tagLoving WivesSex In The Back Seat

Sex In The Back Seat


Jim and Mary hit their forties in good shape. They had the requisite two kids, a boy sixteen and a girl fourteen. Both Jim and Mary were self employed and each earned very good money. Both were innovative, even adventuresome. Their sex life reflected their adventuresome spirit -- to a point. Jim wanted to try some discreet swinging, but Mary, while not disapproving, just couldn't handle it.

Their only attempt was with another couple, Tex and Mona. The party was to start with a game of "low card take off one item of clothing," a game Tex made up to get clothes off quickly. That would be followed by dancing naked. Sooner or later the reproductive urge would take over. Even a reluctant woman could stand only so much stimulation, and Mary didn't think she was reluctant. Tex's idea was a good one and Mary managed to go along with the game as she removed her blouse and skirt as required by a run of bad cards, but one more deuce was just too much. She would have to remove either her bra or her panties. She started crying and Jim took her home.

It was a touchy subject and they didn't discuss it for a long time and Jim was disappointed but understanding. Meanwhile Mona had an accident and left her husband a widower. Tex, was single again. Several months after the accident Jim and Mona dropped into the kitschy Dew Drop Inn, a bistro with good pork chops, a jute box with lots of cowboy songs, and a ballroom globe on the light from the ceiling – the sort of place where folks felt no particular need to behave themselves. Tex was there. He could be heard from the parking lot. As always his booming voice filled the place, and his stories ran on non-stop. It wasn't by accident that the bartenders were told to give him a free drink every so often. Everybody would hang around for an extra drink or so while he was talking. Good ol' Tex was good for business.

In an environment where politics and other controversial things are discussed, Tex ignored both. He stuck to his personal passion, sex. One way or another it got into everything he said. And he never pulled his punches. When talking of sex, e didn't hesitate to use the real word "fuck." His rough, sometimes crude, behavior bothered nobody, not even the women. Someone always said, "Ol Tex could charm the queen out of her britches."

Tex always added, "and I'd fuck her too."

In spite of her quick absence from their "party." Mary liked Tex and he always seemed to like her, even as he was obviously trying to look down the front of her dress. Everything was forgiven Tex. He just had yhat way with himself. As they heard the raucous laughter came from the bar, Mary smiled and said, "The dirty old man is in top notch form tonight. You could hear him all the way down to Mexico."

"Yes, nobody could ever really get angry with him. He makes the most outrageous word or act seem so innocent. I really think for him it is innocent."

"I wonder . . . . " then Mary flushed and stopped.

Jim asked, "You wonder what?"

Mary paused even longer, then, "I wonder if I'd slipped my panties off that night at their house what would have happened?"

"He would have found some way of getting his tongue in your pussy."

"Oh god that would have done it for me. You know I can't resist that. But what would you have done?"

"What I have dreamt of for years now. I would have watched you with another man, then I'd have made it with Mona. God the thought of it make me hot, especially the part where you would have made it with him."

"Yes it does seem thrilling doesn't it? I always wondered what might have happened. I suppose I'll never know."

Jim perked up a bit. What was his wife trying to tell him? "Hey it was only a year ago. There are other opportunities out there, and remember I'm not insisting that I have to do it with someone else. The thought of watching you is the most exciting."

About that time Tex laughed at a joke of someone's and it seemed the walls shook.

Mary smiled and said, "I wonder what he said?"

"Like to ask him over? He'll likely try to get you on the dance floor and pat your ass."

"I can probably handle that," Mary replied. Then sotto voce, "and a lot more."

Jim offered, "Look I'll go ask him."

"Okay darling, I have to go to the loo.:

Jim went to the bar and when he had a chance whispered to his friend, "Hey, Tex, Mary asked me to ask you over. I think we might make something happen." That did it! Tex had, himself, been recounting his lost opportunity a year earlier, and this looked as if he might just get another chance!.

They hardly returned to the booth before Mary returned from the lady's room. Jim could swear she was a changed woman. As she approached she gave him a Palenesque wink. She seemed to glow. When taking her seat in the booth she sidled past Tex and managed to brush her ass against him. Then when she sat down, she slipped something into Jim's jacket pocket. He reached inside and felt a pair of panties. As he fingered them he realized the crotch was damp. Mary was clearly on her game.

