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I made a quick trip into the shower, and then returned to the bed. She had arranged some soft light around the room, and had put on a pale white lacy negligee that was very sheer; it accented her breasts nicely, her nipples were visible behind the sheer material. On most ladies it would have just covered their breasts, leaving the stomach bare, on her it came down to her hips. She had on a sheer panty; they were a little loose, but very pretty on her. She stopped and turned the clock towards the wall.

"I don't want you knowing what time it is, this may be a long night. I don't intend to stop until you are worn out. If there is any penis left to hold, I intend to hold it. The lube is super slick so you won't get sore, and it is strawberry flavored. I am having strawberry's and cream for dessert, it's up to you to provide the cream, but not too soon dear, I want a lot of strawberry's first."

She fastened me down with the same ties she had used before, but this time she put a pillow under my head so I could watch what she was doing. She then made me raise my hips so she could put a large cushion under my hips to elevate me and provide better access to my genitals. She began pouring lube on me, then using her hands; she began very gently playing with my penis. She leaned down and began licking the tip of my penis with her tongue, running it around the ridge of my penis head, while she gently moved her hands up and down my shaft. One soft hand crept down and began rolling my balls gently, caressing them, teasing them, pulling on them gently. She played with my nipples from time to time, and then rubbed her breasts down my chest. It was going to be a very long night.

When people talk about blowing your brains out through your penis, I can tell you what they mean. I lost all of my brains that night, my IQ was probably down into single digits sometime after midnight when she finally let me come for the second time that day. I did not think I could come twice in one day, she proved me wrong. My second one was almost as strong as the first, shaking me all over. She brought me to a climax while straddling my thighs, facing me; she wanted to watch me and my penis as I came. Like before, she continued to play after I was done; forcing me to get closer to that new level she said was waiting for me. It was a good thing I was tied down or I would have been like the mechanical bull in the bar on a Saturday night, impossible to ride.

"Wait until you find out what else is in the box you looked in, and what I have hidden away in the shop. You will blow your mind, and probably blow your penis as well." She warned me as we snuggled together.

The last thing I remember thinking before I went to sleep was, "It was going to be a very good year."

5) Friday morning

I woke up in the morning, my penis was sore, my arms were stiff, my testicles ached, and I was naked under the covers. I moved my hands and feet to make sure they still worked and to make sure I was not still tied to the bed posts.

I laid there with visions of the night before still playing before my eyes. I had been tied up for hours, she would play me till I got close, then stop to let me relax, then make me hard again and she would make me come close to my peak all over again. She kept teasing me, playing slower and slower as the night went on, not letting me cum until I was going nuts from the tension and the teasing. She had one hand on my balls most of the night, playing with them to keep the sexual tension high. She explained that the more a males balls were stimulated, the quicker they would recharge and be ready to climax again. She was right; I came for the second time that night, as strong as I had the first time.

She was hugging me awake, one arm and one leg over the top of me. It was a very fine way to wake up. I had to go pee badly, I tried to slip out without disturbing her, but she was awake and carefully watching me.

"Where do you think you are going?" she asked.

"I just need a quick trip to the bathroom" I was already standing up.

"You have to come back to bed, at least for a good morning kiss".

I went to the bathroom, and then spent a few minutes with a wash cloth wiping my face awake. I had spent a few seconds deciding whether to wear a towel back into the bedroom. She had played with me all night long while I was tied spread eagle on the bed, stark naked. It seemed silly to worry about my nudity now, I grabbed a towel anyway. When I walked back into the bedroom, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, a sheet wrapped around her, a concerned look on her face.

"I was worried that you were getting dressed. It's too soon for that. You need to call in sick today, stay here and help me unpack; we have more boxes to explore and furniture to enjoy."

"That sounds like an excellent idea." I sat down beside her, leaned down and kissed her.

