tagHumor & SatireSex Noir Ch. 3

Sex Noir Ch. 3


The haze started to fade as my eyes opened and the inside of the dimly light warehouse came into view. My head was throbbing and the back of my head and neck felt wet as if I had been bleeding. I instinctively went to reach for the area...that's when I realized my arms were tied

to the chair I was in.

"Hey boss, look who's awake.", the big goon growled to my left.

"I thought you were still rotting in Sing Sing.", I retorted, as the thug came into view.

"Why you son-of-a..."

"Easy there Sal.", said a voice to my right. I turned and got more than I bargained for. Barker was standing there, his arms folded, with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. His eyes were trained on the table in front of him. Mine joined him. Cat O'Malley was naked and strapped to the table. Her mouth was gagged with the silk scarf she had worn the last time I saw her.

A brunette was between Cat's legs, feverishly working over Cat's pussy with her tongue. A blonde stood to Cat's side, holding a chain that ran to each of Cat's nipples. The blonde kept the chain taut, stretching Cat's hardened nipples to the max.

Cat writhed on the table top, as much as the ropes tied to her wrists and ankles would allow her. I could tell by Cat's body movements that she was having an orgasm, and it was a good one. Her body was glistening from sweat and despite the circumstances, I couldn't resist thinking how sexy she looked.

The brunette clearly knew what she was doing. As her tongue flicked at Cat's swollen clit, she alternately probed Cat's wetness and her ass

with one, two, or three fingers. Occasionally she would lick the plentiful juices off of her fingers before returning them to Cat's pussy.

The blonde meanwhile continued to torture Cat's nipples with the chain and with her fingers. Her long nails pinched and tweaked Cat's areolas. Cat continued to cum and there was no sign of her stopping. I was finally able to focus back on the reality of the situation.

"What the fuck do you want Barker?"

"Now is that nice? You've got a fine show going on here and you talk rudely to me."

"I'll look into charm school when I get the chance." I shot back. Barker threw what was left of his cigar on the floor and stamped it out with his shoe. He two quick strides towards me and delivered a haymaker to my jaw. The blow sent me toppling over with the chair and opened a cut over my right eye as I hit the hard floor.

"Get him up!" Barker snarled at Sal. "That was just a love tap.", Barker said as the goon propped me back up. "You want to know what's going on? Here's the deal. This lovely young lady's piece of shit husband stole a 100 g's from me. Unfortunately for all of us, the loser got picked up by the cops and the money is now in their possession. Only they don't know it. The dough is in a black briefcase with a hidden


"And I care about this because?" I interrupted. Barker momentarily fumed and I thought I was headed to the floor again before he composed


"You care because you're getting that dough back for me." I probably shouldn't have laughed, but I did. Barker slugged me to the floor again, chipping one of my front teeth in the process. Sal was smart enough this time to pick me up before Barker told him to. "Now as I was saying, you're getting back for me. That's what's gonna keep you and the broad breathing."

"You own plenty of cops, why not get it back yourself?"

"Normally I would, but the briefcase is in the 4th precinct. Need I say more?" Barker didn't need to say more and he knew that I knew it.

The 4th precinct was run by Gerry Hallohan, one of the most honest and decorated cops the city had ever seen. He and my old man used to be

partners in their early days on the force. Gerry Hallohan was like an uncle to me.

"You think Hallohan is just going to hand it to me, because he knows me?"

"That's up to you. If you want to see the girl alive again.", Barker said running his hand over Cat's breasts for emphasis. He bent down and bit one of her nipples and Cat squealed.

"All right, I'll do it!", I shouted.

"Atta boy. Now if you'll excuse me." Barker pulled the brunette's head towards his crotch. She unzipped his pants and pulled his growing cock out. Barker's cock quickly went from semi-erect to a full hard on as the brunette's mouth bobbed up and down on it. She spat on it several times and worked the saliva in with her hands.

Finally Barker pushed her aside and stepped between Cat's legs."

"Don't!" I yelled, but Barker merely laughed and shoved his cock into Cat's pussy. To make matters worse the goon got me in a head lock so I couldn't try to get loose or look away. As Barker's cock slammed inside of Cat, both of his floozies worked over her nipples with their

fingers and tongue. Barker was clearly not the romantic type and was pounding at a furious pace. That's when it happened.

