Sex Patents


"Let me help with that." She grabbed the bar of soap and then grabbed my penis and began to lather me up. "I seem to be a little hot and sweaty as well."

I was speechless; I let her work for a moment or two, then I leaned over and began scrubbing her back, then I lathered up her breasts. They felt delightful. Slippery from the soap, my hands slid over them, pausing to massage the nipples. I would guess them to be only a B cup at the most, maybe only an A. On her tiny body, they looked large. I wondered if her age or her size made her breasts so firm and ride so high, maybe she was younger than I thought. Or maybe they were small enough that they had not suffered the effects of gravity and time.

"You may end up with the cleanest nipples in town" I mused as I enjoyed my task. "Now let me finish washing you off" I then turned my attention to her crotch and began soaping and sliding between her legs. She let me soap her up and rinse her off several times, very slowly.

4) Thursday evening

"That is nice, let's rinse off and get back to work. There is a lot we have to get done before we can go to dinner," she teased. The shower was equipped with a hand held shower on a hose; it made rinsing the soap off a lot more fun.

We dried each other off, exchanging kisses and caresses as we dried. We walked into the bed room hand in hand. She had laid out the four cuffs; each attached to one of the posts, all I had to do was crawl up on the bed and let her take over.

"Promise me that there is no pain, no blood and nothing that can hurt or leave scars. I am not into pain." I told her. "Pleasure I can handle."

"Nothing that dramatic, I just intend to give you a mouth and hand job that will make you yell and thrash about on the bed. I am going to give you the best climax of your life and I need you to be patient and wait for it. I am too small to keep you in place, that's why I use the tie downs. This way I can play to my hearts content, and you stay in one place until I am done. I will let you go as soon as you come... Twice."

"I am not sure I am up to two climaxes back to back, maybe one and then dinner, then another one. I am not 21 anymore, just in case you have not noticed, and I am very out of practice. What about you, do I get to return the favor?" With her pushing me into place, I climbed onto the bed and spread my arms and legs as she guided me into place.

"Leave it to me, just relax and leave the flying to us, as the commercial goes." With that she finished clicking the four cuffs on me. She then climbed off the bed to get more leverage and pulled the rope ties tighter. I was spread wide open, my legs farther apart than I can ever remember. My legs were not this far apart when I slipped on the ice that time.

I looked up and noticed the tops of the posts of the bed had notches on them. "Now I understand where that big mirror goes", I said. There had been a large mirror with a frame around it in the garage.

"That's right, I wish it was up there now, but it is heavy and we will have to get it put up later. If you can watch what I do, and feel it at the same time it is more erotic. If it were up there, you would be able to get aroused enough to come twice. Maybe with the mirror to look forward to I can convince you to spend another day or two helping me."

She was still naked, and as she crawled back up on the bed I could admire her breasts and all the rest. She was very lovely, I still think she is in her late 50's based on her life story, but her body does not show it. She had trimmed her bush between her legs at some point, it was neat and short enough to reveal the lips hiding behind it. Her breasts were small and they were high on her body, her nipples were very nice, they stood out well and I could see that she was either slightly aroused or she was cold. My penis was hard and I was momentarily embarrassed as a drop of pre-cum dripped onto my stomach.

She crawled up on me and we spent a long time just kissing and feeling the two warm bodies against one another. She gently grabbed my balls as she straddled one leg with her knee up firmly against my crotch. She was putting pressure on my crotch below my balls with her knee, and I was responding by growing even larger.

"You sure know how to make a man respond." I was suddenly very aroused. She was playing with my penis, testicles, pressing below my balls with her knee, and leaning forward, tugging on my nipples with her lips. "Are you sure you were the banker's wife?"

"I certainly was, and a naughty banker's wife I was too." She leered at me. "It has been 9 years since I did this, and boy did I miss it. I am glad you helped me move, I would have hated to go to bed in this bed alone again. This bed was a happy place, once, and I hope you will cooperate in making it a happy place again. My husband and I had developed some sexual games that made him wild with pleasure; I hope you enjoy them too."