She responded by giving me a hug and holding on to me. She straddled me, sitting on my lap facing me, legs around my back. With our size difference, it was a great way to kiss and hug comfortably. Her sheet slipped down, my towel had already fallen off. Her body was wonderful to feel against mine. Her breasts were warm against my chest. Her kisses were nice, firm and warm. I felt them through my whole body, the first serious hugging and kissing I had felt in years. I felt my penis starting to respond. She felt it as well since she was sitting naked in my lap. I held her while we both just hugged and enjoyed each others bodies for a few minutes.

"Let's go have a wake-up shower, some breakfast, then unpack and unwind." She suggested. She must have heard my stomach growl.

We went into the bathroom and walked directly into the shower. We wasted a lot of hot water that morning, but we came out very clean.

When we walked into the restaurant together, Amy gave us a strange look. I found it commendable that she refrained from asking any probing questions. We had a good breakfast, and managed to talk about what needed to be done, boxes to unpack, furniture to arrange. Over coffee Sharon quietly told me that she had not been on a date with another man since she had married her husband, she had no reason to date after his death, she was not looking for sex on normal terms, she had no idea how a man would respond to her methods of having sex. I wanted to ask how she had gotten up enough courage to try it with me, but just then Amy came to refill my coffee.

She hoped Amy would not be upset with us. It is not every night that a mother shows up at breakfast with a strange man, holding hands and smooching. Sharon did not understand why her daughter did not date much. Her daughter was tiny, very pretty and very well proportioned, but not attracted to men or women either. Sharon explained to me that Amy was adopted. She was the daughter of an older cousin, her parents were killed in an auto accident, Sharon and her husband were surprised to find that they were named as guardians in the parents will. It had worked out nicely, they did not have any children and a 10 year old child meant they did not have to go through diapers and potty training.

When the breakfast customers had left, Amy came over and sat with us. She got up nerve enough to ask us what we had planned for the day.

"I talked Jim into staying around and helping me to unpack today." Sharon explained. "He moves the big boxes a lot easier than I do. He agreed to take another day off work and help me. I think we have it under control," Sharon suddenly realized that her daughter would probably come by to help unpack.

On the way back to her house, I stopped by my apartment and called into the office. They could live without me for another day, today was Friday and not much was happening.

"Your apartment looks more like a motel room than an apartment. Don't you own anything of your own?" she asked. "The only things that make it look like you live here are the clothes hanging in the closet, the dirty clothes in the hamper, the books and papers on the big desk, one big leather recliner and the big screen TV."

"I does not feel at home here, so I have never unpacked all of my stuff, I have it all packed away in the second bedroom, which is why the door is closed on it. My office looks a little better; I have some personal items set out there. I thought I would be gone from here in a few months, but the project just keeps going on and on. I came out for a few months, now six months later I have over two years of work ahead of me. The 50" plasma TV and the big recliner were my only concessions to real life. I did not need two chairs as I don't have company. The books represent my other life. I am a writer in my spare time. I am working on several book projects at the moment, the stacks of books are research materials. It's too complicated to explain right now, but I write books as well as a few articles for magazines." She had been looking at the titles with some interest. My lap top computer was on the desk with notes on different research projects around it.

She went with me to the closet and helped me pick out the cloths I needed to take. She picked out all casual; I was relieved that she was not planning any major events over the next few days. What did surprise me was that she picked out six outfits for me. I either wore all black, or I wore tan. My work uniform was khaki pants or blue jeans with a tan shirt, unless I had a meeting, then I wore a white shirt with a black suit. My hobby was riding motorcycles, so I had black jeans, black shirts and plenty of leather. There were no other colors in my closet. I noticed that she did spend some time choosing my briefs, I had some skimpy colorful ones as well as plenty of plain white, she picked out seven or eight of the skimpy colored ones and used a plastic bag as a suitcase.

"I tend to dress in a hurry in the morning, so I keep the choices of color simple. With only two colors I can not go out too mismatched." I explained as we carried the clothing out to her car.

