tagGay MaleSex on the High Seas

Sex on the High Seas


The tanker "Chelsea Bridge" was steaming westwards across the Atlantic, bound for Bayonne, New Jersey, with a cargo of domestic heating oil from North Africa. James Tully, the third engineer, had finished standing his watch in the engine room at midnight, and was dying for a drink. He showered, put on a little pair of blue shorts and a pair of flip-flops, and went up to the Officer's Lounge only to find that it was shut up for night. Undaunted, James went up to the bar and pushed up one of the security panels. The wooden panels comedown when the barman closed the bar, and could be locked shut, however the centre panel could not be locked. All James had to do was to push the heavy panel up, stand on the bar rail, then squeeze between the bar top and the panel, in order to gain entry to the bar area.

On this occasion, however, the panel jammed when it had only moved up about 10". This meant that Jim had to bend over the bar top and squeeze himself through the small gap. He managed to get his head and shoulders through the gap only to find that he was well and truly jammed. He could not get his shoulders back out, nor could he force the panel up to allow his bottom to get through the gap. He was completely trapped, bent over, his top half in the bar, his bottom half outside. He started calling for help, but everyone else had gone to bed. Suddenly, he heard someone enter the lounge and asked the person to help get him free, but the footsteps went away. After about 5 minutes the footsteps of about 4 or 5 people were heard returning, and approaching him; nobody said a word, despite his pleas for help.

Suddenly, his little blue shorts were pulled down and hands explored his ass and cock. He was truly frightened now, not sure if this was a joke or not. A cold waxy fluid was rubbed into his ass, paying special attention to lubing his sphincter. The constant attention that his cock was getting was causing it to get erect, which added to his shame and dismay. Then the cheeks of his ass were parted by a large cock, which then pushed slowly but surely through his rosebud into his cherry asshole. What could he do, there was no point in shouting to his assailants and pissing them off, all he could do was stand there, bent over, while the unseen man held on to his waist and slowly pushed his cock into the captive ass. Jim felt the guy's pubic hair touch his cheeks as the cock impaled the unfortunate engineer up to the hilt. Then the fucking started, the cock being withdrawn, then slammed back into the reluctant asshole. The man picked up a rhythm, and his victim had time to consider his situation; he felt his bottom being stretched, but not actually painfully so. He then began to like the feeling as the rampant prick slid forward into him. Without thinking he started pushing back against the thrusts, his engorged cock getting more excited as the shagging went on.

After about 10 minutes of fucking, the cock sped up as it's owner got near to spewing his jizz into the bowels of the trapped victim. When he actually came Jim was a bit disappointed until a second invading cock took its place, and a second unseen fucker started powering into his asshole. In the course of the next hour, four more cocks got off between the ass cheeks of the now excited engineer, who's cock was by now red, and ready to blow. The last act of the assailants was to jerk Jim off until his cock jetted cum over the front of the bar, then they were gone, leaving Jim as they had found him; well not quite. He managed after some considerable time to extract himself from the trap, which he had gotten into. He pulled up the tiny shorts over his abused ass and sore cock, and wondered about the identity of his attackers. Were they fellow officers or members of the African crew? Jim had no idea, although he thought that they might well be Africans as they all appeared to sport large cocks.

He left the lounge without getting his beer. He showered again, and thought long and hard about his recent experiences, which after a great deal of thought, he decided he that he rather liked.

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by Anonymous04/08/18

high seas fun

I was stationed aboard an aircraft carrier and loved going down to a particular head for a hot ass bj on occasion. Those Navy guys had some fine, beautiful,big cocks.

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