tagBDSMSex, Love, Lust

Sex, Love, Lust


Act I

Alex loved Laura with all his heart, and she loved him back. They were high-school sweethearts, and they knew they were meant for each other when they first started dating. Although, like anyone who lives with someone else, they would occasionally have their differences, in general they lead a very happy and harmonious life. As far as their sex life went it was pretty good. They had only ever been with one lover—each other. But they were adventurous and caring, and after having been married for over fifteen years they still regularly enjoyed each other!

Alex thought Laura was as beautiful as when they first met. She had a body that was perfectly female—curved in all the right places, small and sexy. And what he called her "little French face" was vibrant and cute, and he loved it when she laughed and smiled. She would disparage her hips for being too wide, or her breasts for being too small, but he thought they were perfect. He already had a high sexual appetite, but when she was around he often could thing of nothing more than getting her out of her clothes!

But Alex was always looking for ways to spice up their sex life. It wasn't that he wasn't happy with it or with her, but he always wanted to find new ways to spice it up and make it exciting for them both. They wanted a great marriage, and knew that a healthy sex life was an important key. When they were "getting it" regularly, they were both more caring and tender with each other: disagreements and misunderstandings were squelched before they started. Every once in a while he would try to introduce something new, and Laura was GGG: good, giving, and game. She would try to keep an open mind, and even if she didn't enjoy the novelty, she would at least appreciate him for trying.

It was at one of those times when Alex announced to Laura that he would be shaving her kitten when he got back from a business trip.

She joked and said "Oh, is that what you do with your slaves?"

"Why of course—I can't let you hide your pussy from its master!"

Now they hadn't ever gotten into the BDSM scene. Alex loved women, and hated seeing them in pain. But he did enjoy seeing women in light bondage, and had suggested tying her up before to her. The thought of a woman submitting to each and every pleasure he could dole out was very enticing. However she had had experiences when dating with men who forced themselves on her, and so was unreceptive to the idea. Although he wouldn't force something on her that she didn't want, his attraction to it was to allow her to fully become immersed in the sexual experience.

Alex knew that Laura was afraid of not being in control. She was always a very measured person, what others might call "anal". While this was an immensely valuable skill in life, and was amazing in terms of setting their financial and life goals together, Alex wanted to make sure that she would take time for herself to play too! He was afraid that in her zeal to control her life, job, finances and surroundings that she would forget to have fun. And although he worked to make sure she would have fun everywhere, he also wanted her to have fun in the bedroom. He had told her that he wanted to awaken every fiber of her feminine being, and he meant it. There he was a man, and she a woman: he wanted to give her the freedom to allow her to be wholly receptive, and completely submit herself to being pleasured, while they were loving to experience nothing but the act itself, as if the whole rest of the world didn't exist. He wanted Laura to soak up orgasms like a sponge.

Alex loved to give her pleasure, and although he could have fun in bed without coming, it was very unsatisfying to him even if he came but she didn't. It was probably wired into his male brain, but Laura's pleasure was almost a requirement for him. He tried not to put this performance pressure on her, because he didn't want her to have to act like a trained seal! But when they were slow grinding and they were both oh-so-close, as soon as he heard her moan and saw her tense up, it would give him such a rush that it would put him over the edge too.

He had originally proposed tying her up to let her completely give in to the act. It wouldn't be "rape", since he wouldn't do things against her will. But it would let her be submissive in a way she hadn't experienced before, and he thought that this might be just what she needed! But he saw a way to give her a new game with that same pleasure without having to have her feel helpless. Their little "slave" repartee gave his fertile imagination lots of places to roam. After having a week to contemplate it, he decided that he would try to introduce some new fun into their sex life when he got back...

Act II

Alex brought in his luggage from the car, and Laura greeted him with open arms. "I miss you terribly when you're gone!" "I do too, honey!" He picked her up and they held each other and kissed for a long time. Finally, he put her down, and she had thoughtfully prepared dinner. She poured him a glass of wine, and clinked her own against his. They ate and talked and enjoyed each other's company as they reacquainted themselves with their activities over the week he was gone.

