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Mandie wondered how she let her husband and best friend talk her into this. Her best friend was dating a Sex Therapist named Tom, when meeting Mandie and her husband for the first time he offered to give Mandie and her husband a free session in their home. Bill her husband was all for it. Mandie was very prudish and had been raised that good girls just lay still while the man had sex with them. Even with her prudish ways something about this offer intrigued her. She didn't let on that she was curious about sex and let her husband, friend and sex therapist believe she was just going along with them but secretly Mandie wanted to know what an orgasm felt like and not feel guilty for wondering that. Tom had a way in making her feel comfortable about sex. He casually talked about the enjoyment of sex with Mandie and Bill making Mandie feel it was OK to wonder and explore more about sex and that it wasn't a sin and she wasn't going straight to Hell for thinking of sex.

Bill was very excited for this sex session. Sex with his wife Mandie had always been so boring and not very fulfilling. She would just lay stiff under him and let Bill do his thing, she believing from her mother that this is what good ladies did. He couldn't believe Mandie even agreed to the sex session but at this point he didn't care why--he was a man with pent up sexual frustration built up from many years of unsatisfactory sex.

Tom made Mandie and Bill agree once the sex session started both of them had to do whatever Tom said or the sex session wouldn't be beneficial. Both agreed and now found themselves naked with Tom in their house. They watched as Tom undressed in front of them and then he called out for Annie, Mandie's best friend. This surprised the couple they didn't know Annie was going to be involved in the actual sex session. Both Mandie and Bill started to question why he was calling Annie in when Tom turned to them and said "Remember you do whatever I say if you want this sex session" Mandie and Bill didn't protest any further. In walked Annie naked just as Tom shed the last of his clothes. Both Bill and Mandie looked at Annie admiring her beautiful body but not letting on their thoughts.

Tom had Mandie join him in the middle of the living room while he had Bill and Annie sit on the couch and watch. He turned to Bill and said "I'm going to get rid of your wife's inhibitions by fucking her in front of you and I bet you'll be turned on by it." He then told Mandie to get on her hands and knees and he entered her doggie style. At first Mandie didn't know what to think about this sexual position she had never let her husband do this but then she started to feel this wonderful sensation and found herself thrusting backwards to meet Tom's thrusts.

As Tom was fucking Mandie hard he looked over at Bill and wasn't surprised to see Bill had a huge hard on. Tom asked Bill if his wife ever let him do this and Bill said no. Tom said well after tonight she'll be begging you to fuck her good. Bill thought he was going to cum just watching his wife enjoy sex for the first time ever. Tom was making grunting sounds from thrusting into Mandie so hard and Mandie was moaning very loudly enjoying the new feeling. He then rolled Mandie over onto her back and started to bring her to an orgasm. Mandie moaned loudly when the orgasm hit her. She couldn't believe how great this feeling was. Tom then pulled out of her and shot his cum all over her tits. He then told Bill to come over and lick the cum off his wife's breasts. Bill obediently licked every drop off his wife's breasts while she lay there in a daze from her first orgasm.

Tom then told Mandie to go sit on the couch that it was Bill's turn. He told Bill "You're going to fuck Annie now" Bill looked at Tom a little surprised but when he looked at Annie and saw she wasn't embarrassed by this at all and was willingly coming towards him Bill went along with what Tom said. Tom had Annie lay on the floor and told Bill to start fucking Annie. By now Bill's dick was so hard and looking at Annie's beautiful body underneath him he didn't know if he could last more than few strokes before he came. Her pussy was so wet and inviting unlike his wife's. Annie arched up to meet Bill's thrusts and wrapped her legs around Bill. It had been so long since he had felt a woman respond to him sexually he could feel himself getting ready to cum. Tom seeing the look on Bill's face told him to cum a little in Annie but then he also wanted Bill to pull out and shoot some of his cum on Annie's lips and breasts too. Bill did exactly that---he shot a big load in Annie and pulled out and was surprised to see a lot more cum shooting on Annie's lips and tits. He had never cum so much in his life. Annie moaned with pleasure and licked some of Bill's cum off her lips and reached up and kissed Bill with the fresh taste of his cum on her tongue.

Tom then had Mandie to lick up her husband's cum off of Annie. Bill rolled over and lay there watching as his wife hovered over Annie licking his cum off her lips and then proceeded to lick all the cum off her breasts. Bill couldn't believe after cumming so hard that he was getting hard again but watching his prude wife lick cum off Annie's tits had him getting harder by the second. Annie was moaning with enjoyment as Mandie finished licking her breasts. Then Tom told Mandie to lick and suck her husband's cum out of Annie's pussy. Mandie couldn't believe how much she was enjoying the feel of Annie's skin and the sweetness of her pussy. Hearing Annie moan, enjoying her tongue in Annie’s pussy encouraged Mandie to keep going. Annie started to moan louder and to Mandie's surprise she felt Annie cum and greedily licked up Annie's nectar mixed with Bill's juices.

Bill eagerly entered Mandie doggie style while watching Mandie suck and lick Annie's clitoris. He was very hard again and knew he could last longer since he'd already cum once. Tom asked Bill if he had ever wanted to try anal with his wife. Bill replied "Hell yes but the prude wasn't even interested in regular sex forget getting her to agree to anal sex."

Tom told Bill, "Bill today you get to do whatever you want. Would you like to fuck your wife in the ass?"

Then Tom had Bill pull out of Mandie and spread Mandie's asshole to get ready for his entry. Bill took his dick lubed up from Mandie's juices and thrust in Mandie's ass. Mandie gasped but didn't complain she was so horny nothing was taboo any longer. Bill loved the tight feeling of Mandie's ass and he thrust in and out. He could tell Mandie was enjoying this as well, once her ass had loosen up she began moaning and begging Bill to fuck her harder. Before Mandie or Bill could cum Tom had them stop and told Bill now to fuck Annie's ass.

Mandie watched Bill enter Annie's ass Tom pulled out a strap-on from his bag and handed it to Mandie. He told Mandie it was now her chance to fuck her husband in the ass. This was something Mandie had never heard of but the thought of being able to fuck her husband in the ass excited Mandie greatly. She continued to watch Bill fuck Annie's ass as she put on the strap-on Tom applied some lube to it and told Mandie "go fuck your husband's ass"

Bill who was intently fucking Annie hard didn't realize what Mandie was about to do. She rubbed the strap on around Bill's rectum, he still didn't realize what Mandie was about to do until he felt the hard dildo enter his ass. He stopped pumping Annie while Mandie started pumping on his ass. At first Bill wasn't too happy with having something up his ass but as Annie continued to pump, he gradually started to feel a new sensation that made him really hard. He had never experienced his prostate being rubbed to excitement. Moaning very loudly, enjoying this new feeling he went back to pumping Annie's ass. He pulled out of Annie getting ready for the next thrust and push back against his wife’s strap-on.

Mandie had never heard her husband moaning so much pleasure and this had her pumping Bill's ass harder. Tom seeing all of them now totally uninhibited and enjoying sex with great enthusiasm now entered Mandie from behind. The four of them each in rhythm with each other moans simultaneously filled the room as all orgasmed together.

As they all lay there on the floor feeling totally sexually satisfied Tom told them if they wanted a second session it would be even better. Mandie and Bill looked at each other and knew their sex life would never be boring again..........

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