tagSci-Fi & FantasySex is Mandatory on Planet Z253

Sex is Mandatory on Planet Z253


Earth is dying. The colony must increase its population.


Grabbed a beer and find a comfortable chair. This is a longish story that starts slowly, but I think everything is here: sex, nudity, and revenge with a touch of sci-fi. Of course, you are here for the sex. You'll find anal, oral, loving, first time, fisting, a pearl necklace, lots of nudity, swinging, some big tits, one huge dick, consensual, non-consensual, and as stated in the title, mandatory sex.

The non-consensual sex is a bit rough. If that disturbs you, you might want to pass on this story. Will it help if I tell you the perpetrators don't get away with it?

All characters are over eighteen.


"Hurry up, Betsy."

Hunter called out to his former classmate. The tall, lean, young man with dark hair and dark eyes walked toward the young woman. He moved with an easy, rolling gait.

The pair of nineteen-year-olds were on a flower gathering expedition. They had first met when they were sixteen and their families were selected for this colonization mission. After their long journey through space, they were brought out of hibernation and they had attended the same school on Planet Z253 for two years.

Technically, they were not nineteen, but time stands still when one is in suspended animation hurtling through space faster than the speed of light. The colonists didn't feel that a significant amount of time had passed. They viewed the trip as if it was no more than an airplane flight from America to Europe. They looked and felt the same age as when their long journey began so they didn't count the passage of time.

It was a beautiful, warm, summer's morning. Hunter's eyes took in the reddish sky, the lush landscape, and the water cascading off a cliff. It formed a picturesque waterfall that fed the river beside them.

The young people stood in the middle of a field of flowers. Betsy was gathering flowers for her mother's birthday. Hunter was going to give his bouquet to his mother, but that wasn't why he was here. He'd agreed to join Betsy on this excursion because he'd had a crush on her for years. It was his bad luck that the girl with the bouncy ponytail had never seen him as more than a pal.

The young woman was as pretty as any of the blossoms surrounding her. She was more colorful than many in her bright red, body-hugging, polyester/spandex jumpsuit. It had a scoop neckline with a cute crisscross design that embellished a bust that needed no garnishing. Her breasts were so spectacular that even other women noticed them. The top had an open back. Cami straps crisscrossed her bare back repeating the design from the front. They kept the top on.

Betsy stopped gathering flowers and said, "I can't decide which ones to pick. They're all so beautiful and so different than the flowers we had on Earth."

"Yeah, I get it. Planet Z253 is wonderful. It is special," Hunter said sarcastically.

He was wearing a cobalt blue, open collar, short sleeve shirt and khaki shorts. He repeated the spiel the authorities had told everyone selected for this settlement mission. He spoke, in a high pitched voice imitating their designated leader, Governor Monroe, "Z253 is an Earth-like planet in sector Z of the Milky Way. It is in the 92nd percentile of worlds determined to be capable of supporting human life. It's temperate and has diverse flora and fauna. Planet Z253 is wonderful. It is special."

"It is," the blue-eyed girl said. She grabbed three more flowers from the hundreds that grew in the area next to the waterfall's basin. She added, "We had to go somewhere. Our Earth was dying. At least this place is pretty. Some people were sent to hot, treeless worlds or we could be living under the sea on K498."

"You're right," he said. "I don't think you can carry any more flowers. Let's head back to the colony. Our plan was to be back by the time they make the morning announcements."

The brown-haired teenager turned to her friend and teased him saying in a sing-song voice, "You're hoping they will announce that Alice is ovulating and you'll be selected as one of the men to try and impregnate her."

His face turned red. He said, "I've told you, I don't and never did have a thing for her. Our mothers made us go as a couple because we didn't have dates to the senior prom."

What he added in his mind was, "I wanted to go with you, but you had a boyfriend."

"You two looked like you were having fun. You danced up a storm," Betsy said.

"She is a great dancer and is lots of fun, but there never was a connection."

Betsy stopped looking at the flowers and looked at him. She said, "I don't know why you didn't have a date or didn't date more in high school. You're nice and good-looking. I know you're quiet and shy. If you'd asked, many girls would have gone on dates with you."