Laura then broached the topic: "I'm interested in being cozy, are you?" Cozy was their code word for sex, but it wasn't as raw a word to her, and she liked the cuteness factor in saying it. He knew immediately that not only that she had missed him, but that her body missed his.

He said, "You remember what I said about shaving your kitten, right?"

"Yes, she's been needing a trim."

They both giggled at the double entendre.

Then Alex said "I've got a little bit more in mind." She stopped and looked a little puzzled—what did that mean?

"You've got to be a good little slave", he continued.

She blushed and protested, "I'm not into that kinky stuff, you know that."

"What I know is that you're usually a good little girl, and are willing to try new things."

"But that sounds nasty; I was just joking!"

"I promise it won't be anything you don't want. And if you don't like the game, we'll stop right away."

"I don't know..."

"Would you at least give it a try before you dismiss it? You might really enjoy it! And I promise that I won't tie you up—I know you don't relish the thought of being physically helpless. You'll have do all the restraining in your head." He smiled gently at her.

A slow warm burn came to her face. She said "You promise it won't go farther than I want?"

"I promise, cross my heart."

"I'm not sure, I've never done anything like this."

"Yes, but you do like roleplaying, right? This isn't any different."

They had a couple times done roleplay situations, and she was the one to introduce them. It hadn't become part of their regular routine, but it was exciting when they did. He was trying to be GGG and indulge her wish for more fantasy when he made up a deck of sex playing cards with a bunch of roleplaying scenarios and other stuff mixed in. They only used the cards once or twice before they were forgotten. But she did remember that she liked it, and thought to herself that maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

"Okay. Maybe I could be game. Do we need a safe word?"

"No, you'll be in control--as soon as you say it's over, it's over."

"Alright. I'll try it, but if I don't like it, I'm not doing it again."

"Fair enough!"

He led her by the hand upstairs and said "wait here." He went downstairs and rummaged around in his luggage and came back upstairs. She was sitting on the bed and he handed her something. It was a collar.

She looked at it and stammered "Wait a minute--I didn't count on this!"

"Don't get upset, just listen."

He had a mischievous grin, and she was blushing, but after a pause she said "Okay, I'll listen."

"If we're going to play this game, we have to have some rules. The first rule is that you're my slave only while you're wearing this collar. It shouldn't be uncomfortable, but it should remind you that we're still playing! If you want to stop, all you have to do is take it off. The second rule is while you're my slave you'll do everything I say without protest. If you disobey me, I'll have to punish you. That might mean a spanking, or something worse. It won't be terrible, but you'll probably prefer to obey me. I'm not ever going to hurt you, I love you too much. But you have to trust me, and let me set the pace. The third rule is that you won't speak unless spoken to, and you will address me as 'Master,' just like Genie does! Can you agree to those rules?"

She sat and thought about it. And after a while she asked "If we try it this once and I don't like it, we don't have to do it again, right?"

"I'll throw out the collar and we never have to talk about it again."

She paused for a moment and then whisper quietly she said, "Okay master."

"That's a good girl." He said. He gently reached around her neck and put on her collar. It wasn't too tight, but she could definitely feel it, and it almost scared her. He sensed that she was nervous, and so he softly pet her hair and pulled her head to his chest.

"Shhhhh. It's okay. Sit here a moment; I'll be right back."

"Yes master."

He left the room and came back with a towel, his beard trimmer, a razor and some shaving cream.

"You know what this is for don't you?"

"Yes master, I do."

"That's right—I need to have full access to my kitten. Take off your clothes and hand them to me."

She stood up, and slowly started undressing. Although she was still a little embarrassed and shy, she did feel strangely excited. She did a little striptease, and handed him each article of clothing until she was completely nude. As he received each item, he carefully folded them and placed them in a small pile on a stool. He came back to the bed, and laid out the towel.

"I have such a very beautiful slave! Lay down here, and spread your legs."

She laid back, and did as she was told. He placed the towel so that it was centered underneath her butt.

