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Sex Slave For The Summer


My most memorable sexual experience happened when I was just out of high school and spending summer with some of my friends camping. Most of us were going to different colleges, and we knew that summer would be the last time we would see each other for years to come. Perhaps that's why my friends did what they did.

All throughout high school I had a sexual fantasy that I had shared with only my four closest friends. It was a totally bizarre fantasy about being abducted by a woman or group of women and turned into their slave. In this fantasy I would be kept naked at all times and kept in a state of sexual tension and not allowed to masturbate. I'd be forced to service them sexually, and I'd be punished with whippings and spankings whether I was obedient or not. Sometimes in these fantasies I'd be the only slave there. Sometimes I'd be one slave among many.

After years of hearing these stories, apparently my friends all got together and decided that Summer to turn my fantasies into a reality. Kimberly's mom had a cabin out in the woods of West Virginia, about twenty miles from the nearest town. We took two jeeps up there with about enough supplies for six weeks. Amy was driving one of the jeeps and Laura and I were riding up front with her. About eight miles from the camp Amy stopped and told me to get out.

I asked her what was wrong and she just repeated the command again. When I still refused to get out of the vehicle, Amy informed me that I was going to be her slave for the rest of the summer and I was getting off to a bad start by being disobedient. She informed me, in no uncertain terms that I was already due to be punished for my disobedience, however the longer I argued with her the worse my punishment was going to be.

The tone of her voice told me she was serious, and Laura made it clear that she and Amy were in this together. I was twelve miles from the nearest town or road, and the sun was going down in about an hour. Since it was Amy's jeep and the only form of transportation (Cheryl's jeep was now about a mile ahead of us) it wasn't like I had much choice, but to do what she said.

After I got out of the jeep, Amy and Laura followed and stood on either side of me. At this point I think it was Laura who ordered me to strip.


"You heard me. You're going to spend this entire summer as a naked slave, and I suggest you take your clothes off now, or else we're going to take them off for you!"

I don't know what possessed me, but at that point I tried running back towards town. It was twelve miles away and I didn't have much money, AND this was the sexual fantasy I had been dreaming about for years, but I ran anyway. Maybe I wanted them to chase me. Maybe I wanted them to catch me and drag me back by force. I'm not sure what I wanted, but whatever my reasons, they did catch me and they did drag me back by force.

Amy and Laura threw me down on the ground and while I was laying face-down in the grass Laura pulled my t-shirt off and used it to help bind my arms in front of me. Amy then used her knife to cut the straps of my bra and then my bra was thrown into the woods. My two friends then rolled me over onto my back. Amy took off my shoes and socks and then unbuckled my belt. I was fascinated by the fact that my pussy was now soaking wet as Amy unzipped my jeans and pulled them down my legs. Amy felt my pussy through my panties before she pulled those off as well. She noted how wet my pussy was and I tried to grind my pelvis against her hand, but it was not to be.

"Oh no you don't, Slave! You are not allowed to come without permission!" With that she grabbed my panties in both hands and yanked them off. Now totally naked, Laura stood me up and my hands were tied behind me with nylon cord. My clothes were loaded into the back of the jeep and I was helped back into my seat between Amy and Laura. I was ordered not to speak unless spoken to and the rest of the trip was passed in silence. Laura kept her left hand on my slender thighs and the way she kept feeling me up was making me even more and more aroused.

I think I had an idea that when we got to the cabin, Kimberly and Cheryl would demand that I be released that I be released and that would be the end of my enslavement. Boy, was I ever wrong about that! Laura helped me out of the jeep when we arrived and I stood there naked, barefoot and bound while Cheryl and Kimberly came out of the cabin. Laura held onto my right arm and walked me over to my friends. Before I could say anything Cheryl kissed me full on the mouth and said "Valerie, You're gorgeous!" I was kissed deeply again and again. Then Cheryl began to nuzzle my neck while holding me close. There were tears running down my face as I realized the hopelessness of my situation and yet I was more aroused then I had ever been before. While Cheryl continued to apply her lips and tongue to my earlobe, neck and lips she allowed her hands to wander across my vulnerable breasts, belly and crotch. To my embarrassment she announced to everyone that my pussy was sopping wet.

