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Since I took over the business, I really don't have much time in my life to socialize so that may be one reason that I made the appointment. When I entered her office I gave her the forms that I had filled out in the waiting room. They more or less explained why I was there and what I expected or wanted to happen.

First off, I'm thirty one years old. My bra size is a thirty two B, my waist is 22 inches and my hips are thirty four. I think I have a cute body for a woman who is five feet five with auburn hair and steel gray eyes. I take care of myself both sexually and physically. My abs are strong and flat, my legs long and lithe. I had my pussy waxed so it's smooth and soft. I have flawless skin with not one imperfection. I hate tattoos and piercing. I don't even wear pierced earrings when I do dress up. And that's how I filled out the description portion on the forms.

But the reason I'm here is that I'm sort of a virgin. By that I mean, I've never had a relationship that was close enough to involve being fucked. Solo sex is my only outlet and recently its become almost obsessive. Sometimes three or four times a day and fortunately I have a private office and can take care of myself whenever the urge hits me.

Anyway, one of my female co workers, Darcy McPherson, had been to this sex clinic and simply raved about this guy who had been assigned to her, two months earlier. His name was Troy. Actually it was probably an pseudonym but he preferred to be called Troy. She had no picture of him, that would have been taboo here, but she certainly painted a fantastic word picture of him.

The clinic was sort of unique in a way. It provided services to both men and women that might be compared to an escort service in some ways but yet it was much more than that. Sort of like those places that match people for marriage and such. But here it's much more refined and the ladies and gentlemen who perform the services are well educated and very upper class and congenial.

The woman went over my paperwork. Then asked several embarrassing questions. Was I on birth control meds? How long would I require the services and what would they be. Would I prefer a gentleman or woman to accommodate me. And specifically she asked what I wanted to happen. That last question was the one that really had me blushing.

I had no idea as to what I wanted so I simply said everything that would be sexually exciting except humiliation or pain. And I told her I was on birth control meds but they were to control my cycle, not because I was promiscuous or anything like that. And she didn't seem to think that masturbating myself three or four times a day was unusual either.

She opened a book of photos and slid it across her desk towards me. I didn't even look down at it. I had made my choice long before arriving. It would be Troy if he were available. No one else would do. She smiled almost knowingly and nodded before speaking.

"Oh you've heard about our Troy I see. Another client recommend him? He wont be back from vacation until next Monday. Would you like to check in then or would you like to check in earlier and get comfortable and more familiar with our accommodations?"

I decided Saturday would be more to my liking and after being briefed as to what I should bring, left for home. I was getting one of my urges and I needed to get to the privacy of my own place so I could masturbate.

The clinic was isolated in a virtual forest of trees and seemed to be more like a country club or dude ranch than a sex clinic. My room was really a suite of rooms except there was no kitchen. Just an exercise room, a bedroom, a dressing room, a sunken spa and of course the living room with a small fridge and bar.

Unpacking I put my clothes away, my toys and lube in the bed stand and my makeup items in the dressing room. Touring the facility I visited the exercise rooms. Some were being currently used by patients either solo or with an attendant.

In some were sex swings, in others, mechanical fuck machines or symbian vibrating masturbators. I paused to watch a beautiful woman being fucked in one of those sex swings by another woman with a strap on dildo while she sucked on a male attendants cock.

In another cubical a woman was in a swing and a female attendant was giving her oral sex. In still another, a woman was laying on her stomach while some sort of contraption was oscillating back and forth, with a huge dildo attached to the end of a piston. She was controlling the speed with a remote held in her hand. I paused to watch her orgasm over and over before slowing the thing down and letting it slip out of her cunt.

Going on I found the dining room and a small cabaret section that was tastefully done up in some sort of French motif. There were two or three couples sitting at the bar, and it was immediately obvious that women who needed the services of other women were predominant at the clinic.

Two of the couples were females and they were more than just chatting. It was sort of embarrassingly obvious what they were there for. The other couple was a very nice looking gentleman with a woman.

I wasn't sure which was the surrogate and which the patient. When I visited the bar later there were also men with men but strangely the male, female couples seemed to be more restrained, and less demonstrative, at least in public.