"Now remember, you can't flinch, you can't close your legs, and you can't talk. Understand?"

"Yes master."

"What a very good little girl."

He turned on the trimmer, and it started to buzz. Then with all the delicacy of a man cutting his newborn's hair, he started to move the trimmer back and forth over her pussy, his warm hands gently moving her lips to let him get access to all of her. She would normally be very skittish with him touching her so intimately before any foreplay, but she tried to play the game well, and she fought her urge to flinch. She eventually started to relax, and just laid her head back while he worked on whisking away her fur. It was actually rather pleasant the way he was manipulating her lips, and after just a minute or so, he was done. He brushed up all the hair, and disposed of it. She looked down, and her pussy looked like it had a five o'clock shadow. He came back, with the shaving cream and a small bowl of warm water. He massaged the water onto her mound, and followed up with the shaving cream. When she was nice and lathered, he gingerly picked up the razor, and started slow smooth strokes, making her pussy completely bald. Soon he was done, and he took the water and rinsed and toweled her off.

"There. Now you're completely nude except your collar. Do you like how you look?"

"I don't know master."

"Well, I like it, and that should be good enough for you, don't you think?"

"Yes master."

"Do you know what I like to do to a freshly shaved pussy?"

"No master," she said, but she had a pretty good guess. She knew he loved to eat her, especially after she was bald. But she wasn't sure if she should say, so she left it at that.

"Well, I think you do. Keep your legs spread wide," he said, as he bent down and gave her a full mouthed kiss on her mound. She started—although she almost expected it, she didn't expect it like that!

He chided her, "Remember not to flinch or close your legs, or I'll have to punish you." She kept her legs spread wide, and tried to relax.

After his first bold kiss, he started again very slowly, peppering her pussy and thighs with soft lingering kisses. Now that she was freshly shaved, she really felt everything--it was very intense. He kept at it, nibbling here, suckling there, and softly licking everywhere. She usually liked more time before she was used to him there, but she tried to stay in the moment and accept his caresses. It was feeling really good, and for a moment she almost forgot their game when she turned her head and felt the collar again against her skin. It gave her a wicked thrill for a moment, but then she started to focus on the sensations that his mouth was making against her now wet cunt.

Laura knew that Alex loved to go down on her. When it came to eating kitty, he was a fiend--he couldn't get enough of her female fruit. Laura often wondered what made him so "addicted to pussy", but he couldn't ever explain it fully. Part of it was that he loved to make her come, and with his head between her legs that wasn't far behind! But had many other aspects too. It was very intimate--she had to trust him to let him there, and he was thankful and appreciative that she would grant him that trust. And it was a sensory bonanza. He could smell her female perfume, which drove him crazy. He thought her musk was a super sexy scent, and loved to smell it on his mustache long after the act. He could taste her too, which was also delicious. The feel of her fur against his face (when she had it) and her soft bits against his lips and tongue were just heavenly. And finally the sights--he thought her pussy was absolutely gorgeous, and he loved to get a close-up glimpse of it in all its beauty.

She was getting quite excited when he suddenly stopped.

"I want you to kneel and raise your beautiful cunt in the air as far as you can."

"Yes master." She turned over, and kneeled, with her breasts pressed against the mattress, and stuck her butt up as far as she could.

"Good girl. Now you're going to be licked a little differently, understand?"

She didn't, but she knew that she should try not to be startled again once his tongue touched her, and she concentrated on remaining open to him.

His full tongue was hard and long, and he slowly slid it as far as he could into her pussy. Although he couldn't see it, her face bloomed with embarrassment. She occasionally let him tongue-fuck her, but it wasn't her favorite activity. She wasn't sure why, because it didn't feel bad, but she felt there was something downright nasty about it.

He started to move his tongue in and out of her wet cunt, fucking her with it as effectively as he could. He loved when he got the chance to taste her inside; he really was tasting her, and it was a delicious taste quite different than her outside. She gradually let go of her inhibitions, and let him penetrate her with his tongue. He did this for several minutes, and she started to buck her ass up against him involuntarily to meet his thrusts. He smiled, and withdrew his tired tongue.

