tagHumor & SatireSex Kittens Ch. 01

Sex Kittens Ch. 01


This story is mainly set in a fantasy world in which our laws of sex and biology a different. It's over the top in some ways, so don't take it too seriously. It's just a bit of fun.


The woman was on her sixth pint of beer, and was borderline drunk.

She knew however, that she was not yet entirely drunk, because she had a method of knowing when she was. She asked herself if she was drunk. If she said to herself, "I am", then she knew she was sober and could have another drink. According to her logic, it is one you start saying "I'm not drunk", when you know you are, as in the sentence, "Look, I'm not drunk. I can drive, I'm perfectly capable of driving," before landing face-first on the floor.

The woman in question was in her early-to-mid twenties with shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, and was wearing quite a smart looking blouse and trousers. She was half-way through her beer when another woman sat down beside her. "Are you alright?" said the stranger.

"Oh, I've had worse days," said the first woman, as she lifted the glass to her lips.

"What's your name?"

The woman gulped some more beer down her throat and put the glass down. "Sue," she answered, "and yours?"


"Isn't that a boy's name?" asked Sue.

"It might be. Doesn't bother me though."

Sue looked Dominique up and down. It might have been the alcohol in her system finally taking advantage of her, but she thought Dominique was dressed entirely in black leather. Leather boots, leather trousers, leather top, leather gloves. Dominique's fingers interested Sue most through. Her fingernails were quite long. Almost claw like. She also had quite a big bosom with big buttocks to match, while her waist was rather small in comparison.

In the end, Sue had to ask her, "What's with all the leather?"

Dominique came straight back with, "I like it. There's nothing wrong it that, is there?"

"Make's you look like one of those, those, oh what do you call them? Err... dominatrixeseses."

"It fits the name," Dominique replied jokingly.

Sue giggled a bit and went back to her drink, sighing. Dominique turned to her, "Something the matter then?"

"Yeah, everything. Had a job interview today. I won't get it through."

"What makes you think that then?"

"Well," Sue started, "I went to the interview, and it was all going well for the first few moments. Then I noticed that the man chairing the interview was looking at me all over. I was wondering what this meant..." Sue paused, drank some more beer, then continued, "and then, as I went to leave, the chairman showed me to the door, shook my hand, and then all of a sudden his other hand grabbed my arse."

"Oh," said Dominique, in a seemingly non-committed manner.

"Well, that's sexual harassment isn't it? So, I slapped him across the face, I told him what I thought of him, and stormed out."

"I see," said Dominique, in the same tone as before. She appeared to be slightly confused by what was being discussed here.

"Bloody men. Bunch of wankers the lot of them."

Sue finished her drink. Dominique, seeing an opportunity, said, "Would you like another one?"

For a moment, Sue's self-drunkenness questioning flew out of the window, as she concentrated more on the offer put before her. "Oh, thank you very much. I'll have the same again. Get something for yourself while your there."

"I don't think I will," said Dominique, paying for Sue's seventh pint. As Sue drank, Dominique asked her, "Tell me, if you could have anything you want in the world, what would it be?"

Sue paused and gave it some thought. It was not a very long paused mind, nor was it a very deep thought. "Right, first of all, no more fucking men. Second of all...err... chocolate! I want loads of chocolate. I want is coming out my arse! And several other orificeseseses for that matter. Third, the chance to meet someone who is really sexy. A lot of people who are really sexy actually."

Dominique grinned, "Hmm... I think I could arrange that. Anything else?"

Sue paused again. "I quite like cats," she said eventually.

"Bingo," Dominique thought to herself, "I think she might be it."

Throughout the rest of the night. Sue kept drinking and Dominique kept buying the drinks. Eventually, Sue passed out. Dominique turned to the man behind the bar and said, "Don't worry, I'll take her back to my place to sober up," and that is what she did.


Sue turned over in the bed. She left something rubbing against her head, which was problematic enough as she was already suffering from a hangover. It felt somewhat furry. It also felt somewhat rubbery. She opened her eyes and noticed that her pillow cover was a very shiny black. She felt it. It was indeed rubber. After stroking it, she then noticed her hand. Her fingernails were a lot longer and claw-like than they were the night before.

