tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSex Pirates of the Caribbean

Sex Pirates of the Caribbean


We'd been looking forward to this vacation for a long time. My husband Jack and I are in the Caribbean, with reservations to rent a sailboat with crew and just go lazing around from island to island, not lifting a finger except to order a drink, swimming off the boat when it anchored in remote and warm lagoon waters...the whole tropical trip.

We've only been married for a year, so this is a kind of second honeymoon. We're hoping to fix the fact that our sex life is severely lacking: I was a virgin when we married, and so far I've never had an orgasm. Not for lack of trying: I love Jack; he's big and tall and blond, well muscled from the gym, any woman would want him to make love to her. But however much I want him to, he can't seem to get me off. Well, maybe this vacation will help: no pressure, no work, just us mostly naked all the time in the sun and surf and warm tropical nights.

So imagine our shock and surprise when we are told, very apologetically, that the boat we had rented had run aground two days ago and was unsailable, and the small boat rental company on the tiny island didn't have another they could let us have.

"We are so sorree," says the charming Frenchwoman behind the desk. "Perhaps a refund? I could book you into one of the island 'otels we also manage, upgrade you to a pretty cottage?"

Her tall, handsome husband, the owner of the rental company, comes out of the rear office to help persuade us, and I can't help but notice how he seems to be staring right through my thin cotton minidress, right through to my naked skin...

But we don't want a refund, we want our sailing holiday. Then a man who'd been reading a brochure over by the door chimes in. "I couldn't help but overhear. We rented the last boat just now, and it's far too large for just us. Would you possibly consider joining my wife and me aboard? We'd love to have the company."

Jack and I look at each other, then at the Frenchwoman. "Would that be possible?" asks Jack.

So it seems. She cheers right up. "Ah, oui, bien sur! And I will give a generous discount to you both. Merci, madame, messieurs!"

Ten minutes late, Jack and I are walking with Brian and his wife, Kathy, to the dock where a lovely blue-hulled sailboat is tied up, the Charming Molly. Indeed too large for two people: it looks able to sail a dozen, plus crew. We go on board, with two young boys bringing our luggage after us. Brian invites us to change and join him and Kathy for drinks on the deck.

Jack and I go below, to our spacious cabin, and he's into his surf shorts in about ten seconds and back upstairs. I change into one of the bikinis I've brought, and look at myself in the mirror, pleased at what I see—Kathy is a slim, tiny, freckle-faced redhead, really pretty, but I don't have to feel ashamed a bit by comparison. I'm 23, about five-seven, slender without being skinny, taut-muscled from the gym. I have big breasts for my slimness, 36D's, and I cup them now in both hands, thinking how good Jack's hands always feel on them. I touch my pussy: his hands feel good here too. Pity even a cock the size of his can't get me off. Well, maybe that'll change here, even if the cruise won't be exactly what we planned... I brush out my mid-back-length thick blond hair, and go back up on deck.

The crew of four works around us to bring us out of the harbor, and once beyond the sheltering headlands the big sails fill and the Charming Molly starts to skim over the waves. Brian, Kathy, Jack and I all discuss our travels, and we thank them over and over for inviting us to share the boat. Brian serves us cold drinks and warm canapés, and we lie back in lounge chairs, enjoying the breeze. The boat skirts the beautiful jungly coast, and after about two hours' sailing we anchor in a sheltered, deserted lagoon, so we can scuba dive.

After four tropical fruit punches, though, I've developed a headache and feel a little dizzy , so I make my excuses and go below to our cool, dark cabin, where I strip off my bikini and lie down for a nap; I'll be okay by dinnertime. I drift off, lulled by the gentle motion of the boat.

Suddenly I wake up to a hand over my mouth and a man's body on top of me. "Don't scream, Julie," he says in a commanding voice. "I don't want to hurt you. But I'm going to fuck you, whether you want me to or not. Jack's gone off scuba diving with the others, the crew too, so no one's around to help you anyway. Understand?"

From the voice I can tell it's Brian, and I know he means what he says. He's a big guy, even bigger than Jack, and if he wants to take me by force there's nothing I can do about it. Still...

I start to struggle, and he laughs. "Good! I like a slut with some fight in her!"

I manage to get out from under him, but he throws me back on the bed and pins my legs, kneeling on them. I'm still fighting him, but he quickly ties my hands above my head with my string bikini bra, fastening them to the bulkhead. Then he secures my ankles to each side of the bed with the thong bikini bottom and a scarf he finds on the floor, so that I'm spread-eagled naked, completely helpless.

