tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSex Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda Ch. 02

Sex Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda Ch. 02


This is a parody... It is not real

This is a new series starring Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb... It's about them spicing up their show with a new segment, Sex Talk... This segment's guests are Tyra Banks and Serena Williams, along with a Special Guest... Enjoy


I was sitting on the couch, in my sexy ass girlfriend, Kathie Lee Gifford's, dressing room watching her show. They were taping a special, summer fun, beach blast episode and she and her co host Hoda Kotb were both wearing bikinis. Kathie Lee looked extra gorgeous, with her long, dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a very skimpy, white wraparound bikini and white stripper pumps. Hoda had her auburn brown hair out. It flowed down, just below her shoulders. She was wearing a blue one piece swimsuit and blue stripper pumps.

I was watching them, as a female intern on their show, was on her knees sucking my huge cock. She was good. Erika, her name, was a black, big tit 18 year old intern from Rutgers. She was deepthroating my big, thick, white cock very nicely. She rubbed my big balls and sucked my cock slowly, then very fast, all the way up and down. She looked up at me with those beautiful black eyes and sucked me voraciously. I reached down and squeezed her DD cup tits, pinching her big nipples hard, as she sucked me off. Her tongue was wrapped around my shaft, while she sucked it, super hard. Her teeth softly grazed my cock and her tongue licked it all over. She sucked my huge head very hard and chewed on it softly, when she came up on my cock.

I was watching Kathie Lee bounce up and down on a giant beach ball, her gorgeous tits shaking, as Hoda squirted water, out of a big water gun, on her. Kathie Lee shook her head, side to side and opened her beautiful, pink lip glossed mouth wide, swallowing any water that was shot into it. She looked so fucking sexy. I love my woman. She's such a hot, freaky bitch. She always pleases me and takes great care of me. She puts a big ass smile on my face, every damn day.

Erika wrapped her big, natural black tits around my big white cock and fucked my cock wildly with them, smiling big at me, the whole time. They felt so good. She licked my thick cock head, as it popped out of her big tit tunnel. She softly bit it and sucked it, so fucking hard, as well. Kathie Lee flashed the audience real quick, pulling her bikini top up, over her tits and shaking her beautiful, 60 plus year old titties. She pulled her thick nipples, letting them pop back into place. She rubbed them, pulling them to her mouth, sucking them hard and licking them, winking at the camera and audience. Kathie Lee pulled her bikini top, back over her tits and she and Hoda sat down.

"You know what time it is peopleeeeeeeee! Yes, that's right, it's... SEX TALK WITH KATHIE LEE AND HODA!!" Kathie Lee said cheering, waving her arms and shaking her tits, as the very excited crowd cheered loudly.

They chanted, "SEX TALK!! SEX TALK!! SEX TALK!!" and applauded super loud. The crowd loved the segment and yelled and chanted, as Hoda pulled her swimsuit top across her tits, exposing her sweet, small, caramel toned tits, shaking them and blowing kisses. She pulled her top back across her tits, covering them.

"Yes, that's right. It's Sex Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda time. Today, we have two great guests. Please welcome supermodel Tyra Banks and tennis mega star Serena Williams!!" Hoda said, cheering with the audience and Kathie Lee. Tyra and Serena walked out, looking mega hot. Tyra walked up to Kathie Lee, reached around her and squeezed her beautiful tits, shaking them and playing with them. Kathie Lee smiled big and leaned back into her. Serena sat down, waving at the raucous crowd, smiling big. She was wearing a skimpy, black wraparound bikini, just like Kathie Lee, black instead of white and black tennis shoes. Tyra finally sat down, wearing a white two piece swimsuit that barely covered her very large, natural, perfect tits and thick brown ass. They both looked awesomely gorgeous.

Erika sucked my huge white cock harder and harder, looking at me the whole damn time. I grunted and dumped my massive load of thick jizz, in her sucking mouth. She swallowed most of it, but some spilled out onto my cock and balls. She licked it all up, sucking my big balls clean my big cock, as well. She sucked me totally dry, licking as she sucked. She kissed my thick cock head and smiled big at me. She blew me a kiss, just as someone yelled for her. She pulled her top back up and gave me her number. "Thanks handsome, please call me, so we can do it again. I want you to fuck me too daddy." She said, in her sexiest voice, smiling big, as she walked out the door.

