Sex Noir


The name is Rock Hard. I've been a private dic for 15 years. I thought I had seen everything over that time, but a recent case changed all

that. Some dame called me up and said her husband was missing. She wanted me to meet her at the corner of 57th and 10th at 4 o'clock. She said she may not be able to afford my price, but she would find some way of paying me. I never could resist a damsel in distress, plus she had a very sultry voice that intrigued me.

As it approached 3:45, I threw on my jacket and trench coat, and caught a cab.

"Where to Mac?"

"57th and 10th". A typical crazy New York City cabbie, he cut in and out of traffic and we were there within minutes.

"That'll be a buck-fifty."

"A buck-fifty? You mokes raise your rates gain?"

"Gotta make a livin' Mac"

"Yeah, well next time try to keep your fare livin' too", I said, and tossed him the fare.

It was five minutes before four. I was early for a change. I leaned up against the wall of Jansen's Pharmacy and lit up a smoke. Ahhhh cigarettes, the greatest invention known to man. One day every person in America will be smoking. I was blowing smoke rings when a comely looking brunette approached me.

"You Rock Hard?"

"Always", I said, and extended my hand. She shook my hand politely, but firmly. Not in the way a lot of broads limply grab your hand. Her hand was soft though and her nails were clean and bright red. She wore a demure tweed suit that looked like it was hiding some goodies and a pair of black stilettos. This dame had some gams.

"Catherine O'Sweet," she said, "nice to meet you. Why don't we talk in the coffee shop across the street?"

"Sounds good."

As we walked the short distance, the breeze kicked up the smell of Mrs. O'Sweet's perfume. She smelled wonderful. I opened the door to Joe's Coffee Shop, home of the best coffee in town, or so the sign proclaimed, and held it while Mrs. O'Sweet walked through. We ordered

a couple of cups of Joe and sat in a corner booth.

"Now Mrs. O'Sweet, what is this situation involving your husband?"

"Please, it's Catherine or Cat.". Oh how I would love to lick that cat clean. "My husband Robert is an accountant. He's worked for some

rather nefarious people since we were married 3 years ago. Things were great at first, we never wanted to be apart. Now I see him less and

less. About a week ago he went out for a meeting and never came back. He's become a major jerk lately, but I love him and I'm worried about him."

"Who is he working for right now?"

The doll stared down at her shoes. "Joe Barker", she said in a whisper.

"Shit. How did your husband get mixed up with a lowlife like Joe Barker? He'd just as soon kill ya rather than talk to ya."

"I know..he's, he's had..."

"What is it?"

Tears ran down the doll's face. "He once threatened to kill Robert if I didn't sleep with him." I didn't ask her if she had. Her tears said it all.

"Why don't we get outta here and go for a walk?", I offered.

"Good idea. I could use the fresh air."

We hadn't been outside more than a minute when an old Hudson came tearing up the street. The car slowed and I saw the barrel of a gun sticking outta the back window.

"Get down", I yelled, as I tackled Cat. Bullets whizzed over our heads and off the brick facing of the building behind us. I reached for my Colt, but the car sped off before I could get up. "Cat, are you all right?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Let's get outta here." We hightailed it to Cat's satin green Chevy sports coupe and drove to my apartment on the lower east side. I lived

on the 5th floor of a six floor walk-up.

"Sorry about the mess inside" I said, as I turned the door key. "Make yourself at home. I'll get us something to calm our nerves."

I poured a couple of glasses of whiskey and sat down next to Cat. Her make up had run a bit, her stockings were ripped from diving to the sidewalk, and she looked like she bore the weight of the world on her shoulders. But, she looked gorgeous nonetheless.

After a couple of sips of her drink, Cat asked, "do you have something a little stronger?"

"Stronger than whiskey? Can't say that I do."

"I think you do."

"What'ya mean?"

"Are you really "always" rock hard?"

"I'll let you find out for yourself." The words were barely out of my mouth before the doll face already had my trousers undone and had them

and my boxers around my ankles. Her hand stroked my cock as her tongue flicked its way around the tip of the head. I hadn't had felt anything

like this in a long time. Her grip got tighter as her tongue went to work on my balls. She alternated between the two, sucking one in. I

could feel months of tension melting away. Cat raised her head up and let a large wad of saliva run down on the head. It ran down the shaft

and on to her hand. she began stroking my shaft quickly, getting it and the head all wet.

As I lived up to my name, her lips closed over my cock's engorged head and then pushed past it. Most of my cock disappeared in her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down she looked up at me, her eyes full of lust. I was close to an orgasm.

"Not yet Rock.", she said, as she my cock popped out of her mouth. I want you to explode inside of me." Cat stood up on those long gams and

undid her suit jacket. Underneath was a lacey black bra, which she unhooked and let drop to the floor. Two gorgeous melons came into

view. A beautiful set of identical twins. She undid the clasps on her skirt, and it joined it's top on the floor. She stood there in black

panties and matching garter belt. Her fishnet stockings were ripped, but still looked sexy as hell. She removed the panties only and stepped

onto the sofa, straddling my face. Her pussy smelled like soap and berries. I buried my face in her sweetness and my tongue went to work

on her mound. I separated her lips with my fingers and started licking up her wetness. I teased her for several minutes until the tip of my tongue started to torture her swollen clit. She held on to me tightly as she arched her back. Her right hand squeezed and massaged her


As I continued the onslaught with my tongue, I slid two fingers deep into her opening. She was sopping wet already and I could feel more of her

juices ooze as I began to fuck her with my digits.

"Oh God, yes!", she shouted as she came hard. Her body quivering as an orgasm surged through her body. MY tongue lapped up her juices as they flowed from her. "Fuck me now!" she demanded as she steadied herself on my face. Cat raised herself up from my mouth and lowered herself so that her pussy was directly over my twitching cock.

"Do you want to fuck me big boy?"

"Hell, yeah!", I shouted as Cat grab my cock in her hand and shoved it into her pussy. This wasn't going to be slow as you go. She began

throwing herself up and down on my erection with great velocity. I tightly squeezed a tit in each hand.

"Bite my tits, bite them" Cat screamed. My teeth sank down on her right nipple. "Fuck yes!", Cat screamed. I bit, sucked, tugged, licked, and

stretched her nipple and then repeated the process on her left one.

There was no slowing Cat down and I could feel the cum starting to build from the base of my cock. I simultaneously squeezed both nipples

between my fingers, sending Cat over the edge.

"Ohhhhh yesssssssss", she screamed as her body was rocked by the tremor of her orgasm and her juices poured out onto me. That's all I could

handle, groaning loudly, and firing several streams of cum into her wetness.

After a couple of minutes we finally kissed. We hadn't during the whole process. "That was great." I said, breaking the silence.

"Mmm hmmm."

"After what happened earlier this evenin', I think you better stay here tonight."

"Why Mr. Hard, I am not that kind of girl.", she countered, accompanied by a very serious expression. I gave her a puzzled look before she burst

into laughter and reaching down, urging my cock back to life. More bullets were sure to fly tonight!

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