tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSex Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda Ch. 01

Sex Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda Ch. 01


This is a parody... It is not real

This is a new series starring Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb... It's about them spicing up their show with a new segment, Sex Talk... This segment's guest is Nina Hartley... Enjoy


I was sitting in my girlfriend, Kathie Lee Gifford's dressing room, watching her show, rubbing my cock. She and her co host, Hoda Kotb, both looked very sexy. Kathie Lee was wearing a white button down blouse, no bra, a very short and very tight, red mini skirt and white heels. Her sexy, tan legs were crossed and good thing for the censors they were, because she wasn't wearing panties. Her long blonde hair was thick and wavy. My woman is a true sex goddess. Hoda was wearing a very short and tight, light blue dress and light blue heels. Her dress showcased her long, smooth, caramel toned legs. I had my cock out, stroking it, thinking about cumming all over those long, smooth legs. Hoda wasn't wearing a bra, but was wearing panties, a blue thong. Her light brown, shoulder length hair was smooth and hugged her sexy face.

I remembered the night before, when I fucked them both, at Kathie Lee's house. I spent the early evening assfucking them. Kathie Lee loves it up the ass. Hoda wasn't as experienced as her co host, but she loves it too. They coaxed 7 loads of cum out of me in 5 hours. I loved it. My cock can take a pounding... and so can their sexy, mature asses.

I stared at the monitor, as they started their new segment, Sex Talk. It was my idea and Kathie Lee loved it. She's a freaky sex slut for me at home, so why not showcase that on her show? It's a great idea. This segment's guest was porn legend Nina Hartley. She, still to this day, has one of the sexiest asses ever. My cock was rock hard, pointing at my girls face at TV, as she introduced the segment.

"OK everybody, you know what it's time for... SEX TALK! YEA!" Kathie Lee cheered with the audience. "Please welcome our guest, she's a porn legend and a sexy slut like us." She nudged Hoda, with her elbow, winking at her and smiling. "NINA HARTLEY!" Kathie Lee introduced Nina, smiling and shaking her gorgeous tits.

Nina walked out and sat down, waving at the cheering crowd. She was wearing a skin tight, low cut and very short latex dress. She also had on knee high leather boots. She had a riding crop in her hand. Her shoulder length blonde hair gently hugged her sexy, mature face. Kathie Lee slowly rubbed her gorgeous, mature, tan legs under the see through table, knowing I was watching. She winked right at the camera for me and opened her legs, showing that beautiful, light brown haired, mature pussy of hers. She licked her cherry red lips and smacked them, knowing I love that. She even reached over and slowly rubbed up and down Hoda's long, supple legs. She slowly moved her hand up and down her leg. Kathie Lee's lightly tanned hand, contrasting with Hoda's caramel leg, very nicely.

" Welcome to our show Nina. You look great." Hoda said, reaching over and squeezing Nina's large, fake tits. "Very nice tits." Hoda complimented her. Kathie Lee kept rubbing Hoda's long legs. I could see my woman's big nipples poking through her top. I just let my cock jerk on its own, as I watched.

"Thank you it's great to be here. You both have very nice tits as well." Nina said, smiling. Kathie Lee shook her tits and Hoda squeezed hers.

"Who wants to come up here and squeeze our tits?" Kathie Lee asked the audience.

They all raised their hands, saying, "ME!!" Kathie Lee picked out a fat, old guy and he came up to them.

"Go ahead babe... squeeze away." Kathie Lee encouraged him. He got behind her first and reached around, squeezing her gorgeous, mature tits hard. He shook them and squeezed the hard them soft. Kathie Lee reached back and unzipped his jeans, pulling his average sized, old cock out and jerked it, while he groped her tits. He loved her tits. We all do. I watched and smiled. I love my fucking, sexy as hell girlfriend and I love watching her get freaky, on her show.

"Mmm, now don't cum yet. If you don't, one of us will blow you, after you fondle our tits some more." Kathie Lee told him, as she jerked his hard cock, while he squeezed her superstar tits roughly. Her tit milk shot out onto her blouse, wetting it nicely.

"Try Hoda's now, big boy." Kathie Lee told him. He was smiling so big, getting to feel up three pairs of beautiful tits and get jerked off by Kathie Lee... and get a blowjob when he was done groping their tits. It was his lucky day, for sure.

"What's your name big boy?" Kathie Lee asked him, as he moved behind Hoda, reached around and squeezed her beautiful, caramel, mature tits, through her dress. She handed his cock to Hoda, who jerked it. Kathie Lee played with his wrinkled, hairy balls, while Hoda jerked his cock.

"My name's Bill, gorgeous." He answered back, as he roughly and happily, groped Hoda's tits. She moaned and jerked his cock faster.

