tagRomanceSex in the Rain

Sex in the Rain


It was a rainy Sunday and she was just finishing making the bed. She didn't know it but he had been watching her from the doorway of their bedroom. It always made him want her, you see she always did the cleaning in the nude. She told him when they first met the reason he enjoyed to clean in the nude, was it always put her n positions for great sex. She was right, they had amazing encounters while she was cleaning in the past. Today he hadn't made an effort to take her yet. He knew she was horny he could see her wet pussy as she bent over while making the bed. They had already made love this morning however it was time for another round. He had slipped on his cock ring and had slid in is favorite butt plug and he was hard. She had a very sexy ass and he had a hard time keeping his hands off it. Today was no exception and she was making it much harder because she had her bunny tail. Her butt plug with the pink fluff. He wanted her here and now however he had to wait. He had a different place in mind for their afternoon delight.

He walked away from the door frame and down the hall to check out his spot. It was a light rain outside and he hoped it stayed that way. The temperature was in the 70's so the rain would feel great. You see he had decided to have their afternoon delight on the deck in the rain. It was a little risky since two of the neighbors can see the porch when the trees were not fully covered in leaves. He wasn't sure just how he wanted it yet, maybe on the railing or maybe going up the stairs or even on the top of the new table. Or maybe it could be all three. The other risk factor was she was a screamer d enjoyed calling his name as she came. As long as no one was outside they should be okay. They both liked a little risk so no matter what, this would be a great turn on for them both. Now to go give her the surprise and see how his turns out.

He walked back to the doorway with a smile and a very hard throbbing dick. She turned around and smiled and went into his out reached arms. She was in for a wonderful experience.

As he lead her down the hallway and through the kitchen and stopped at the sliding glass door, she smiled again because she knew where they were going, outside in the rain. He opened the door and stepped out into the rain. It was a little cool and his nipples got hard. She reached up and grabbed them because he loved to have them played with. She bent over to take his left nipple in her mouth and gently bite it. He loved that too. She took a step out into the rain and it felt wonderful on her hot body. She always wore her hair up when cleaning, so he reached behind her and took the clip out. He wanted to watch the rain soak it and turn it curly. Standing there together as the rain moistened her body and the rain started to run down and off of her nipples, he knew he had to taste them. He picked her up so that he could take one of her breasts into his mouth and drink the rain. He was amazed just how wonderful she tasted and he couldn't wait any longer. He had her already in his arms so he lowered her down onto his hard shaft. She slipped right onto him and he filled her pussy completely. He thought he was going to explode right then and there.

She wrapped her legs around him and looked him in the eyes and could see he was struggling to keep it together. She was not far away herself but she wanted this to last so she tightened her muscles around him and heard him moan. He closed the door and pushed her up against the glass. He was amazed that he could see her reflection on the front of the refrigerator. He not only could see her from the front but also her gorgeous ass. He knew she liked it wild at times and was hoping today was one of those times. He squeezed her ass and helped her ride him. He could feel her wetness sliding down his shaft and down onto his balls. It was warm and mixed with rain it was causing this fantastic sensation that he just could not get enough of.

He oved the feel of her wet body against his and he could hear their heartbeats. It was a very heady feeling. He was ready for release so he put her down on top of the table and pulled out so that he could go down on her and smell her sweet sex. He enjoyed this part sometimes more than coming inside of her. Her lips were wide and he could slip his tongue up inside. He knew she was close as her breathing turned into moans and little whimpers. He had to make her cum and fast.

He knew her and she was on the brink. If he didn't push her over the edge and soon, he would loose the one thing he enjoyed most. To hear her scream his name. The sound of her rough voice calling his name as she came always made his release so enjoyable. He wanted to call her name when he came however it just wasn't in him. He did however scream it in his head and he knew she could hear it. He went down on her one last time and slipped his thumb in her ass. He felt the shockwaves start and he moved his thumb in and out and they grew stronger. He knew her secret and sucked hard on her clit one last time and she let out her scream. He felt her cum and he licked it all up and wanted more. He knew she still had at least one more in her so as she was catching her breath he slipped back inside of her and she met his motions. It was heaven, he could taste her still on his lips and her sweet sex smell was mingling with the rain. It was like the whole outdoors smelled of her. He couldn't get enough, he had to have her now...with that thought on his mind he came inside of her. It wasn't his usual orgasm but much more intense much deeper and so much more rewarding. Sex in the rain was something he wouldn't forget.

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Great story, would like to be the one with you in the rain!

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