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“Doctor Gerard, this is Mrs. Brown, our client for the next two days.” Julienne introduced me to a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties. Her short black haired, brown eyes and pale skin oozed sensuality but her droopy shoulders tried to hide her firm breasts and sexuality.

“Good morning. Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.” I took Mrs. Brown’s hand and led her to the couch. She wore her conservative grey business suit, designer shoes and handbag like a suit of armour against the temptations of the world. Her dark eyes were wide with shock, switching between Julienne and me. I gathered that the reaction must be the way we were dressed, or rather undressed. Apparently, no one told her about the way we conduct business at Centaur Centre.

This was the second year of our exclusive sex therapy clinic in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range outside Johannesburg, South Africa. The high crime rate, the wealth available to the greedy and the pace to keep up with the Joneses or in most cases the Morekis, had a detrimental effect on the libido of the rich. That is where we came in.

Julienne and I fell in lust at a boring sex therapy conference in Cape Town three years ago. I couldn’t keep my gaze off this beautiful goddess, clothed in a short green summer dress with spaghetti straps that accentuated her green eyes. I sat one row behind and to her left and saw the soft curves of her breast spilling over the dress. My cock agreed with the assessment and sprang to attention at the sight. I wasn’t the only man at the conference with a hard-on for this sex goddess. No one could ever miss Julienne in a crowd. She is 5’11”, has long flaming red hair, long, strong legs and the face of a beauty queen. Her lips are invitingly sexy with a ready smile that will make any nerdish man feeling like a stud. We met during lunch on the first day, airing our grievances about the direction the conference was going, another HIV/AIDS prevention campaign. We decided not to return to the conference after lunch but start our own conference in Julienne’s room.

As we rode up alone in the glass elevator, we tore at each other’s clothes. As we passed the second floor, I slipped the straps over her tanned shoulders and dropped the dress to the floor. She wore nothing underneath. Her full rounded breasts were firm, her hard nipples begging for attention. But I ignored them, to get a better look at my future sex partner and before I released my own passion. Her flat stomach sloped down in a vee to her shaved pussy mound. Her clit protruded between the glistening folds of her cunt. Her long legs were spread out, begging me to fuck her.

By the fourth floor, I dropped to my knees as Julienne tore off my blue short sleeve shirt and pressed my blond head against her pussy. Hungrily, I lapped at her juices, parting her lips with my darting tongue. I loved the smoothness of her mound, leaving any lover unobtrusive access to the centre of the world. Past the seventh floor, I was sucking on her clit and pussylips as if my life depended on it.

When we shot past the tenth floor, Julienne tore off my Dockers trousers, leaving me naked, standing 6’3” in my shoes. I never wear underwear, a hindrance in the build up towards any good fuck. As we approach the 14th floor, I had my 8-inch cock deep in her pussy, pumping into her velvety smooth insides, her beautiful tits bouncing up and down. At the 20th floor, Julienne threw her legs over my arms as we both reached our climaxes. For a moment, I wondered if anybody saw us fucking.

As the door opened at the 25th floor, our stop, I retrieved the keys and wallet from my trousers and with arms locked, we walked down to her room, naked. Julienne threw her small purse over her shoulder and kissed me on the mouth. The young couple waiting at the elevator door stared dumbfounded at our naked backsides. Their gasps told me that they must have seen my cum dripping from Julienne’s cunt, running down her legs. My cock was ready for another session.

The rest of that week, we never left the room, fucked like there was no tomorrow and made plans for our own therapy centre. We ordered room service and always answered the door naked. Once a young female waitress, Patty, enquired about us and when we told her we’re qualified sex therapists, she sat down and for an hour talked about her sexual problems.

“I’m so fucking confused. I want to fuck women but need a cock in my cunt,” she said, lusting after our nakedness. My cock throbbed and I saw Julienne touched her pussy. Her fingers came away wet.

What followed came naturally. While we talked about bisexuality, Julienne undressed Patty. Laying Patty on the bed and letting her legs dangle over the side, Julienne sucked the girl’s tits, taking each teat in her mouth. Patty squirmed as Julienne moved down to her pussy. Patty then grabbed my cock, twirled her tongue around the purple helmet before she took it in her mouth. She sucked on my cock while Julienne inserted two fingers deep in Patty’s cunt.

