tagNonHumanSex is a Job Description? Ch. 03

Sex is a Job Description? Ch. 03


A/N: Beforehand, I'd like to apologize for the lack of any sexual theme toward the end of this chapter. Also, forgive the Scottish accent; I tried to at least portray it.


News spread around the divisions that Tom had been attacked by a slime, and when he went into the debriefing room four days after his case with Sohm, he had another horde of busybodies standing at the door. He'd kill Greg for snitching on his assignment. The next time he saw Greg-

"How was it?" Greg asked as he and Harvey stopped Tom in the hallway in front of the debriefing room. The smirk on his face couldn't have given him away any more than if he'd actually told Tom what he'd done.

"Greg," growled Tom, putting a finger to the former's chin. "I am gonna kill you so many ways."

"Get in here," the Director said, loud enough to make his voice carry down the hallway.

"Right after he kills me," Tom finished as he walked into the debriefing room and closed the door behind him. Inside, the Director rubbed his eyes tiredly and downed the glass of scotch in front of him, swallowing hard. He gave Tom a once-over, probably taking note of his choice of pajama pants and t-shirt to wear to a debriefing.

"Here," Tom offered, holding the case file out to the Director. The older man took it, flipped through it, and then whistled sharply.

"Veronica, I need your help for a minute," he said, again, raising his voice just enough to make it carry down the hall. A short while later, a woman came in with a briefcase in her hands. She smiled at Tom briefly before turning her attention to the Director.

"Is this him?" she asked.

The Director nodded. "This is him. I need you to do what you do to get his case subject out of him. Get me when you're done."

And that was it. The Director stood, didn't say another word to Tom or Veronica, locked the door to the debriefing room, and left. Tom, lost, turned to Veronica for an explanation.

"So...I don't understand what we're suppose to do here."

Veronica flashed a lecherous grin. "No, you wouldn't. Your slime is still inside of you, listening, watching, waiting. Slimes are quite infamous for sticking around after they're not wanted anymore. So, I was hired a long, long time ago to help with this little problem."

"Okay, so how do we do this?"

"Well, you just have to strip naked and lie down flat somewhere, and I'll do the rest."

"Here? In the debriefing room? Can't we do this somewhere a little more private?"

Veronica shrugged. "Hey, this is a bomb-proof room with a bulletproof door and a steel bolt the size of your fist for a lock. It's also soundproof and fireproof. It doesn't get much more private than this," the woman pointed out. She turned around and opened a thin manilla folder off the small countertop next to her, taking a mug of coffee out from the coffee machine nearby.

She started sipping the steaming drink while Tom sat there, not wanting to just get naked in front of a total stranger and lie down. Sometimes it was a little hard to just strip for a woman in a locked room. She shot him a glance and he raised his hands with palms face-up in a gesture of confusion.


"You know, you can expedite this process by stripping naked and lying down on the table. I'm reading through your file before I get started."

Tom's brow knitted deeply. "I have a file?"

Veronica nodded. "You also lost your virginity at fourteen. To a demon."

Tom almost jumped out of his chair getting to his feet, and started toward Veronica. She gave him a glance and rolled her eyes, continuing to read without even moving to counter him. He reached out and snatched the manilla folder out of her fingers, throwing it across the room and scattering its contents all over the floor. There were at least a dozen papers fluttering around when she met his hostile glare.

"That is not for you to know," he snarled.

Veronica turned her eyes down to the single sheet of paper held between her index and middle fingers. "And you prefer partners that dominate you sexually."

Tom pulled the paper out of her fingers and threw it ineffectually as hard as he could, getting it only inches away. "Go to Hell!"

"And you were abandoned by your birth parents because you were possessed the day you were born," she said without even having to look at a sheet of paper.

Tom reached to grab her throat, but caught himself half way and withdrew his outstretched hand reluctantly. He turned away, looking at the scattered papers all over the floor and the folder resting against the far wall. Tom fought back the urge to yell and raise hell. He saw no reason to do anything more, and was regretting what he'd done already.

"I don't enjoy being told about my childhood. Can we move on?" Tom said in a resigned, defeated tone, stripping off his shirt. Veronica eyed him approvingly and nodded, reaching down to get her briefcase. Tom stripped naked and put himself on the table without any questions. He'd rather just get this over with and not have to talk to her any more.

