tagMind ControlSex on the Air Ch. 02

Sex on the Air Ch. 02


Wanda Storm was in the dressing room, getting ready to go on camera for the evening news. She was wearing a low-cut cream-colored blouse that showed her generous curves off, a pink blazer, and a black skirt that was shorter than usual for business wear but just long enough to be considered acceptable. She opened up the drawer that contained her makeup and personal belongings and pulled out a prescription bottle full of a clear liquid. She did not notice that there was a second label over the original label and instead simply read the instructions on the outside of the bottle: Three droppers full of liquid into 20 oz. of water. Remembering Dr. Rex Whitman's advice the day before to start off by only drinking half of the water, Wanda carefully measured three droppers full of the liquid into a bottle of water she had, put the cap on, shook it, and then drank approximately half the bottle. She then walked to the filming stage and took her seat.

Wanda's two co-hosts, Jim Dubicki and Katie Farmington, took their seats. Jim sat between the two women. Jim was a friendly man who oozed wholesome sincerity. He was Christian in the best possible sense of the word and spent a lot of time doing things like volunteering at local homeless shelters. When the owner of the tv station had started putting pressure on Wanda to dress more provocatively to improve ratings, Jim had been the only person who had openly spoke up in her defense. Afterwards, he told Wanda privately that if she ever felt that she needed to take a stand against the station owner, he would back her and threaten to quit if the owner wouldn't stop pressuring her to "behave in an immoral fashion." Wanda appreciated the offer, though she believed that the likely outcome of such an act of defiance would be both of them losing their jobs.

Katie Farmington was not friendly towards Wanda. She also put on a veneer of being a family-values oriented Christian, but she seemed much more interested in expressing this by passing judgment on others rather than helping others. She had never been friendly towards Wanda and, after the station owner put pressure on Wanda to "spice things up" with her wardrobe to improve ratings, Katie had become downright hostile, talking about Wanda behind her back, calling her a slut, and lying that she was sleeping with the station owner.

Typical for both of them, Jim warmly said hello to Wanda when he sat down and Katie ignored her. Shortly after, the camera started rolling and they engaged in their usual banter about the days news. After a few minutes, Wanda felt a heat begin to build in her core. The liquid she had taken earlier was an aphrodisiac. Wanda had unusual powers in that people who were attracted to women who saw her in a state of arousal felt similarly aroused, even if they observed her on tv. The ratings surge and her popularity were not in fact due to her wardrobe as much as the fact that she had for months been masturbating before going on air in order to be in a somewhat aroused state while giving the news, an act which caused a large percentage of viewers to similarly turned on. She had done this out of fear that the station owner would lay off everyone if ratings didn't improve. It had worked, but the pressure and stress of the work environment had made it difficult for her to continually get in the mood every day right before airtime. She had therefore sought help from Dr. Rex Whitman for one of his experimental aphrodisiacs.

Wanda felt her panties grow wet as the desire built up in her. This was a stronger rush than she had expected. Her nipples grew hard as she became excited, a fact that was clearly evident through her thin blouse. She struggled to keep her focus on the news, reading her cues from the teleprompter but not engaging in any additional dialogue or ad-libbing beyond what was written for her cues. Her voice was throatier than normal and the rhythm of her speech was stilted, due to her struggle to keep her concentration on her job instead of her wet, swollen sex. She was grateful when they cut away to the weather.

She squirmed in her seat, trying to regain control over her libido and body. She looked out across the studio and saw that almost every man among the crew had a huge bulge in their pants. Several of the women also looked flustered. The station owner was in the back of the room and had openly taken out his cock and was stroking himself while leering at her. Wanda looked at Jim next to her and saw that his face was red and sweaty and he had clenched his fists. Looking down, Wanda saw that there was a huge tent in the lap of his trousers. The sight caused a shiver to go up and down her spine. She had always been secretly attracted to Jim, even though she knew he was married and had kids. The sight of him trembling with desire and need caused her to fantasize about what it would be like to fuck him. Could she make him take the Lord's name in vain by calling out to God in the throes of ecstasy? Was he as strait-laced in bed as he outwardly seemed to be or would he have a secret kinky side? Would he want to involve his beautiful wife? Mental images of Jim engaged in a variety of sex acts raced through Wanda's mind.

A hiss from Katie made Wanda realize that the weather was done and the cameras were rolling on them again. It was Jim's turn to introduce the next segment. He stammered through his lines, gulping repeatedly and breathing heavily. Next to him, Wanda shifted in her seat, trying to ignore the throbbing need in her loins. This situation was a disaster. How were they going to make it through the entire show?

