tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex In the Showers

Sex In the Showers


Well, the next week was the most hideous week of the entire year – when we went back to school. The only thing that was exciting about it at all was I was now a freshman in college, so I had all that new stuff when you’re first getting used to everything. That made it a little more bearable than usual. Another good thing was I was going to the same school as Kristine and Nicole. We were able to eat lunch together and we were together in some classes.

Kristine and I had physical education together the last period of the day for us three days of the week, so after classes we lolled around in the hot showers, because neither one of us were in a hurry. We both lived so close to the school that no one was coming to pick us up either. Kristine had told me that Nicole had left immediately after her last class, because she had to go to the dentist or some such misery.

So Kristine and I stood under those hot showers for quite a while and talked and laughed. I really dug Kristine. Besides her personality and being willing to take chances, she had this hot little body. Man, I really felt like jumping her bones sometimes, but I didn’t want to freak her out, you know?

Just as a little experiment, I decided to play with my pussy lips a little and stick my finger in when we were talking, just to see how she would react. I noticed her eyes grew wide, when she observed initially what I was doing, but she never missed a beat in the conversation and she was clearly watching me.

I located my clit and began to manipulate it as hard as I could, while continuing to talk about my new algebra teacher. Kristine flushed bright red, but looked as if she were mesmerized and completely unable to tear her eyes away from my pussy. Man, I was really getting off on this. This was better than being naked in public. I’m not even sure if she had ever done herself up until this point. Later she wouldn’t admit to me one or the other.

Suddenly I began to orgasm with the cum feeling as though it was literally being forced from me causing me to twitch and moan. Geez, it was powerful from just coming from my own hand, probably part of it being I was doing in a public shower in front of a completely shocked appearing Kristine.

When I was finished, I glanced at Kristine and noticed she was now staring at the shower room floor. She appeared to be slightly shaking. I didn’t know for sure at that time, but come to find out, she was feeling pretty horny after watching that.

“Kristine?” I spoke tentatively.

The pretty girl raised her head and offered me a small smile.

“You ok?” I asked.

She nodded silently in the affirmative.

“Come over and give me a hug,” I invited.

When she crossed the shower room to me, I thought, Aha! Gotcha.

She literally fell into my arms already indicating to me that she was interested in more than a simple hug. I sampled the waters by offering her a full embrace. Kristine made no protest at all. God, I was in heaven. I’d been lusting after her hot little body almost since the time I had met her, but I never thought anything would ever happen with it.

Her bare skin felt so good on mine. I slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her even closer to me, and she fully reciprocated. I thought the time had arrived for the big plunge, so to speak, and, since we were almost exactly the same height, it was nothing for me to kiss her tentatively on the lips; almost a sisterly peck, just to see how she would react. She began to kiss me back more passionately, while pulling me even closer to her. I could tell she was way turned on too.

I ran my hands down gently all over her nice firm young body, caressing her everywhere I could reach easily, while we continued to kiss sticking our tongues in each other’s mouth. I reached down with my left hand and located her clit and began to work it. Kristine let out with a loud moan and her knees buckled. I held her up with my other arm, while continuing to manipulate her clitoris. I became positive I was correct that she had little sexual experience, even by her own hand.

I suddenly decided that if this was her first sexual experience with another person, I wanted it to be a little more personal than by my finger. I pulled her down to the shower room floor under the beating warm water and proceeded to rub my clit on top of her clit until they were both hard.

Kristine was moaning and writhing underneath me and literally begging me for sexual release. I pushed down and located her clitoris with my tongue and pushed her over the edge completely with it. The cum literally cascaded from her labia and Kristine was screaming out my name.

I hoped no one heard us out in the halls. It could have proven to be very embarrassing, if they had come to investigate. I became so hot watching her, I began to spontaneously orgasm myself.

When we finished our sexual congress, I lay there beside her for quite a few minutes under that hot water beating down on us. I felt so goddamn good. Finally we arose and went into the locker room and I toweled Kristine off lovingly rubbing every crack and crevice of her beautiful body, while she did the same for me. Then we helped dress each other, as if we were small children helping to pull up panties and put on bras. God, I was getting hot again just dressing her. I think I was half in love with her. After we dressed, we gathered our belongings and went outside, where we saw the football team practicing.

The End

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