The bartender was a cute female with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. She must have known that I was checked in ahead of time because she spent a lot of time at my end of the bar chatting about nothing in particular except her two pet dogs. It was obvious that part of her job was to make me relaxed and feel less apprehensive about what was going on around me.

That Saturday, I only used my vibrator twice. I really didn't feel too horny until that night when I had a dream about what Troy might do to me. At three in the mourning I woke up and my pussy was wet as hell. All I had to do was put my hand over my cunt and let my index finger stroke my clit several times before I had one hell of a breathtaking orgasm. I slept like a baby after that.

I spent a good part of Sunday at the pool getting a tan. All of the women and men at the pool had abandoned their bathing suits and lolled around completely naked. I was the only holdout until the Bar maid joined me and assured me that I needed to get over my shyness. So after she brought me two drinks, I got up the courage and stripping down, laid on my tummy. Only later did I dare turn over and do my front.

Dinner was fantastic and again I went to the bar. The lady who I had given my paperwork to joined me after a while, and told me that Troy had arrived and had gone over my forms with her. She smiled and tried to assure me that he would do everything to make me comfortable about what would happen, but she then asked, "Do you want him to use a condom or would you prefer he doesn't. He has been cut, has no foreskin, and he's rather large. It's your choice."

I hadn't even thought about it, but actually I thought I'd prefer that he not use anything. I wanted to feel everything and I told her so. Then, as an after thought, I asked, "will he perform oral sex with me? I mean I'm always clean and all and I hope he won't mind if I ask him to."

She smiled and squeezed my hand. Then answered. "He'll do anything you want honey, and probably some things that will have you going crazy, just let him handle things. The surprises are the best part."

I went to my suite with all sorts of exciting thoughts rampantly running thru my mind. By now I was horny as hell again and got my magic wand out and laid it on a firm bolster I had taken from the sofa. Then I undressed and spread my cunt open and straddled the bolster with the vibrator nestled between the lips of my pussy. Leaning forward I fucked the bolster until it was saturated with my own wetness and I collapsed after finishing twice in rapid succession.

Getting up around eight I showered, and did my hair. Applied just a little makeup and put on a pair of short shorts. My blouse was tight across my breasts and my nipples were hard with anticipation. I was preparing to go down for breakfast when there was a light rap on the door. I panicked.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and let out a low gasp. He looked like one of those heroes that you see on the cover of pulp romance novels. Six foot tall, beautiful strong body, blue eyes and a grin that could make a nun get wet.

He wore a tight pair of white shorts, a T shirt that was skin tight, and white sneakers. I was rattled. I took another deep breath and sort of questioned, "Troy?" He nodded and asked back, "Cheryl?" I stared at him and mumbled. "Yes, but I like friends to call me Cherie."

I guess the introductions were over and I stood there swaying as if drunk. He took my hand and in a low masculine voice began. "Lets have some breakfast and chat for a while, OK?"

I was floating. I couldn't take my eyes off his profile. I actually stumbled once or twice and he had to catch me. Over breakfast we chatted, but he avoided subjects that might have embarrassed me.

Suddenly he smiled at me and whispered. "I think I have you figured out Cherie. You want to discuss what you need but your avoiding the subject. A bit shy I would imagine. and your not very good at coming right out with it. I'll tell you what might work. How about I take you back to your suite and I have you put on a blindfold. That way you won't be quite so shy and I think you might enjoy being surprised. Would that make you feel more comfortable?" I nodded yes.

He had me figured out alright. I probably would have really screwed things up if he came towards me and I panicked. Back in my bedroom I stood by the bed as he put the blindfold on. Then, as I trembled, he began to undress me. When he opened my blouse, I heard what I thought was a gasp. Not spoken, just the sharp intake of his breath. I stood stark still as he began to remove my shorts. Again the soft intake of breath.

Gently he took my arms and moved me back to the bed and I sat. He took my pumps off and laid me back. For moments I lay there wondering what he would do next. I heard the rustling of clothes again and then the bed sank as he sat next to me. I was breathing thru my mouth by now.