She began gently stroking my penis with her hands, alternating with her lips as she sucked on my penis head. She would stroke several times, slowly, and then she would suck. With her other hand she was continually pulling on my testicles, fondling them, separating them, rolling them in her hand, and tickling them. She would work on the head of my penis with her tongue, and then slowly stroke the shaft with both hands again. Her hands were tiny; it took both of them to firmly grasp my penis. For a person as large as I am, a 7" penis is probably normal, but it looks like a monster with her tiny hands around it. I was in ecstasy from her manipulations, and in awe at her aggressiveness. Only a few hours after I had volunteered to help her move I was tied down on her bed, being played with in ways that were totally new and different to me.

She got up and crawled to the edge of the bed. I wondered what she was doing, fearing she was stopping. She went over to the dresser and plugged in the clock radio. She picked up her watch and set the time to 6:05. Then she picked up a bottle of lotion and came back to bed.

"I don't want to play too long and make you sore, but I don't want to let you climax right away, so I thought I needed some way to keep track of time. Besides, you need to eat dinner after a hard days work. I will try and let you go by 8:00. Then we can go have a quick dinner and come back here for a quick bite. You did not think I was leaving did you?"

"I was upset when you stopped, but it was probably good timing on your part. I was getting too aroused already. If your goal is to keep me going for a while, I was not cooperating. Remember it has been along time since I have done anything, two or three years at least. I am too horny to last long."

She sat straddling my waist, facing my feet. I could only see her back, but she was able to work harder with her hands in that position. She began working my penis very slowly. She was using lots of lotion, keeping it slippery but not too intense; she used one hand to pull on my testicles, keeping them entertained.

"I like to use sensual talk; it helps to keep you aroused without my having to work too hard on your penis. I hope you don't mind, but we are just getting acquainted and it will take some time before we are in sync. So it would help if you would talk to me as well. Tell me what feels good, what is too strong, and be sure and tell me if you are getting close so I can back off." She gave me a long twist on the head of my penis.

"I will try to let you know, but if you go too fast or hard, we may both be surprised." I replied. "So far, everything you have done is great. I enjoyed having you facing this way so I could see you too. You have a wonderful body; it turns me on as well. But what you are doing with your hands in this position is fantastic; your legs are around me which feels good. Lots of lotion helps, it keeps it sensual without being too intense. But remember, I have not been with a woman for several years, so I won't last long anyway."

"That sounds like a challenge to me, if you are daring me to make you last longer I will accept the challenge." Sharon turned around and straddled my leg, put her knee back up against my crotch, she watched my face as she pushed, noted my smile of pleasure and pushed harder with her knee against my tender area below my balls.

"Its flavored lotion, this is why I use it." She leaned over and took my penis in her mouth and began working it over. She moved her lips just over the tip, locked her lips beneath the rim of my penis and pulled while her tongue worked on the tip. Her hands were moving up and down, gently once, then firmly the next time. She had locked her hands, interlacing her fingers, so she could control the pressure. Alternatively she would take my penis in her mouth and torment the tip of it, then move down to the ridge and run her tongue around it. Then she would move her lips up and down over the ridge, flicking the tip with her tongue, totally driving me mad. Then she would back off, letting me relax for a few minutes before starting in again.

I relaxed and let the feelings sweep over my body. She was making me feel so wonderful that I needed to relax in order to last. "Just keep doing what you are doing, but not too fast or we will have an early dinner. Teasing and pulling on my balls is great, it is very sensual without making me get closer to a climax."

I could not tell if it was minutes or hours later that she began working more intensely. She was determined to make me climax now. She was stroking me fast, paying extra attention to the head of my penis, keeping up the pressure between my legs with her knee. Using one hand from time to time to fondle and pull firmly on my balls. "Come on, its time to enjoy a good climax," she urged.

I came hard. I squirted all the way to my chin, I felt my cum landing on my beard, I looked down and there were wet tracks across my chest. She kept working fast on my penis, I was done but she did not slow down. I struggled against the ties, trying to get away from her devilish hands.