“Bisexuality is a good alternative choice to hetero or homosexuality,” I said as I saw Julienne’s sexual expertise on a woman. “It doubles your chances of a date on Saturday nights.”

Opening Patty’s nether lips with two fingers, Julienne sucked on her clit while she pushed her chin into Patty’s dripping wet cunt opening. The attention to her slit of joy was too much for the girl. As she came, she took my sword to the hilt. The whimpers from within her vibrated on my cock, sending tremors of absolute bliss through my shaft.

As Julienne and I switched places, Julienne said: “Bisexuality also assures that no one is left out during a threesome.” Kneeling on the floor, I ran my engorged cockhead up and down Patty’s dripping cunt before I pushed deep inside her tight pussy. Julienne sat on Patty’s mouth, facing me. I played with Julienne’s beautiful tits, while I increasing the speed of my pumping hips. I could see that Patty wasn’t a virgin in giving head to a woman. Julienne’s knees buckled as I tweaked her nipples and Patty stuck her tongue into Julienne. It wasn’t long before Julienne came with a shudder. I slammed hard into Patty’s pussy and felt her cunt walls gripping my cock as she came again.

By now, my cock was a single pleasure nerve and the slightest touch or movement rocked my being. I pulled out and squirted my male milk onto the two blissful women. Afterwards, Julienne licked the cum off Patty’s tits, sending waves of joy through our first client. Patty reciprocated and between licks said: “Fuck it, you’re both very good.” Patty turned her attention back to my semi-hard cock. She softly stroked it. “You fucked away my doubts. How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing, darling,” said Julienne. “We owe you for the food and sex.”

“Most of all,” I chipped in. “We owe you for showing us the way.” We knew then what we wanted to do and how we’re going to make our future a pleasurable one. We were married within a week and within a year saved enough money to start our venture.

That was why Julienne received Mrs Brown wearing only a black garter belt, black stockings and black high heels shoes, and her lovely smile. I know what Mrs. Brown saw when she looked at me: a tall blond and well-built hunk with an eight-inch cock, ready for action. I have no hair on my overall tanned body. My thick shoulder-length hair makes up for it. I also removed my pubic hair to create a smooth, sexy and fuckable sex god. I know my strengths and weaknesses; that is why I use my strengths at work, to the advantage of others.

As Mrs Brown sat down, Julienne took her place next to me on another couch facing our client. Julienne did an excellent job decorating our house/centre in a homely way, warm and inviting, without the trappings of wealth our clients are used to. We wanted neutral ground for our clients, without the pressures of their own worlds. Most of all, we became very comfortable with our nudity, even when people like Mrs. Brown are shocked.

“Haven’t you read our brochure or spoke to the person when you made the appointment?” Julienne asked the stunned Mrs. Brown.

“No, no. A friend, Tanya F….”

“No real names, please, Mrs. Brown,” I interrupted. “We like to keep confidentiality.”

“Eh, Mrs. Black made the appointment,” continued Mrs. Brown. “She never mentioned that you would be na.., nak…”

“Naked?” corrected Julienne. “If you are not comfortable with the state of our dress, you can always leave.” Julienne smiled at her. “We will not charge you for the morning.” She leaned forward and touched Mrs. Brown on the arm.

We don’t often get referrals like this, and we never forced anyone to participate in anything against their will. The therapy was voluntary and the client must have the desire, the leverage to change. Mrs. Brown was of two minds. Nothing in her protected world of old wealth prepared her for this. Her conservative husband wanted a whore in bed but a saint during the day. She didn’t or couldn’t meet his demands. She must have confined in Mrs Black, who then recommended us without informing her about the small print. At least Julienne and I will have two days to ourselves.

“No!” Mrs. Brown sat up straight. “I must confess that I was shocked at first, appalled at your nudity.” She shifted in her chair. “But I find your honesty and appearance very stimulating.” She blushed. “I think I am getting wet between my, you know, legs.”

“As you can see, I’m also dripping,” said Julienne, opening her legs for Mrs. Brown to see the wetness seeping through her pussylips. Mrs. Brown stole a quick glance at Julienne’s cunt before she tore her gaze away. But Julienne will not let her off that easily. She took Mrs. Brown’s hand and put it between her naked legs. Mrs. Brown hand shook with anticipation as she tentatively sneaked out a finger towards Julienne’s pussy. As she touched my wife’s wet cuntlips, she pulled away as if stung by a bee. Again, Julienne forced Mrs. Brown’s hand between her legs and kept it there. This time, Mrs. Brown slid a finger between the pussy folds and moved it up and down the slit.