He was still too shy to express his feelings. He wished he was brave enough to say, "I only wanted to date one girl and you were unavailable. I waited and hoped that you'd notice me, but that didn't happen."

Instead, he responded to her earlier words about Alice ovulating and the mandatory sex program.

"I do my duty at the procreation clinic when required," he said defensively. "It's our job to colonize this land and to populate it. Is it my fault that the high levels of pollution and radiation on Earth have decreased the sperm production of every adult male? It was our leader, Governor Monroe, after conferring with the doctors, who determined that the best course of action to maximize births was whenever a woman is capable of getting pregnant that she copulate with multiple partners."

^^^ Two weeks after landing on Planet Z253. The Governor met with the chief doctor ^^^

Governor Monroe sat at his desk in his office and asked in his high pitched voice, "Dr. Monson, please present your report on the health of the community."

Dr. Franklin Monson was seated across from him. He had many folders with data and reports on his lap. He took off his glasses and said, "My staff and I have examined everyone. Overall, we are in good condition considering the length of time we spent in hibernation traveling through space.

"This planet is similar to Earth. The air here contains the same five major components found in the Earth atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, argon, and carbon dioxide. They are in roughly the same percentages.

"Water is clean and plentiful. The planet has an array of fauna and flora to nourish us. We will live comfortable here."

The Governor asked, "We have everything we need to survive. Will we thrive?"

"If you mean will we live and flourish, the answer is yes."

"What about propagate? Multiple?"

"Governor, that is another issue. We have the same problems we faced on Earth. Our men have low sperm counts and our women have irregular periods and inconsistent ovulation. On Earth, we were able to overcome these problems with in vitro fertilization clinics."

The doctor paused and then said, "As you know, during our journey, a stray meteorite struck the ship and destroyed our IVF equipment."

"Yes. It damn near killed all of us," Monroe said in his squeaky voice.

"Yes," Dr. Monson concurred. "We lost vital equipment for our IVF program: the ultrasonic reproductive imaging machines, the special centrifuges to process sperm, and the incubators that nourish fertilized eggs and help them grow into viable embryos. These machines were critical for us to establish an IVF program."

"Can you . . . Can we make replacements?"

"No. The devices are too complicated. We don't have the raw materials, personnel, or the manufacturing capabilities to make them."

"What can we do?"

"Honestly, nothing."

"That is unacceptable!" the Governor shouted. He rose from his chair. "This colony must succeed. We must expand our numbers. The people will lose heart if we don't have a solution. Surely, there is something."

"Well, the scientific basis for this suggestion is dubious, but if you want to give people hope and make it look like we have an answer . . ."

"Out with it man," the Governor said impatiently.

"We could set up a procreation protocol. A mandatory program in which every ovulating woman must have sex. This way no opportunity to increase our numbers will be missed. And to compensate for our men's low sperm count, we will have multiple men have sex with each ovulating woman."

"I'm not sure the women will go along with that," the Governor said. "The husbands might object to their wives being forced to have sex with other men. How many men are we talking about?"

"Let me give you some background information. Sperm can survive for five days in a woman's reproductive tract. The goal is to have the sperm enter her fallopian tube and meet the egg 12-24 hours after it is released by the ovary. The prime time for sex is the day before and the day the egg is released."

The doctor looked at Monroe. Monroe asked, "How the hell can you tell when something is about to happen?"

"We can easily do so. All of us have had various sensors implanted into our bodies. They feed data to our wristbands which share the information with our medical computers. We monitor blood, hormones, the efficiency of your heart. Everything. We know everything."

"Okay. So you know when a female is fertile and when she is about to become fertile. What can you do about the low sperm count of the men?"



"The average man here has a sperm count that is a third of what it should be," Dr. Monson explained. He smiled and said, "I can't increase your sperm count, but I can add to it. One third plus one third plus one third equals one."

"Oh," the Governor said as a light bulb came on in his head. "So since one man isn't up to the task, you recommend the fertile women have sex with three men to compensate."

"Six actually. She should have sex with three men the day before and three men the day her egg drops."

"That's a lot of fucking," Monroe said concerned.

