Sex Prison


Author's Note: This is the first part in what I'm hoping will be a longer series taking place in the same prison. Most parts will be longer and more extensive than this one; think of this as a prologue and tell me if you want me to continue.

The alarm rang at 6AM as it always did. Before becoming an inmate, I was never a morning person, but the prison had changed me- at least every other day.

The metal chains that bound me spread-eagle to my top bunk receded, as they always did, at exactly 6AM. I stretched my arms and legs, still slightly sore from the relentless pounding from the phalluses at the foot of my bed- one for my pussy, and one for my ass. I had gotten used to them slightly since entering the prison, but every night on the top bunk, they pounded just a little harder, just a little deeper, and the dildos were just a little thicker and longer. Some of the girls who had been here longer were consistently fucked by dildos roughly the size and length of the guards' forearms.

The little vibrator on my clit, which had been buzzing nonstop since 6:30 the previous morning, started to die down a little. This was the cue to wake my roommate; if I did not succeed in doing so, I would be forced to endure the same torture for another 24 hours.

I slowly climbed down the stairs to the bottom bunk to find my roommate still asleep. She was a heavy sleeper; no matter how loud the alarm was, she was always back to sleep within seconds. At first this presented a significant challenge, but after all this time in the prison, I had gotten to know her, and know what worked to wake her up.

The first thing I did was take advantage of her slothfulness and drag her out of bed and into the top bunk. Being a foot shorter and at least twenty-five pounds lighter than me, she was easy to lift. By the time she started to come to and squirm, I already had her arms and legs stretched out, and pressed the button on the side of the bed for the cuffs to reappear, binding her completely.

Next came her clit. In order to release my vibrator, I needed her clit to reach a significant diameter, large enough to attach my buzzer- now hers- and leave her to relentless stimulation for the rest of the day. In the earlier days, I was reluctant to touch her too much- aside from being born straight, I didn't want to hurt her- but the weeks and months in the prison changed me- when it came down to it every morning, it was her or me, and this time, it would be her.

I slowly lowered my tongue to her clit and began to flick it back and forth. She moaned, neither awake nor asleep, and tried to squirm away. That was a non-starter; I reached my left hand up to the space between her hips and held her down, keeping her in the same spot. With my right hand, I began to rub her g-spot, not yet enough for her to cum, and the juices started to flow. A measuring ruler sat on the bedpost, and I held it up to measure the diameter of her clit. 2.6 millimeters- only a fraction of a millimeter larger than normal.

Damn, I thought. She's being stubborn today.

I began licking her furiously, fucking her with one, then two, and finally three fingers. She moaned louder, starting to shake, and tried to buck her hips to get away from me.

"Ready to wake up?" I murmured.

"Fuck you!" she answered. I smirked.

"Such a shame. And I was considering giving you a break for once."

She looked up at me. "You were?"

"Nope. But now that you're awake..."

Without giving her a chance to argue, I forced my entire hand into her unyielding cunt. She screamed, but she had been stretched significantly over the past few weeks, and her bucking against my hand only succeeded in making her more aroused. I slapped at her clit with my ruler and held it up again. 4.5 millimeters. Bingo.

"About time," I told her with a smile. "But just so you don't think I'd leave you hanging..."

I pressed down on her clit, hard, in a way that I knew would force her over the edge, and just before she came, I pressed the buzzer on the bed and my (our) vibrator released itself from my clit, and I latched it onto hers. I quickly moved out of the way as the dildos came back and immediately penetrated her. Yawning, I walked toward the door of the cell and waited for it to open, as it always did.

6:15. Time for breakfast.

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by ptebaden09/03/17

Faster than light

If this continued, I would know if it is worthwhile but with what little I could see there is not much to say

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