tagFirst TimeSex, Step By Step

Sex, Step By Step


Jenny and I have been dating for a little over a year. Now we're both seniors in high school, both have turned eighteen and we're just a couple weeks from graduating. I think she's the greatest girl in the world. I even told her I'd marry her right now because I know that I can never find anyone better in the whole world. Except I love her too much to marry her now because she'd end up married to a second rate auto mechanic and she deserves a lot better than that. We both need to go to college and prepare ourselves for a good life.

To begin with, she's gorgeous. Blonde, blue eyed. Hair slightly curly and cut fairly short so it's easy to deal with. Cute face, lovely smile. A killer body. She's about five feet nine inches tall, slim but with all the curves a female can want. Not unbelievably huge boobs but plenty for her shape. Almost no waist, great hips, perfect shapely legs. And on top of it, she's just plain nice. Good. You might think she'd be a cheerleader but she's actually the one cheerleaders cheer for. She's the play-making, star mid-fielder on the girls soccer team and the center fielder, great with a bat, on the softball team.

I'm always amazed that she's dating me. I'm six foot three, black hair, weigh about 210 pounds. Kind of hairy, on my chest, some on my legs and arms, even a little on my back. Gonna get worse as I get older from what I've heard. I'm a linebacker on the football team but if I want to get a college scholarship and play the same position I'll have to gain about 30 or 40 pounds because I'm actually sort of skinny. No fat at all and plenty strong but not big and heavy. I don't really want to get fat so I think I'll pass on college ball. I've worked in a garage for several years, really understand cars. It's been a good source of income but I don't want to do it the rest of my life. I mean I'm earning as much now as guys fifty years old, it's a dead end unless I open my own garage or garages. I'd rather get a degree and design cars.

After a year of dating, we've got fairly involved with each other. Lots of kissing of course, moving on to feeling each other a little. I've never got to her bare breasts or pussy but I've felt them through her clothes. She's felt me all over, even my very hard cock but just through my pants, never bare. I'm sure we both want more. I don't want to push too hard and lose her. Maybe she feels the same but since it seems like it's up to the guy to make the moves, I can't be sure how horny she gets.

Well, I found out how horny she gets. I have an older Ford 150 pick up, bench seat. So it's a nice place to make out with her. Lots of room, nothing much in the way. We're in there, kissing and doing a little feeling. It's pretty steamy but then it usually is. Then Jenny says, "Do you ever think of oral sex?"

"Well, yeah," I say, my arms around her. We're almost laying down on the seat. "I've watched on the 'net and all."

We kiss again, her tongue pushes into my mouth. Then she pulls back a little and says, softly, "Could you do that? I mean with me."

"Jenny, I want to do everything with you. Yes, I definitely would. Want to even, I might not know exactly what to do but I think I could figure it out."

"So if I did it to you, you would do it to me?"

"Oral sex, you mean my, uh, cock in your, uh, mouth?"

"Yeah, if I did that for you, would you then do me?"

"The short answer is yes, I'd love to. But don't do anything just for me, only do what you want to do. I mean, I want to taste you. I'm sure you would like it and I want that but I'd be doing it because I want to."

She's moved her hand and is unzipping my fly. "Oh I want to. I've watched it over and over on the 'net and I want to so much I can hardly stand it. Besides there's no risk of pregnancy and I'm sure neither of us has a disease. I don't know how either so tell me if there's anything you want that I'm not doing." She almost pops the button off the top of my fly, getting it open and pushing my pants and underwear down. In no time, her hand is wrapped around my bare cock.

"Oh, my God, you're so big. I never thought about it being this big. I wish it was daytime and I could see you better."

I can feel her hand wrapped around my cock, squeezing me. "It's so solid. And warm. I never thought about it but it's alive isn't it?"

I think I just moan, not even answering what really isn't a question anyway. She shifts around a lot. It's dark and I'm now laying on my back, my knees up so I can fit on the seat, my jeans and underwear down around my ankles. Then I feel it, A little wet but very different from anything I've ever felt before. Her lips are around the head of my cock and her tongue is licking me.

The feeling stops for a moment. "This is so sexy," she says. "Do I just lick it and suck on it?" Her lips are around me again before I can answer.