"I hope you don't mind, but I learned that my husband had a higher threshold after he came. If I keep going after he came, he would enter a new and higher level of feeling." She was smiling and continuing to play as if nothing had happened, she was trying to keep me coming again and again, refusing to stop even though I was done.

I was trying to get away, the feelings were too intense. I was not able to even wiggle; my feet were spread too wide and tied too tight, my hands were stretched towards the two upper corners of the bed. She had unlimited access to my penis and she continued to use it, there was nothing I could do about it.

"Stop, I am done ejaculating, my penis is super sensitive and you are driving me mad. It's more intense than it was before I came, but it is also disturbing to be played with when I know it is useless, I can't come again or even stay hard." My penis was beginning to shrink away in spite of her efforts. But after a few minutes the feelings changed. "I am losing it, but I have to admit that the feelings you gave me after I came were almost as intense as the ones before I came. It may be that there is another level there, a second wind that I have not yet entered, you almost got me there. You may be on the way to helping me find something I did not know I had."

"It is time to stop, I need to get you to the restaurant and feed you. I don't want you getting sore; I just want to have some fun. I intend to feed you good, you need a reward for helping me, first from one house to another, then for helping me initiate my bed again. I really enjoyed watching you spurt. You spurted further than I thought was possible. My husband could only spurt a few inches at the most; you shot four feet, in a high arc in the air. I thought your sperm would never come down. It was beautiful. I consider this a great bed warming. One of the great turn-on's for me is watching a penis ejaculate. I enjoy feeling your penis throb, I like feeling you twitching your hips, and I love seeing you shoot. Thanks for reminding me what sex is all about."

She grabbed a towel and began slowly wiping me down, planting a kiss on my lips as she wiped, pausing to tease me some more, playing with my limp penis and trying to get my balls to come out to play. She stretched out on top of me, pushing her breasts into my chest, holding my head with her hands to kiss me and kiss me again. She stayed like that for a long time, letting me enjoy her body on top of mine, caressing me with her hands and lips. Then she produced a key and began to unlock my hands and feet. It took a few minutes of movement for my legs to begin working properly. She helped me rub them to get circulation going again. We exchanged a few kisses while I was stretching.

"That was wonderful. I have never been rewarded like this; can I help you move more often? Maybe two or three times a day? You certainly moved me. I think that a man can shoot further the more he is aroused and the longer it has been since he last came, it's a wonder I did not shoot ten feet as much pleasure as you brought me. It was the best climax I have ever experienced. I think I shot out an entire month's quota of cum."

"You can help me move again later, after dinner. Maybe I will help you move a little as well. Lets get dressed and feed you some solid food, you need your strength." She was still playing gently with one hand on my penis while she helped me work my arms and legs to restore circulation.

I spent a few minutes sitting on the side of the bed, getting circulation going in my arms and legs. Then she pulled me into the shower. "We have to clean you up quickly, so no time for sitting around. It's time to have dinner." We both stepped into the shower, the water was hot, the soap was sensual, ideal for two people that were exhausted after a long day.

Sharon called ahead and warned her daughter that we were on the way to the restaurant and to save us a table. While we waited for a steak, we had a chance to talk and I learned more details of her life. After she graduated from college in the Midwest farm country, she had married Robert, he was later transferred to California and they had begun a new life. Sharon told me what brought on the bondage obsession that she had. She loved to watch a man spurt and she loved to play with a penis, she loved the feeling of control she had and how she could make a big man squirm and try to get loose when she plays with him, teasing him to the point of torment, and teasing even more after he comes. It was a response to her early childhood. Her mother and father had been obsessed with teaching their daughter that "good girls don't have intercourse." It had been a crusade, lecturing her, making her feel guilty if she even thought about going on a date, let alone the unthinkable of letting a man get into her pants. Then during a long summer vacation with an uncle and aunt, the uncle had molested her, raping her repeatedly over the three weeks she spent with them at their remote cabin. As if that was not enough, she had a very traumatic date rape with one of the high school football stars. She came home very badly beaten up, bruised, bleeding from the lips, and she had lost her virginity. She never felt comfortable dating again, and she was particularly scared of large men.

