tagNonHumanSex is a Job Description? Ch. 07

Sex is a Job Description? Ch. 07


A/N: I couldn't have presented this to you without JohnEB87's tireless help. And with the previous chapter. Thank him for me by reading casting his stories a vote. Thanks, and enjoy.


In the far corner of a Kroger parking lot, two Special Divisions agents threw fists at each other in the dim area beneath a broken light pole. One of them stood above the other, who was on the ground, and waited his counterpart to get to his feet again.

"Get up," Tom growled, waving his hand toward himself in the 'bring it' gesture. Slowly, Cherry Dubant rose to his feet and put his fists up, his left eye swollen shut and his face bruised and bleeding. The two stared each other down for a long, tense moment before Tom threw a hard left hook to the ribs, causing Cherry to stagger backwards and lower his fists for a moment. Tom stepped on his foot and shouldered the agent backwards. Unable to catch himself from falling, Cherry hit the ground hard and kicked Tom in the side.

Tom managed to shake the blow off with some difficulty, and turned again to face Cherry.

"Get up," he repeated, waiting for the agent to stand before tensing his body again.

"Enough kid," Cherry pleaded, panting and wheezing noisily.

"You put me in danger for no fucking reason except for carelessness. I've seen how the mailing center works. Nobody just slips up. You have to really fuck up to mess up anything. Now get the fuck up and fight me."

"No!" Cherry shouted. "No I'm done! I'm sorry for my mistake, okay? I don't know how you found me but I'm not taking this crap anymore. Just fucking leave!" The agent put his arms back and propped himself upright, breathing heavily and bleeding.

Tom ran his hand through his hair and sighed in frustration. "Fine. I'm running inside to get some stuff. If you want anything for your face or anything, tell me now."

"What?" Cherry asked as Tom turned to go into Kroger.

"I'm getting some stuff for myself. If you want anything, tell me now before I leave you here on your own."

"Neosporin, bandaids...uh, hydrogen peroxide, a bag of ice, bandages? Gauze? Asprin?" the agent said, trying to think fast as Tom walked away.

"I'll be out in ten minutes," Tom replied. He walked into Kroger and walked around to find all the things he needed, buying two of everything and heading to the self-checkout to avoid any unnecessary conversation with any of the employees. He could tell that his eye was bruising already and his split lip was going to need stitches and something in his ribcage was messed up.

The machine he was at said that it couldn't give him change and that he needed to see an attendant to get it. He looked at the blue-vested girl standing at the register not far away and she looked at him, clearly interested in what had happened to him. Tom walked over to her and she punched a few buttons on the screen.

"Are you okay?" she asked as he waited for her to count out his change.

"I'm fine. How much is the ice in the freezer right there?" he asked, pointing to the large freezer with sacks of ice sitting in it.

"I can find out real-"

Tom cut her off. "I don't care. Just ring it up and pocket the change," he said tiredly, grabbing a bag of ice and leaving the store without a second look at anyone else inside it. In the parking lot, Cherry had gotten to his feet and was waiting against his car.

Tom emptied the plastic bag of its contents on the hood of Cherry's car and ripped open the bag of ice, pouring as many chunks of ice into the plastic bag as he could and tying it closed. He handed the bag to Cherry, who put it against his eye gingerly.

"I don't get it," Cherry said after a short while of neither of them doing anything but standing against the car with ice against their faces. "Why would you come here to fight and then get all this stuff after it's over and give it to me?"

Tom turned his head and answered, "Because I did what I came here to do."

Cherry rolled his eyes. "And what exactly was that?"

"Beat you into submission and make you apologize for putting me in a world of hurt," Tom replied without missing a beat.

"That still doesn't explain why you went inside and got all this for me," said Cherry, popping two Advil and some ice into his mouth.

"I'm not heartless. I've been beaten to a pulp by Big John enough times that I know a fight doesn't end when the punches stop being thrown. The aftermath hurts for days. And a lot longer if you don't do anything about it right afterward. We're even now, Cherry."

After that, the two agents patched themselves up and Tom gathered the things he'd bought for himself, made sure Cherry was able to drive home, and went to the hospital to test out the godly healthcare he could get by having the nurse at the desk call one number and look at his insurance card.