"This doesn't have to be a glass half empty situation. You're a brilliant communicator. You can sell this. Tell the people it's everyone's number one duty to make the colony successful and that you have a plan to increase our numbers. A man might, at first, object to his wife being fucked by five men until he realizes that this plan allows, no, requires that he have sex with his neighbor's hot wife and her young, fit, sexy daughter."

"Yes. I'm getting a boner just thinking about it," the Gov said with a laugh.

The doctor laughed too and then said, "You are naturally concerned about the women so you will give them the right to pick their first partner and put limitations on what behavior is allowed. For example, kissing is not mandatory. Anal sex and BDMS are not allowed. And, of course, incest is forbidden."

"Of course," Monroe interjected.

"Nudity is required by both parties. In addition to seeing the women, the men can also touch and fondle them. If the guy needs some assistance to perform, the women must give him a handjob or blowjob."

"Yes. That's reasonable."

"We may need to persuade the shy, the obstinant, or those not civic-minded enough to participate. The same sensors already in our bodies that monitor everything can be used to punish those who don't go along with the program. Electric shocks can be administrated in increasing levels of intensity to persuade the reluctant citizens to get with the program."

"I see. Do you think that will be necessary?"

"No or rarely. I suggest when we roll out this plan of action we show those who will participate in the program videos of men and women being shocked. The ability to punish people was built into the sensor system. It was tested on Earth and I have some videos. They are . . . convincing," the doctor said. He chuckled and added, "I'd say after viewing the videos and hearing the people scream everyone will get on board and do their civic duty."

"Those tapes sound dreadful."

"Yes, but those in charge have always had to make tough choices. Generals lose men in battle. Leaders, like you, cannot shirk their responsibilities."

"That's true."

"Governor, there is another task. Someone needs to choose the fertile females' partners. I can make suggestions. We should breed the strong with the strong and the smart with the smart to ensure those characteristics are passed on to the next generation. I think you should decide who has sex with whom. You'd be the best judge to decide which females you should mate with to pass on your leadership skills. I'd suggest that you should have sex with the fittest and most attractive women since they are the best candidates for getting pregnant."

"Oh. I see. Yes," the Governor smiled. "And of course, I will have to take special care in selecting your partners. The next generation needs your intellect."

The dirty, old men shared a conspiratorial laugh.

^^^back to the present^^^

Betsy pulled her flowers to her chest and secured them with her left arm. She said, "It was a shame that the in vitro fertilization equipment we had on the spaceship was destroy during our flight."

"Better the machines than us. We were hibernating in the next compartment. If that meteorite fragment had struck the ship a few inches to the left, we'd all be dead. Come on now, let's hurry back. We might be required to participate. Governor Monroe says that populating this place is job #1."

Her face turned red. She spoke quickly and with passion, "I haven't been shirking my responsibilities. Just because I haven't taken part in the sexual carousal yet doesn't mean I'm a bad citizen."

He was taken aback by the strong emotion in her response. A look of confusion swept over his face. "You've never been called?"

"It's not just men who have been affected. The reproductive capabilities of women have been diminished too. I have never ovulated."

He recognized she was upset and said, "I'm sorry if it sounded like I was putting you down. It's not your fault. We all have been affected by the conditions of our home world. I have a low sperm count and your body hasn't yet produced an egg ready for fertilization.

"You aren't the only female this has happened to. Count your blessings. You're tall, pretty, smart, and healthy. Your inside female parts will catch up with your outside female parts." His eyes strayed from her face to her ample chest as he finished that sentence.

She noticed he was looking at her big boobs. She said, "Maybe not. They're a moving target" And then, she giggled. Hunter gave her a questioning look. She added, "I have no idea what's happening with my ovaries, but my boobs are bigger than my mom's and still growing."

He nodded and said, "I don't know why I'm nodding. I'm no expert on yours or your mother's breasts. You appear to me to be a full grown woman and when your wristband says you're ovulating, you'll be invited to take part in a propagation party."

She raised her right arm and flashed the electronic wristband she wore. "Yes. I have on my bracelet and it's connected to the sensors implanted in my body. We all must wear our computerize manacles so we can be monitored 24/7. God forbid we have a bowel movement or burp and it goes unrecorded."

"Yeah," he agreed. "Big brother keeps a sharp eye on us." He turned away and said, "Let's head back."

