Sex on the High Seas


Richard smiled inwardly as he turned up the pressure. Seducing beautiful women was an aphrodisiac of which he would never tire of. "I've wanted you from the moment I met you, from when I watched you climbing down from the carriage. You are truly beautiful and I want to see all of you. I want to make love to you Amanda?"

His words crashed into her sexually addled mind. Her body took over and it pressed back even harder against his so inviting erection, which she could just feel through her skirt, petticoat, chemise and drawers. He knew there and then, if there had been any doubt earlier, that she was his.

"Wait here," she told him. "When you see me open my door to the dining room, count to twenty then come into my room."

Richard was satisfied with that arrangement. It was a not an uncommon one with a new lover for the task of a man undressing his seducee was lengthy and complicated.

Amanda felt like a young girl about to have sex for the first time. Was she really a woman approaching her fortieth birthday who had been shagged on average three times a week for over twenty years? 'Yes,' she smiled to herself as she sat in front of the small dressing table taking the pins out of hair, 'I must have been fucked over three thousand times, but I feel as nervous as if it is my first time.'

London was the leader in women's fashion in Victorian times, although Paris, naturally enough, always challenged that and later took over that mantle. From Amanda and her friend's perspective, they were both leaders; Paris perhaps in sheer style, London certainly in pushing out the boundaries and being more outrageous. And of course, leading the fashion trends in London were the theatrical, artistic and publishing communities.

As a result, Amanda's hair style was not the typical 'pulled tight to her head, parted in the middle and covering her ears fashion, which she knew she would find in America. No, for several years now, London women had been showing their ears by pulling their hair back. They had stopped using the austere flat to the head and centre parting look and instead piled the hair up onto the top of their head, letting long ringlets fall down their forehead and neck and round their ears.

As with most women, Amanda had never had much cut from her hair so it tumbled down onto and past her shoulders. Men and women alike admired her naturally curly, beautiful, deep chestnut coloured locks. She pulled the whalebone pins and bone combs from the bun on top of her head, ran her fingers through it and then shook her head so it tumbled down in a slightly unruly, but highly provocative look. Long, wavy locks fell over her eyes and face. A shiver ran through her at the thought of Richard pulling her silken hair aside to kiss her.

Standing, Amanda reached behind her and undid the complicated row of hooks and eyes, which ran up the back of the pale lemon, silk bodice. She slipped that off and undid and pushed down her overskirt. In keeping with leading London and Paris fashion, she was wearing a hoop that was quite complicated to remove. It was the main reason she hadn't invited Richard to her room; being undressed by a stranger could be embarrassing and very time consuming. 'Far better to do it yourself' many women believed.

Removing the hoop she slipped out of the two petticoats she was wearing to combat the evening chill; sometimes in London's winters she would wear four or five. When she got to the plantation with its summer heat and humidity, she would only wear one and sometimes none at all. She wasn't at all looking forward to the heat.

Looking at herself in the mirror as she slipped out of both petticoats, she wished she had a maid here to help. The corset was laced tightly at the back, drawing her naturally, twenty-six inch, and very womanly waist into that of a twenty-three inch, younger female.

She pondered a moment or two on the thought of opening her door dressed as she was: a white chemise with lace and frills round the neckline, the oyster coloured corset over that and under it, her white, cotton pantalettes, which came to just beneath her knee and had fine lace round the bottoms. Under that she was wearing black, opaque stockings, held up by a garter, which were tucked into ankle-height boots; she hadn't yet tried the new corsets with suspenders, but had some in her luggage,.

She struggled out of the corset, removed her pale grey, kid ankle boots, then her drawers and slipped the chemmy over her head. Just wearing the dark stockings, she surveyed herself in the mirror. Even without the benefits of the corset, Amanda was curvy. Some had described her as voluptuous, others termed her Rubenesque. Whatever the description, she had a body that plunged inwards from the mounds of her full, ripe breasts to the indentation of her waist and then flared out to the delicious, roundness of her so feminine hips.

Her stomach remained flat, and her unsuckled breasts, though sagging slightly from their own fullness and weight, stood out proud and inviting, capped by large, coral coloured areola and prominent nipples.

