tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex in the Restaurant

Sex in the Restaurant


The restaurant was dark but not quite dark enough to hide Angelica's embarrassment. She held tight to Chris' arm, hoping the other patrons were too busy savoring their steaks and salads to notice her risqué outfit. Angelica's long, tanned legs gleamed beneath her super-short dress. The deep cowl neckline (framed by loose waves of chestnut hair) exposed more than a little of her generous cleavage, the thin fabric displaying her body's perfect curves.

Angelica was nervous but dangerously aroused; her nipples, hard from excitement and the chilly February evening, poked insistently through the glittering, swaying dress. Chris leaned in to whisper: "You look unbelievable."

She smiled and pulled herself a little closer to her boyfriend, who was dressed in an impeccable grey suit and black tie that complemented Angelica's black and silver minidress.

Chris was black-haired and tall, with a lean, sculpted body from a disciplined gym schedule, piercing blue eyes and a sensual Italian complexion. He held Angelica close to him, letting the restaurant know she was his property and they were not to spend too much time staring at the curvature of her ass, her breasts, her grey-green eyes rimmed in kohl and cast downward obediently as the gorgeous couple traveled through the buzzing restaurant.

Their waiter led them to an enclosed booth in the back and set two gold-rimmed menus on the polished wooden table. Well-trained, he made a motion to untie the heavy velvet drapes on either side of the booth. Chris stopped him with a deft gesture. The waiter shrugged and withdrew.

Angelica had slid into one side of the semicircular booth. Now, Chris beckoned and she scooted toward him. The cool leather reminded Angelica that she wasn't wearing any panties, just as Chris had instructed. He'd sent her a text message halfway through the day, specifying exactly what she was to wear to their anniversary dinner. She felt warmth flooding through her body as she dressed in her apartment, smoothing the tiny minidress and preparing herself for what promised to be an incredible evening. Chris had gradually become more dominant in the bedroom, and, when he realized how much Angelica enjoyed being submissive to him, he'd begun expanding their sexual dynamic into the rest of their relationship. The dinner instructions were explicit: Hello Angelica. We're going to dinner tonight at 8:30. Wear the dress I've put on your bed, and nothing else. No bra. No panties. Be in front of your apartment at precisely 8:15. Tardiness or other deviations will not be tolerated. Much love, Chris. Angelica had shivered as she slipped into the sexy dress and waited on the street, cool air hitting her exposed crotch and shaping her nipples into erotic points as passers-by stared hungrily.

Now, Chris slipped his arm around her back and pulled her snugly next to him in the booth. Reaching down, he kissed her neck and said, "You like the dress?"

She smiled and shook her hair back, exposing her collarbone for Chris to kiss. "It's a bit shorter than I'm used to."

"I like it. Makes me want to fuck you."

"You will fuck me... I'm all yours tonight, baby."

"Not tonight, Angelica... Now."

She pulled away to look at him. His eyes sparkled, deviant, and Angelica realized he wasn't joking. She felt herself blushing again and shook her head once, quickly. "Honey, no... I mean, I'm having fun, but we can't do that here—"

Chris smiled and reached over to the booth's entrance, tugging a cord so one of the two velvet curtains fell down, partially obscuring the couple. "How's this?"

"Still no, Chris! No, no, no!" But his mouth was on her neck again and she felt her heart rate increase. He pulled one of her hands into his lap and she automatically stroked his hardening cock, feeling its strength through the fine fabric of his dress pants. Angelica caught her breath as Chris suddenly grasped her right breast, squeezing it before letting his hand drift down her side and placing his lips firmly against hers. They kissed deeply. Chris increased his pressure on her side, beginning to pull her into his lap. Angelica felt her arousal heighten as her bare ass moved from the tough leather seat to the softness of Chris' slacks. She moved her hand from his now fully hard cock and cast a glance into the restaurant. No one was watching. Her mouth still pressed to his, body twisted so her breasts nestled against his chest, Angelica scooted into Chris' lap and felt him jump as his dick strained against the thin layer of fabric separating him from her pulsing, waiting pussy.

She wanted him, and she wanted him right then, right there. Angelica abandoned the kiss and straightened her body, leaning back against Chris, who circled his arms around her stomach and held her tightly against him. She felt him exhale and his cock jumped underneath her. Chris tilted his head up and said, "There you go. I knew you'd come around. Now take out my cock and ride it." Without hesitation, Angelica reached between her own legs and groped for Chris' zipper.

Angelica eased the zipper down carefully, making sure not to graze her own exposed sex with the hard, cold metal. Chris hadn't bothered with briefs. His cock popped through the open zipper immediately, coming into contact with Angelica's hands and with the draped, sparkling fabric of her sexy little dress. She rubbed the head of his dick against the fabric and he moaned softly.

Gently, she stroked him underneath her dress, moving her hand up and down his rock-hard shaft. Her lust grew and she pressed herself down in his lap. Her clit ground into the base of his cock, sending sparks of pleasure up her spine.

The unfortunate waiter returned with two glasses of water. He stopped short in front of the booth. Angelica froze, her hand grasping Chris underneath the flimsy fabric of her dress. The waiter tried desperately to keep his gaze neutral but there was no mistaking what the gorgeous female patron was doing on her date's lap. He stuttered nervously.

"Water, here, for both—both of you. Can I interest you in anything special? Wine, I mean. Can I get you wine?"