I moved to sit next Mrs. Brown, to tell her its okay. She grabbed my cock and held onto it for dear life, squeezing the blood from my tool. Was this the way this woman is going to treat my cock? I wondered. Suddenly, she let go of my aching penis, pulled her finger from Julienne, and stood up. She started to unbutton her jacket and threw it on a chair.

“Mrs. Brown, you don’t have to undress,” I said. She ignored me.

“I grew up in a conservative Christian home where sex was considered to be a necessary evil between husband and wife. I was taught that God keeps record of all our dirty thoughts and actions, to be revealed for all to see at the end of days. I was so ashamed of any lustful thoughts that I kept myself busy with work and study. My girlfriends at Varsity told me about boys and such, but never about desire and passion. Always about the mechanics.” She stepped out of her grey skirt and flung it on top of her jacket. Mrs. Brown slowly removed her silky blouse and dropped it with her other clothes. It was as if Mrs. Brown stripped away her past without a thought as she removed her pantyhose. Standing before us in her expensive but conservative white panties and bra, she continued:

“I married without experience and never could satisfy my husband. As you can see I am very shy and do not enjoy sex.” She drew her shoulders back, pushing proudly her breasts in our faces. Unclipping her bra, she sat down. Releasing her perfectly moulded globes, she threw her bra into the air. Her small erect nipples must ache with desire.

“What I expect from you is to release me from myself, from my inhibitions.” Lifting her behind off the couch, she slipped her panties down her legs, and left it lying in a bundle at her feet. Her knees were locked together, her last defence against change.

As I stood up, my semi-erect cock swung past her face. We have to move carefully to help her take the next bold step. I looked down at the spot between her clenched legs and saw black bundle of hair. I nodded to Julienne who followed my look, saw the intention and took charge of our ward.

“First off, you need a bath to relax you. Then a massage.” Julienne took Mrs. Brown’s hand and led her through the house to our large bathroom. The room is decorated in soft pinks and whites. A large sunken bath in the centre of the room dominates the place. To the left were a dresser, chairs and a full-length mirror. On the right as you enter the room was a comfortable massage table close to a steam bath. I quickly filled the enormous bath with warm water and herbal suds. Julienne removed her garter belt, stockings and shoes and joined Mrs. Brown in the bath. I knew what would follow. Julienne will show her the pleasure of female lust while I prepare our evening entertainment. I excused myself and left Mrs. Brown in Julienne’s capable hands.

An hour later, when I returned, Mrs. Brown sat on one of the chairs. Julienne kneeled between her legs, shaving our client’s hairy pussy. Julienne explained the reason for the removal of her pubic hair.

“Women spent hours applying make-up but don’t spend a minute to look after the centre of the universe, their pussies.” Julienne expertly clipped the offending long hair off with a small scissor. “Men will go to the end of the earth to gawk at and enter a woman’s pleasure groove. That is why we should take care of the most beautiful slit in the world.”

“I can only concur with Julienne’s praise of the pussy,” I said as Julienne shaved Mrs. Brown’s mound and between her legs. She even removed all the hair around Mrs. Brown’s pucker hole. A shy Mrs. Brown allowed me to admire at her naked cunt. Her parted outer lips left a groove for her pussylips to hug each other, closing her inner being to my prying eyes. Between the pale puffy lips seeped a little moisture. Within the next 12 hours, I will have my cock inside that love canal.

“Now, my dear lady, it is time for your massage,” I said, leading Mrs. Brown to the table. “Lay on your stomach, please.” As she settled down in her naked glory, I applied massage oil to her shoulders and back.

“All religions are on the mythological developmental level and are concerned with their own group interests,” I said, loosening her tense shoulder muscles. “They are also male dominated and will use a vengeful and jealous god to protect the interests of men.” My hands moved down her spine, over her hips and sides. I applied pressure to the small of her back to work out all the creeks. “Businesses and the greedy also function on this level, never giving others outside the circle a chance.” I skipped the rounded curves of her buttocks and continued from her legs upwards.

“The next development is to the reasonable level. They look to the interests of the world and try to accommodate everyone. But succeed only in becoming impotent.”

