tagLoving WivesSex Slave Wife Ch. 1

Sex Slave Wife Ch. 1


My wife and I have been married 14 years and after 2 kids, she is in fabulous shape. She worries constantly about her figure which is a stunning 36-24-36 with larger than average breasts. She has long blond hair, which compliments her 5'10" frame. She grew up quite conservative and had never had sex before we were married. In fact the most she had ever done was some heavy kissing, never allowing any of her boyfriends to touch her. She enjoys sex but is not very creative. Anything different is initiated by myself, and quite often these new ideas seem unusual and dirty to her. She is very uncomfortable doing anything that seems kinky. This brings me to her sexual awakening.

I had been in business for a few years with a friend of mine who had served for many years in the military. Needless to say he had enjoyed his stays in various ports of call and had often related to me things that he had done that I had never even imagined. I often fantasized about what it would be like to see my innocent wife performing such lewd acts on men and women. My wife had met Jim on various occasions and thought he was quite a nice guy. She had no idea of his past nor could she even imagine the things he had done because of her naive past. She hadn't even seen another naked man.

Jim and I had both come into our business as equal partners, putting up equal amounts of money to get the business going. Unfortunately, things had not gone as well as we had hoped in the speed of turning a profit. This necessitated both of us investing more money in our upstart venture. I knew there was great potential with what we were doing; it was just going to take time. We soon discovered we needed another $20,000 to fulfill a contract we had coming in. For Jim this was no problem. He had a nice retirement and savings from the military and quickly came up with his share. I on the other hand could not. Nicky and I discussed at quite some length my disappointment in not fulfilling my share. After exhausting all possibilities, Nicky thought I ought to just ask Jim to float me until I could pay him back.

I talked to Jim the next morning and he told me it wouldn't be a problem. He only asked one thing. With a little smirk on his face he told me he wanted to have sex with Nicky. I laughed and said, "yea, right."

"No, I'm serious," he said. I sat there in stunned anger rising in me yet at the same time, with a little bit of jealous excitement in my gut. "You know we agreed to split everything in this business in order for it to grow," he said, "and we agreed if we couldn't, then the business would fold." I still vaguely thought he was kidding but started to realize he was serious. Even if I agreed, I knew Nicky would never go for something like what he proposed. "There is no way," I told him. "It's all in the way you present it," he said. I knew there was nowhere else to get the money so I sat down and listened to what he had to say. I knew that I was fairly safe because I was positive Nicky would never agree to anything like this.

He said that not only did he want to have sex with her, but that she was to do anything he asked for an entire evening. She was to be his sex slave for a night. He knew what he liked from past experience and he also knew how to please a woman. "She might not like it at first," he said, "but she will be into it by the time the night is over." He said I could come and watch but was not to interfere once we arrived. "I promise I won't hurt her, but the minute you step in and stop anything I'm doing, the deal is off and we are out of business." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was surprised that I was more excited then I was angry. My mind was filled with images of Nicky performing things on Jim that she had never agreed to do with me. Yet I knew there was no way she was going to agree to anything like this when she had only given me 1 blow job and found it so disgusting, she never would do it again.

I left our office in a dazed stupor and headed home for the weekend. I had an entire week to try and convince her because I was to deliver her to Jim's house the next Friday if the deal was to work. I walked in the front door and my wife immediately asked me how it went with Jim. "Well, he did say he would loan us the money," I said. Nicky hugged me and said, "I knew he would, he is such a nice guy." I half-heartedly returned her hug and said, "Well there are a couple of stipulations." Nicky looked up at me and said, "Like what?"

"He wants us, well, mainly you, to come to a party next week at his house."

"Sounds fun to me," she said with such an innocent grin on her face. I decided not to string this out and made my attempt to paint the whole picture for her; as best I could.

"Let's go sit down in the living room and talk," I said as I took her hand and led her into the room. She could tell something was up by the look on my face. "He wants us to come over next Friday and see how far he can go with you." I could tell she wasn't getting it at first. "What do you mean?"

"Nicky, he wants to see if he can kiss you." I decided to start small and build up. "Why on earth would he want to kiss me?" she asked with an inquisitive look on her face. "He thinks you are good looking and would like to know what it would be like to kiss and fondle you"

"What do you mean fondle me?" she asked with a high pitch to her voice. She was now thinking I was kidding her. "I'm serious honey. He said that was the only way he would loan us the money." She pushed my arm off her shoulder and asked, "So you expect me to let him touch me in order to loan us $10,000?" She looked at me in stunned belief and then headed upstairs without saying a word. I sat there in the living room for a couple of hours wondering how I had come to such a situation.