Wanda clenched her legs together, which only stimulated her clitoris further. A moan broke her lips, which prompted involuntarily bucking of Jim's hips. Wanda imagined those hips pushing against hers, thrusting that hard cock deep inside her. She felt the pressure build inside her. She couldn't hold back any longer. She threw her head backed and screamed as the orgasm took her. Next to her Jim convulsed as his climax took him. His face contorted and he moaned. Around the room, moans, sighs, and shrieks of ecstasy could be heard.

The aphrodisiac hadn't worked its way through Wanda's system yet though. She felt the arousal build in her again, and, judging by the surprised looks on the faces of most of the people in the room and the number of tented (and now wet) trousers, her powers were still affecting others. Several men and women had left by that point, presumably because they were unattracted to women and therefore immune to the effects of her powers. A few people who Wanda had assumed were either gay men or straight women stayed, possibly because they enjoyed watching what was transpiring or because they were in fact bisexual. After the first orgasm, the confused tv staff seemed more willing to let their inhibitions go. Two lesbians began to make out in a corner and remove each other's clothes. Soon they were lying on the ground taking turns eating each other out. Several men gathered to watch them, pulling their dicks out and masturbating. A female intern got down on her hands and knees and sucked one guy's dick while another pounded her doggy-style. A male intern was giving a middle-aged man a blow job, while his own erect cock was twitching. The station owner was in the process of tying up the sound technician with the disconnected cords from her own equipment. Based on the way she was writhing, she was into this. Everywhere else in the room, people had unzipped their flies (or simply taken their pants off) and were busy jerking off.

Wanda looked into Jim's eyes as she felt another whirlwind of arousal build within her and saw her own lust mirrored there.

"I'm going to hell," he murmured.

Even through the haze of her chemical lust, Wanda felt a stab of guilt at his words. She had not meant for things to go so far. She looked away from him and out over the orgy that that was taking place in the rest of the room. She felt bad about that, as well. Her co-workers had not asked for any of this. But at the same time the same of the unrestrained passion of the others was super hot. Wanda let her attention stay on the lesbian couple. She had seen them flirting before and suspected that they were already secretly involved so she felt a little less guilty about them. The younger woman was a petite blond with cute butt dimples. She was currently straddling the older woman's leg and licking her clitoris while she fingered her. Her lover was a lean woman whose naked athletic body had a runner's build. Her dark hair was streaked with grey dramatically. Her breasts were nicely shaped, though not huge. Wanda unzipped her skirt and shimmied out of it and her panties. She then leaned back in her chair and put one hand between her legs, rubbing at her swollen nub while watching the other couple. The older woman looked at Wanda and moaned at the sight of Wanda pleasuring herself. The blond woman took a brief respite from her oral ministrations and looked up as well. She also gasped at the sight of Wanda wantonly masturbating. Wanda found the sight of the two of them entrancing. The older woman suddenly smirked; she realized that Wanda liked what she was seeing. She crooked a finger at Wanda and beckoned her closer.

Wanda got up and walked towards to two women. She kneeled down beside them. Immediately, the older woman pulled Wanda in for a passionate kiss. The younger woman began to tug Wanda's blouse off, which caused the older woman to briefly break off her kiss to help her. Once Wanda's blouse was removed, the younger woman swooped in for her chance to kiss Wanda while the older woman undid her bra, suckling her breast after she removed it. Wanda's erect nipples thrilled at the sensation of being sucked and licked by the older woman. Wanda moaned, a sound echoed from all around her in the room. The dark-haired older woman moved southward on Wanda's body, leaving a trail of kisses as she went. The blond gently pushed Wanda backwards so that she was lying down. She then knelt to give Wanda's pert nipples further attention. Meanwhile, the older lesbian had begun to gently draw her finger along Wanda's wet slit, picking up her natural lubrication and trailing it up and alongside Wanda's swollen clit without actually touching it directly. Wanda squirmed a little, eager for more direct contact. Both of Wanda's lovers felt that need of course.