"Whoa there missy, don't jerk it too fast, you'll ruin his chances of getting a blowjob. Look, he's already leaking." Kathie Lee told Hoda, pointing at his dripping cock. She wiped her finger, slowly up and down the piss slit and brought her finger to her mouth, sucking it. "Yep, it's precum... but I better make sure." She wiped her sexy finger, with her long red fingernails, all over his cock head, slowly, smiling at him, helping Hoda slowly jerk out some more fluid. She wiped three fingers on his cock, coating them with his precum. She brought them to her mouth and slowly, one by one, licked and sucked them clean, looking right into the camera, as she did.

"Yes, definitely precum."Kathie Lee unbuttoned her blouse and flashed him, shaking her gorgeous juggs.

"Here Bill, see if you can last without cumming, while Hoda jerks you off and you stare at these titties."

His eyes opened wide and he groped Hoda's sexy, mature tits faster and harder, as she jerked him off. "Only one more pair to go baby. Move on to Nina and grope away." Kathie Lee told him, winking at him, licking her lips, teasing him. His cock was pouring precum, as Hoda handed it to Nina. She jerked it slowly, squeezing it hard and holding it. Bill groaned loudly. She released her grip and jerked his old cock slowly, as she pulled her sexy tits out of her dress, so he could grope her naked tits. He got behind her, smiling big, reached around and squeezed her large tits hard, pinching her nipples, rubbing them. Nina moaned and jerked his cock faster, then slowly, when she felt he was close to popping. The precum poured out of his cock.

"So Nina, tell us about how it feels to be a porn legend... and while you do that, I think Hoda, you should prevent the floor from getting too wet. He's dripping all over it. Don't want anyone to fall and get hurt." Kathie Lee instructed Hoda. She leaned over and licked the head of his leaking cock, with her sexy tongue, lapping up the precum, as it poured out. Nina expertly worked his cock, keeping the fluid pouring out, onto Hoda's tongue.

Kathie Lee reached under her mini skirt and started playing with her beautiful, mature pussy. She looked at Nina and Hoda, as well. Hoda's tongue was working fast to keep up with all the precum that poured out of Bill's old cock. It may be average sized, but he had tons of precum in it. Kathie Lee licked her lips and squeezed her left tit, as she played with her pussy.

"It's great actually. I have gotten to live out my sexual fantasies on screen and have my fans enjoy them, as well. It's a very big turn on for me. I love sex and I love pleasing my fans." Nina answered. She moaned, as Bill shook her rock hard, pink nipples. Her nipples pulsed between his fingers. She jerked his cock fast, then squeezed it very hard. He groaned loudly. She held it on Hoda's lapping tongue, watching the precum ooze out onto it. She wiped her finger on his piss slit and sucked it clean.

"Mmm, you have very tasty precum Bill. Very tasty." Nina swiped her finger again on his piss slit, sucking her finger clean and released her tight grip on his old, throbbing cock. He groaned and breathed deeply, as she slowly jerked his cock again. Kathie Lee moaned loudly and came all over her fingers, in her pussy. She licked them clean, winking and smiling at the camera and blowing a big kiss for me.

"Ok Nina, I think it's time to reward Bill here, would you please suck his cock? Looks like he's ready to blow a load, of yummy cum, any second." He smiled big and squeezed Nina's big tits. Kathie Lee winked at him. Sticking out her sexy tongue, wiggling it for him.

"Sure, but I have a better and sexier idea. Why don't we all three suck him off." Nina smiled, squeezing his cock again, as Hoda continued to lap up the precum. "I think Bill would love that. Cumming in three sexy mouths. Maybe we could even give him a quick fuck too, if he can keep it up." She squeezed his cock really hard, holding her grip on it. She smiled up at him, as he grimaced in pain. He smiled big also, loving the idea. "What do you say ladies? Wanna show Bill a good ol' suck and fuck sexy time?" Nina asked smiling at him, still squeezing his cock very hard. She reached around and smacked his ass with her riding crop. He lurched forward, his cock lunging into Hoda's mouth. She was surprised, but sucked away on it, smiling around his cock.

"What about you Kathie Lee, looks like Hoda already made her decision." Nina smiled, watching Hoda suck Bill's cock. Kathie Lee got up and unbuttoned her blouse all the way, but leaving it on, walked over to Bill, massaged his balls and said, "only if he fucks my ass. I love it up the ass." She winked at him and knelt down, taking his cock from Hoda and deepthroating it. She sucked it greedily, opening her mouth, smiling and softly biting his cock. Nina smacked his old ass again, through his jeans, with the riding crop, spitting on his cock, watching Kathie Lee suck it up, as she sucked him off.