The creaking of the stairs awakened me from my meditation as my wife rounded the corner and sat next to me on the couch. "Do you really want me to do this?" she asked. "Honey, I don't see any other way." I said as she took my hand in hers. She looked at me and said, "Honey, lets go to the party and I think I'll be able to talk to Jim and talk him out of it." I shook my head and finished the rest of the story, "Nicky, you don't understand completely. He wants us to show up and for you to do everything he wants you to do without question. If I step in or if you don't do what he wants, the deal is off, we leave, and are out of business. So if you were going to go, you need to do what ever he asks." She sat there thinking for a minute and said, "Let's go and see what happens." Once again that strange gnawing returned to my stomach and I found myself with an immediate hard-on. At last her innocence was coming in handy. She agreed to go because she had no idea of what the possibilities were with someone who had had as much fun as Jim.

The week passed slowly and I avoided intimate contact with her in order to build up her sexual appetite. Friday soon arrived and she prepared herself by wearing the sexiest thing I could find to buy her. She was quite hesitant as she put on her garters and push up bra, neither of which she had ever worn before. We pulled up in front of Jim's house and I told her again what the rules were and what the consequences would be if she didn't go through with it. I had told her numerous times that week how much the business meant to me and what it would mean for our financial well-being. I gave her a final chance to back out and with no word of not going forward, we headed up to the door. I think in the back of her mind she still thought that Jim would never do what he was asking. She felt that no one would ask such things of a married woman. Here she sat worried about kissing and fondling when little did she know of what Jim was capable of. And for that matter, neither did I.

We knocked on the door and Jim quickly answered. "I'm glad to see you both here. I trust your husband told you what the rules were?" My wife shook her head yes in disbelief of the new Jim she was seeing. He put his arm around Nicky and ignored me as he led her into the den. He offered her a drink, which she took. I was surprised because she hadn't had a drink in years. We all sat down and finished our drinks in silence. Jim stood and said, "Enough of the pleasantries, lets have some fun." He walked over to the stereo and turned on a slow song. He then went over to Nicky and offered her his hand. They slowly went to the center of the room and started in a slow circle. At first he was quite the gentleman, but soon started to lower his hands onto her ass. I could see her stiffen up as his hands kneaded her tight little ass. Instantly I felt like I would explode as my cock swelled against my pants. The song ended and Nicky made an attempt to sit back down. Jim held he tight, "Where you going? There are plenty more songs and a hole evening to enjoy." The next song started and he became more bold. They continued to dance in a circle as he slowly undid the buttons on the back of her dress. Once again she tensed up but made no effort to stop his advances. Once the buttons were all undone he stopped the circling and let me see that the back of her dress was completely open. He then rubbed his hand over her panty-clad bottom, squeezing and pinching, occasionally hard enough to cause a cry to come from my wife. He then reached up and undid her bra, causing her arms to close tighter to her chest to protect what no other man had ever seen before.

When the song ended he led Nicky over to the couch and sat down while leaving her standing. "Take off your dress for me," he said with a visible bulge in the crotch of his pants. She just stood there. "You know the rules Nicky, no hesitation or your husband loses his business." She reached up and pulled the dress off her shoulders. She had both arms out of the sleeves but held it firmly to her chest. My heart was pounding as the excitement I felt surprised me. Here was my prudent wife standing in front of a man she only slightly knew, ready to show him her breasts. Slowly the dress and bra fell to the floor revealing her d cup breasts with her nipples fully erect. "You are more beautiful than I had imagined Nicky," said Jim as he slowly stroked the bulged in his pants. "You can't imagine how many times I have masturbated dreaming of a moment like this with you. I have had girl friends, strangers, prostitutes, yet never such an innocent woman as yourself who was willing to do what ever I asked." He just sat there and let her squirm. She half-heartedly tried to cover her breasts but he reached forward and held her arms at her side. He pulled down on her arms and said, "Kneel down." She quickly knelt and looked at him massaging his cock through his pants. Nicky had caught me masturbating once and had seemed shocked and disgusted that I would do such a thing. Now she knelt inches from a friend while she watched bear-breasted, dressed only in garters, white hose, crotch less panties and high heels.