For Tex the conversation was a bit muted. There was no need to shout. The person he most wanted to impress was sitting beside him. After a little chit-chat Jim said, "I think I'll put some money in the jute box." He walked over and played four slow, very danceable numbers. He said to himself, "That ought to do it."

Sure enough Tex rose to the bait. He asked Mary if she'd like to dance. She again looked at Jim and winked. They weren't alone on the floor. Slow music always brings out the amateurs. Jim tried to keep tabs on his wife and friend. It seemed every time they came into his sight his wife was dancing closer. Once he could swear Tax's hand had moved down to her ass. Another time she pulled his head down and kissed him. He knew such antics would give Tex a boner and he realized that, that made two of them.

Amazingly enough when the music was over Tex went back to the bar and Mary returned to the table. When she sat down she looked a bit flushed. She said, "He said he would like to see my titties..

"What did you say?" ] "I said I'd have to ask my husband."

"Jesus that'll fire him up. It's tantamount to saying yes."

Jim asked, "Where is he,"

"I told him I wanted to speak privately to you darling. I have some do you really want to watch Tex and I make love?" I know that looking at my titties would just be a start."

"Of course, on one condition."

"What's that."

"If you really want to."

Mary took her husband's hand, squeezed it, looked him in the eye, leaned forward and whispered, "I want him to be the second best fuck I ever had, Jim."

"What if he turns out to be the best?"

Mary gave his hand another squeeze, "Then you and I will have to practice hard to make you number one again. And, yes I want to do it. If you like I'll give him the signal."

Jim took a deep breath – oh god was he having doubts at this, the eleventh hour? But he said, "Signal away. The game's afoot."

Mary placed an empty glass on a napkin near the edge where Tex could see it. Soon he arrived with four drinks. "Hey I brought us some more booze, in case we need false courage for something."

Jim, now confident and over the jitters, tried a bit of banter, "Mary told me you asked to see her titties Tex."

Tex was not bothered a bit, "Well, hell yes. They're humdingers."

"They are indeed. I congratulate you on your good taste my friend. I think it's a fine idea, but of course we can't show them to you here."

"Got any ideas where we could go?"

Mary had her own idea, "Jim and I made out in a car many, many times before we got married, and quite a bit afterwards. Why don't you and I sit in the back and Jim can drive us to some place where we won't be bothered."

Tex jumped in with, "Hell yes! I know just the place. I know of a dandy spot down by the ocean. Nobody ever goes there."

That did it. On the way to the car Tex walked with Mary. Jim noticed that his hand wandered down to her ass. Her skirt was made of thin material and Jim knew his friend could feel her bare ass just a thin cotton width away. Her ploy of taking off her panties working, Jim wondered what she was thinking.

She wondered, "I hope I don't enjoy it too much. I seem to be getting all worked up."

Jim took the keys as his wife and his friend got in the back seat. They were sitting close together. Jim said, "You folks enjoy yourself but don't do anything really serious until we park. Remember this involves three of us. Don't take anything off either."

Mary, now sitting with Tex's arm around her, giggled and asked. "May I take off my glasses?"

"Of course, why ask?:"

"I want to kiss Tex and don't want my specs getting in the way." With that she threw her glasses over into the front seat.

The drive to the parking spot took about half an hour. Meanwhile Jim watched in the rearview mirror. Tex and his wife were not proceeding beyond the point they all agreed to, but they pushed the line. Mary had her arms around him and Tex had his hands under her sweater and onto the bare skin on her back. Both were murmuring sweet nothings and promises of a hot time to come. Jim had a hard time concentrating on his driving.

Finally Tex said, take a sharp left here then a right up that lane. We won't get stuck, but if we do, we know what we have to do to enjoy ourselves. Mary added, "I would get two guys as long as they last? Woo hoo."

Then Jim parked and shut off the lights. He turned around and said, "Okay folks, party time. I'll just be an interested, and very exciting spectator."

And he had a lot to watch. First of all Tex wanted Mary to keep her promise and show him her tits. She responded to his request with one of her own, "Pull my sweater over her head please." He did then he threw it over into the front passenger seat on top of her glasses. This was followed by her bra.