"Very nice," he says, running his hands over my naked body. "You looked great wearing that bikini, but you look even better tied up with it. You're a delicious piece of fuckmeat, and I'm going to prove that to you. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging me for more."

"My husband will kill you for raping me—"

"Will he? I had a long talk with him after you came down here. Men tell each other things when they're drunk and drugged...I hear he's never been able to get you off. Well, I noticed he's got a more than ample package, so obviously the problem is you. And with a body like yours, there shouldn't even be any problem. So let's see what we can do about it."

I'm still struggling against the bindings as he stands up and takes off his surf shorts, and I can't help it: I gasp at the sight of his cock. Jack's big, but Brian is... "That'll never fit in me!" I blurt out.

He laughs again. "Sure it will, honey. It's going to fit in every hole you've got. You're not a tiny little thing like Kathy...that pretty pussy of yours can take it, for sure. Now let's get down to business. I've been wanting to fuck you from the moment Danielle and Yves—the French couple who run the boat company—and I tricked you onto the boat."

"Tricked us—"

"Oh Julie, didn't you think the whole thing was awfully convenient? No boat for you, a generous couple with a kind offer? No, we planned all this as soon as we saw you. Yves and Danielle came along; you just didn't see them on board, but you will later. Oh, by the way, Jack's not off scuba diving, actually. He's in another cabin at the other end of the boat doing some double muff diving; Kathy and Danielle were happy to get him out of our way, and he was happy to be, ah, persuaded. Especially with the Viagra I put in his drink, to go with the drug I put in yours. I'm sure they'll teach him a few things to do to women that he'll be glad to learn... Anyway, we've got plenty of time, and we're going to use it. And I'm going to use you."

I try to twist my hips to get away from his touch, but I can't; I'm perfectly bound. He starts by sucking my nipples, circling my tits with his tongue, biting them. Then he tongues my ears, delicately rimming, biting my lobes, pushing his tongue inside. He moves down my neck, biting and kissing as he goes. He buries his face in my taut belly, then moves down to my mound, his fingers playfully tugging on my blond pubic hair.

"Glad to see you're all natural down here, and nice to know that the carpet matches the drapes; I prefer bushes on women myself, but we'll be cleaning you up later, it's a lot easier. God bless Brazilian waxes!"

He cups my breasts, one in each strong, massive hand. "Fantastic...they're so big they need both hands each...but I like them spilling over." He reaches into the top drawer of the bedside table, pulls out some small metal clamps. "Let's try these, just to get you in the mood, show you who's in charge here."

I struggle, but he affixes the clamps, one on each nipple and one on my clit. The pain is sharp, but I have to admit I'm also feeling something else, in spite of myself...a feeling of submission, female yielding to male dominance: he can do whatever he wants to me, I'm just here for his pleasure...

He flicks the clamps back and forth, and the feeling intensifies: I shiver a little, and he smiles. "I've found those always help move things along, with a resistant little bitch..." He moves up to kneel above my face, straddling me. "Come on, Bigtits, open wide." I refuse, and he forces my mouth open. "No teeth," he warns. "Bite me and you'll be feeding the sharks, do you understand?"

Tears in my eyes, I nod, and after another moment of resisting, obediently open my mouth. He guides his hard cock past my lips. "Now start sucking, slut."

I obey as best I can; I've never really enjoyed doing this on Jack, but Brian instructs me. "Use the tip of your tongue on my dick head, get it right on the hole; that's right, that's nice, baby...now down along my shaft. Harder...now suck...now breathe through your nose, I'm going down your throat."

I start to panic as his swollen dick head hits the back of my mouth, choking and gagging, but he takes his time, and works his way past my gag reflex until his cock is seated firmly in my throat and his balls are up against my face. Then he begins to slowly rape my throat, holding my head still with both hands in my hair. I move my lips against the base of his hard shaft, sucking as his motion gets faster, then he unloads. I feel his hot wet cum sliding down my throat, and he pulls out. Unbelievably, he's still hard.

"Clean me up, baby." I lick his dick clean, reluctantly, and he smiles."Good girl. Now let's see if those clamps did their job." He pulls them off, and I gasp as feeling floods back into my clit and nipples, a hot wash of sensation like I've never felt before. He notices. "Those things work great to warm up a slut who doesn't want it...okay, now for the main event."