6) Friday noon, something tasty

As soon as we shut the door behind us in her house, she turned around, stood on her tip toes, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down to kiss me. We enjoyed each other for a few minutes, then she released me, backed off and looked me over.

"We have a couple of hours before the restaurant quiets down and Amy can get away. I will lock the door, just in case. We did not get to play this morning." She had felt my hard on grow while we were kissing.

In the bedroom she closed the curtains. "Strip, it's time to try something else. Back up to the large tree that is the corner of the bed. I will tie you to the post, standing up, your arms are probably still stiff from last night, and the change in position will do you good. It looks like your penis is ready for me, it is getting stiff, I think it likes it here!" She was watching my bulging underwear as I stripped.

I protested that I could not even consider having sex again, I had already come twice the night before, I certainly could not get hard enough to play this morning. I suggested that I could play with her, she deserved equal time. She ordered me to quit being a cry baby. She reminded me that I did not know my own limits. She intended to find out what they were.

She pulled out some ropes and handcuffs and began tying me up to the corner post. First she snapped handcuffs on my wrists with my arms around the back of the post, pulling them tight. She tied my feet, pulling them back so that I was partially circling the post. She spiral wrapped rope around my legs, up my thighs, around my hips, skipping my genital area, then around my waist. I was totally immobile, far more tightly tied than I had been the night before. On the bed I could move my hips up and down, even shift a little from side to side. Tied to the post, I was firmly tied; there was not a muscle I could move. My hips, legs and body were immovable.

She backed off to admire her work. She gave my penis a squeeze, then worked her hand up and down it to tease it. "I have a surprise for you. In fact I have a lot of surprises for you; I have many different ways to make you ejaculate. Some of them I tried with my husband, some I have dreamed about during the last 9 years, and now I will get to try them out. You know that I am an inventor, what you don't know is what some of my best inventions are. So let me try one of the easy ones on you and see how you like it." She tried pulling on my testicles, seeing if they were empty or not. "I think they are filling up nicely, with a little attention they will be refilled shortly."

She went into the kitchen and returned with a kitchen serving tray full of bottles. She pulled a condom out of the "goodie box". Using a large pin, she put several holes in the tip of the condom. She then unrolled the condom several inches and filled it with the wine flavored ice cream topping. She pulled the condom on my penis, and rolled it the rest of the way up, since my penis was hanging down by then.

"My first invention is the combination, syrup, wine, and ice cream topping dispenser with a built in cum collector. It will dispense flavored syrups while it keeps your penis hard. Let me demonstrate. The rubber is slippery and that keeps you from getting a sore penis so we can play longer. The holes are tiny so without my sucking on them they don't leak. When you come, it mixes cum with flavoring, dispensing a good tasting cum. The danger is that there may be extra calories in the sweet syrups, so sucking on you may make me gain weight. I will have to work extra hard to exercise it off."

She then began sucking on the condom, and my penis with some strong suction. It took her a few minutes to empty the condom of its syrup, she was getting it a drop at a time, just enough to keep it tasting good. She continued sucking hard for a few more minutes to make sure it was dry. She was holding the base of the condom on by clinching tightly around my penis base with her hand. After a few minutes of this, she went to the toy box and brought out a cock ring. When she refilled the condom with the next flavor, she held it tightly on the base of my penis and slipped on the cock-ring to hold the condom securely on. This allowed her to use two hands on my balls and on my penis shaft as she sucked on my penis head. The cock ring did its job and kept me hard while it kept the condom from slipping off as her mouth performed its magic on me. I am about 7" long, and since she used a large sized condom, the extra length along with the reservoir tip allowed her to put almost one ounce of beverage in the end at each filling. Since I was standing up, my penis would droop enough between sessions to allow her to slip on the next course without spilling the contents. After sucking the condom dry, she would roll it off, and then clean my penis off with her tongue before she started with the next flavor.