In two minutes, Tom was being looked at by a doctor and already scheduled to have his lip stitched up and his ribs looked at. They put him in a room and had a nurse check in on him every half hour or so.

After a few hours, he got his lip sewn up and his other issues looked at. He had three bruised ribs and a minor concussion, but other than that he'd escaped with mostly superficial, albeit painful injuries. The morphine drip helped him sleep off the worst of the stinging pain and the nurse was kind enough to listen to his request and press the drip for him while he was asleep.


The next morning, Tom awoke to a visitor sitting beside him in one of the room's chairs. He knew who it was without having to look, her scent very clear to Tom already.

"Ceria," he said.

"Oh, you're awake now? I was beginning to think they were giving you sedatives through that little dripper," she remarked, smiling broadly at Tom.

"Who let you in?" the agent asked, ignoring her joke entirely. He pressed the attendant call button repeatedly.

"Your button won't bring anybody in here. I've made sure of that already," Ceria explained, folding her hands across her lap.

"I could yell," Tom countered.

"I could split your stitches," retorted the demon. Tom sat up and swung his legs off the bed, facing Ceria. He tried to think of a reason she could be here, hoping that the one that he thought was most likely was wrong.

"Are you here for sex?" he questioned.

"Me? For sex? Have I made it too clear with my body language? Is it my perfume? What gave it away?" she asked with feigned surprise.

"It's the only reason we ever see each other. How do you want to do this? I have things I need to do today and I don't have time to screw around with you for very long."

Ceria stood up and closed the distance between them, putting her fingertips against Tom's chest. She pushed him backwards to the bed and straddled his hips, closing her legs around his body as she scooted up.

"I like you just where you are, my cursed little bedmate."

Tom rolled his eyes. "And I assume you've filled out all the necessary paperwork and done all that stuff. Right?"

"Hmm?" the demon replied, half way done with unbuttoning her blouse.

"Riiight?" Tom repeated, arching a brow at her.

Ceria gave him a flat look. "Do I look like I came here with paperwork in hand?" she asked rhetorically, throwing her shirt into the chair behind her. The purple bra on her chest unsnapped easily and her ample breasts spilled out of it, bouncing up and down before settling to a slow sway back and forth.

"Then I'm not fucking you. We're done here, so get up and get out."

"Remember what I said about nobody coming to help you? You don't have a choice in the matter," Ceria told him, unzipping her skirt and tossing it with her other removed clothing in the chair. Tom groaned and threw his fist into Ceria's jaw as hard as he could, throwing her head back and to the side so that she was looking at the ceiling.

"Get the fuck off of me Ceria. Now."

Ceria's right hand planted itself gently on his stomach and slowly snaked its way up his chest as she lowered her head again and leveled her gaze upon him. Her hand slithered up to his neck and pulled the hospital gown up as it moved. She then clutched his neck firmly with her fingers, pushing him against the bed hard.

Tom began to see stars immediately as her grip tightened around his neck and his body tried to resume breathing. His face began to turn bright red and his eyes watered in pain.

"This is not a negotiation, Tom. This is a demand, from me. You say 'yes ma'am' and fuck me like I want you to, regardless of the lack or completion of paperwork. Do you understand?" She loosened her grip enough for him to speak, but not breathe.

"Get out," he managed in barely above a whisper.

"Fine, I'll just have to get you in the mood first," she stated, releasing his neck. He gasped as deeply as he could and Ceria removed her panties while he regained control of his breathing. He glared daggers into her eyes as she smiled down at him and began to rub her wet core back and forth across his growing cock. Her fingers worked the gown off his body easily, long nails snipping through the fabric like rice paper.

"There's a difference between aroused and hard, you know," said the agent as his erection grew to full length and bobbed energetically as Ceria lifted herself off his body to position her sex for penetration. She grabbed Tom's wrists and pinned his arms outstretched to either side of him to prevent another attempt to get her off him.

Tom jerked his lower body away from her as best he could, but being unable to do much more than wiggle some, it wasn't long before the demon had her way and sank down on his rigid arousal all the way to the base.

Tom looked away from Ceria and toward the other side of the room, trying not to think about the pleasure his body was receiving or how spectacular her body felt. Ceria leaned down far enough to let her breasts rest on his chest, and grinned widely from ear to ear.