His hands, with fingers spread, moved thru my hair, brushing it back away from my face. Then his warm breath announced what was coming next. His lips pressed over mine and I instinctively opened my mouth to welcome his tongue. My arms moved up and folded around his neck and I drew him to me.

His warm bare chest moved to cover my breasts, pressing them flat. I was getting flushed as I felt his cock pressing against my thigh. I actually had to fight my instinct to reach down and touch him. The kiss ended and he moved away.

Then I smelled menthol. Like those cough drops that they sell. He was now kissing my throat and shoulders while his hands stroked my body. When he abandoned my throat, his lips moved down and his mouth captured my breast and its hard nipple. The menthol was in his mouth. It sent chills thru me as he suckled my nipple. Cool and yet hot, my pussy began to do a dance, twitching and convulsing uncontrollably.

Some mystical connection was made between my breasts and my cunt and it was new to me. Nothing like this had ever happened before. He moved his head from side to side, capturing first one, then the other of my nipples and my cunt continued to contract, forcing my wetness to ooze out and run down the crack of my ass.

I had begun to moan. First silently to myself, then aloud. My breasts rose and fell with each breath and a flush came over my throat and face. I was on the borderline of cumming and I tried to fight it off. I didn't want him to finish me yet.

For me, an orgasm is very intense and I can feel it building, getting closer, and it generally happens after three or four minutes of stroking my clit either with my fingers or a vibrator.

He hadn't even come close to my pussy and I was quickly approaching my point of no return. Those kisses and little love nips he was giving my tits was driving me higher and higher and still he hadn't done anything to my weeping cunt. Suddenly I couldn't stop myself and I swung my arms around his neck and cried out.

"Yes.............. Oh my god yes. I am. Oh shit, I'm cumming already!"

It was intense! Just one hard long orgasm and I could only lay there panting and moaning aloud. Still not able to see what was happening I wanted desperately to reach down and touch myself. Troy kept suckling my nipples and massaging my hips. When he rolled off I suddenly felt his hand slide down my abs and come to rest on my pussy.

My urge to cum again, returned instantly and I couldn't resist putting my hands on my breasts and pinching my nipples. If he could make me cum simply by sucking and biting them, I needed to try and keep it going myself.

It wasn't necessary. Now off me, he was somewhere to my side and his hand replaced his mouth on my nipple. While I pinched and massaged my right breast, his hand was working on the other one. Then I felt him kissing a path of warm wet kisses down my tummy and I knew where he was heading. To my cunt.

I had this feeling of elation. I never had had anyone go there before with their mouth. I had heard about women doing that to each other but I had never dared having sex with anyone, especially like that, but I had dreamed of it often. Now I was rather euphoric. I knew what was going to happen but still it was something so intimate that I was terrified.

His kisses stopped just above my mound and his free hand took over. Gently he massaged my cunt. So intimately, and yet firmly enough to tantalize my clit. He moved again but kept his one hand on my breast, the other on my pussy. He paused to push on my inner thighs with his hand and I spread my legs wide.

Again the bed moved as he shifted his body. Now he took his hand off my breast and I felt his fingers slipping between my outer lips and parting my inner pleats and folds, exposing my humid womanhood.

First I felt his warm breath, then, from very low, almost at my ass, his tongue swept upward and I felt the mentholated wetness of his mouth kissing my inner lips. I let out a little squeal. It was intimate beyond belief, and his tongue was like a serpent, searching and wiggling in places I never knew existed.

The tip of his tongue nibbled and pressed at that small place between my ass hole and my cunt. Then he would take long swipes up the very depths of my pussy and pausing along the way, he would wiggle its tip into my opening.

That was driving me mad. I must have been wet as hell because when he paused to suck on my inner lips, I hear a sort of wet sucking sound as he drew my wetness into his mouth. He moved on. Spreading my inner folds apart until he arrived at my clit.

The menthol on his breath took me by surprise. My clit must have been twice its normal size because he sucked it in between his lips and stroked it with his tongue. I began gagging on my own saliva and started gasping........

