from one chapter to the next.


The public places in which I had sex include cars, vans, on the lawn, by a lake, on the beach, in a gondola, in a Jacuzzi and in my office. The places I consider risky include my rented room at college, someone else's apartment, my neighbor's swimming pool, a bar store room and in the bathroom at a party. By risky I mean the chances of being discovered and witnessed by others.

I thought at first that I would write about each experience by location. However sometimes the sex started in one location and moved to another. Therefore I decided to write the stories as they occurred in chronological order beginning in 1960. I skipped over the high school years which included the drive-in movie pussy fingering and hand jobs. The story begins when I was in the Marine Corps and stationed in Naples, Italy. Keep in mind that I had many memorable sexual encounters but I have selected the best that occurred in public and risky places.

In chapter one I wrote about my encounters in Naples, Italy where I had sex with three different women Vittoria, Carla and Emma in the same apartment. Each time there were other people in the next room. I also wrote about my first anal sex on the Isle of Capri. We were on the beach at night when Gianna offered up her ass and it was witnessed by a voyeur.

In addition to those encounters I had plenty of sex in Italy but not in public or risky places. After my tour in Italy and wrapped up my active duty in 2nd Recon at Camp Lejeune. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in July 1963, I spent the summer of 1963 working two jobs and applying to colleges. In the fall I accepted a management trainee position with a large firm and I was accepted to college where I would attend classes three nights a week. I rented a room from an older couple, Bill and Renee Rogers, who had a house about a mile from the campus. The house was on the bus route to the city where I worked so the set up was perfect. There was another guy renting the other bedroom in the same house. I didn't own a car so I relied on public transportation to get to work and I walked to the college campus. Sometimes after work, I would take the bus to a town with bar where my friends hung out and I could catch a ride home from one of them.

ERICA -- 1963

One night at a bar, I ran into to an old high school buddy and he told me about the young adult group that he belonged to and he suggested that I join. I did join and that is when I met Erica. She was from Germany and she was working as a nanny for a family in town. She had joined the group to meet some young single people and to socialize. I attended the first singles group meeting and John introduced me to the people there. Some of them I had met before but there were others that I did not know. There were a couple of cute girls at the meeting but the one that caught my eye was the German girl named Erica. She was not as pretty as the other girls but she had the body. She had great tits and a great ass to go with her 36-24-36 figure. Erica stood about 5'6" and I estimated that she weighed about 125 pounds. She was built like the proverbial brick shit house. Erica had been in the country for two years working as a nanny. After the meeting we all went bowling and Erica and I ended up on the same team. We hit it off and although she not a pretty girl I was drawn to her mainly because of her alluring European demeanor and her hot body. After bowling Erica offered to give me a ride home.

She pulled into the driveway and I smiled at Erica and thanked her for the ride and then I asked, "Can I kiss you goodnight?"

Erica smiled and nodded yes. I suspected that she hoped that I would kiss her. I leaned over and kissed her lightly. Her lips were so tender and when I looked into her sexy blue eyes I just had to kiss her for real. I kissed her again surprising her but she relaxed and kissed me back. Then I took her in my arms and held her to me as we kissed and my tongue sought out her mouth. I felt Erica tremble in my arms and I knew that I just had to have her. I ran my hands along her shapely legs up under her skirt and I cupped her firm shapely ass. I stared right at her panty covered pussy and ran my hand over her vulva.

"Walt please stop you shouldn't do that," she gasped but I continued rubbing her bare thighs and panty covered pussy.

Erica was breathing hard and she seemed confused when she spoke again, "Please stop, not in the car, not in the driveway. We could be seen."

I pushed Erica's skirt up to her hips and leaned in to kiss her creamy thighs. She gasped aloud at the touch of my lips to her naked skin. I knew that she was struggling with the decision on how far she should let this go. I could smell the sweet aroma of sex that was given off by her pussy as my face moved closer to her crotch. I kissed her inner thighs just below her panties. She groaned with pleasure as she reached down with her hands to control my head. Erica tried to keep my head from reaching her pussy but I moved the panties to one side of her vulva baring her sopping wet cunt. I tickled her outer lips with my fingers and then let them slip inside her vagina.

Erica was so wet that two of my fingers slid in easily and she unconsciously relaxed her grip on my head. I moved my mouth toward her and closed over her pussy shoving my tongue into her wetness. I lapped at her pussy as I fingered her with two fingers. Then I spread her pussy lips apart and located her throbbing clit. Erica was really excited. I sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips into my face. I reached around her and cupped her shapely ass cheeks in my hands as I drove into her pussy with my tongue and nibbled on her clit. I didn't care that I was in the driveway of the family where I was renting a room.

"Oh, I'm cumming," she whispered as she lost it.

The climax rocked her body and I held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked almost losing her balance. I kept right on eating her pussy and I held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Erica slowly calmed after her intense orgasm and I continued to lick her until her pussy was dry as she ran her hands through my hair. I reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and played with her pussy. As I fingered her cunt I removed the panties from her legs. Then I sat up and said it was time to go inside.

"Give me my panties back," she demanded weakly.