Having worn corsets from her early teens, she had, in keeping with many upper class ladies of the time, an upright posture. Her perpetual straight back pushed her chest forwards emphasising the prominence of her breasts; she sometimes wished she could slouch a little!

Amanda put her clothes away and contemplated how to greet Richard. As she was, in just her stockings, an attire that she was aware was becoming popular with men when having sex? Or perhaps in bed, sitting on it or standing, she wondered?

On balance, she felt that being naked apart from her hosiery was a little too forward, so she slipped into another chemise. This was also white with shoulder-straps and a plunging neckline lined with broderie anglais and lace. It was in the new London style of being tighter, thinner and shorter than worn in most other countries, which certainly included the New World.

Hence, the lace-trimmed hem came half way between the top of her legs and her knees and the outline and shadow of her nipples showed through the thin, tight bodice.

Richard knew from experience that Amanda had suggested him waiting so that she could undress. That pleased him, for fumbling around with a woman's underwear could be so tiresome and sometimes resulted in the moment of passion passing. He knew that she would take some time, so he smoked another pipe, drank some brandy and removed his hip-length, dresscoat, waistcoat and cravat.

His baggy, muslin shirt and tight, wool trousers were both white. He checked the doors from the dining room and his cabin to the rest of the ship, making sure they were locked, and left the room from his cabin to the dining room open. That would ensure that in the unlikely event he was wanted, he would hear the knock.

Despite this sort of thing happening on most trips, he was surprised to find himself feeling nervous. He knew that Amanda was upper-class, hugely wealthy, extremely attractive and immensely sexy. Normally she'd be out of his league, but the confidence he had from bedding so many women would, he knew, see him through.

'Once they'd experienced the Captain's cock, women passengers always wanted more' he smiled to himself.

He was beginning to wonder whether she had changed her mind when he saw her door opening. Heart pounding, he counted out the twenty seconds and added a few more, just in case. As he walked the few yards from the balcony of the small dining room to her room, he felt himself hardening in the tight trousers. He was ready for action and, by god, he was going to have what he wanted.

This beautiful woman would be his greatest conquest yet!

"Come in Richard," he heard, enjoying her part British and part Deep South soft tone and accent.

With the approaching darkness and Amanda's decision not to light any candles, the cabin was dim. As Richard opened the door, light flooded in from the dining room he was, momentarily framing him in the doorway. She gulped at how alluringly attractive he looked in the off white, tight trousers, the baggy shirt open half way down his chest, and the knee length, black leather boots.

As he pushed the door open, Richard made his decision and pushed his erection free from his underpants and the tail of his shirt. It reared in such a masculine way right up his flat, taught stomach to edge just above his naval. He knew from the frequent nude bathing and swimming at the Royal Navy training camp that he was more well-endowed than most and, as with most men, he was proud of that.

Amanda was in bed, covered with just a single cotton sheet. Her spectacular form was clearly outlined under it. As they looked at each and smiled, they both felt their arousal begin to peak in anticipation of what was soon to happen.

"Hello Richard," she whispered.

"Good evening, Amanda," he replied, covering the few yards from the door to the bed in half a dozen strides.

"Welcome to my cabin, sir," she smiled loving the look of lust and adoration on his face as he stood beside her bed rampantly erect.

"Thank you most kindly madam," he smiled, adding slowly, "Will you be welcoming me to anywhere else?"

"Pray sir, what do you mean?" she teased, continuing the verbal charade as they got used to each other in a sexual as opposed to simply a flirtatious situation. Amanda was adopting the speech affectation partly as a defence mechanism against her shyness when with a man for the first time, but also as tease, maybe even a seduction technique.

His dark eyes bore into hers as he put one knee on the bed and ran the back of his fingers across her forehead and into her lustrous hair. He stroked her hair downwards, reaching the bare skin of her shoulder. They both felt the sensation as he touched her naked flesh for the first time. The outline of her breasts under the sheet suggested she was wearing a chemise. He wondered what else she wore under the thin sheet.