"What's the difference between you being hard and you being aroused? Because I honestly cannot tell the difference," she teased, kissing his neck gently. She raised her hips slowly, drawing out the motion if only to enjoy the faltering stoic look on Tom's face.

He kept his mouth shut and tried his best to stare at the corner of the ceiling away from Ceria. He could probably keep his mind off the sex if he tried hard enough, considering that his ribs were killing him right now from her lying on them. But his cock throbbed as happily and energetically as ever inside of her as she reached the apex of her rise.

Her lips curled into a snarl and she nipped his neck just beneath his jaw, causing Tom to wince just enough for her to grin at it. She lowered her hips slowly, taking every effort to make him feel everything she had to offer his attention-whoring arousal.

She arched her back and pushed her hefty chest against him, causing the skin across his entire body to rise. Tom's hard stare at the ceiling waivered as the demon began to grind and pleasure his cock with her sex.

Silken folds wrapped around his member, creating a slick and wet channel to goad an orgasm out of him with. The demon seemed to be taking little time to entertain his arousal, as his breathing was already starting to speed up and his hands literally twitching at the prospect of grabbing any part of her voluptuous form.

Her breasts caused him much unneeded labor in trying to distance his mind from his body's petty wants and greedy desires. He couldn't keep his thoughts distanced from her full, soft breasts pressed flat against his body. He knew he could have them, take them at his leisure at any point. She wouldn't object. She'd gladly cradle his head and claim herself the victor.

He could do it. He could take one in each hand and knead her flesh, push his cock into her as hard and fast as he could while he fondled her without a second thought. He could do anything with her and she'd gladly fall into step with him, if only to see how far he would go in his defeat.

"You're a conniving, unfair cunt, you know that, three oh one thirty?" Tom said, shaking off the feeling of her warm, slow breath in his ear. The demon nibbled at his earlobe just hard enough so that he could feel it and let out a soft moan as his hips responded to hers after a long battle of wills between Tom and his body's natural, primal urges.

"Oh please," she retorted, using the most convincing you-know-you-want-this tone Tom had heard in his entire life. "You know my name. Don't try to deny that you're just as eager to scream it as I am to have you on top of me, begging me to let you cum." She kissed his ear and blew into it gently, causing his goosebumps to resurge again all over the left side of his body.

Her hips descended and stayed with his cock seated entirely within her, causing Tom to glance at her, as if looking into her face would allow him to discern her intentions. She arched a brow at him.

"What?" Tom growled.

"I don't suppose that you would consider offering yourself to me if I allowed you to cum quickly, would you?" she asked, bringing one of her hands away from his wrist and to the side of his face. She placed her hand gently on his cheek and smiled at him warmly. Tom turned his head to face her straight, and narrowed his eyes in suspicion. This was very unlike Ceria.

"What is this?" Tom asked warily.

"Would it help your decision if I allowed you to play with these?" the demon asked, taking her hand from his face and grabbing one of her breasts, squeezing it. Tom swallowed hard as his mind raced through images of their two bodies entangled and in the throes of passion and lust. For a moment, his body desperately pleaded with his mind to tell her that he'd do whatever it took to fuck her passionately.

His left hand, freed a few moments ago, came down on Ceria's rear and squeezed hard. The demon gave a slight start, but began to grin after the initial surprise passed. Tom fought his natural urges, but it was too late. Ceria had begun again with her hips and she brought her lips down on his chin.

"No," Tom snapped, taking his hand away from her with a great deal of effort. Ceria pouted and took hold of his wrist, placing his hand back on her backside firmly.

"Yes. And now the other one," she said, letting go of his right wrist. Tom resisted his body's call for action for the length of time it takes a thought to reach the brain, and another one to intercept and replace that thought. His hands both ended up squeezing her firm, luscious backside.

"I'm not k-" Tom's words were drowned in Ceria's mouth as she pressed her lips to his and pushed her tongue past his rows of teeth. His tongue fought to keep hers out of his mouth, but ended up simply playing with it, enjoying the taste and feel. The agent felt betrayed by his body, his lust and desire overcoming his hard-pressed self-restraint and years of training, both mental and physical.