The dark-haired woman smiled and inserted her finger into Wanda's pussy, curving her fingers slightly to stimulate her g-spot. The blond took the opportunity to straddle Wanda and place her own dripping wet pussy directly over Wanda's face. Wanda took the opportunity to suck on the cute blond's own swollen nub. The blond woman writhed above her, giving Wanda a superb view of her pert breasts. Wanda reached one of her hands up to cup one of those breasts and lightly pinch its nipple, causing the young woman to gasp with pleasure. Meanwhile, the older woman continued her fingering of Wanda but moved her mouth directly over Wanda's clit to lick and suckle it. Wanda bucked her hips against the woman's mouth but tried to keep her concentration so that she could continue her oral attentions on the woman straddling her face. The older woman was relentless and inserted a second finger into Wanda's pussy and sucked ever harder on her clit, sending electric shocks up and down Wanda's body. Wanda felt the pressure of yet another orgasm building. The sounds of sighs and moans increased with her own impending climax. When Wanda came, she felt wet spurts hit her from the ring of men who had gathered around the threesome to watch. Semen fell on her hair, breasts, thighs, and face. The blond woman rolled to one side panting as did the older woman.

Wanda opened her eyes and looked up to see that Jim Dubicki was in the ring of onlookers, dick in hand, clearly having recently shot a wad onto Wanda. The sight of him panting with his cock out spurred yet another thrill though Wanda. Clearly the aphrodisiacs had not yet worked their way through her system. She felt lust surge through her. Jim's cock grew hard yet again. By this point her inhibitions had dissolved entirely. Spurred on by the demands of her aphrodisiac induced lust, Wanda got onto her knees and kneeled in front of Jim. She took his erection in her mouth and began to move her head back and forth. She hummed slightly as she took him all way in to increase the sensation. Jim moaned and bucked his hips involuntarily against her mouth. He moved his hand behind her head and began to fuck her face in earnest. His tempo increased until he came yet again, cumming in Wanda's mouth. He got little relief though, since Wanda's lust was unabated. He cock began to grow hard again almost immediately.

Wanda grinned at him, dropped to her hands and knees and turned around so that her ear end was facing him.

"Ever fucked someone in the ass before?" she asked.

"No." replied Jim huskily.

"It's fun. Wanna try it? Make sure to use my juices and your own spit to lube me up first." Wanda replied.

Wanda relished the idea of getting the seemingly straight-laced Jim to try something new. Apparently she read his desires correctly. She soon felt a hand reach between her legs, gather some of her moisture and then rub that slickness around the opening of her anus. She then felt the tip of a cock press against the entrance and slowly push its way up her asshole. His big cock filled her and he began to thrust into her, slowly at first and then increasing in frequency. Wanda loved it and moved to meet his rhythm. Suddenly she became aware of a shadow in front of her. She looked up to see the station owner.

"Bitch, I've seen how you can suck. Now suck me off." He commanded, pushing his erect cock in front of her.

Wanda hesitated, her aphrodisiac-induced lust warring with her natural disgust for the man in front of her. The chemicals coursing through her and her own desire to take the easy route out won the day. She took the man in her mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and began to shove his dick into her mouth roughly. Against her will, Wanda found that she enjoyed the double penetration. The feel of Jim pounding her ass while the station owner's thick cock went down her throat was incredibly arousing, at least in her current chemically-enhanced state. Wanda fell into a rhythm as both men thrust into her separate holes. She felt a small hand begin to fondle her breast as the petite blond woman began to caress her. Another hand (possibly from the other lesbian?) reached between the front of her legs and began to stimulate her clitoris, sending sparks of excitement though her. The tempo of the thrusting increased with her excitement, as did the speed of the rubbing between her legs.

Wanda was bucking her hips wildly as she felt the lust and desire in her core again spiral out of control. She opened her mouth for a wild scream of excitement when she climaxed yet again. Her boss lost control at the same time, cumming all over face. Jim thrust wildly into her ass as he came inside her. Once again she felt a shower of semen fall all over her body as the ring of men watching spilled their seed on her.

Wanda finally felt spent. It seemed the aphrodisiac had finally gone through her system. She felt Jim withdraw from her. She turned around to look at him and felt her insides cringe at the look on his face. He looked devastated and torn with guilt. Without a word he got up, pulled up his pants, and left the room. Looking around the room Wanda saw a range of reactions, from sated and pleased to confused to guilty. One face stood out however. Katie Farmington looked pleased. And unsurprised.

Wanda stood up, grabbed her clothes, and rushed out of the room. She felt ashamed at what had happened. She went into the bathroom to put her clothes back on. After she was dressed, she looked at the medicine bottle. Had she misread the instructions? She now noticed that there was a second label over the first. She peeled the top label off to reveal what was underneath. The instructions underneath indicated that a single drop of the medicine should be put into a 20 oz. bottle of water. She had put in 3 full eyedroppers. No wonder she had such an over-the-top reaction. Someone had sabotaged her. And, remembering Katie Farmington's smug, satisfied, and unsurprised face, she was pretty sure she knew who it was.

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