He buries his face in my crotch, nibbling on my inner pussy lips, his tongue flicking against my wet slit, then moving up to push back my clit hood and suck on my throbbing, swollen pink pearl, biting it, drawing it into his mouth. I'm still begging him to stop, but he ignores me: I'm dripping wet, of course I don't want him to stop. He rears back a little, one hand on each of my hips, holding me still for him, then he poises his huge cock at the entrance to my cunt, and inserts just the head of it. I try to twist away from him, and as he begins to push inside me, I scream in protest.

"Please—-don't do this to me—-don't-—"

"Honey, the more you squirm the better it feels..." He slips a little more of his cock into me, slowly, an inch at a time, then in one powerful thrust he plunges into me completely, impaling me on his massive dick.

"That's it, I'm in, baby, you're raped, now relax and enjoy it, I promise, you'll like the ride. Your cunt can take it, and I'm gonna make you come, you'll see."

I scream out another protest; but he's right, my cunt's expanded to take every inch of him. "Please don't—-please, no—-please don't—-please don't—-please—-please—-"

He laughs. "See how quick that turned from 'please don't' to 'please'? Not so bad after all, is it, little fucktoy? Nice fun game of hide the salami..."

He fills me up completely, I can feel his naked cock moving in me, taut hardness sliding back and forth against the soft moist flesh of my cunt, and he can see I'm starting to like it. I can't help it: I resisted as long as I could, and now I'm being raped, and I'm actually starting to enjoy it. My breathing has turned to panting, I lift my hips to him, and he begins to plow me rhythmically.

"See? I knew you'd like it, you're a natural-born slut. Jack's a lucky man, to be able to stuff you anytime he wants. Once I'm through with you, you'll know how to please him even better. Now I'm gonna get you off so hard you'll think you died."

He withdraws a little, then almost all the way out of my aching cunt, just the knob of his dick still inside me, and I protest, eagerly lifting my hips to him again. "Fuck me...oh please...fuck me hard!"

"My pleasure, whore. And yours, too." He slams back into me again, and once he's high in the saddle he starts riding me fast and furious. All of a sudden I feel something happening, like an urgent warmth in my whole pussy area, radiating from inside me and from my clit, where his cock shaft is banging against it.

He notices. "Yeah, that's how it's supposed to happen, baby, just relax, it's okay, just let it come." I'm thrusting back against him now, delirious, my hips moving to meet his powerful plunges, feeling his cock sliding against my wet cunt walls, in and out. He scoops his hands under my shoulderblades and grabs on for the ride of my life, holding me close against his chest. He gives a final thrust and goes still and my cunt explodes into a wave of feeling that rocks my whole body, and I go rigid, and scream uncontrollably.

He's not moving now, but I can feel his dick pulsing inside me as he lets loose. He puts his hands on the top of my head and pushes himself up on my body, forcing me down on him, until he's finished pumping out his load.

He collapses on me, and the weight of him feels delicious. I'm still shuddering with the orgasm that just rocked me and melted my muscles; I can't move from the waist down.

He kisses my neck, my cheek. "That was terrific, honey. Especially for your first time coming. You're a natural. Your husband will thank me. But we're not done yet."

Still floating, I don't resist as he unties me and flips me onto my belly. "Now we're going for another first. Jack also told me you never had your pretty little ass reamed; well, here it comes. I'm gonna bust that ass cherry of yours wide open, right here, right now."

I don't even have the strength to protest or struggle as he lubes my asshole with the juices from my cunt. He kneads my ass a little with both hands, then slips a pillow under my belly to raise my hips up for him. "Just relax, baby; it'll hurt a little but once I'm in you'll be fine."

His finger circles my tight puckered opening, probing inside, then I feel his mouth on me, his tongue licking. His weight comes down on my back and I'm helpless under him. His hand guides his cock, hard again, poising it at my asshole, then gently pushing it into me. I moan and twist, trying to escape, but I can't: he's got me under him, and then his cock pops past the tight ring of muscles and slips inside my ass.

Still slowly and carefully, he works his big dick between my ass cheeks and into me, until his balls are right up against my butt and he's buried deep inside. I can't believe how it feels: full and tight. He pulls my arms behind my back and holds my wrists there with one hand, then he hits me across my ass, with his other hand, and I jump, startled. He hits me again and again, until my whole ass is stinging and hot and I shiver under each spank. His cock in my ass impales me like a log, and I can't move to avoid the blows.