Amanda was unable to hold Richard's eyes. That was not due to her being embarrassed, but was because she felt such a strong compulsion to let her gaze roam down his body. It was as if his cock was a magnet. She could not help herself from focusing on it, imagining its appearance, texture, warmth, smoothness and, of course, most excitingly its hardness pushing into her.

Another surge of arousal roared through her.

Richard ran his fingers down the lacy shoulder strap of her chemise. He contemplated slipping them inside the material, but resisted. Instead, he took hold of the top of the sheet and lifted it slightly.

"Maybe your bed madam, will you be welcoming me there?"

Amanda smiled, as she now understood his earlier question.

"Gladly sir, but without your boots, for the owner of this bed is very particular."

"Indeed he is madam, indeed he is," Richard replied thinking, 'Oh fuck' realising how difficult it is to remove one's boots now that they were worn so tightly.

"Of course," he said pushing the side of one foot against the heel of the other, but realising he would need to sit down to remove the very tight, waterproof boots. "Bear with me one moment while I remove them."

"Of course, but would you like some help, sir?"

"That would be most welcome, ma'am, as normally my valet removes them and I assume you do not wish me to call him?"

"No sir," Amanda said revelling in the light-hearted, but very meaningful and sexually charged banter. "I was rather thinking that maybe you would like me to perform his chores for you."

"That would be a delight."

"Then sir, please sit on the bed."

He sat and watched totally fascinated, with rising excitement, as Amanda pushed the bedclothes back. She lay there for a moment or two, exhibiting herself to him before sliding out of the bed and standing before him.

He had read about the shorter chemise fashion, but this was the first he had seen. It was so enormously sexy, he had never seen a partially dressed woman showing so much leg before. Nor had he, not since he and a friend had 'bought' two easy women in London, seen a woman in her stockings.

Their blackness contrasted beautifully with the whiteness of her chemise and the paleness of her skin on her thighs.

Amanda felt brave and confident. Her adventure on the high seas and the knowledge she was with a man she would never see again after the voyage, made her unusually forward in the sexual progress.

She stood before him, revelling in his gaze roaming over her body clad in just the thin chemise. Unlike nearly all women's clothing of the time, it did nothing to hide her curves. Being low cut and loose with a hem that ended at mid-thigh, just inches beneath the tops of her black stockings, it also hid very little.

As she moved, her heavy breasts, swayed provocatively inside the thin cotton. Her nipples hardened under his lustful stare, making obvious indentations in the material.

She turned her back and walked round the bed to where he was sitting, making sure her rotund, voluptuous bum wiggled and jiggled as she walked. As she leaned forward, the hem rose up her sturdy legs showing Richard an almost forbidden sight, the flesh above her stockings!

Leaning forward and grasping his boot so the chemmy gaped, she heard him utter an involuntary gasp as her breasts hung down and he saw their ripe fullness. She looked up and their glances caught.

His boots came off easier than either imagined. Quickly they were lying beside the bed and Amanda was standing between his opened knees. They stared at each other, both aware that the flirting and charade of earlier had ended. Now was the real thing, and both were more than ready.

He reached out and rested his hands on her hips. "Kiss me Amanda?" he asked, both of them being only too aware that would mean she had to lean forward. She did and their mouths converged. He broke the kiss fairly quickly to look at the spectacular sight of her breasts hanging down in front of his face.

His cock lurched. They were truly magnificent! He simply had to touch them.

Amanda looked into his eyes as she dangled her breasts invitingly in front of him. She knew precisely why he had asked her to kiss him and she was most willing to comply with his request. Her breasts were aching for his touch. When that came, her body jerked with pleasure and she groaned with satisfaction.

As they kissed again, Richard slowly ran his hands up from her hips, along her sides, round to her front, inside the gaping, low-cut top of the chemise and right onto the warm, smooth flesh of her two symmetrically, delicious orbs.

For both the man and woman, the first touch of his hands on the bare flesh of her breasts is very special. It's not only such a dekicious feeling for both parties, but also such a strong indicator of her willingness to give herself to him.

For the woman, the hardening of her nipples indicates her willingness for him to go further as she offers her body and flesh to him. For the man, it is a further step towards invading her body. For both of them it is an explosion of sheer fucking pleasure that rushes through their bodies, causing her female juices to flow and his pre-cum to ooze out from his hardened cock.