It was muffled, but I could swear I heard Cat say "Yes!". I had to be mistaken. There

was no way she could be enjoying this. As I shook the thought from my brain Barker let out a loud groan and exploded inside Cat's pussy. Then the goon choked my air away.

When I came to I was sitting on the sidewalk, propped up against my apartment building. It was dark out and the street seemed deserted, so

I gathered it was the middle of night. I managed to get up on my feet and walk up to my door. I needed a shower, and a stiff drink, but I passed out on the couch in about 3 seconds. I needed a good dream after that nightmare of a day.


"Everything is all set.", Barker said to the woman behind the desk. "I have no doubt Hard will get our money back and then I'll put a bullet in his brain."

"First off, it's my money, and you will put a bullet in him, but not until I tell you too. And, if you ever let Diane suck your cock again,

I'll put a bullet in your brain."

"Yes ma'am!", a suddenly ashen Barker sputtered out.

"Now get over here and fuck me." Cat O'Malley did not like to be kept waiting.


The banging on my front door quickly woke me from my slumber. The sound of the door being opened had me scrambling for a gun. I just gripped my 38 when Lotta's 38s came into view.

"Shit Lotta, you almost scared me to death." I bellowed.

"I thought you were already dead. Where the hell have you been? It's 3 in the afternoon."

"3!" The soreness I felt all over my body brought me back to reality. "Lotta, I need your help." I got Lotta up to speed in about 10 minutes and then headed for a much needed hot shower.

I supported myself with one hand on the shower wall as the hot beads poured down on head and body. Given a choice I would have stayed there

forever. I knew better though. I had to get the money and then figure out how to keep Cat and myself alive. I couldn't shake the image of

her being pounded by Barker, or the thought of her enjoying herself. That's when I heard the shower curtain being pulled aside.

Before I could turn around, Lotta's body was up against mine. I tried to speak, but Lotta gently whispered, "Shhh.". Her hands began to

caress my chest. I could feel the sensation all the way down into my balls. My cock quickly sprang to life as Lotta's right hand slowly

made its way down my stomach. Instinctively, I began to turn and Lotta wrapped her fingers around my hard shaft.

We kissed as she began stroking me. Up and down from the bottom to top of my shaft. I felt like I could barely breath as she bit my right nipple. I began to moan as I got closer and closer to ejaculating.

"Cum for me now Hard.", Lotta whispered. I responded immediately, shooting spurts of cum all over the shower wall. Lotta kept pumping

until my cock finally wilted in her hand.

"Wow. Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?", I queried.

"I thought you deserved it...and could use it."

"I don't know about the first one, but thank you."

"It was my pleasure Rock. Now follow me." Lotta stepped out of the shower and I did as she said. Water ran off all of our bodies and

collected into small pools on the wood floors. Lotta climbed on to my bed and parted her legs. Her lips were glistening. I stood there for

a moment, wondering if this was the right thing to do. Then I looked again at how beautiful she looked and I knew it was.

My body pressed down on top of hers and our lips mashed together. Our tongues danced together with fluid as I reached down and began teasing

Lotta's pussy. I began to kiss her neck and shoulders and worked my way to her marvelous breasts.

Much to her dismay, my hand left Lotta's wetness and I grabbed each breast in a hand. I squeezed, forcing each nipple to stand out so that I could suck them into my mouth. I licked,

nibbled, teased, bit, and stretched them with tongue, teeth, and lips.

Lotta writhed under me and ground her body against my erection.

"Oh God Rock..Eat me...Please!", Lotta demanded. I reluctantly let her breasts slip from hands and I planted my head between her legs. I wasted no time in attacking her clit with my tongue. Lotta shrieked and giggled and quickly came. That was only the start though.

As my fingers and tongue worked her clit and plunged into her, she leaned forward, grasped her breasts and began licking her nipples. The site of this nearly made me cum before I had even entered her. After one more bed rocking orgasm, Lotta grabbed my shoulders to pull me up

towards her. In the same motion, I moved her left leg aside and slid my cock inside of her.

The bed creaked and shook, and banged into the wall with all with every thrust. For a split second, I thought of the show we must be putting

on for the neighbors. Then I began thrusting harder. It sent Lotta over the edge, which in turn drove me to a climax. Lotta's hands

grabbed my ass as I came inside of her.

We stayed that way until I slumped on top of her. She wrapped her arms and around me and said, "What next?". It brought me back to the reality of the situation. I had no answer.

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