Veronica put her briefcase on the table and opened it, pulling out a number of small rocks, each about the diameter of a quarter. They were smooth and dark, like polished lumps of coal. She pulled out a small wooden box and opened it with a key. She then used a pair of tongs to grab another rock from the box, this one different.

It was on fire.

Tom's eyes went wide as he watched her hold the small stone with the tongs and arrange the other similar stones in a small pile on the table. She caught his gaze and smirked, setting the burning stone on top of the pile.

The effect was stunning. Small bursts of different colored flames sprouted from the stones, as if they were coal being set alight. They burned for a few seconds in their own colors before fading to a dark golden color. The one on top had a reddish flame, and some of the ones in the pile held a more yellow hue to them.

Veronica grabbed one of the stones with a lighter flame with the tongs and moved it over Tom's chest. He looked hesitantly from the stone, to Veronica, and then to himself.

"Don't look so worried," she said, still smirking. "These won't burn you, or anything in your realm. These stones are very special, like me. They can only be found in Hell, and they can only burn those who were molded there in an unholy womb."

She placed the stone on the back of his left hand abruptly. He cringed, but felt nothing more than a slightly cool sensation creep through his hand and fingers. Veronica turned and picked up another one, placing it on his right hand.

"What does this do?" Tom questioned as Veronica put another rock on his body.

"This will force the slime from the places on your body that are in reach of the flames' heat. I hope she's willing to let go of you easily." She wiped a bit of sweat from her forehead and placed a stone in the crook of his elbow.


"Well, because slimes have been known to attach themselves to a man's bones, and boil inside of him instead of running like a good slime should. The results are...a bit excruciating. We've never had a mortal wound from it though," she finished, as if it were a lighter note that nobody had died, but only been put through horrible suffering.

He tried to relax while she placed another stone on his forehead. His vision darkened as his blood pressure skyrocketed for a few moments and the veins on his neck rose like cables against his skin. He groaned as his neck strained for a few seconds and the pressure grew. Then, the feeling lessened and he relaxed a little as his heart beat harder.

"What's happening?"

Veronica gave him a sly smile. "You look cute when you're disoriented."

Tom scowled. "How long is this gonna take? It was three nights ago and I'm still exhausted."

Veronica shrugged, and ignored his question otherwise. She put a stone with a red flame over his heart and Tom's fingers started to go numb. He decided not to say anything because she would just shrug and ignore him again. As childish as it was, he knew it would happen.

She continued to place stones on him, starting at his feet after she was done with his upper torso, then moving up his legs to his thighs. Every time she put another flame to his skin, he could feel Sohm moving through his body to get away from the heat.

Finally, it came time to get his abdomen, and Veronica had saved a special set of stone for this apparently. She grabbed two metal rings out of her briefcase, each about as big around as the bottom of a wine glass. She lit one with the red stone on his forehead and placed it on the center of his chest.

He second went around his navel and made him cringe for a moment as it felt hot and then cooled after a moment. He glared at Veronica, but she paid no attention to his face as she started to toy with his cock. He lurched up a few inches, but remembered quickly that he was covered with stones, and laid down flat again.

"What are you doing?" he growled.

"This is how we get the slime out. I have to suck her out of somewhere, and this is the easiest place to do it. So you get to sit back and enjoy a free blowjob while I get your friend out of you." She leaned down and licked his cockhead with a full, wet lick. Tom sighed.

"Look, does that mean I have to cum, because there's something about that I need to tell you." He raised his head a little so he could look at Veronica as she turned her eyes toward him, mouth open, tongue still on his cock.


"I can't cum unless you do too. And as good as it should feel, I can't feel your blowjob." Tom watched her brow knit. She leaned up and put one hand on the table to support herself, wiping her mouth.

"So you're telling me that that is your curse? That you can't cum unless I do? I can just frig myself while I do this then, right?" She slipped a hand down her skirt.

"Well, no. We have to actually be having sex."

Veronica stood up and walked over to the sink and grabbed a bucket from the cabinet beneath it. She started to fill it with water. "Get all those rocks and rings and throw them in here."