"Nope, I'm keeping these for now," I replied.

The care windows were steamed up and I was sure that even if anyone had peeked out the window that they would not see anything. They may have figured out what was going on but they couldn't see. I wanted Erica naked and I wanted to fuck her so I took a big chance by bringing her into the house.

Erica got out of the car and held her skirt down tight as she dashed for the house as I goosed her ass and chuckled at her predicament. I opened the front door to the split level home. The master bedroom and two other bedrooms were upstairs and there was a fourth bedroom on the lower level. Bill Rogers slept in the downstairs bedroom and his wife Renee slept in the master bedroom. My room was between the master bedroom and the other boarder's bedroom. We quietly entered the house and Bill was snoring up a storm. Erica started giggling as we walked up the stairs to my bedroom. I reached under her skirt again and grabbed her ass.

Once in my room Erica sat on the bed but she held her skirt down over her pussy. I stripped naked and got on the bed with her. I lifted her skirt and gently pried her legs apart. Then I moved between her thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. She shivered in anticipation. I eased her back down on the bed and proceeded to feed my thick cock to her. I slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to my size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until I was buried balls deep in her pussy.

"Oh you have a big cock, fuck me, make me cum again," she cried out loud enough to be heard in the other bedrooms.

I pounded her pussy making sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit. Erica had multiple orgasms as I fucked her. I pulled her blouse top out of her skirt and pushed it up over her bra. Then I pushed the bra up over her tits. She had very pretty firm tits with rock hard nipples. I twirled the nipples in my fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in my mouth.

She went wild telling me. "Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!"

I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her pussy with my cum. Erica stiffened and then had another violent orgasm. I was beyond caring about being discovered by anyone and Erica had forgotten where she was.

She yelled, "Hold me, please hold me, I'm cummmming!"

I reached around behind her and pulled her toward me as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did I and I fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover I laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as my cock softened. My cock was swimming in her cunt mingling with our combined juices.

"Are you okay, Erica?" I asked her.

She smiled at me and nodded that she was okay then she looked down at my soft cock and took it in her hand, "You are big," she said as she stroked my cock to hardness again.

"Let's get your clothes off," I suggested.

Erica smiled at me and replied, "Yes, let's do that."

We stripped off her clothes and Erica got in bed again on her back. She held her arms open to me welcoming me between her legs again. I crawled between her legs and slipped my hard cock back in her pussy. I fucked Erica for as long as I could before I shot my second load of the night. She had multiple orgasms and the final one was so violent she nearly bucked me off her body.

"I have to get going. My employer will worry if I am too late," she said as she dressed.

I walked her outside and I said good night to her. We agreed to see each other Sunday at the next singles group. We exchanged phone numbers and then she left. I went to bed and dozed off wondering if Renee, Bill or the other boarder had heard us. We could have been spotted having sex when we were in the car but then to bring it in the house was ballsy and exciting.

I dated Erica for about a year and we had sex both in my bedroom and in hers at the house where she was a nanny. We both got turned on by the prospect that others could hear us but no one ever said anything to either one of us. I always wondered if it turned anyone on listening to us.


In addition to Erica, I was dating a girl who was in my English class at school. Robin was a very pretty young woman at the age of 26. She had light brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 5" tall, weighed about 110 pounds and she had a cute curvy figure. Robin was not a big woman but she had the bumps in the right spots. Her firm breasts were 32 B with hard nipples. She had a narrow waist, shapely legs and a really cute butt. Robin invited me to a New Year's party.

Erica called me and told me that she was having a New Year's Eve party. I told her that I had plans and she left it open that if my plans changed to come to her party. New Year's Eve rolled around and Robin picked me up to go to the party. Once we arrived Robin introduced me to a number of couples. Most of them were married including the couple hosting the party. Two other couples were engaged and two others had been dating for awhile. I got the sense that everyone thought that Robin had her hooks in me and that we were very close.

I enjoyed the party as the people were very nice. One of the women flirted openly with me, which pissed off her boyfriend and Robin. Robin kept steering me away from her and she never let the woman finish a conversation with me. It was about ten o'clock when another couple arrived at the party they were party hopping and this was their last stop. I did a double take when I saw the blonde woman with a fairly overweight guy.

"Holy shit, that's Linda!" I thought to myself.

Linda spotted me and immediately came over. "Oh my God is it you Walt?" she announced more than asked.

"Yes it is. How have you been Linda?"

"Just great and how about you, are you still in the Marines?"

"No I got out last July. I'm working in the city and going to night school now."

All of a sudden I realized that her boy friend was standing there staring and Robin was obviously put out. I looked at Linda's hand and she was wearing a diamond that made my school ring look small.

"Hi, I'm Walt and this is Robin," I said to Linda's fiancé as I extended my hand.

"Hello, I'm Harold it's nice to meet you both. How do you know Linda?" he replied.

"Oh we worked together at the same food market over four years ago," Linda interjected.

"I see. Well we have some other people to say hello to. Come along Linda," he said smugly.

"We'll catch up later," Linda said as she leaned in to hug me and at the same time ran one hand over my crotch.