By this time, I was back at her buttocks, kneading them like dough. My hands slipped between her legs and I deliberately pushed my fingers into her wet pussy.

“It is only when we reach the second tier of being that we reach our freedom.” I lubricated my fingers with her juices and oil. I worked my way to her puckerhole. I teased it by spreading her cheeks apart with both hands and as I moved my hands over her globes, my thumbs brushed over her anus.

“This level is where you want to be. Here there are no boundaries between male and female, nature and humans, your ass and your cunt.” As I said this, I pushed a finger in her cunt and one in her ass, pumping them in and out. She moaned as I wiggled my fingers inside her.

“Turn on your back, please.”

She obliged and I immediately massaged her breasts, her stomach, her legs and back to her groin. My cock was hard as a rock and I needed release, but she must invite me in. I would never force myself on a client.

Her naked mound looked invitingly good, her pussylips oozed nectar down over her asshole. Again, my fingers found their way into her passages while my thumb frigged her clit. She tossed and screamed, her hands gripping the sides of the table as she bucked her pelvis up and down. My hand was riding a bucking bronco, holding on for dear life. If I let go, she would stop jumping around but I would also have prematurely ended her pleasure. Her pleasure was more important than my hand. I held on until she settled down, spent in her throws of passion.

“Fuck, that was great,” screamed Mrs. Brown, her chest rising as she tried to steady her breathing. “That was my first fucking orgasm.” At least she took that first step beyond duty. Funny how people love to use the word fuck after a good fuck.

I placed steam-warmed towels over her naked body and slipped out the door. I had to find Julienne to release the pressure from my cock. She was stretched out on a deckchair next to the pool, catching the sun on her naked body. She saw my raging hard-on and the lust in my eyes.

“Come here, baby,” she purred. “Let me kiss your pain away.” Gently, she took my throbbing cock in her hand and brought it to her mouth. She licked the underside of my pole before she wrapped her lips around my purple head. Running her tongue under the helmet hood, she slowly moved her hand up and down my cock. Despite my need, I also wanted to pleasure my wife. We 69, with me lying on my back, darting my tongue in and out her pussy.

“I want you inside me,” whispered Julienne after awhile, tore herself away from my lapping tongue and impaled her on my hard-on. It was now Julienne who rode my like a horse, but this time I was being pleasured as well. I could feel the friction on my dick as she squeezed her cunt muscles around my shaft. The pleasure became unbearable and I had to surrender my control to bliss. As I shot my load into her pussy, Julienne came with a rasping breath, and then let out a howl of joy. She collapsed on top of me, with my shaft still buried in her pussy.

“Oh my, here you are,” said a naked Mrs. Brown from the edge of the pool. “I thought you forgot about me.”

I was too tired to worry about her feelings and continued to caress Julienne’s back, her thighs, her buttocks and her anus. “I always imagine that watching people having sex would be terrible,” interrupted Mrs. Brown my daydreams. “But seeing you two make love was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.” She sat next to us on the chair and continued singing her praises of the sex act.

Julienne took charge again. She climbed off me, sat Mrs. Brown down on the second deckchair and proceeded to rub a sunscreen onto her back. I got the message and skedaddled from the pool area. My chance will come at the party tonight, I thought as I walked to my office.

“Where are we going?” asked Mrs. Brown. I glanced at her and my wife sitting next to me in the car. They looked stunning and very fucking sexy. The short black fishnet dresses didn’t cover their beautiful breasts and shaved pussies. The black thigh stocking and high heels only accentuated their nakedness. They were definitely very fuckable. I was dressed in a long black jacket, leggings and shoes. My tanned muscled chest was clearly visible in the vee of the jacket.

“We’re going to a private club called Caligula,” I said, trying to concentrate on my driving. Thinking about the day made me smile. It took a lot of convincing from Julienne to get Mrs. Brown to be undressed like this. Mrs. Brown wanted to change and this would be part of that change.

All eyes were on us as we stepped out the car. My two companions hooked their arms in mine as we sauntered into the club, giving the other patrons time to lust after us. Inside, Peter, the owner greeted us. He smiled at the two women. “Thank the gods you’re here. At least we will see some action.” He handed us each a glass of the best South African champagne. “These fucking rich kids don’t know how to enjoy life without getting drunk or stoned.”

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