I sat there, with my cock still out and watched the show. "Welcome to the show ladies." Hoda smiled.

Tyra and Serena both said, "thank you, it's a pleasure to be here."

"We have a couple of questions, sex questions of course, for you. This one is for Serena. Do you enjoy anal sex? With an ass like you have, it must be made for fucking." Hoda asked Serena the question from a fan on their website.

"Um, yes I do actually, I love anal sex. So yes, I guess my ass was making for fucking." She said, smiling, and smacked her world famous, perfect, thick black ass. The audience cheered loudly, as the ladies laughed.

Ok, this one's for you Tyra. This is from Billy, whose in the audience. Come on up Billy and ask your question in person." Hoda waved him up on stage, as the crowd cheered. Billy, a short, nerdy looking college freshman, ran up on stage and stood by Hoda. "Ok Billy, ask Tyra your question." Hoda directed him.

He looked at Tyra, his cock hard in his shorts. She smiled at him and shook her perfect, natural funbags at him. She reached over and cupped his hard cock, through his shorts. He smiled big and asked, "So Tyra, do you spit or swallow?" The crowd cheered the question.

They chanted, "SWALLOW!! SWALLOW!! SWALLOW!!" Tyra looked around, smiling.

"Of course, I always swallow. I only spit on the cock for fun, but I always swallow the nut. I'm a freaky black bitch, I'll suck off anybody, anytime. Look, I'll show you." Tyra pulled Billy's cock out of his shorts and leaned over, sucking it fast. She deepthroated it easily. Her gorgeous head flying up and down it. She jerked Billy's cock super fast and smacked his balls, sucking the head as hard and fast, as humanly possible. Billy groaned and came in Tyra's sucking mouth. She swallowed his creamy nut easily. She kissed his cock and slapped it. Billy bent over slightly, but smiled big. He just got sucked off by Tyra Banks, on national television. He could brag about that all year at college.

"Thank you Billy." Hoda smacked his ass and squeezed it, as he ran back to his seat. The audience, cheering loudly for him.

"We sent our intern Erika out to the street, to find the fattest, ugliest guy she could and bring him in here to fuck Serena's perfect ass. We wanted to see the contrast of the perfect Serena Williams getting fucked up that awesome booty, by the fattest, ugliest guy possible. It's gonna be really hot. Are you ready Serena?" Kathie Lee asked her.

"Yeah I am. Where's the cock? I hope it's big." Serena answered.

"Yes, we told Erika, to make sure he had a big cock. Now where are they?" Kathie Lee looked around, but no one could see them. Erika wasn't on the street, so Kathie Lee went looking for them. She walked down the hall and saw Erika on her knees, sucking off a huge, fat, nerdy guy in a Superman costume. His massive stomach was pressed against Erika's head, as she sucked his large cock. Kathie Lee walked over to them and stopped.

"Wow, that's a big one. Good job Erika. Now suck that fucking cock." Kathie Lee pushed Erika's head further down on the huge, ugly nerd's big cock. It was 8 inches long and was thicker than Kathie Lee's forearm. Erika, that sexy fucking slut, had handled my longer cock. His cock was a little wider than mine. Erika sucked it hard, as Kathie Lee pulled her hair and pushed her head down on the big cock.

"Good job Erika, you got it hard. " Kathie Lee told Erika, who pulled her mouth off the super thick cock and looked at Kathie Lee. "It's hard, but I better make sure it's hard enough, before he shoves it up Serena's ass." Kathie Lee said, as she leaned over and shoved the big cock in her mouth, sucking it wildly, her beautiful mouth racing up and down it. The huge nerd grunted and grabbed her head. He came in Kathie Lee's mouth, his load wasn't big, but it was very thick and very creamy. She swallowed it easily and smacked her lips. "Mmm, that's the second most delicious cum I have ever tasted. My boyfriend Dick, has the most delicious." Kathie Lee, always making me smile. Erika agreed. They both sucked him clean.

Kathie Lee grabbed his big cock and led him to the studio. "Ok big boy, let's go. Thanks Erika."