She repeated this several times, filling the condom with several more syrups and toppings, all the while giving me some of the best penis sucking that I had ever experienced. The whipped cream and the marshmallow topping were the hardest to suck through the small holes in the end of the condom, so they were my favorites; she had to really suck to get it all out through the tiny holes in the tip. Her favorites were the imitation wine and the imitation Cream De Menthe flavors. She said they made the sucking worthwhile.

I was tied so tightly that I could not even move to let her know what felt good, she had a helpless penis to demonstrate on. It was exquisite; I was being forced to feel a level of sensuality that was mind blowing. My penis was being gently pleasured and I was only an observer. When I struggled against the ties, it only served to drive my feelings higher. Straining and pulling my muscles made my whole body more sensitive and made my penis swell more. My penis head was inflated beyond its normal size and it was super sensitive, part of the extra size and sensitivity was probably the penis ring, it kept me hard without concentrating on it. I don't think I could relax even if I really wanted to. After more than an hour of playing this game, she proceeded to give me a grand finale. She filled a condom with Crème De Menthe Ice cream topping. She used one with smaller holes "To make the flavor last longer" she said. She proceeded to give me one of the most prolonged and strongest climaxes I have ever experienced. Once I had come, she refused to stop. She kept sucking me until I could not stand it any more, but I did not have a choice, she kept going anyway, stroking me in long, fast strokes with her hands, milking and sucking me dry.

After she gave up she explained, "I am going to teach you about that second threshold, I can drive you to feel multiple climaxes, just like women have. All I have to do is keep playing with you after you come to a climax. Soon you will be having several climaxes, semi dry ones, but multiple climaxes anyway. Women can have climaxes without ejaculating, you can too, you just have to let it happen. It's a matter of training, or perhaps exercise. Your penis is like any other part of your body, if it is not exercised, it deteriorates. Just think of me as your personal trainer."

"The mixture of your cum with the Crème De Menthe syrup tastes very good, the cum diluted the drink and made it a real treat. But some things are better than others, I once had some tequila flavor and it went very well with the salt in sperm. I need to find some of that again."

I explained to her that the treat was all mine, I have never had a climax that even approached the one she gave me that morning. When she rolled the condom off of me, I was still slightly hard; the cock ring was doing its job. Then she took the cock ring off and my penis dropped like a deflated balloon.

"You would be doomed to spend the whole day with your penis in my mouth, except that my daughter will probably be ringing the door bell pretty soon. So you can run into the shower and get the syrup washed off. We can unpack a couple of boxes until she goes back to work. Then we can have lunch." She was releasing me.

"My arms and legs are not as stiff from being tied to the post as they were from being tied spread on the bed; it is a more natural position. But the feelings are more intense since I can move even less, the penis ring helps, I had never had one of those on me before, they work. The experience is super sensual, super exotic. What a climax, it was so strong that my penis can't stay soft when I think about it. I am totally played out, but thinking about that climax and you playing on and on after I came, turns me on again. How can I thank you or reward you in return?"

"Tying you upright is more comfortable for me, I can sit on the adjustable office chair, and it lets me be at the right height to play with you all I want. When you struggle against the ties I get aroused. I enjoy taking you to the brink of climax, denying you release, then taking you there again. I think that I enjoy playing with you more than you enjoy it. So it's a win-win as you say in business."

I went into the bath room and let the hot water wash over me again. When I came out of the shower, my clothes were laid out for me. I dressed and went in search of Sharon. I found her along with Amy, cleaning up the kitchen. A tray full of various ice cream toppings and syrups was still sitting on the counter. Amy did not seem too shocked that a man was coming out of her mothers shower. They quickly put me to work putting little used kitchen items on the top shelves of the cabinets. I caught Amy looking at my crotch when ever I stretched; I guessed she was checking me out when my back was turned as well.

Amy looked sharply at her mother and I when Sharon said "Now I will have to keep you around, otherwise I will never be able to get my turkey roaster down from the top shelves for Thanksgiving."

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