"I guess we made the right decision then." announced Kimberly. "Amy, I think it's time to set down the ground rules, don't you?"

Amy then informed me of the terms of my captivity. I was to be kept naked until August the 28th. I was not allowed to masturbate. My pubic area was to be kept clean shaven at all times. I was never allowed to cross my legs or to allow my thighs to touch. 1 was to sleep on the floor unless one of the girls invited into her bed for the night. I was to have sex with any of the girls whenever ordered to do so (which turned out to be often), I was only to speak when spoken to and I was always to use a respectful tone of voice, I was to refer to all four of my friends as "Mistress" and I was to be tied up or doing manual labor whenever I wasn't having sex. Violating any of the rules was grounds for punishment. My punishments usually consisted of a spanking or a whipping.

Because I had tried to escape and refused to strip for Amy and Laura I was sentenced to a whipping after Cheryl was done groping me. I was led to stand between two trees and my arms and legs were tied well apart, so I was standing in an X position. As my legs were so far apart it was easy to see how plump and swollen the lips of my labia were. With my arms well over my head my breasts also stuck out high and proud. I felt more exposed then I had ever felt before in my life. And yet as scared as I was, I was actually looking forward to my first whipping! Amy and Cheryl produced the necessary tools to shave my pubic area. First Amy cut off the bulk of my pubic hair with a pair of scissors. Then they both used safety razors, shaving cream and hot water to shave off the scant hair I had left covering my pubic mound. When my pussy was completely naked, Cheryl made certain to wipe all the shaving cream from my crotch. Naturally she took the opportunity to feel me up and rub her fingers across my clit and pubic lips. I was about three seconds from coming when she withdrew her hand and left me insane with arousal.

I began struggling against my ropes before the whipping even began. Amy had taken up position behind me with a long, leather belt without me noticing. Her first blow hit me across both ass-cheeks and stung less than I thought it would. I looked over my shoulder and watched as my friend continued to whip me. She lashed my left buttock, then my right, then the back of my left thigh, then my right. She had a pattern. Each lash seemed to sting more than the last until finally I broke out into tears and wept shamelessly. Amy informed me that I had received a total of forty strokes and that from now on this would be the standard number for all my whippings. I barely heard her. My whole backside was an angry pink color and it stung worse than I thought possible. In addition I was still aroused to the point of total erotic frustration.

Laura and Cheryl untied me, however I was warned not to masturbate no matter how aroused I became. With that warning my friends put me to work unloading the suitcases and other luggage from the jeeps. My luggage and all my clothes were locked up so that I wouldn't be tempted to try and wear clothes during my time as a slave. The sun had gone down by the time I was done with my labors and I was exhausted, horny and emotionally drained. Luckily Cheryl took pity on me that night and she took me by the hand and led me to her room. Once there I was made to undress her. She had me do it properly, folding each item neatly after I stripped it off of her and placed it at the foot of the bed so that I could do her laundry the next day. Once Cheryl was naked she quite simply raped me. She threw me down on the bed and pinned me underneath her. She gagged my mouth with her tongue and kissed me over and over again. She nibbled on my earlobe and my throat, leaving a severe hickey. She had me arch my back and stick my breasts out as far as humanly possible so that she could kiss them, suck on them and even bite my nipples. Then she jammed her fingers into my crotch. First one. Then two. Then three. Then all four at once. I was so aroused that I came after her first finger was inserted. However Cheryl just kept on going. She used her fingers and her tongue to bring me to two or three orgasms that night. She then rubbed her own hot, swollen sex against my thigh while I was pinned underneath of her. She was incredible. Her skin was so soft and warm and smooth against mine. I found myself wondering why we had never done this before. Then after she had reached her first orgasm of the night she instructed me to take control and seduce her exactly as she had done to me.

I was slow to take the dominant role, but gradually I got more and more into it. She tasted delicious as I kissed her lips and nibbled on her skin. And as I bit her nipples she actually urged me on, telling me to bite harder and harder and harder. It was a night of feverish, frenzied, passionate love-making and a lot of the details are still a blur. However I feel asleep with Cheryl's soft, warm, young body in my arms and when I awoke she was nuzzling my neck again, lying on top of me with her breasts pressed against mine.