"I guess, I've never had this done before but whatever you're doing is fantastic. I probably won't last long."

I can feel her taking more of me into her mouth, her tongue working inside her mouth. I can even hear some slurps. Then a few seconds later her mouth leaves me again. "Won't last long? You mean cum?"

"Well, yeah."

"Oh," she says, then gets her mouth around me and starts sucking and licking, her mouth moving up and down on me. Then off again. "What do I do when you cum?" Then she's sucking me again. I think she truly does like this.

"I don't know. What do you want to do? From reading, I guess you can just swallow it and keep on sucking me for awhile. But if you don't want to, I guess you just pull off and let it shoot out wherever."

She says something but with my cock filling her mouth, I don't know what it is. With a slurp she pulls loose again and says, "That'd be messy," and quickly gets her mouth around me again and continues sucking and licking and moving her mouth on me.

I've never felt anything as sexy in my life. After only a couple minutes, I can feel that I'm going to cum soon so I say, "I'm gonna cum." I can hear some sort of noise from her but her mouth is still full of my cock and she's slurping and sucking on me like she really likes it and I can feel it cumming up my shaft and shoot a glob out into her mouth. There's a noise, sort of a surprised "lumph" or something and her lips start pulling on my cock and I shoot out three or four more times before I can feel I'm done. "I think that's it," I say.

She actually goes up and down a couple times then gets her head loose although she still has and always had, a couple fingers holding on to the base of my cock. "It's over?" she asks, "Or do I keep on or what?"

"I think it's over. I think it's my turn." I twisted around some so that I could get at her again and kiss her. As I kiss her I feel her breasts, one then the other, through her clothes. I can taste my cum on her lips. Different but I figure I better get used to it because I sure hope this all happens often. As I break the kiss, I say, "I'm going to get to your pussy, don't worry. But I think you need some full attention and I want to start on your bare breasts, Is that okay?"

"Whatever," she says but even in the dark I can see a dirty grin that's different than any I've seen before. So I start unbuttoning her blouse, get it off her, then after I try to unhook her bra and fumble, she reaches behind her and does it for me. I lift her bra off slowly and lay her back on the seat and lean down and start feeling and kissing her bare breasts. I get my mouth to a nipple and suck on it, holding that breast while I feel the other one with my other hand. Then I move across to suck on her other nipple. All I hear from her are moans and her breath catching. Her hands are on my head, caressing my hair and mussing it up a little. This sure is sexy.

I kiss down onto her stomach and unbutton her jeans and do to her what she did to me, I get them loose and slide them down her legs. I then get hold of her panties and pull them down over her butt. She lifts a little to help me. I know I'm going to need her legs spread, so I sit back and get her jeans and panties down over her feet and completely off. She's laying there naked on the seat of my truck, her knees bent as mine were to fit in the space. When I get back to her I aim my head down between those knees and kiss her pubic hair.

I get my finger to her and slide it around. She's wet. My finger slides up and down almost inside her. This is my first feel of a pussy and it's amazing. Down near the bottom, I push a little and my finger slides inside her. I lean down to try and get my mouth to her. "Jenny, there must be some way to do this but I can't shove my chin down into the seat any further and your pussy is still down too low for me to get at."

"Oh," she says. "Okay. I've seen this but didn't realize what before." She moves her knees until they're almost to her shoulders and, wow, her pussy moves right up into my face. I pull my fingers out and push my tongue in where they had been and move it around. It's an interesting taste. Not bad at all but odd. I've read where guys tell a girl how sweet she tastes and this isn't sweet at all. It isn't sour either, it's sort of meaty I guess but with some other overtones. I move my tongue, licking up. I realize that this gash or slit is inside what I've heard termed the outer lips. It's still not completely inside her, like where my fingers and tongue were but not out on the surface, either. I feel a definite bump or shape with my tongue and her moan turns into a little yelp. So I flick my tongue back and forth. "Yes," she says out loud, "Yes." Her hands are both on my head, sort of pushing me against her. So I work my tongue on that shape and it changes shape a little. Almost like a little worm or something. It makes me remember what I've read.