Kathie Lee opened her mouth, with his cock in it. Nina told him, "fuck her mouth Bill. Think of shoving your cock, up her famous ass, after you cum in our mouths." He groaned loudly and smiled big, fucking Kathie Lee's mouth fast. He was close and Nina knew it. She pulled his cock out of Kathie Lee's mouth and sucked it hard. Kathie Lee sucked his hairy, wrinkled balls and Hoda licked his cock. Bill just smiled the biggest smile ever, watching all of it. Three sexy women sucking him off and he got to fuck them after as well. He couldn't believe his luck.

I jerked my huge cock in Kathie Lee's dressing room, watching all the action closely. I was so fucking turned on. Kathie Lee wrapped those gorgeous lips around his old cock and sucked him faster and faster. "HERE IT CUMS!!" Bill yelled, as Nina jerked him off into Kathie Lee's open mouth. He dumped a few spurts in there. Nina pulled his cock over to Hoda's open mouth and he dumped a few spurts in hers. She then put his old cock in her mouth and sucked out the rest. Bill just stood there smiling big, watching all three sexy, mature babes swallow his jizz. They all licked their lips, smacking them, as well. They all three took turns sucking him dry.

"Remember Bill, you have to stay hard, if you want Kathie Lee's ass. Mine and Hoda's too, also. Think you can handle assfucking all three of us? If you do a good job, you might get to fuck Kathie Lee's tits, as well. What do you say Kathie Lee? Can he titty fuck you, after he fucks our asses?" Kathie Lee opened her blouse, showing him her tits, squeezing them and shaking them for him.

"Hell yeah, I'll even suck him off after the show." Kathie Lee said smiling, looking at him. She bent over and sucked his cock, while she played with her beautiful tits.

After a 5 minutes of all three women sucking his cock he had them all sitting on the table and was assfucking Kathie Lee, while the other two ladies waited. She moaned and played with her clit, looking at him. Her blouse was open but covered the sides of her luscious tits. He pounded her ass hard, leaning over and sucking her tits, as he did. He squeezed her tits and pounded her ass hard, as she played with her clit, looking right at him. "You like it baby?" Bill asked Kathie Lee.

"I love it baby. I'M CUMMMINGGG!!" She yelled out and squirted all over him. He kept pounding her ass. Hoda leaned over and sucked Kathie Lee's sweet, mature pussy clean. He moved over to Hoda and shoved his hard cock up her ass, pounding it hard and fast, watching Nina play with her pussy and lick her hard nipples. Hoda wrapped her long, smooth legs around Bill's waist and moaned loud, enjoying the ass pounding. Kathie Lee played with Hoda's caramel tits, through her dress and licked her tongue out at Bill. She kisses Hoda and squeezed her small tits, while Bill pounded her caramel, smooth ass harder and harder. Since he came earlier he was able to last much longer this time. He smacked Kathie Lee's gorgeous, well toned ass, squeezing it. He flushed two thick fingers up her pussy and fingered her, as she moaned and writhed on Hoda.

"We might have to hire you Bill. You can be our fuck assistant. We'll call you FA Bill, our fuck ASSistant." They all laughed. Bill positioned Kathie Lee on top of Hoda, facing her and pulled her ass off of the table. He smacked it hard and spit on her anus. He pulled out of Hoda's ass and shoved his still rock hard, old cock up Kathie Lee's mature ass again. He slammed it, as hard as he could. "YESSSSSS FUCK MY ASS FA BILL!! YOU GET THE JOB BABY!!" Kathie Lee screamed in delight, smiling big, shaking her head side to side, blowing a big kiss at the camera for me, as Bill slammed up her well toned, tan ass. He pulled out and moved to Nina, shoving his hard cock up her, very experienced, perfect, mature ass.

He slammed her ass, as she rubbed her hard, pink clit super fast. "SHITTTTTTT!! I'M CUMMMINGGGG!!" Nina yelled out and squirted all over Bill. Kathie Lee leaned over quickly and sucked her beautiful, bald, squirting pussy, swallowing every bit of pussy nectar, shot into her sexy mouth. Bill grunted loud and came up Nina's perfect, round ass. She has one of the most perfect asses ever. He filled her ass with old jizz and pulled out. Kathie Lee sucked him into her hungry mouth and sucked him clean. She then put her mouth on Nina's anus and sucked all of his cum out, into her mouth, swallowing every drop. I came all over the dressing room floor watching it.

After Nina and Hoda sucked Bill hard again, he was straddling Kathie Lee's chest, as she wrapped those perfect, tan, mature tits around his hard cock and fucking her tits with forceful glee. Kathie Lee licked and sucked his cock head, as it popped through. He was so happy and he got a new job on top of everything else. He could fuck Kathie Lee and Hoda every day from now on. He pounded her awesome tits harder and harder. Hoda spread his cheeks and licked his ass, smacking it, licking his anus. Nina was smacking her pussy softly, with the riding crop, as he watched. He fucked Kathie Lee's perfect tits for another 30 minutes. They just kept filming, even though they went way over the shows tape time. I was jerking my huge cock again, taking pictures of the action on TV.