The next twelve weeks were like that. Unless I was being punished I spent the night in one of my "mistress's" beds and satisfied them sexually. If I was being punished I would be handcuffed and made to sleep on the kitchen floor. I was made to do all the household labors, such as scrubbing the tub, washing and drying the other girl's clothes and washing and drying all the dishes. Even when I was good Amy still enjoyed giving me an over the knee spanking or even just a playful swat on the behind. After the fourth week she put me on an exercise regime that involved some equestrian equipment she had brought along.

First she would dress up in tight, spandex riding pants and riding boots and one of her silk shirts. Then she dressed me. First she laced me into these special black, leather boots that had treads and soles like running shoes. Then she strapped my arms behind me with black, leather straps that buckled in the back. These effectively bound my left wrist to my right elbow and my right wrist to my left elbow. Next she fit a specially designed bit into my mouth which kept me from talking. This was hooked up to a series of leather straps. One buckled at the back of my head and there were others that supported blinders that cut off my peripheral vision.

Once I was outfitted thus she would pick up her riding crop and give me a small head start. From there I was to run down the path from the cabin down towards a large clearing near the lake. Once I reached the clearing I was to turn around and run back towards the cabin. Now, it's about three miles from the cabin to that clearing, and I had my arms bound behind me, so it was a difficult run. However I learned to run as quickly as possible and not slow down for any reason. The reason for this is simple. If Amy ever caught up with me she would swat me on my bare ass with her riding crop. The riding crop stung at least twice as much as the belt and even after 3 or four swats the pain began to cause tears to well up in my eyes. When we first began my "equestrian training" I would end up with 13 or 14 marks on my bottom by the time we got back to the cabin. By the end of the summer, Amy was lucky to get in one good lick on my bottom.

When I wasn't being worked or punished or exercised or in somebody's bed, Amy would tie me up. Usually Amy would simply take me out front and stand me between the two trees where I received my first whipping. Naturally I had to stand spread-eagled and my legs were so far apart I'd become achingly aware of my exposed pussy. Amy told the other girls that no one was to talk to me while I was tied like this. I was just supposed to contemplate my helplessness and as each hour went with no human contact by I'd remember menial labor and barked orders fondly. However when Amy wasn't around, Kimberly would often come around and talk to me. Actually, while we did talk, she spent most of her time kissing me deeply, fondling my breasts, fingering my pussy and nuzzling my neck and face. This gentle treatment was somewhat out of line of the type of training Amy had in mind for me.

At night I almost never got called into Laura's bedroom. However Amy, Cheryl and Kimberly practically fought over me. All three girls were very attractive. However all three girls were very different in bed. With Amy there was very minimal foreplay. I would kiss her on the lips and use my mouth on her breasts and nipples before she had me kneel down and eat her pussy. She wasn't much into style or atmosphere or mood, she just wanted to come. Afterwards she would tie me spread-eagle to her bed and sleep on top of me. Usually she would straddle my left leg with the both of hers and wrap her arms around my neck. In this position her breasts would usually be pressed against mine. Such intimate contact kept me sexually aroused all night long. In addition if she were to wake up during the night she would stick two or three fingers in my cunt, causing me to moan. It was hard to get any sleep in Amy's bed, because I was so damn horny! I couldn't even close my legs, since my ankles were tied so far apart!