"Right later," I replied as I felt my cock stir.

I watched as Linda walked away and she hadn't changed in four years. She was not the prettiest of women but she had an alluring quality about her. Her hair was blonde but it was not smooth and silky like so many other women. It was almost straw like in texture. Linda had a great body and she looked as good as ever. My mind flashed back quickly to the time we worked together. Linda and I had sex all the time in about a four month period before I went in the Corps. She was four years older than I but we had great sex together in her car. She loved my cock and it had spent a lot of time in her mouth, pussy and ass. Linda had an ass that wouldn't quit and I loved fucking her in the ass.

Robin brought me back to reality. "So I guess you two were pretty chummy when you worked together," Robin said almost sarcastically.

"Yes we were very good friends," I replied and again I visualized Linda on all fours waving her ass at me.

"Were you two intimate?" Robin asked.


"You know what I mean. Did you have sex with her?" Robin pressed.

"You know Robin whether I did or not is none of your business," I snapped.

Robin sensed that she had crossed the line. She turned red and then changed the subject. We mingled around and talked with some other people. Every once in awhile I would turn my head and catch Linda looking at me. I learned that Linda's fiancé was a broker on Wall Street and that he had done very well. Based on the rock that Linda was wearing he definitely had the money to throw around. So, I thought, Linda had found herself a sugar daddy. Robin excused herself to use the bathroom and she was not out of sight more than five seconds before Linda was at my side.

"Come with me I need to talk with you for a minute," Linda whispered as she pulled me by the arm.

I followed her upstairs as she seemed to know where she was going. She led me into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. The room was dimly lit with a night light and we could still see one another. Linda sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me by the hand.

"I have been thinking about your cock since I saw you," she said as she reached for my belt.

"Jesus Christ, Linda you're engaged," I whispered in a panic.

"So I'm not married yet," she replied as she unbuckled my belt.

She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. My semi-hard cock bobbed in front of her and she took it in her hand. She stroked it a few times and then took me in her mouth. Linda had not lost her touch and she soon had me as hard as a rock. Linda then pushed me back and stood up. She pulled up her mini skirt to her waist and stripped off her panties. She then sat back on the bed and leaned back with her legs splayed open.

"Come on and give that big cock. Fuck me like you used to," she panted.

I looked down at Linda's pretty blonde pussy and her shapely thighs. I couldn't have resisted her at that moment if I tried. I stepped closer and slid my rock hard cock into her pussy. She was soaking wet and I slid all the way in her cunt. It was risky as hell fucking her in the host's house with her fiancé and my date looking for us.

"Oh yeah, that's it, right there. That's the way I remember it," she gasped as I began to fuck her.

"God you feel good in me. Give it to me, make me cum all over your cock," she went on.

Linda threw her hips at me and we both worked keeping my cock in contact with her clit. She was breathing harder and panting as I plowed her pussy. I looked at her chest and I remembered her fantastic tits. This was not the time to undress her and to go for her tits. I thought about where I was, a stranger in these people's home fucking an engaged blonde friend of theirs in one of their bedrooms.

"I'm close I'm going to cum soon. Don't cum in me. I don't want to go back to the party with a load in my pussy. Let me know when you're going to cum," Linda whispered hurriedly.

"Oh shit! Here it cums. I'm cumming," Linda gasped as her hips lifted off the bed and her body shook like jack hammer.

Linda always had intense orgasms and she was always very vocal. She was on her best behavior tonight as she remembered where she was. I kept on fucking her through her orgasms until she stopped moving. Then I picked up the pace in search of my own.

"Are you close?" she asked in a whisper.

"Very," I whispered back.

"Take it out. Cum in my mouth," she ordered.

I pulled my cock out of Linda's pussy and it glistened with her juices. Linda sat up and took my cock back in her mouth. She cupped my bloated balls with one hand and tickled my perineum with the other. Then she took my cock from her mouth and jerked me off as she looked up at me. I nodded my head that I was about to shoot and Linda took me back in her mouth. I blasted a load of cum into her mouth and Linda swallowed rapidly as to not miss a single ounce of it. She sucked me hard and fast as I ejaculated in her mouth. She sucked me completely dry until I couldn't take her sucking action any longer.

Linda flipped over on all fours and waved her shapely ass at me. "Next time I want you back in my ass. We don't have time for that tonight."

I pulled my clothes back on and straightened myself up as Linda located her panties and pulled them back on. She stood up and checked herself in the mirror. Then she handed me her business card and told me to call her sometime. Linda told me to wait in the room for five minutes after she left and then she kissed me and walked out of the room. I wondered how many guys she would kiss tonight at midnight after having blown me in the bedroom and hour earlier. I walked out of the room a few minutes later.

I realized that Linda and I had been together for about a ½ hour and I was sure that we were missed. I decided to go out the front door and then walk around to the lower level and re-enter through the sliding glass doors. I would tell Robin that I needed to get some air.

When I walked back in Robin spotted me and came right over to me. "Where have you been?" she demanded.

"I stepped out to get some air. Why, what's the big deal?"

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