Tom grabbed the two dozen rocks and the two rings and held them in his cupped hands. He dropped them in the bucket once it was full and steam rose almost immediately. Water boiled and bubbled as the stones settled into the bottom.

"So...now what?"

"You know, you're not very bashful about sex. You're not like anyone else I have to suck the demons out of," Veronica said out of the blue, unbuttoning her blouse. Tom rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, well, I've been having sex since I was fourteen. I got over being embarrassed about the third time I was walked in on by someone else's parent in the middle of screwing their daughter." Tom watched Veronica toss her blouse onto the table and grab a metal tube from her briefcase.

"Open your mouth," she said, unscrewing one end of the tube.

"Why?" Tom asked, complying anyway.

"Because I'm giving you something that'll allow me to get the slime out of you and keep a clear head doing it." She put the cap of the tube down and raised it to his mouth, tilting it so that something rolled into his mouth. It was about the size of a large marble. He swallowed it with some effort.

"What was that? Is that it?"

Veronica shook her head. "No, we still have to have sex, but that was all we needed to do beforehand. We do have to wait a little bit for it to dissolve though."

"Then why didn't we just do that first? I mean, that was so easy," Tom asked, confused.

Veronica gave him a flat look. "You know, those are incredibly difficult to come by. I get one of those every thirteen thousand years in Hell. That's thirteen thousand days here. It's a slime core by the way, a dead slime core. There's a reason they don't show them to just anyone," the demon explained, continuing to undress.

Tom gagged. "I just ate a dead demon?!"

"No," Veronica laughed, putting a hand over her mouth to suppress the outburst. "You ate a dead body, not its soul. That's what happens when my kind devour slimes."

"Your kind?" Tom asked, pushing down the want to gag again.

"I'm a special demon, you see. I eat slimes as well at human souls." Her voice took on a malicious tone. "And those little cores are all that's left of those poor, tasty slimes."

She giggled and draped her arms over his shoulders with a predatory look on her face. Tom realized now that she was completely naked. As she began to lean closer to him, her shapely body lured his hands to her sleek, tanned hips.

"You make it seem like it's not just your job to screw me," Tom said as she nuzzled his neck and nipped at his earlobe.

"Some of us make it a point to enjoy the good times we get paid for," she said, kissing his ear as softly as lover would their sleeping partner. Tom grinned against her slender neck and bit down just enough to pinch her. Her leg rose to his hip and she let her arms fall down his chest.

"You made it sound like I wasn't enjoying this," the agent said, purring every word into her ear with as much of a sexual undertone as he could manage. She shivered and wrapped her arms around his back, grinding her sex against his.

"So where do you prefer? We have the floor, the table, the countertop, anywhere. And if you really wanted to have some fun..." She chuckled darkly. "We could even do it in the hall."

"I'm not that frisky," Tom replied as he turned them and leaned Veronica gently against the wall. And without much further foreplay or adieu, he pushed his arousal into her and she moaned with all the satisfaction he had come to associate with a demon enjoying herself.

Tom pushed all the way into her and then retracted a bit, trying to judge their respective heights to figure out the right angle to go about this. But when he pushed back in, she decided to lock her legs around his hips and give him control of it. He gripped her hips and started to buck against her rhythmically.

She judged his performance for a short while, squeezing him with her legs so she could get every bit of him while they were pressed together. Their eyes met for a moment and she tried to kiss him, but he lowered his head and kissed her neck instead.

"Oh, you're worried about kissing me is it? Don't worry, I'm not a case subject; I work for the same guys you do. Now look up and give me that sour tongue of yours." She brought a hand up his ribs and neck, bringing her two curious finger to a stop at his chin. She licked her lips sensually and tilted his head up to meet his eyes.

Then, they kissed. Veronica closed her eyes and started to roll against him with enthusiasm. Tom tried to keep control of his urge to let loose. He leaned into the kiss and slid his tongue along the demon's teeth. She smiled widely and she let his tongue in, greeting it with her own. Tom ran his hands up her body, feeling every dip and curve that his eyes had traced only minutes ago.