"You're welcome." Erika went back to work. Kathie Lee brought the huge nerd to the studio, by his large cock and stood him behind Tyra and Serena.

"Ok Serena, get that ass ready. Here comes some big ass, white nerd dick for you. Better make sure he stays hard though." Kathie Lee and knelt down, pulling her gorgeous milf tits out of her bikini and wrapped them around the huge nerd cock, of the very fat and ugly nerd, in the Superman outfit.

"So big boy, tell us about yourself." Kathie Lee told him, as she fucked his cock, with her amazing tits.

" Well, my name is Milton and I love Superman... and girls." He didn't say much, but he was already working on his second hot babe and he already came in her mouth. His massive stomach was pressed against Kathie Lee's beautiful face, as she sucked the head of his cock, when it popped out of her warm, comfy tit blanket.

"Well Milton, it's good to have you on the show, maybe you can fuck all of us, if your up for it." Hoda said, staring at his huge cock, licking her luscious, lip glossed, shiny lips. Tyra turned around and pulled her very big, very perfect, natural ebony cans out of her swimsuit, flashing Milton. He grabbed her tits roughly squeezing them, his eyes wide, licking his drooling lips. Tyra enjoyed the rough beast play. He slapped her big chocolate tits and pulled her hard nipples, as far as they would go.

"Mmmmmmmm, white boy wants to play rough... GOOD!! FUCKING GET READY FAT BOY, I'M GONNA ROCK THAT BIG WHITE COCK!!" Tyra pulled his cock from Kathie Lee's tits and smacked Milton's huge, white cock hard. He groaned. She smacked it harder. He groaned again. She smacked it even harder. He bent over in pain. His big cock was oozing precum. Kathie Lee saw it and lapped it up.

"Mmmmmm, damn he tastes great." Kathie Lee sucked his huge cock head hard, coaxing out more tasty fluid.

"Get your fat ass over here, whiteboy!" Tyra pulled Milton by his cock, over to Serena's world famous, perfect ass. She makes it hard. Serena moaned. Tyra pulled Serena's bikini bottom to the side and spit on her anus. She rubbed Milton's cock head in it and spit on it. She rubbed it in his shaft. She shoved his very thick white cock, up Serena's thick black ass. "Fuck it whiteboy!" Tyra ordered, looking at him, with an intense, boss bitch look. Milton smacked Serena's perfect, thick ass hard with his chubby hand. He reached up and pulled her big, full of milk tits, out of her bikini top and squeezed them hard. Her sweet milk shout into his large hands.

He pounded Serena's ass so hard and fast that, combined with his weight, the table moved several inches. He just slammed his huge cock even harder, up her thick ass. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE!! TEAR THAT ASS UP WHITEBOY!!" Serena screamed out, loving the rough anal pounding. She fucking loves anal sex. It's her favorite kind of sex. Milton grabbed Tyra by the back of her neck and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. Tyra slapped his fat face, but he kept kissing her. He sucked her tongue and shoved his down her throat, roughly kissing her. He kept slamming up Serena's ass, as well. Serena was shaking her head wildly, side to side, as she moaned very loud and squirted all over Milton's huge legs.

He was tongue fucking Tyra's throat relentlessly, holding her beautiful mouth to his. She finally gave up trying to pull away and sucked his fat tongue, lusting for the very fat nerd and his huge white cock. She was in heat and desperately craved his huge cock, in all of her holes. He groaned into Tyra's mouth and blasted his load up Serena's perfect black ass. She moaned loudly, loving warm surge of very thick cum up her ass. She squirted again, all over his legs and the floor too.

Kathie Lee and Hoda were on their knees sucking off their ASSistant Bill. They had hired him after their sex romp with him, me and Nina Hartley. They suck and fuck him every morning before the show. Kathie Lee swallows his piss everyday, before we go home. She loves swallowing piss, mine and any other, she can get in her thirsty mouth. They were sucking his cock and balls, as Tyra was now sucking Milton's huge cock clean, after pulling it out of Serena's ass. Serena was sucking his huge balls, licking them all over spitting on them and sucking them clean. Tyra sucked Milton so fucking fast and hard he shot his very thick and very creamy wad, down her sucking throat. She deepthroated his huge white cock easily and let him shoot it directly into her hungry stomach. Tyra and Serena each sucked him clean and swallowed every drop of his piss, that he shot into their mouths, not even flinching, when he unexpectedly let it fly.