"That's to teach you who's the boss, baby...man, that's some sweet, tight little ass you've got here. Come on, slut, tell me what I'm doing to you."

My face is almost buried in the pillows, but I manage to turn my head to the aide. "You're fucking my ass..."

"That's right, I'm fucking your ass, fucktoy. Your ass is mine, your cunt is mine, your mouth is mine. Okay, now you just lie still and let me do the work and ream you good."

I can't move anyway, as he begins his driving motion. He quickly twists my tiny string bikini bra around my wrists to keep my arms where they are, then slides his hands under my front, cupping my mound, and pushes three fingers into my cunt. I'm totally owned by him: my hands are tied behind my back, his cock is in my ass, his fingers are in my cunt. He's ramming into me hard and fast now, I can feel my soft, round butt cheeks push up against his strong thighs as he plows my ass.

He works my clit with his thumb, all while pounding me hard and deep. His fingers in my cunt are separated from his cock in my ass only by the thin wall of my own flesh.

"This is what women are meant for, for men to use, baby, you're just a hot little piece of slutmeat any guy would want to drill. You didn't know it could feel like this, did you..."

"No..." I gasp out as he drives my whole body deep into the mattress and pillows. "Fuck me harder...please...don't stop..."

"I'm not stopping, don't worry, I'm gonna come in your ass..."

Again I scream as I come under him, faster this time, now that I know what it feels like, and I squirm under him, lifting my ass to him like a bitch in heat. He comes in me, pinching my nipples hard, holding on to them as he rides me out, unloading into my ass.

The door opens, and someone else comes into the room. "Well," laughs a French male voice, "I see you've had an amusing afternoon's diversion, mon ami. Want to share?"

In my post-orgasmic haze I realize it's Yves, the boat's owner, and Brian grunts as he pulls out of my ass. "Plenty to go around. Let me clean her up first, though."

He lifts me off the bed and carries me to the shower, where he uses a hose spray nozzle to clean out my pussy and my ass and my mouth. Wet and dripping, he drags me back to the bed and ties my arms to the bulkhead again.

They both stand by the bed looking down at me. "Monsieur Jack will be very pleased that she's learned to come, I'm sure," says Yves. "But let me just reinforce the lesson..."

He strips off his swim trunks, revealing a cock longer than Brian's but not quite as thick. Still, he's got plenty... I hear myself moaning and lifting my hips to him, begging him to take me.

He laughs, and puts a hand over my mound. "Allons, ma petite, you want it, don't you? Well, let me stuff that pretty little con of yours..."

He's already hard, and I'm wet from the shower; he slips easily into me, stretching me out almost as much as Brian did, the tip of his prick hitting my cervix. I feel my cunt clench around his hardness, and I grind my hips against him.

"A quick learner, little Julie, aren't you? All women are sluts at heart, in their crotches, in their cunts...I knew you'd be a hot little slampig as soon as I saw you in the rental office. That's why we're going to—"

"No, don't tell her, let it be a surprise," Brian says from where he's standing watching, and Yves laughs and nods. He fucks me expertly, and I come all over again, trembling and gasping, lying naked and exhausted where he leaves me.

"I've got an idea," Brian says. He pulls me up off the bed, not untying my wrists, and flips me over onto my belly again. Then he slides under me, fitting his cock into my cunt and raising my ass in the air, hooking his feet over my ankles and spreading my legs apart.

Yves gets on the bed, kneeling, and grabs Jack's belt from the chair where he left his clothes. I gasp and my whole body jerks on Brian's cock as the belt snaps on my ass cheeks. Brian's arms are gripping me tight against him as Yves whips me with the belt across my ass, my back, the back of my thighs, forcing Brian's cock deeper into me. It hurts like hell, much more than Brian's earlier spanking, but soon I lose count of the blows after ten, and the pain of the thick leather strap snapping on my flesh blends together into a hot stinging glow.

Then, holding my hips, Yves rams his dick into my well-lubed asshole. I almost pass out at the feeling: two cocks deep inside me, Brian with his tongue in my mouth and his fingers twisting my nipples. Hanging onto my shoulders, Yves begins thrusting, and so does Brian.

Caught between them, I can't move, so they do all the moving: Brian pushes up, Yves pushes forward. "Ah, tres bien," Yves yells. "She is one fine piece of ass! Come on now, slut, come for us!"

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