I push my fingers back into her while I continue to lick her. I slide my fingers in and out, doing what I imagine is masturbating her, while working my tongue on her shape, her clit. The little worm becomes a little finger or something so I grab it with my lips and pull on it a little. Her moans and yelps become almost shrieks. Her whole body starts to jump or spasm some. Her hands push me in even tighter and her thighs are closing on my head. I can feel liquid coming out of her around my fingers that are in her. Again I remember my reading and move my mouth away from her clit, pull my fingers out of her and try and get her whole pussy in my mouth and suck on it and lick it and taste the juices she's emitting as she screams.

Her legs fall off to the side, her hands leave my hair, her whole body relaxes into almost a faint. I sit back on my haunches and look at her naked body, barely visible in the dark. I can feel that I'm grinning, feeling like I've just won a prize or something. We both just stay like that for a minute or so. She finally says, "That was all so fantastic. Next time let's do it in daylight. I want to see your cock better and I want to watch what you're doing to me."

I lean down over her, almost resting my body on her and kiss her again. It's a very loving kiss, not all that passionate. Then we actually laugh at each other a little as we find all of our clothes and get back in some presentable shape and I drive her home. At her house we kiss again and she tells me, "Things have changed between us. I couldn't stop doing more of what we've just done if I wanted to. And I don't want to." And I drive home, smiling, content, realizing that she's at least as horny as me and maybe more so. I don't know if we'd ever have got there if she waited for me to start things.

At school on Monday, Jenny spent most of English class looking over at me and grinning and trying to get my attention while she mouths words at me. She wants me to see her right after class. Out in the hall she pushes me up against the wall, out of the way of all the others on their way to class.

"This Friday is senior ditch day," she says. "My brother will be at school, my parents will be at work. Come over as soon as you can in the morning. We can spend most of the day in my room, naked, doing more of what we did Saturday night only in daylight. I can hardly wait." With that we had to go on to our other classes. In fact, I had planned on working that day to earn some money to help make the Senior Prom something memorable. But I guess I'll arrange to go in the afternoon and spend the morning with Jenny. How many times can I manage to cum anyway, three or four hours of sex will probably wear me out.

Friday morning about 8:30 I'm at Jenny's front door. She lets me in and we're immediately wrapped around each other kissing. She leads me to her bedroom telling me she wants everything to happen there so she'll be able to lay in bed often remembering it all. The idea is to be naked in the daylight so we both get undressed. Jenny's naked body is the most fabulous thing I've ever seen and I tell her so.

"Jenny, you're beautiful. The sexiest, most desirable, gorgeous thing I've seen in my life. I want you so much in just about any way I can have you." And I'm not telling a lie. I always knew she had a great body, tall, slim. But naked her breasts look even better than when I see them pushing out a blouse. And the curve of her hips and her truly great ass sitting up high and round are unbelievable. I can even see that she really is blonde, not that I ever doubted it. Her pubic hair is slightly darker than her head hair but not by a lot.

She tells me, "You're the one that's gorgeous. A big, handsome guy with a terrific body, manly chest hair," she steps closer and wraps her fingers around my very erect cock, "and with this delicious big thing." She moves her hand back and forth on my cock, looking down at it rather than at my face. "This is absolutely the sexiest thing possible, it's sex personified." While she's saying this last bit she's dropping down onto her knees, looking right at my cock. She sticks out her tongue and licks around the head. One hand has her fingers around the base of my cock, the other hand is holding my balls, sort of playing with them a little. But there's no foreplay hardly, she just opens her mouth and starts swallowing me, licking around inside her mouth as she takes about half of me into her.

This is the second time in my life that someone else has been involved with my cock. Less than a week ago Jenny sucked me and now she's at it again. If there's a better feeling, I don't know what it could be. And it's a little different to see her at it, see my cock moving into her sexy mouth, see her gorgeous naked body kneeling down as she sucks me. In the dark with no distractions, just the feeling involved was fantastic and now this is even more so. "I'll never get enough of your cock," she says as she pulls loose for a moment, never even looking up at me but staring at my cock, wet with her saliva and redder from her sucking it. Then she's sucking it back into her mouth again.

I don't last long. Who could? This time there's no hesitation, she just takes everything I shoot into her mouth. I can see her throat working , she swallows over and over. I can hear her breathing through her nose and can hear some light slurping from her lips around me. She moves her lips back and forth, milking every last drop out of me and then sits back, smiling, looking proud of her accomplishment, still staring at my very red and slowly softening cock, not up at me. She finally looks up, grins and says, "Now, that's about as sexy as it can get."