"Yes, oh yes, that feels good. Oh god don't stop. I want it. Troy, I want it with all my life. It feels so good baby. More, do it more!"

Suddenly his fingers were doing something deep inside me. He must have slid his hand under his chin and he was now twisting and turning, plunging and drawing his fingers back and forth. Milking my cunt and massaging my slippery portal. And still he kept tormenting my clit with his flicking tongue.

I couldn't tell him that I was cumming again. My throat wouldn't work. My body was quaking as if it were a leaf in a wind. I couldn't hold still. I thrust my cunt up hard against his mouth and it began. Like a series of firecrackers going off. I came hard. One would barely end before the next began and it went on and on until I felt his finger slip into my ass.

With one loud whoop I dug my heels in and arched my hips upward. My mind went blank. I could only hear a rushing hiss like waves on a sandy beach, and my mind flashed a kaleidoscope of colors. Screaming out loud, I collapsed.

I must have lain there trying to catch my breath for a good three or four minutes. He had moved up beside me and cradled my head against his chest. When I had calmed down he asked: "Do you want to go on, or would you like to take a break."

I wanted to be fucked but I was so exhausted that I asked him to give me a while to get myself calmed down. Then he took my blindfold off. He rolled over, and sat on the edge of the bed before standing up. That's when I saw his cock. I drew a quick breath............."Oh my god. Oh my god your big," I gushed.

"Do you want me to suck it?" I asked. "I mean I'd like to do that. I never did it before. It's so big though. Can I try?"

He was actually amused, and asked. "Really, in your whole life you never did that? Not once?"

I had to confess that I had tried to masturbate my younger brother once but that wasn't even very successful. He finally had to jerk himself off just because I wanted to see what cum looked like, but I guess I didn't do it fast enough or something because he had to do it for me.

But when I masturbate, that is one of the memories I have that I relive, and it helps me get off. Sort of sick in a way, I confess, but it does help. And now I'm making new memories and I want to experience everything. So I asked him to stand in front of me while I sat on the side of the bed.

With no foreskin his cock looked like an alabaster pole with blue veins running along the top surface. It stood up almost along his abs and it had this sort of curve upwards.

It looked menacing and I tried not to think about how it would feel up inside me. That would be later. For now I just wanted to suck it. It's crazy because I never had that sort of urge before, but now I actually was getting a bit anxious to have his cock in my mouth and taste him. Maybe it's a need women are born with, I don't know but I had to have it.

I took his cock and pulled it down to my lips. I opened my mouth and pushed my pursed lips forward and took just the head of his cock in. I guess the slippery feeling in my mouth was his pre-cum but it was tasteless. Getting daring I held his heavy balls in my left hand and wrapped my fist around the base of his shaft. I pushed my head forward and took him in until I felt myself begin to gag.

By holding my breath and forcing him down my throat until I felt the urge to gag again, I managed to take almost half of him in. But although he stayed as hard as a rod, he didn't seem to be getting very excited. For some reason that upset me. I wanted to make him tell me how good it felt.

Soon my jaws began to ache. He was simply too damn thick and long to suck off, so I began jerking him, but he got dry and I had to pause every so often to keep him wet.

Either I was doing it wrong, and he wasn't being excitable, or he just didn't want to let me know how good I was doing. I don't know, so I asked him to help me. I wanted him to cum for me and I wanted to feel it spurting in my mouth. Another fantasy I guess, but I was so horny now that I couldn't stop myself.

If nothing else, I had succeeded in making him hard and that really turned me on too. Then I simply couldn't stop myself any longer and I looked up into his eyes and almost shouted, "Fuck me! I want to be fucked."

Not a very ladylike demand, and certainly not something I had ever thought I would tell a man, but I wanted that more than anything I had ever wanted before.

He smiled down at me and moved to sit on the bed beside me. I swung my legs up and positioned myself in the center of the bed, my head on the pillow and waited and watched as he moved to kneel between my thighs. I was fascinated by his cock and with some pride, I thought, I made him hard, I did that to him. I did that and now he's going to slide it up inside me.

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