Bill grunted and shot his wad into Kathie Lee's mouth, as Hoda sucked his balls. Kathie Lee sucked it all into her mouth and spit it into Hoda's. They kissed and pushed it back and forth, into each other's sexy mouths. They swallowed it down and took turns sucking Bill's cock clean. The two fat guys, one old and one young, smiled at each other, both loving the sexual fun they were the stars of.

I was in Kathie Lee's dressing room, looking at my absolutely perfect, close friend Kim Kardashian, as she rode my 10 thick inches. I had called her earlier. I knew she was in town, so I called her up and asked if she would come over and hang out. She was happy to do it. She came over and immediately jumped on my hard cock. We hadn't fucked in awhile and she missed me and it. She was riding me, looking right at me, as I took pictures of her on my cock. She posed very sexy and blew me kisses. She's so fucking beautiful, I just look at her, while I fuck her, every time. I rubbed her hard clit, smacking it repeatedly, then rubbing it faster and faster. She moaned and smiled that gorgeous smile at me, leaning in, kissing me, her arms around my head.

I smacked her amazingly perfect, thick ass hard and rubbed it softly. She moaned loud. I repeated the process several times, loving her moans into my mouth. She squirted all over my cock twice, as she rode me, kissing me deeply. I pinched her thick nipples hard and shook them very hard. She moaned very load into my mouth. My tongue fucked hers, as we kissed. I squeezed those big, perfect tits of hers, shaking them, squeezing them hard and rubbing her nipples faster and faster. Her sweet tit milk shout out, all over my chest. I kept kissing her and squeezing those awesome tits. I leaned down and sucked as much of each perfect tit into my mouth, as I could and sucked them as hard as possible. I drank her tasty milk, sucking and licking her thick, hard, brown nipples, as hard as I could. She hugged my head to her gorgeous chest.

I smacked that awesome ass and squeezed it. I'm in love with that ass. Kim is the booty queen. I slid two fingers up her perfect ass and fingered it fast. My fingers wiggling and fucking that gorgeous work of art, with blazing speed. "Mmmmmmmmm, shove your cock in my ass Dick. You know I love it daddy." Kim said, in the sexiest voice ever. I pulled out of her juicy pussy and pushed against her anus. It opened wide and welcomed my huge cock up it. My cock has been a frequent traveler, up her Hershey highway, so it slid in, so fucking smoothly. I smacked that ass hard, squeezing it and licked her dripping nipples. I pounded up into her perfect, round ass with awesome force, slamming up it, my ass flying off the couch, as I drove my cock up her ass. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! FUCKKKKKKKK MYYYYYYYYY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" Kim screamed in ecstasy, loving my cock up her ass. They were made for each other.

I drilled that fucking ass, so blazing fast, my cock was almost invisible. She squirted three times, all over me. I wiped up her fucking sweet cum and licked my fingers clean, kissing her, so she could taste herself. I pounded up that famous ass like a sex crazed maniac, looking right at her and those beautiful, dark eyes. She smiled big, blowing me a kiss, moaning very loud. I pulled her off of me and she bent over, sucking my throbbing cock. I came hard, pumping my thick jizz in her mouth, filling it three times. She swallowed every drop, looking at me the whole time, smiling around my thick cock. She sucked me totally dry and licked my cock and balls so fucking good, as well.

She sat back in my lap, my arms around her, as she laid her very beautiful head on my shoulder. She kissing my cheek. "I love your fucking cock Dick and I love you." I smiled. I dig that chick. I held her and watched the action on the TV.

Bill and Milton took turns fucking each chick's ass. They rotated, as all four women were bent over the table. They fucked for another hour. Milton cumming in Kathie Lee's mouth twice and in Serena's once. Bill pissed in Tyra's mouth and came in Hoda three times. The Show went off the air with Bill and Milton double fucking Tyra's gorgeous ass and both cumming on Kathie Lee's beautiful face. It was another great time for all, as always. You gotta love... Sex Talk With Kathie Lee and Hoda.

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Full marks for effort


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