I reach down and help her up, almost pull her up with my hand in her armpits. "I think it's about to get even sexier," I tell her. I get my arms around her and we press against one another and kiss and kiss.

With her naked, laying on the bed, I work my hands and mouth everywhere I can think of on her body. I kiss her neck and shoulders, her breasts. I lick and suck on her breasts, kiss down her stomach. She spreads her legs wide, wanting me as much as I want to get to her, but I roll her over to kiss her back and then her perfect ass. I tell her what a sexy ass she has, it's so firm and strong. Then down her legs, kissing one thigh and then the other. I get to her feet and urge her back onto her back . I kiss one foot and then the other, then start up her leg. She spreads again. I kiss onto the other leg, then back to the first, moving higher and higher.

"Give me those pillows," I ask her. She reaches to each side and grabs the two pillows and hands them down to me. "Lift your sexy ass a little,"I say and she does. I slide one pillow under her and then stuff the second one also, raising her some so that I can look right at her pussy. She doesn't really have a lot of hair and it's mostly above what has to be her real pussy, the sort of pinkish, maroonish, maybe a little brownish, shapes that have to be her pussy lips. I use my fingers to pull her open on both sides and see her pink, glistening interior. I breath in the smell, look up at her and grin. Her head is raised some, trying to look down and watch what I'm doing. I lean in close and get my tongue into her and start to work.

This is only my second time at this and I know I'll get better at it but I realize that I really, truly want to do this. This isn't just doing her a favor, it's satisfying a need I have. Maybe I'm perverted, the thought runs through my mind, but mostly I don't actually think I just savor the tastes and the physical feeling of her insides as I lick and lick and move around in her. Down low I can push my tongue into her, higher I can feel the shape of her clit and I purposely slap it with my tongue, back and forth. She's noisy. No real words just a lot of moans and breath catching and little scream sounds and they occur in sync with what I do with my tongue.

I can feel her getting wetter, juicier. I try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth, then lick some more, then suck again. I get a finger up under my chin and slide it into her and start moving it as I center my attention on her clit, licking and sucking. Her whole body starts jumping or jerking. Her hands are both on my head, feeling my hair, partly caressing me in pleasure, partly pushing me into her to make sure I continue doing whatever it is I'm doing. I can't really explain every move, it's like I'm on some kind of autopilot., getting everything I can out of enjoying her tastes and shapes. I know I get one hand down around to her butt, partly to hold it because I like it and partly to hold it to me so I can keep on sucking on her pussy. I understand why people call it 'eating' pussy.

Finally her sounds become a scream, her legs wave around and then close on my head. I can feel her emitting liquid. I pull out my finger and move my lips down to suck her whole pussy again, taste what she's giving me. I pull my face back a little so I can see her. Her pussy seems swollen compared to earlier, engorged, more open. Wet, juicy. I look up at her, she isn't looking any more, she's almost collapsed. I look back at her pussy and use my tongue to lick all over, getting all the taste I can. I sit back some, pull the pillows out from under her and toss them up the bed some. I lean up over her, using my arms to hold me up but partly laying on her, to get my face up to her and kiss her again.

We end up holding one another, kissing and feeling each other. I love the feel of her butt, of the small of her back where it flares out onto her butt. The feel of her breasts against my chest, of our stomachs against one another. Naked bodies entwined and feeling each other is almost as sexy as it was when we were eating each other. We both tell each other loving things and how much we love all of this.

After a while, a half hour or more, Jenny is partly sitting next to me while I'm laying on my back, running her h ands over my body. Enjoying the feel of my body, I guess. Her hand and her look move to my cock, which is back at full attention again. She leans some to get her head on my thigh. She looks at my cock and runs her fingers up and down it. She tells me how gorgeous my cock is and how much she loves it. She moves her face to it and sort of licks up and down the side of it. The way she's arranged, not really laying down but sort of next to me faced the other way, I get my hand onto her butt and caress it as she licks me a little. I move my hand around her body to get it at her pussy instead of her butt. I can turn my head and see her pussy, buried between her legs.

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