Sue then looked around and noticed that not just one pillow, but all the pillows that were rubber. In fact, the cover of her mattress was also covered in rubber, white in this case. This was definitely not her bed. She turned around, and felt the mattress move in a bizarre fashion. It was like a waterbed. Her tongue rubbed against her teeth, which she noticed were much more fang-like than before. This thought was soon put out of her mind after she noticed what the rest of the room looked like.

The cover of the duvet was in a black-and-white chequered pattern. The bed was directly opposite a large window, with purple curtains closed in front of it. There was a door to the right-hand side of the room with a range of shelves next to it, full of books, knick-knacks and the like. On the left-hand side of the room was a large wardrobe. Nearer to the bed was a pair of bedside tables. The one on the left had a clock (it read 6:48am) and a small lamp. The one on the right had a large book on it, with a pen on top of it. There was also a tea mat there.

Sue's head pounded like made mad. She stroked it a bit, then rubbed her fingers through her brown hair. However, as she did she noticed something else that was unexpected. It felt like something sticking out of her head. With her hands she could to it quite big and pointed, with fur coming out. She also noticed that there were two of them. Bring her hands down to the side of her head she also noticed that her ears were suddenly missing; or rather they had moved to the top of her head and were now more hairy.

Sue then lay back down on the bed and noticed she had a mirrored ceiling. She also noticed, in the reflection, that her ears had changed to those of a cat. Sue did not say anything. She just stared. She then pulled back her duvet and noticed some more oddities.

Working her way down, she realised that her breasts had suddenly got a lot bigger. She then spotted she had what looked like a brown cat-like tail coming out of her. She left it along and realised it joined up just above her butt-crack. Then she spotted that she had a penis. It was quite a big penis at that. It was a foot long, and that was when it was when it was flaccid. She also had testicles, which were big as well, but perfectly formed. Moving them aside she spotted she still had a normal vagina. Sue lastly noticed that her toenails were also claw like.

After taking this in, Sue pulled the duvet back over her body, covering most of her changes up. She then shut her eyes and muttered to herself: "Must be a dream caused by the booze. I'll sleep it off."

About an hour later, Dominique entered the room with a glass of water with some hangover pills dissolving in the glass. "Come on," she said, "time to wake up."

Sue awakened from her snooze and drank from the glass. She looked around the room and spotted Dominique standing in front of her, except that she to now appeared to have cat ears and a tail. Sue looked up at the ceiling and noticed her cat ears again. She threw off the duvet, and noticed the enlarged tits, tail and cock again. It was at this point that she screamed at the top of her voice in anguish, learning that this was not caused by alcohol. This was not a good move because her now much bigger ears meant that the scream in question was much louder.

After she stopped yelling, Sue shouted out, "What the fuck's going on?!"

"Ah well," said Dominique, in a seemingly too calmful manner, "remember last night when you told me about all the things you wanted in the world?"

Sue tried to think back to the previous night, and suddenly it all came back to her. "Yes," she said worryingly.

"Well, I've given it all to you. All the things you wanted."

"What the fuck do you mean? And what is all this about?" Sue said, waving her hands around her body, "and that?" she added, pointing to Dominique's ears.

"Ah, now, I should explain. You see, I come from a parallel universe, or another dimension, whatever you want to call it, and you are in it."


"Well, let's do this in the manner of things you wanted. One, you like cats. In this world, humans evolved from a species that was part simian, part feline, hence the ears and the tail. All I did was put on a wig, some false teeth, and then hide my tail to look like one of your species. Two, you hate men. In this world, all the people are hermaphrodites so there are no men to get on your nerves. Mind you, there are no women either so I had to alter your DNA in order to give you the right appearance."

"Hang on," said Sue, "that means you're a hermaphrodite too?"

"Indeed I am," said Dominique, at which point she undid the zip on the leather cat suit she was wearing and showed that she did indeed have both boobs and a cock, which were even bigger than Sue's.

"By the way," purred Dominique, "the correct pronouns in this world are 'hir' and 'shi'. Three, you wanted chocolate coming out of your arse. Well, while I was altering your DNA, I decided to turn your entire body into chocolate. Now you have chocolate not just coming out of your arse, but all over the place."

Sue felt hirself, "I don't feel chocolaty."

"Start thinking about chocolate, then you will," Dominique instructed.