Her father had a small dairy farm in Iowa where they milked cows twice a day. Sometimes they milked them by hand and she held the cow's soft teats in her hand and squeezed them to make the milk fill the bucket. She enjoyed the time she spent filling the milk cans, she learned how to manipulate the cow's teat as she pulled and squeezed to make the milk flow.

"My memories of the mornings and evenings in the milk barn with my father are very dear to me. Most of the work was done by the mechanical milking machines. We had to start a new, young cow by milking her by hand until she got used to the routine. Frequent power failures forced us to milk the whole herd by hand. We squeezed until our hands were sore, but we had to milk twice a day." She was reviewing her youth with me. "The smell of the fresh clean milk, the feel of the soft teat in my hand, the milk splashing into the bucket, the cows tied in their stalls for milking as they waited patiently for their turn. These are some of my fondest memories."

She was married at the age of 23, fresh out of college, mainly to leave her strict household, which was the same reason her husband wanted to marry. Her husband was equally inexperienced and he wanted out of his home badly as well. After his father disappeared, his mother and her female friend took over raising him as if they were both his parents. He was told that having intercourse was a terrible thing to do to a girl. His mothers told him that if he really loved someone, sex would not be something he did. Having a mother as a father was confusing to him.

They were two confused people on their wedding night, drawn together by a need to leave their homes rather than any sexual attraction. Guilt overcame them both to the point that they did not know whether or not to make love, they were just happy to be out of their homes. Sharon was afraid of being under him, her husband was a big man, only 5' 6", but overweight. She was afraid of getting hurt by a man on top of her when he became overly excited. Thoughts of her high school date with the football player kept coming back to her as well as her uncle's abuse. They had been married for two years and Sharon was still not sure what his penis looked like, if they made love at all it was in the dark and very quickly. One night a few glasses of wine made her brave, she made her husband lie still on the bed while she examined him. The examination turned into a hand job that brought him to the best, and most guilt free, climax he had ever had. What surprised them both is that Sharon enjoyed playing with him, sucking on him, and especially watching him ejaculate. Sharon felt safer when she had the male under control and when she could be sure she would not get hurt. She felt real power when she had a large male tied up and totally under her control. She had learned to masturbate and suck her husband to maximize his pleasure, and her own as well. She told me that she could make me come whether I wanted to or not, and she could make me last all day if she chose to. It would take some time to learn how I responded, but she was convinced she could play me better than I could even imagine. Then she said that she had some toys and some tricks she had developed during their 28 years of marriage that would keep me busy for a long time. Watching a penis ejaculate and holding a soft penis in her hand brought back pleasant memories of her childhood.

We had a short pause while our meal was served. It pays to know the owner, the meal was great. Sharon had a small steak, mine was plate sized and done to perfection. We enjoyed a good meal and left quickly, headed to her home. I stopped by my apartment and grabbed some clean clothing and a tooth brush.

Back at her home, we spent a few minutes moving cartons and unpacking a few items, more as a token towards making the place feel more comfortable than any real effort to unpack. She pointed out that the entertainment center had large steel fastening plates which were also tie points so that we could tie me up to play with me and watch TV at the same time. The dining room table was set up with steel plates that looked decorative but were also places to hook restraints; I could be the main course on the dinner table if she chose. The table legs went to the ceiling and were also tie points. A large plant stand was built like a huge step ladder with shelves; she explained that it could be used to tie me to, upright and snug. She pointed out a large towel rack in the bathroom; it was more like a four foot wide ladder fastened to the wall with narrow rungs every four inches. It could hold a lifetime of towels, then she pointed out that the cross rungs had fastening points on the back of them; it was designed to be a non-descript bondage wall. The entire house seemed to be furnished in sex toys. Years of thought, design and work had gone into making furniture that had several purposes. The tour concluded in the bedroom where she suggested that it was time to try out the furniture again.

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