He just couldn't resist. Ceria was too much for him to handle right now. She wasn't her normal self today. She was...nicer. She didn't throw him around, she asked him things. She was gentle, rather than the usual bronco she wanted to tease him as. Everything inside of him pleaded to let go and have the time of his life with her, but Tom's rationality kept him in check.

He could do this, but not enjoy it. He could fuck her, but he had to control his desires and reign in his body's natural and very tempting urges to ride Ceria as hard and fast as he could. He resigned himself to his place beneath her and bucked up against the demon, hard. She quickly brought herself down harder, responding to him immediately. She pressed further with her kiss and took hold on his head with both hands.

"That's just the offer I was looking for," the demon moaned. "And as I promised, I will allow you to cum quickly." She smoothed her motions out and began to throw herself into the sex with real enjoyment. Her fingers curled and pulled Tom's hair. She held onto him tightly and moaned into his mouth as she rode him.

Tom was just beginning to let his guard down when he felt his body needing to find release. He broke away from the kiss long enough to tell Ceria, to which she replied that she was not done yet.

"You said you'd let me cum quickly," Tom said, yanking Ceria's hips against his with extra force.

The demon leaned up a few inches and gave him a coy look. "Oh did I? Well now that you've got that feeling deep within you to cum, you can really take me for a rough ride and make me cum. I'm not one for slow and steady. And neither are you about to be." She smirked and sat up, putting her hands on the agent's chest.

She rolled her hips against his, breasts bouncing with every move she made. Tom repositioned his hands on her hips and slammed into her as hard as he could. Ceria's body rocked up sharply from the impact, and Tom slammed into her again, grunting as he did it a third time.

"Fine, bitch. Have it your way." Tom pushed into her with all the force he had over and over again, continually breaking the rhythm she wanted to create, disrupting her motions, causing her to need to stop and try again every few seconds. Tom glared into her eyes with as much malice and disdain as he had ever felt before.

Trick him? Make him believe for even a second that she was something more than a heartless cunt looking for another screw? He had really believed that she was going to be gentle with him and not attempt to subdue or tease him with her physical superiority.

Instead, she was just flaunting her ability to make him a gullible fool and get what she wanted from him no matter how much he protested. So, Tom poured all his disappointment and resentment and disdain for the demon into every thrust. Ceria just tried to enjoy the ride until she was satisfied.

Tom closed in on his breaking point and leaned up to put a hand on the back of Ceria's neck. She leaned down enough for him to get a grip on her.

"This i-"

"Shut up," Tom snapped, bringing her in for a hard kiss. He continued to disrupt her rhythm as he bit her tongue and held her face against his, deepening the kiss as best he could. Ceria wrapped her arms around his back and held on tightly as she began to feel her own finishing point drawing near.

The two shared a knowing look as Tom's rhythm fell into step with Ceria's and they quickened their pace several times. Ceria would have smirked had her mouth not been occupied and bottom lip not been held between Tom's teeth.

Tom squeezed his eyes shut as his orgasm hit him hard. He plastered Ceria's womb with semen, jets of hot white seed feeding her only need from his body as her own orgasm ran through her like an electric tide. Ceria let out an uncommon moan as she shuddered, her orgasm continuing for several intense and pleasurable moments.

She jerked against Tom for a short while, milking him of every drop of semen she could as they rode out their orgasms, neither saying a single word or making another sound besides heavy panting. Tom thought his orgasm wouldn't stop, until Ceria's hips stopped driving themselves down against him and he was able to come down slowly from the feeling causing his eyes to see stars.

They sat there for a few moments, the demon hunched over the agent, each breathing against the nape of the other's neck. Neither knew what to say. Tom didn't want to admit it, but that had been one of the better orgasms he had ever had. And needless to say, he regretted that feeling immensely.

It took them a while to realize that they were still connected and lying with each other still held closely. Tom let his head fall back and let go of the demon's hips, relaxing completely against the bed.

Ceria sat up and pulled her hair behind her shoulders, smirking deeply.

"Well that was very successful, don't you agree?" she mocked.

"Please just find another fuckbuddy. I can't take this anymore," he said, sighing. Ceria pulled herself off his still-rigid arousal and paused a moment as it throbbed with as much vigor and vitality as it had before.

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