Jim reached up and undid his pants and in one quick motion, pushed them past his knees. "Nicky, I want you to give me a blow job." Her eyes became wide as she stared at him in disbelief. "You know what a blow job is don't you?" Nicky shook her head yes and without touching him, started to kiss his legs. After a few minutes Jim took her head in his hands, looked her in the eye, and asked, "What are you doing? Take my cock in your mouth and suck on it." When she had given me my only blowjob, she had licked around the base a little, took it into her mouth for a second and then quit. She had no idea of what to do. She looked up at him and said, "I'm trying to please you." She said. He took his cock in his hand and told her, "Well obviously your husband has never taught you how to please a man. You will learn tonight." With one hand on his cock and the other on the back of her head he continued with his instruction. "Now open your mouth. No wider. That's it, now try and relax as I introduce you to real sex." He then used his hand on the back of her head to push her mouth onto his cock. She began to gag and he told he to relax. "Now suck on it like a lollipop." She closed her lips around his shaft and began to suck, occasionally gagging. He let her go at her own rhythm for a few minutes and then once again used his hand and started to fuck her face. She continued to gag as he held her head firmly and pushed deeper into her throat. Finally the gagging became constant and he asked her what was wrong.

"I just can't do it she cried. It is not natural. I am trying but I am not used to doing this." He pulled her to her feet and left the room. She just stood there naked and I sat on my chair the most excited I had ever been in my life. Jim returned to the room with a small table with straps on each leg. "Okay, I'm going to make it easy on you. Lie on this table on you back." She got up on it and laid back. He pushed her back until her head was hanging over the edge. He then took each wrist and ankle and fastened them into the Velcro straps. "Please don't hurt me," she said as he secured her firmly to the table, which caused her breasts to jut provocatively upward. He circled the table like a lion over its prey and started to squeeze each nipple, roughly pulling on her breasts. She began to cry out and I stood up to voice my concern. "Sit down Mike or you might blow the deal. I told you I wouldn't hurt her." With that I sat back down red faced and excited. Here was Jim doing things to my wife that I had only dreamed about. After pinching her nipples until they were rock hard, he opened a drawer and pulled out some small clamps, which were attached to wires coming from the drawer. Nicky's eyes went wide as he attached the clamps and walked to the head of the table with a small remote in his hand. "Nicky, I promise this won't hurt a bit. Tilt your head back and in this position your body is positioned to allow my cock to go down your throat. Just relax and it will feel much better. To help you take you mind off what you are doing with your mouth, I have small batteries hooked up to your nipples and as you begin to gag, I will give you a shock. I have found that this increases your pleasure and mine."

With that he had her open her mouth and pushed in his 8-inch cock. He started slow but soon picked up the rhythm. She gagged a lot less but as he pushed the full length into her mouth she did tense up. Immediately he pushed a small button and she jumped on the table. He nipples were hard before but now they stood up more then I had ever seen. He turned the power off and on for a while and each time she would arc her back allowing him further access to her mouth. As he grew close to coming he left the switch on and set the remote to the side. He then reached down and roughly grabbed her breasts and used the leverage to push all the way in. Her eyes were wide as she bucked against the restraints. "Nicky, I'm going to come in your mouth so just let the cum slide down your throat." He was breathing heavy now and was really getting into fucking my wife's mouth. Her breasts were really flying from side to side as he continued to pound her face. His balls slapped her forehead. Soon he flexed and spewed his seed into her mouth and down her throat. He came for a good 30 seconds. He held her firmly to enjoy the full extent of the pleasure she was giving him. His cock was buried to the hilt in her mouth as she fought for air. Slowly he pulled out of her mouth and turned off the switch.

Nicky just lay there breathing heavy with red breasts and cum dripping from her mouth. I looked down and had come in my pants just watching the scene unfold before me. Jim walked to the side of the table and unhooked the clamps and put each nipple into his mouth. He sucked on each one, pulled up, extending her breast and then let them pop out of his mouth. Each time she winced and flinched. I could tell though that she was spent and noticed for the first time that between her legs a small wet spot could be seen on the table. He walked to the foot of the table and commented on how it looked like she had been enjoying this as much as him. He then looked over at me and said it looked like I had enjoyed it to judging from the wet spot in the front of my pants. Jim patted my wife on her belly and said he needed to get a drink because the fun was just beginning.

To be continued...

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