Sue, thinking that things could not get any weirder, did as shi was told. Shi shut hir eyes and thought about chocolate. Shi thought of the taste, the smell, the touch of it, the feeling of it going down hir gullet and swirling it around hir mouth. When shi opened hir eyes shi looked at hirself. Hir skin had turned into white chocolate. Hir hair and tail where now milk chocolate. Shi sucked what shi thought was a bit of salvia into hir mouth, but it turned out to be dark chocolate. Shi swallowed it down. It tasted delicious.

Sue suddenly remembered something: "Wasn't there a fourth thing?"

"Yes, you wanted to meet a lot of sexy people. Well, in this place you will. Open the curtains."

Sue, in hir chocolate cat body walked over to the curtains and pulled them. Shi looked out and saw what to hir looked like a futuristic city. It was full of skyscrapers and dome-shaped buildings.

However, upon closer inspection shi noticed that the skyscrapers were in fact shaped like gigantic penises, and the domes like massive breasts. Sue also spotted huge TV monitors on the sides of the skyscrapers. They were showing porn. They were showing hard-core porn to the entire city, and some of it was rather kinky as well. Sue looked down below. Shi thought shi could see catpeople having sex in the street.

Dominique walked up to Sue and put a hand, or rather a paw, on Sue's shoulder. "My world is pornocratic. Everything here is to do with sex. We fuck all day and we fuck all night, in every way possible, non-stop. Fancy some breakfast?"


Sue entered the kitchen, still in hir chocolaty state. The kitchen contained everything shi would expect to find in a normal kitchen back in hir world; only this one contained a lot more leather furniture. There was also a litter tray in one corner of the room, but this was bigger than any other litter tray shi had ever seen. A thought then struck hir. "Oh my God," shi said with disgust, "you don't expect me to go to the lavatory in that, do you?"

Dominique was at the other side of the room, putting the finishing touches to the breakfast. Shi turned around to Sue who was pointing at the tray, "Oh that," shi said, "well, there are many differences between our worlds. This one is much more technologically advanced that yours. Also, some inventions have never been created. Toilets are one of them."

"But I just can't do my business in that!"

"Well, I think in your case, you might be right. After all, if chocolate is coming out of your arse, you don't want bits of grit going into it as well. You may want to replace the litter with something else, but you'd best keep the litter in case any guests come around. Now come on, breakfast is ready. It's quite hot so I would recommend turning back to your old self otherwise you might melt your paws."

"Alright," murmured Sue unhappily. Shi shut hir eyes and thought about hir old body for a while. When shi opened them up, shi had turned back to normal, apart from the fact she was still half-cat and had a cock and balls hanging between her legs. It was at this point Sue noticed that shi realised shi was still stark-bollock naked -- an expression Sue could now use in a much more literal sense.

"Oh Christ, I'd better put some clothes on."

"Don't worry, that can wait," Dominique told hir, "Now sit down and have something to eat."

Sue did as shi was told and Dominique placed in front of hir a blow of cornflakes and a cup of coffee. Sue tucked in as Dominique sat down on the opposite side of the table. Sue swallowed the cornflakes and said, "Bloody hell, these are good."

"Why thank you," Dominique said politely.

"I really like the milk. I hate to use a cliché, but talk about the cat that's got the cream."

"Well, seeing as it was your first day here I decided to get you the best milk around. That was milked fresh this morning."

"Really? Where from?"

"Right here."

"What do you mean, 'Right here'?"

"I mean exactly that. Don't worry; I cleaned the milking machine before I put it away."

Sue was even more puzzled, "Right, first of all, why do I have a milking machine? Secondly, if we a so high up in this skyscraper, how did you get a cow here to milk, without me noticing it?"

Dominique sipped at hir coffee, "To answer your questions," shi said, "firstly, the milking machine is one of the pieces of equipment in your playroom. All the kinky stuff is in there. Secondly, we don't milk cows here, we milk ourselves. That's my milk in that bowl."

Sue stopped eating and swallowed what shi decided would be the last cornflakes shi would consume for some time. Sue took the coffee cup and said, "You might have told me that before hand you know."

"Sorry," apologised Dominique, "By the way, the correct saying is, 'before paw'. Oh, I just remembered, I never gave you any milk for your coffee."