As Richard cupped and squeezed her breasts, Amanda knew she might cum just from his touch. So immense were the feelings after such a long time, it was very a close thing. But she fought the feelings, whilst at the same time revelling in what this man, her soon to be new lover, was doing to her body.

"Oh God," she groaned holding his face in her hands and kissing him as deep as she could.

"Amanda, your breasts are wonderful," he sighed, one of his hands scrambling to find the hem of the chemise. "Let me see them, I want them."

His words made Amanda want to flaunt herself at him. Catching his hands in the top, she stood up. Looking right into his eyes with as provocative a gaze as Richard had seen in many a year, she took hold of the mid-thigh hem of the chemise and whispered, "Your word is my command Captain."

Slowly she pulled the garment up her body. Past her stocking tops, across the patch of skin above them, over her tawny, quite lustrous, pubic hair, through which her pink lips glistened so invitingly, up her flat stomach, narrow waist and lower chest and then marvellously over her big tits. Pulling it over her head, Amanda shook her hair making her breasts wobble in the most erotic manner.

"Well, sir?" she teasingly whispered, striking a highly provocative pose with one knee bent and one hand on her hip with her crotch thrust out towards him. She felt so wonderfully saucy, a feeling exacerbated by being nearly fully exposed before this, almost, fully dressed sea captain.

"If, madam," he said quietly doing nothing but running his gaze up and down the near naked figure of his passenger, "the 'well' refers to my impression of your body, then the answer is you are beautiful, your body is magnificent and you are arouse me completely."

"Good," she smiled, running the palms of her hands lightly across her hardened nipples.

"But if, madam, the 'well' refers to what next, to what I would like to do next...?"

"Yes Captain it does that too," she interrupted with a delicious giggle.

"Then, Missus Williams, I intend to have the pleasure of fucking you right here and now. Tell me, ma'am. Would you like to be well and truly fucked by your Captain?"

Another, deeper, surge of arousal ran through Amanda. It wasn't a question that needed a spoken answer. Instead, she leaned forward and kissed Richard full on the lips. In a few seconds his cock would be inside her and after seven months of abstinence, she'd willingly abandon herself to the sexual whims of this experienced sea dog.

Naked, apart from her stockings, Amanda broke the kiss and stepped back two paces. With graceful ease, she performed a deep curtsy, of the type she had learned before being introduced to Queen Victoria last year. Placing her right foot slightly apart from the left, with the toes on level with the heel on her left foot, she bent both knees, slowly going further and further downwards until her right knee almost touched the floor.

Her rotund bottom stuck out invitingly behind and her breasts, now seeming to be presented to the floor, hung down from her chest emphasising their weight and size and seeming to cry out for a hand or two to cup them.

Richard watched this fascinating display combining the extreme etiquette of a royal bow, with the near nudity of a soon to be lover, with increasing excitement.

"Humbly sir, may I have your permission to speak my mind?" she asked provocatively.

"Of course madam, pray do," Richard answered, his throat dry and his voice croaky with excitement.

Amanda looked up from her position of supplication, caught and held Richard's gaze and said in a measured, calm and confident voice. "Then with your kind permission sir, I humbly advise that you fucking me will provide me with the greatest of pleasures."

Hearing such a word as 'fucking' slip from between her lovely lips was an enormous turn on. It was so rare in his world, but not so in the one that Amanda had inhabited, for a lady to swear at all, let alone talk about herself being fucked.

He felt his already hard cock grow another couple of inches "Would madam remain bowed like that?" he asked. Of course, sir, madam is at your command. But pray sir," she added as she saw him stand up. "If I may be so bold to ask, why?"

She watched as Richard's fingers undid the tie round his waist and then the bone buttons of his flies.

"Because of this madam," he said sliding his trousers and drawers down and stepping out of them.

Amanda was disappointed that his long muslin shirt covered his manhood.

"I see," she muttered, not being able to think of anything wittier, due to her level of excitement mounting as she watched the tail of his shirt slowly rising up his body as he lifted it over his head.

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