"One more taste, little slave girl."

He pressed his mouth in a full kiss against her rosebud. This time she couldn't stop herself, and she clenched her cheeks shut.

"Bad girl; you must be punished." He sat on the edge of the bed.

He said "Sit across my lap."

She maneuvered herself across his lap, and he slapped her ass with his open palm, hard enough to cause a brief pain, but not hard enough to really hurt. He spanked her four more times, just as hard, and her ass cheeks reddened. She tried not to make a sound, but a little gasp escaped her lips.

"Now... do we have to repeat this?"

"No master."

"You will give me what I need, without complaining?"

"Yes master."

"Alright then, reassume your position."

She again kneeled back down and raised her now pink ass cheeks high in the air.

"It's hard to be mad at you, you have such a beautiful pink ass," he said.

This time he let the tip of his tongue glide down the crack of her ass until it landed again on her rosebud. She resisted the urge to pull away, and instead tentatively shoved her ass further into the air against his tongue. It actually was enjoyable, but it was very embarrassing for her. She didn't want him to see her there, but this apparently was what he really wanted, so she had relented.

He was very pleased at her gesture, said "very good, you're a quick study," and began licking her there in earnest. She tried not to think about the embarrassing nature of her predicament, and as she worked on staying in the moment she noticed sharp tingles of pleasure started working their way up her spine. She was beginning to be turned on by his ass licking; he was worrying her ass like a dog with a bone, when he slipped one of his fingers inside her pussy. She wasn't expecting this either, but she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of being submissive, of being out of control, and she just pushed her cunt back against his hand and moaned.

He pulled his mouth away from her ass long enough to say "You are a good little slave, but don't worry; I forgot to tell you that you are allowed to moan!" He started licking her backdoor again, with his finger strongly pumping her pussy, when she couldn't control it any longer, and shouted out in her first orgasm of the night. He pulled his mouth away, but continued to softly finger her for a moment or two and pulled out.

Laura was still catching her breath when she felt Alex all of the sudden penetrate her completely. She smelled the familiar scent of strawberries, and knew that he must have slathered himself with the warming lubricant they kept in their nightstand. He started deeply thrusting right away, and she felt his cock filling her. He was hard as a rock, and gripped her hips, pulling her onto him at the end of each thrust. At this point, Laura was going mad from the pleasure; her body reacted to his: naturally, instinctually. Alex continued fucking her, strong and deep, but with a slow measured rhythm, and she started to feel like an animal, wanting nothing more than to be taken and fucked. They continued at this for several minutes--when Laura's breath started to quicken, Alex would slow down or stop, letting her come down a little--building suspense and momentum. Finally neither one of them could hold back any longer. Laura started first, and she let out a loud uncontrolled groan as she came, shudders of pleasure racking her frame. Her pleasure brought him over the edge and Alex followed soon after. She could feel the spasms of his seed coursing into her.

He held her hips to him for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only a minute or two, when he withdrew and she felt empty once again. He walked to the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth, and without a word he proceeded to softly and thoroughly clean her, front to back.

He said "Sit up", which she did, and he reached down, unbuckled her collar, and slid it off her neck. They sat for a few moments, holding each other, and enjoying the raw spent passion in each other's arms. Then she got up, performed her nightly toiletries, and crawled into bed with him. He was already in bed waiting for her, and he extended his arm and she curled up next to him as he wrapped his arm around her and they drifted off to sleep.


Several days had gone by since their first slave encounter, and Laura had to say that she enjoyed the experience more than she thought she would. It was nice to have someone completely in charge for a change, and she didn't mind that it was in the bedroom. The "demeaning" aspect of it was actually very erotic, and left the whole evening with a highly sexually charged atmosphere that both of them remembered quite vividly.

They made love traditionally a couple times afterwards, which she also enjoyed, but she secretly wanted to recreate the excitement of their other experience. So one night when she got home before he did, she was waiting for him on the living room floor, completely nude, a freshly shaved kitten, sitting crosslegged on the floor, wearing her collar.

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