Chris stared straight at the waiter. "Bring us a bottle of good cabernet, please."

"Do you desire anything in particular? In terms of cab-cabernet, I mean." The poor waiter was desperate to escape but Chris held his gaze.

"Whatever the sommelier recommends tonight." The waiter nodded and made a move to untie the second velvet curtain. Chris shook his head silently. Bright red and uncertain, the waiter escaped and left them alone, still half-exposed to the rest of the restaurant patrons. Curiously, Angelica no longer felt embarrassed. The occasional inquisitive glance from the other diners only increased her lust.

Chris' hands were still holding onto her waist and now he lifted her slightly, his cock bouncing up against her and grazing her clit. She gasped and realized he was guiding her onto him. Supporting herself with her legs, she stood up enough to guide his dick to her slick, hot pussy, feeling his cock-head suddenly pressing against her opening. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Angelica started lowering herself onto Chris' dick. He was unusually thick and she had to force his head inside of her, pushing hard and feeling him stretching her pussy lips as she worked him into her. They both breathed harder. Chris stopped lifting her waist and instead began pressing her down, helping guide his hard cock deeper inside of her. Angelica felt first his cock-head, then each ridge of his dick forcing into her wet sex.

Chris put a finger into the glistening glass of ice water the waiter had set in front of them. He swirled it sensually and fished out a single ice cube, carefully taking it under Angelica's dress and tapping it against her clit. She shuddered with aching pleasure and stifled another moan. Chris moved the ice cube down her slit to his dick, still traveling centimeter by centimeter into her tight and dripping pussy. He swirled the ice cube against the base of his dick and back up to his girlfriend's erect clit. Driven over the edge by the barrage of sensations and the illicit setting, Angelica's pussy began to clench as she hovered on the brink of orgasm.

Chris, feeling Angelica becoming even tighter on top of him, gave one giant thrust to fully engulf his cock inside of her. Angelica gasped as Chris' dick hit what felt like the absolute back of her canal. She began to move her hips back and forth as her orgasm built. She could feel every ridge and every inch of Chris' cock moving against the walls of her slick, pulsing pussy, and as she rocked on top of him she threw her head back and succumbed to overwhelming pleasure. "Fuck me," she breathed, coming hard on top of him with a sudden rush of heat and even more wetness, her body sucking his cock so hard he felt his balls tighten and knew he wouldn't last much longer.

As she moved on top of him, still riding her orgasm, she became aware of the approach of the waiter with the bottle of cabernet. Angelica was amazed to find she didn't care.

The waiter was already flushed bright red as he reached the table, where the two attractive patrons were now overtly fucking each other. The woman glistened, her eyes shining with lust; she was sitting on the man's lap with her dress conveniently concealing his dick in her snatch, although it was obvious to anyone who cared to look that they were both locked together and just about to blow. Without bothering to say anything, the waiter abandoned the bottle of cabernet and took off toward the kitchen.

"Wait." Chris' voice was husky but commanding. The waiter stopped and turned, embarrassed and confused. Chris breathed heavily for a second, staring at the waiter, who realized what the patron wanted and grabbed for the bottle of cabernet. As the waiter fumbled, Chris said, "Thank you... And I think we're ready to order. I'll take the sirloin with garlic butter. Angelica?"

Surprised, Angelica struggled to regain her breath enough to speak. She realized she hadn't even glanced at the menu. "Do you... um... Can you recommend any specials?"

The waiter poured each of them a glass of cabernet. His hands shook and his face now matched the color of the wine. "I hear the chicken marsala is quite good, Madam."

"I'll take that. Thank you." As the waiter turned to go, Angelica raised herself slightly and slammed down hard on Chris' cock. The sudden friction and rush of wetness pushed him closer to cumming and he grasped her hips tightly, dragging her up and down on his throbbing shaft. Her breasts began to bounce and several of the closest diners, no longer able to avert their eyes, started watching the couple as Angelica ground herself against Chris' cock.

Bouncing harder and harder, Angelica felt Chris' body tense up and heard his breath quicken. His balls tightened and he grabbed her hips, shoving himself far inside of her as he came suddenly, groaning and shooting cum into Angelica's still-clenching pussy. The couple rode out their pleasure as the restaurant watched in shocked silence.

Finally, Chris released Angelica's hips and leaned back, exhausted. She put her hands on the table and breathed deeply. Suddenly aware of the stares of the other patrons, Angelica reached out and unhooked the velvet curtains so the booth was totally hidden from the rest of the restaurant.

His cock still inside of her, Angelica twisted and kissed Chris tenderly on the lips. "That was amazing. I can't believe they didn't kick us out."

"Why do you think this place has enclosed booths? They're used to scenes like this."

"Well, the waiter certainly looked shocked."

"I think people do normally close the curtains before fucking in the restaurant instead of doing it for the whole world to see." Chris helped Angelica off his lap and settled her in the crook of his arm. She reached for the ice water.

"God, I'm starving. What the hell did I order?"

"Chicken marsala."

"I hate chicken marsala."

"I know. I didn't want to say anything. Afraid it would be awkward."

Angelica laughed into her water. She couldn't believe what they'd just done. Smoothing her dress, she looked up at Chris. He took her chin in his hand and kissed her deeply, holding her just tightly enough to let her know he was still in charge—and the night was far from over.

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