She giggled at his touch and started to pick up the pace of her hips, rolling harder and longer too. Tom matched her pace and slipped his hand around the small of her back. He pulled her toward him and returned one hand to the curve of her backside, lifting her away from the wall.

He turned and set her on the table behind them, resuming the motion they'd stopped to move. She broke away from their kiss for a moment and put her arms on the table to support her.

"Bored already?" she asked.

Tom smirked. "I got tired of holding you. Now we can really get to it." He smacked their bodies together and she brought her legs around his waist again, bucking against him eagerly. Neither could honestly say what was going on between them. Tom almost found it like a contest or a game, who would break and give in to their desires first.

He didn't know how close she was, given her controlled, deep breathing, but he was a little broken down already. He heaved a sigh and adjusted the angle at which their bodies collided. Veronica let a little moan slip, and cut herself off as she arched her back toward him.

Their gazes met and Tom bit back a grin, averting his eyes as the corners of his mouth began to rise. However, she had no problem with allowing him to know, and started breathing in short, shallow rhythms that started and broke at random.

They continued to thrust and undulate and ride against each other for a while, Tom running his fingers up and down her body while she directed his eager hands with hers, allowing him to touch every inch of sun-darkened skin she had on her. She was like a Christmas present that wanted to be played with on Christmas Eve.

She played the coy lioness, toying with him, arching when he took his time to feel a nice rhythm he liked. She made the most suggestive and sensual faces he'd seen, goading him into giving up first. He moved with her, letting her voluptuous body rise and fall beneath him. She winked and bit one corner of her mouth, glancing down for a half second.

Tom leaned down to her and put his mouth to her ear.

"This sour mouth wants something sweet," he purred. The agent leaned down and let her lean back enough for him to bend far enough to get his mouth to her breast. He probed her nipple with his tongue, teasing the hard bud with slow, delicate licks. Veronica squeezed her knees together and threw her head back against the table.

Tom grinned and latched onto her breast with a firm, solid motion. He raised his left hand to her other breast and began to knead and squeeze gently. By now it was second nature. He'd been doing this for about three years, once every month or so, and he was decent at his job.

He bit down on her nipple and she jumped a little, grabbing his hair with her fingers, digging into his skin with her nails. She let out several uneven, ragged breaths and he suckled at her breast and prodded her softly. If there was one thing he loved, it was a woman who liked getting her chest played with. And she was enjoying this a lot.

Tom looked up to see her face, and found only her slender neck and chin to meet his eyes. Her head was thrown back to the table still and she trembled like a freezing hiker. He continued to lick and nibble at her sensitive flesh, switching nipples, while their hips continued to rock smoothly back and forth.

"Enough, It's rubbing me raw," Veronica breathed, tugging his hair lightly. Tom released her breasts to her control again. They were dark red and puffy, giving Tom a little satisfaction in the fact that she'd be sore tomorrow in at least one place. He breathed a sigh in amusement as she gently examined her breasts.

Tom saw the clock as he wiped his forehead of sweat. It was almost eleven now, and he was getting tired. He decided that whatever game they were playing, he didn't want to win badly enough to exhaust himself. He sat Veronica up and hugged her to him, pressing his lips to hers in a long, unyielding kiss. She pushed her entire front against his and they began bucking at a pagan rhythm, unwilling to slow for even a moment.

Tom couldn't help but notice that she was moaning into his mouth things he couldn't understand. He put a hand between her shoulder and the other at the small of her back, pulling her toward him with every thrust to grab more contract with her, even if it was just a little.

He felt his body signaling that it was almost time to finish, and gritted his teeth as Veronica kissed his neck, sucking and biting all the was from his shoulder to his ear, where she clamped her jaws shut on his earlobe.

"You ready?" Tom breathed.

"Gimme my slime," Veronica said, breathing hot, anxious breath into his ear. "I'm ready to cum."

Tom slammed into her and came with as much intensity as he could stand. Veronica's entire body tightened around him, locking them together in an age-old embrace that kept them incapacitated for several minutes.

Tom's head reeled as jets of cum plastered Veronica's insides with a mix of natural and unnatural fluids. The demon held on to him like she was going to fall into an abyss if she let go. They sat there, panting and silent for the better part of five minutes, until Veronica's legs fell from his hips lazily.

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