She smiled and said, "I'm ready to go. Thanks for coming out with me. I know it was no fun getting up before dawn and hiking into the countryside. My folks would've freak if I left the compound without an escort."

"Not to mention," he said. "The lock on the gate wouldn't have opened if I or another soldier wasn't with you."

"Yes. It was my good luck to bump into you last night at the store. I've been looking for something nice to get my mom for her birthday and your suggestion of these flowers was brilliant."

"As I said, I gave my mother a bunch for her birthday and she seemed to appreciate them."

"I know my mom will love these exotic flowers. I'm sorry they only grow at the foot of this waterfall so far from the base."

He smiled at her and said, "It was a hike, but worth it."

The two of them headed home clutching their flowers. Hunter led the way. They jumped from rock to rock to cross the river that drained the waterfall's basin. Large boulders had allowed them to cross the river without getting their feet wet to get to the field of blossoms. They returned leaping from stone to stone.

On the way back, Betsy had an accident. She jumped onto a large rock and landed on a camouflaged lizard. She crushed it, her left foot slipped on its slimy guts, and she fell into the water. She screamed, "Ahhhh!"

"What's the matter?" Hunter asked. He turned around and saw the young woman floating downstream. Immediately, he dropped his flowers, jumped into the water, and swam to her.

She flailed about and grasped at any object that would prevent her from being swept away. She managed to grabbed hold of something substantial that had fallen and gotten caught between two rocks. It was this planet's version of a tree.

Hunter caught up with her. He executed a cross-chest carry. He secured her with his right arm by putting it over her chest and grabbing her left tit. He kicked, did a side stroke with his left arm, and brought them out of the current to a small island. He dragged the dazed and confused woman on it.

"Betsy, are you okay?"

"No," she said. She gasped for air and mumbled, "I lost my flowers." Her voice was weak. She sounded out of it.

"Nevermind the stupid flowers. Are you hurt?"

He scanned her body and noted cuts and scrapes on her face and arms. She also had a bump on her head. The rest of her body looked okay. His eyes focused on her exposed left boob. It wasn't the breast of your average teenager. It was big and full. The nipple was large, reddish brown and had a thick, erect tip.

He said, "Ah. It looks like your top got ripped."

She glanced down, became aware of her nakedness, and shriek, "My boob!" She covered it with one hand and grabbed the fabric of her top with the other. She pulled it over her breast. It didn't help. The fabric was torn. Some strategically placed straps were broken. The material would no longer stay in place. She sat up and the material fell away exposing her breast.

"That's not going to work," she said. "I guess my only choice is to grin and bare it."

Her words surprised Hunter. He guffawed. She laughed too. When the laughter died down, he said, "It is a mighty fine boob. Full and round."

"Thanks, I guess. I never imagined I'd show it to you."

He gave it another look and then, forced himself to look her in the eye. He asked, "Are you hurt? I see a bump on your head, some cuts, and scrapes. Anything else?"

"I think I twisted my ankle. My left one is throbbing?"

He went to her foot, looked at it, and touched it. "I feel puffiness. Can you wiggle your toes?"

She did. Not that he could tell. She said, "Yes. I don't think I broke it. I've sprained my ankle dancing and it felt like this. I think I twisted it when I land on the lizard."

"Okay. A sprain is better than a broken bone. Can you put weight on it and walk?"

"I don't know." She stood and tentatively put weight on it. "Ouch! No." She sat down quickly.

Their wristbands beep and glowed orange. Hunter said, "There go our morning alarms. Everyone is getting up. You should call your mom, let her know what's happened, and get her advice about your ankle."


She tapped her communicator button behind her jaw and spoke, "Mom, this is Betsy."

A few seconds later, her mother, June, responded, "Yes, dear." She was in her kitchen pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Hunter and I went out on a pre-dawn hike. I fell and twisted my ankle. I'm pretty sure I didn't break anything, but I can't walk on it."

"Oh, my." June shifted into 'nurse mode'. She was one of the medical personnel who looked after everyone. She said, "You should rest, elevated the foot, and keep your boot on. It will reduce the swelling and immobilize the ankle. Where are you?"

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