Bill finally grunted loud and came all over Kathie Lee's tits. Nina licked one clean and Hoda licked the other clean. When they were through they kissed and shared the cum. They leaned over and spit it in Kathie Lee's mouth, kissing her, all three sexy, mature babes sharing his jizz, swallowing it all down. They all sucked him clean again. They kept on fucking, all three hotties riding his cock, reverse cowgirl. He titfucked all three. They all three swallowed his cum after sucking him off again. He slammed all three mature babes asses again, pissing in all of them. They sucked the piss out of each other's asses and swallowed it all down.

After the audience left, Kathie Lee took him in a storage closet and sucked him off, as promised. He came down her throat twice. She swallowed it all down. She even let him assfuck her again and piss in her mouth, swallowing it all. She let him eat vanilla ice cream out of her pussy, while she ate some. She jerked him off into the ice cream and ate it all down, smacking her lips and moaning, as he fucked her pussy.

They all showered and Nina sucked Bill off, as I pounded Kathie Lee and Hoda's sexy holes mercilessly, in the dressing room, watching the blowjob, also in the dressing room. I came in both of their mouths a d they greedily sucked it all out, sucking me totally clean. We switched off and I fucked Nina's gorgeous holes, squeezing her great tits the whole time, as I watched Bill assfuck Kathie Lee, while Hoda ate her pussy. Kathie Lee squirted in her mouth, as Bill pounded her gorgeous ass, for 20 minutes. He came in Kathie Lee's ass and watched, as she pushed the cum out into Hoda's mouth. Hoda swallowed it all.

He started pissing and shoved his cock back up Kathie Lee's mature ass, finishing in it. He pulled out and the piss poured out into Hoda's mouth. She swallowed it all down, wrapping her gorgeous red lips around his cock and sucking him dry. I came in all of Nina's holes. She sucked me dry each time. Bill fucked Hoda's mouth, as Kathie Lee and Nina sucked me off, as I rubbed Hoda's long, smooth, caramel legs. I pulled out of Nina's mouth and she and Kathie Lee jerked me off all over Hoda's long legs. Up and down, both smooth legs, I came, covering her caramel, mature legs with my thick creamy cum. When I was done cumming, they both sucked me clean, then slowly licked up, all of my cum, off of Hoda's long legs. They smiled back at me and winked, licking every drop of my thick cum from Hoda's legs. They swallowed every drop, kissing up and down her long, smooth legs, after they were done.

Bill grunted and came in Hoda's mouth, as I pissed in Nina's mouth. She sucked it all out and swallowed every drop of my piss, looking up at me the whole time. Her sexy, mature face beaming with lust. Bill pulled out of Hoda's mouth, after she sucked him clean and pissed over into Kathie Lee's open mouth. She smiled and swallowed every drop, not spilling one. She moved to his cock and sucked him dry. She continued sucking him and coaxed another load of jizz out, into her hungry mouth. She sucked it all out and spit it into Hoda's mouth. She spit her saliva into Hoda's mouth also and watched Hoda swallow it all.

Bill rested and watched me pound all three ladies holes, with my huge cock. He said he always wanted to taste another man's jizz, so after I came in Kathie Lee's mouth, she spit it all in Bill's mouth. I watched him swallow it all down. Hoda sucked me clean, as Kathie Lee sucked my big balls. I even pissed in his mouth, as well as in all three beautiful ladies mouths. He loved that too. He couldn't swallow all of it though, so Kathie Lee and Hoda took over. I pissed in their mouths and they swallowed the rest of it, sucking me totally dry. Nina pegged Bill's ass with a huge strapon she brought with her. Kathie Lee and I watched, as she rode my cock in her pussy, reverse cowgirl. Hoda was on her knees sucking Bill's old cock, as Nina pounded his ass with the strapon. She and Kathie Lee switched off and he came in Kathie Lee's very talented mouth, as I came up Hoda's sweet pussy. Nina kept assfucking him.

We found out that Bill loved to be dominated as well, so Nina took over and whipped him with the riding crop, as Kathie Lee pegged his old, fat ass with the huge strapon. Hoda rode my huge cock in her ass, reverse cowgirl, as I played with her beautiful, small tits. We both watched, enjoying the sexual domination. Kathie Lee and Nina had him lay on the floor and they squatted over his mouth and cock. They both pissed on him, Kathie Lee in his mouth and Nina on his rock hard cock. He swallowed all of Kathie Lee's piss and ate her pussy clean, as she sat on his mouth. Nina sat on his cock and rode him, whipping his hard, old nipples with the riding crop, as she did. She and Kathie Lee switched off. Kathie Lee rode his cock in her ass, whipping his nipples, as Nina pissed in his mouth, riding it.

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