She was quite visible in the moonlight. Tex looked at her and exclaimed. "Gawd damn. You are one hot looking woman, woman. I ain't ever going to call you a girl again. Them are some humdingers! May I touch them"

Mary smiled at what was a rhetorical question. "I think it would be a waste of gas to drive this far just to look.." She pulled him to her breasts and held his head tight. Tex approached her with the zeal of a newborn baby. He kissed first one, then the other titty. Then he put his head between them as Mary held them tight. She realized she was getting turned on. By this time her skirt had slid up to her thighs. She saw no need to adjust it to a more modest length.

MaryAnn whispered, "Take off your shirt, so you can feel them against your body if we happen to lie down together."

Tex's shirt joined Mary's sweater on the front seat. He held her tight, kissed her again. As they were kissing his hand went to her thigh. She spread her legs. Soon Jim heard the telltale sounds so familiar to him. When he touched her clit, she made a soft "ooooh." This was followed by a yes, yes, yes, oh god yes. Mary was being seduced and three people were excited over it. This included Jim who had unzipped his pants and freed his cock from its restraint.

As she was being fingered she managed to lie down in the seat looking up at her new lover. He in turn moved down from her titties and started kissing and licking around her triangle. Again Jim could tell when his tongue touched her clit. She wrapped her legs around his neck and started moving hard against his face. When her movement reached the violent phase, Tex moved on top, his hard cock pressing against her. She reached down and guided it in.

Jim always thought his wife was a noisy fuck. She was proving it now. Almost every stroke of the way she told him how it felt. "Oh god Tex that feels good. Shove it to me hard. Make the car rock you big bastard."

Tex would respond, "God damn you are one wild woman. I do love to fuck you. Fuck me back, yeah like that"

And as they did shake the car and their passion and their language got louder, Jim's hand moved faster. He used the other hand to grab his balls as he stroked furiously in rhythm to the two lovers in the back seat. Then the lovers got into the part where they couldn't be stopped, not even if a cop showed up. A lot of moaning and groaning by Mary, grunting by Tex, and "oh my god, what did I do" by Jim, and it happened – a triple orgasm.

Then a cop showed up. Tex's car was illuminated by flashing red and blue lights. A sheriff's car was sitting right behind them. Jim felt a pang of fear. He and Mary couldn't afford the publicity of being arrested. Tex and Mary were in a scramble to put some clothes back on. Still, as always Tex felt like he was on top of the situation. Within the borders of his little town on the coast nothing happened he couldn't handle. They could make out the deputy approaching the car. Tex rolled down the window. The sheriff demanded, "What's going on here? This is private property."

Tex answered, "That you Scotty? And why aren't you catching the bad guys. We are all good guys here."

The cop shined his light through the window on two half naked bodies, "God damn Tex! If you were going to have an orgy why didn't you invite me? Now get this damn thing out of here before I take my clothes off and join you."

"You sure have a way with tourists, but we'll let you be. Were on our way constable," Tex said.

Jim, highly relieved the cop didn't seem to recognize him and that they weren't busted, started the drive home. Then, from the back, his wife called to him "You don't have to hurry darling. I think this swinging business is fun."

Within a half mile he heard the unmistakable noises of two grownups having sex. Then his wife asked, "Can't you pull over darling. Tex and I are amusing ourselves and we don't want to finish in the parking lot of the Dew Drop Inn." A little annoyed Jim gave with a sigh and pulled over. Frankly he was anxious to get his wife home and enjoy some of the excitement that had Tex talking to himself. He had been driving carefully because of the somewhat narrow escape from the law and wasn't paying attention to his wife and friend in the back seat.

Now he was surprised. Mary was on her hands and knees on the back seat and Tex was behind her shoving it to her. Her hair was over her face, her tits were flying and she was loving her new adventure. Again he felt himself get hard but this time he resisted the temptation to help himself. He knew where he wanted to put it, but it would have to wait until he and Mary got home.

Later they were lying in bed, the reading lamp still on. They were close together and quiet. Finally Jim Brought up the subject. "Did you like your adventure Mary?"

"Would you believe me if I said no?"

Jim smiled at the incongruity, put his arm around his wife, and kissed her. "No," he said. "I know you had a wonderful time, and I'm so glad you did. It was my idea after all. But, I have to ask, was he better than I?"

1"I'm not sure darling. Let's put it to a test." She then pulled him on top of her and held him tight as she felt him enter her."

"If I'm second best we will just have to practice until I'm again the champ."

Mary raised her ass and started moving in rhythm to her husband and lover.

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