tagLoving WivesSex, Lies, and Confusion Ch. 02

Sex, Lies, and Confusion Ch. 02

byThe Wanderer©

There we were eight of us at the diner, all of them were Caitlin and my closest friends. Our host's where Jimmy and Linda Lange, then there was Phil and Carla Thomas, Tony and Jean Marsh; my wife Caitlin and myself. Whilst Caitlin assisted Linda in serving the food, the rest of us made small talk. We all knew that when we had finished the meal the subject of our group summer holiday was going to be discussed.

For the last few years now, it had become our habit to go away together as a group for a fortnight's holiday each summer. With sixteen children between us, it had proved a very successful formula and this diner was to be the first formal planning meeting for this year's excursion.

But before the planning started we were all making small talk, as I hoped he would Jimmy returned to a subject I had planted in his mind earlier.

"Roger, tell me what did happen with Greg and his wife in the end?"

Gregory Mason was a work colleague of mine. Just over a year ago, he had discovered his wife was having an affair, and had asked my advice as to what he should do about it. I had been his confidant and assisted him in bringing the affair to a speedy end. As I had planed I had only got half-way through the saga before we had sat down to eat.

"Well, once Greg had caught Marsha out and we had scared off the Pratt she was seeing. She confessed all her sins to Greg, and then she begged him to forgive her. He made her sweat for a couple of weeks; then the dam fool went and forgave her, then he took her back. If your ask me she'll only do it again when the fancy takes her!"

I could see from her body language that Caitlin was just a little uncomfortable with the subject of infidelity, and Tony Marsh had developed just a hint of a smirk on his face. He was sure he knew something I didn't. I looked over at Tony.

"What do you reckon Tony? What do you think a husband should do when he finds out his wife is cheating on they're marriage. Should the husband forgive her and take the cheating wife back, or should he divorce her?"

I could see that I'd taken Tony by surprise, he flustered a little, then replied.

"Well, I don't really know, it would have to depend on the circumstances wouldn't it."

"What about the guy the wife was cheating with. What do you think a husband should do about him?"

Tony was looking distinctly uncomfortable now.

"God, I how should I know? I've never been in situation like that, and I'm not likely to be either."

"No I suppose you wouldn't. But I think I know what I would do, once I was sure I had the right man that is. I would find a way to let him know that I was aware of what he had been doing, and that I intended to put the bastard in hospital for a long, long time. I would let him know that I wouldn't go for him right away, mind you. I would just make sure he knew, that I was onto him and I would be coming sometime in the future. That way the gutless creep would have to keep looking over his shoulder, waiting for me to be there. He would know that I was going to be there one day, but he just wouldn't know when!"

Phil must have decided that the subject of conversation wasn't to his liking and attempted to change the subject by calling us to attention and asked.

"Well I know that the girls have been throwing some ideas about between them, but has anyone come up with a plan for this years junket?"

Now, was the time for me to really put the cat in with the pidgins.

"I'm sorry to have to this say my friends, but Caitlin and I will not be joining you this year!"

Caitlin gave a little start and looked at me, she was just about to say something when Carla commented.

"Oh Rog, you and Caitin were the founding members of this group holiday thing. Why aren't you coming this year?"

"Caitlin and I have a few problems at the moment. To be honest it looks to me as if we could well be getting divorced in the very near future. So there's not much point in making holiday plans, is there.

I could see both shock and panic in Caitlin's face. But she didn't know what I knew, so she must have decided she was going to try and brazen things it out.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Caitlin demanded.

I ignored her and continued with the rest of my script.

"I'm sorry to break it to you all so suddenly folks, but I only found out for sure myself this week."

Everyone now appeared to be in shock and I had they're full attention. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Caitlin's mouth moving but she was making no sounds.

I stared at Tony with a smile on my face. Tony tried to stare me out, but failed. His wife Jean who had appeared a little confused during my earlier exchange with Tony, now looked from me, to Tony, and then at Caitlin. She saw that they were both looking somewhat embarrassed, Jean's face slowly turned purple as she began to put two and two together.

"I found out on Wednesday that my loving wife Caitlin has taken to getting some extramarital action in the local Motorlodge. From what I have managed to discover it's become a regular booking over the last few weeks. Obviously Caitlin has decided I don't come up to muster in bed department anymore. So she's found someone else to satisfy her needs!"

I looked at Tony.

"Mind you, the stud won't be satisfying anyone's needs for much longer, I intend to make dammed sure of that!"

The smirk had now gone from Tony's face, and I think he was at a loss as to what to say. I had just threatened to do him serious harm, but if he replied to my threat he would be admitting his adultery to his wife in front of witnesses. I was still smiling and staring at him. It looked as if Tony had finally thought of something to say, when Jean erupted.

"You fucking bastard! You did didn't you?" She shouted at Tony. "You've been fucking Caitlin! You cheating arse-hole....." Jean's tirade of insults went on for some considerable time. Then, quite suddenly she stopped and turned to me and in a very calm, controlled tone she asked me.

"Have you got any proof, that will stand up in court?"

"Witnesses, Video's, copies of hotel receipts, all I need for a divorce. If you get your solicitor to give mine a call I'm sure she'll supply you with copies you need, or if you haven't got a solicitor I'll give you mine's number, she's a really nice girl, maybe we can get a discount on a group booking?"

This was a nice touch after Jean's outburst, she was calmly discussing divorce with me, whilst Tony and Caitlin sat at the table speechless.

Well it was out in the open now and I had informed Tony that he was going to regret having an affair with my wife. Now a figured strategic withdrawal was required. I looked around my friend's faces as I stood up from the table.

"Well, I'm sorry that I've had to put a damper on the evening, but to honest with you, between them these two have put a real damper on my life. I'll think it would be best if I were to leave now. Goodnight all."

As I walked out of the room I was aware that Caitlin was following me. Out in the hall I stopped and turned to face her. I could see the tears running down her face.

"Where the fuck are you going?"

"Home with you." Caitlin replied softly.

"You're not going anywhere with me girl, go shack up with your chicken-shit stud. If Jean's got any sense she won't have him back in the house any more. The pair of you can go back to your little love nest."

"Please Roger? You've got to let me explain!"

"Explain what? How he shagged you! Or how you shagged him? That's always been your fortè hasn't it. No Cait there's no explaining you could do now. Remember you shagged your way into our marriage, and now you've bloody-well shagged your way out of it!"

Before she could say another word I was out the front door, slamming it behind me.

As I started my car Caitlin appeared and stood in front of it. I began to move forward, then Jimmy appeared grabbed her arm and pulled her out of my way.

I had thought that I had my emotions completely under control. My slow discovery that Caitlin had been cheating on me, had meant there was no sudden realisation of what was going on.

No one thing had come anywhere near making me loose control. But that night I had almost lost it. I'm not sure, but I might have just been mad enough to drive over Caitlin. When I had cooled down I was glad that Jimmy had followed us out.

I drove to Greg's house, he had agreed to put me up until I got myself sorted. I had decided that Caitlin would need the house. The children would be better off with their mother looking after them. I have always done my best as a father, but I'm not really domesticated animal. My skills are as a breadwinner, I would make sure the children had all they ever needed.

End of part two.

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