With Cheryl there was always a lot more ritual involved. I would have to enter her room at exactly eight o'clock. The room would be lit by candle-light only and Cheryl looked even more erotic and mysterious the way the light and shadow played across her beautiful body. I would have to stand at "attention" for her. This meant I had to stand with my legs far apart, my hands behind my neck, my elbows back, my spine straight, my tummy sucked in (although my tummy is already flat to begin with), my chin up, my breasts thrust out and my mouth slightly open. After I'd entered the room, Cheryl would attach a shackle to my left ankle. This shackle was attached to a 8-foot long chain, and the chain was attached to the foot of her bed with another shackle. Once I was "captured" Cheryl would examine me as if I were being purchased at a slave auction. She would force my mouth open and examine my teeth and my tongue. She would force my pussy open and examine it's inner folds as well as the clit. She would also force my anus open and sometimes force a greased dildo inside of me. I was to remain absolutely still during these examinations, which was very difficult. Often by the end of such a ritual I would be breathing heavily, with tears running down my face. I would also be close to orgasm. However instead of granting me relief, Cheryl would then proceed to run her hands all over me; squeezing and massaging my tender ass cheeks, fondling my thighs and calves, cupping my breasts and occasionally pinching my nipples. She would also run her hands across my belly and rib cage and she would occasionally comment on much money I would fetch on the open market. When she began to kiss me I was still supposed to hold position. This was very difficult as my tongue is like a large clit and when Cheryl massages my tongue with hers It's almost impossible not to come. While kissing me, Cheryl would run her hands across my face, through my hair, across my back and over my sore ass. This would go on for five minutes or more and I would be out of breath and panting by the time Cheryl finished. Finally I would be allowed to break position so that I could undress Cheryl. This was easy as, on these evenings Cheryl would only be wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Once she was naked I would proceed to kiss her on the mouth, neck and breasts. I would also suck her nipples until she told me to stop. At that point I was to get down on my knees (but with knees well apart) and using my tongue and my fingers I was work on her pussy tenderly, and bring her to orgasm. Once she had orgasmed, she would yank me to my feet, by grabbing my long, dark hair and pulling me up. Then with a swat on my bottom she would order me to bed. The best part of course would come when Cheryl would climb on top of me in a sixty-nine position and eat my pussy while I'd eat hers for the second time that evening. Sometimes we would fall asleep that way, with Cheryl face over my crotch and Cheryl's cunt and ass over my face. However sometimes she would get off me so that she could hold me close in her arms, with our breasts touching and her face nuzzling my neck.

Kimberly was easily the most gentle and affectionate of all. She would strip as soon as she got me into her room. She would take me into her arms and run her hands all over my back, shoulders, buttocks, neck and face. It was almost as if she were a blind person using her hands to read braille. She would kiss me, soft and passionately for almost half an hour before moving on to other things. Naturally these were deep, probing kisses with lots of tongue. She would hold me close and rest her head on my shoulder, pressing her young, firm breasts close to mine. She would nuzzle my neck and nibble on my earlobe. She would kiss my breasts and lick my nipples until they stood up like pencil erasers. She would lay me down on her bad and spread my legs wide. However instead of going directly for my pussy, she would lick my belly, just slightly above my pussy lips. Then she would lick the insides of my thighs, getting closer and closer to my wet, aching pussy, but not touching it. I don't know how long she would keep this up, but it seemed to last for hours! After I had come (moaning and gasping and screaming and pounding the mattress with my fists) Kimberly would sit her gorgeous body down in a chair and spread her legs wide with one (or sometimes both) of her feet on the arm rests. I would then get down on my hands and knees and tease her clitoris with my lips and tongue. Despite my skill at cunnilingus, Kimberly would be constantly giving me verbal instructions "Slower, slower, softer, not so deep,

faster now, stop for a minute, okay..get back to it now" etc... Kimberly's orgasms were powerful but not nearly so loud as mine. She would buck her hips and arch her back and pant heavily as if she had just run

a three minute mile, however no screaming. Sometimes instead of laying me on the bed, she would hold me close while inserting two or three fingers in my pussy. She would gently stroke the inside of my cunt at first, until I was panting uncontrollably, and then she would stroke harder and harder until my whole body shook with a powerful, mind-blowing orgasm. After such an orgasm I would collapse against her and she would have to hold me tight to keep me from falling to the floor. After sex she would allow me to sleep in her bed and she would usually hold me in her arms (or at the very least hold my hand) while we drifted off to sleep. While we would lie there Kimberly would tell me how sexy I was and how much she loved the feel and shape and look and even the smell of my body. She must have whispered a hundred times " I love you. " And I always whispered back " I love you too. " And I really meant it, too.

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