Sue put hir paw out quickly and said, "I'll think I'll have it black, thank you."

Sue drank the rest of the coffee and left the table, going straight to hir bedroom. Shi walked up to the wardrobe and opened it. It seemed that Dominique had decided to bring a lot of clothes for Sue. They were even in hir exact size. Sue also noticed that virtually all of them were made from a fabric which one might consider to be ever so slightly kinky.

There was rubber, leather, spandex and metal. Luckily there were some silk and lace items which shi felt a bit more comfortable with. Sue put on some silk underwear and stockings with a dress. Shi then put on a red silk blouse which exposed way too much cleavage for hir liking, but then again virtually all of the clothing had the same effect. To finish it all off, Sue put on some lace gloves and some red high heeled shoes.

Sue walked into the living room, which was rather like the kitchen, in that it was recognisable yet slightly kinkier. There was a lot more leather covering the furniture. Shi also noticed that the bookshelves were full of pornographic magazines, films, books and several other things shi could not recognise.

Sue found the remote control for the television on a small table. Shi press a button and the set turned on to what appeared to be the middle of a porn film, which featured one of the catpeople being screwed in hir pussy, arsehole (or tailhole as the case probably was here) and in hir mouth -- an experience shi assumed must be painful what with the fangs and everything.

Sue tutted to hirself: "Jesus Christ, it is eight in the morning, and they are showing hardcore pornography. What kind of place is this?"

Sue flicked through a series of channels, and all of them showed porn of all kinds. From a straight forward vanilla scene to some fetishes she found truly vile. Shi then came to one channel that showed a programme so abhorrent to hir shi had to turn the TV off. It was at this point Dominique came in, "Oh, nice dress. How are you getting on?"

Sue sighed: "Look Dominique, I don't think I can cope here. I've got to go back home. Please!"

"Sue," said Dominique, "I know this must all seem a bit strange at first, but don't worry. You are not the first person I've found. Everyone is like this at first but after a while, they begin to enjoy themselves."

"I don't care!"

"Look, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll make the same offer I do with everyone else. Stay here for a week. If you still want to go home, I'll send you back."

Sue thought about this proposition. "One week, you say?"

"Seven days. No more, no less. Of course, if you enjoy your time here, you can live here for as long as you want."

Sue sighed and gave in. "Oh, alright, but you must old your end of the bargain."

"I promise," said Dominique, raising hir paw in what Sue assumed was Dominique's version of swearing an oath.

"So, what should I do now? Continue flicking through the channels in the hope that I'll come across something that isn't pornographic?"

"Well, there's the news. That isn't too pornographic. Try channel 729."

Sue pressed the numbers into the remote and the TV did indeed tune into a news channel. Dominique was right. It wasn't that pornographic, if you ignored the fact that the newsreader was wearing a rubber suit and that every news story contained some kind of sexual element in it.

However, from the news Sue did learn quite a bit. The world was run by a single ruler called Candy Whiskers, who had the title of "Grand Whore of All the Earth". Sue was still in hir native Britain, although here it was called "Spunktia" and the main businesses as far as Sue could see was from milking, and it was not just for milk as the country's name implied. There was a worry that the Amalgamated Union of Contraceptive Makers was going to call a strike over pay and conditions. The main sports appeared to be beach volleyball, mud wrestling, and associated gang bangs. The weather was likely to be sunny for the day.

Sue turned off the set. "Dominique, can I ask you a question?" Dominique nodded, "What about sexually transmitted diseases? Isn't there a danger of getting something?"

"None at all. They never evolved in this world. If they did then the DNA altering machines like the one I used on you could easily solve the problem."

There was silence. Sue eventually broke it saying, "So, what do you plan to do today then?"

"Well," said Dominique, "I could take you out and show you the sites, but I think that it would be better for me to stay here and show you the ropes."

"What do mean by that then?"

"Let me put it this way. Out there, everyone has sex. Therefore, you need to find out what catpeople sex is like. I suggest that we have a little session in your bedroom. We can do it now if you like."

"You want me to have sex with you?"

"Yes," Dominique said bluntly. "Don't worry; I won't go hard on you unless you ask me to. Although I should warn you, I'm called 'Dominique' for a reason," at which point shi pulled out a long whip from inside her catsuit and cracked it.

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