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Sex Time Machine Chyna


This is a parody... It is not real... R. I. P. Joanie I miss you


There I was, looking at a Sex Time Machine... yes I said a Sex Time Machine... I have no clue how they came up with the name but, I saw it for sale on the internet and I bought it. I mean it's on the internet, so I figured it had to be legit... So I bought it. Got a good deal, I'm assuming... and hoping... I was still wondering about the name. I even asked the guy, who drove up from Englewood to deliver it. He didn't know. He said a dude paid him to deliver it to me. It seemed more legit, by the minute. Well, it was sitting in my living room so, I tried to make the best of it. Maybe I should watch more TV, or something else good for you, like that.

I sat on it, hoping their wasn't anything sticky. I looked it over. It was silver and blue, metallic, four blue knobs, a touch screen and a rather large, silver and blue lever, on the right side, kinda like a slot machine. Nothing out of the ordinary, for a time machine, so I felt more at ease.

I looked at the day, month, year and time of day knobs and thought about possible scenarios. I had a Chyna as She Hulk porn movie, that I was watching, on my tablet. I looked up the date of production, just for shits and giggles, as Austin Powers would say. I put in the date and time of day and for the hell of it, put in an old Vivid Video warehouse, I knew they filmed in before, on the destination touch screen. I took a deep breath, feeling really smart, grabbed the lever and pulled it. It started shaking, the room got blurry and I blacked out. I woke up, shortly after and tried to clear my head. I looked around and realized I was in a warehouse. NO FUCKING WAY! This thing actually worked? Holy crap, I love the internet, forget more TV.

I threw a blanket over the Sex Time Machine and walked around slowly. I saw a couple of people and HD cameras. I saw what looked like a small set, DAMN, it did work. I set out to find Chyna. I acted like I was in the movie. Nobody bothered me, so thank god for laziness. I finally saw a door with Chyna on it, so I knocked. "Come in." It was her voice. I'm a huge pro wrestling fan, so that voice was burned into my brain.

I opened the door and walked in. There she was, sitting in her director's chair, looking in the mirror, in full costume. She had on a white and purple striped, sleeveless and legless, bodysuit, black and purple striped gloves, white sneakers and socks and of course, full body, green makeup on. Her long black hair flowed down her back. She was one hot ass she hulk. "Hey, are you one of the actors I'm working with. I thought I met them already." She asked. I decided to play along.

"Yeah, one guy had to pull out. I'm the replacement. I showed the director my papers and tests." I smiled, hoping she bought it. She did. She smiled back.

"Good, you're really cute. Do you have a big cock?" She looked me over, smiling, with her arms folded. Her legs were crossed and she shook her right leg, it was on top, like Peg Bundy. I decided to cut to the chase and just show her. I pulled it out and her eyes widened, so did her smile.

"Oh yeah baby. It's really big. DAMN, I wish we could fool around. This damn makeup would get messed up though." She said, staring at my rock hard 10 thick inches.

"So." I told her, as I locked the door and walked over to her. I stood right beside her. She looked me over again, reached out and softly grabbed my cock.

"Well, maybe just a handjob." She smiled and softly stroked my big cock.

I grabbed her very big, left tit and squeezed it, through her bodysuit. "And tit groping." I added. I squeezed it hard, then softly, rolling her thick, hard nipple through my fingers, rubbing the tip.

"Mmmmmmm, you're good babe. I love your big cock too. It's so long and thick. Do you cum a lot?" She asked, licking her lips, looking right at me, stroking my hard cock.

"Yes ma'am, all my chicks say it tastes great too." I smiled at her.

"You don't say. Well I guess I should find out for myself, then." She leaned over and sucked about half of my cock in her mouth. I put my hand on her head. She sucked me good, licking my hard cock, in her mouth, as she sucked it. She rubbed my big balls, massaging them. She turned her head towards me and looked up at me, smiling around my cock. She was such a sexy woman, I had a big crush on her for years.

She sucked me fast, her mouth pursed tightly around my thick cock, sliding up and down my shaft so easily. She took more of me in, opening her throat wide, her cheeks puffed out from my thickness. She had about 8 inches of my cock in her mouth and throat. I fucked her throat, pushing her head down, further on my cock. She gagged a little, but quickly adjusted and swallowed my whole 10 inches. I fucked her throat harder, her saliva drooling out around my cock. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." She moaned around my cock, moving the piece of material covering her pussy aside and rubbing her pussy quickly.

She moaned louder and I fucked her throat harder. She sucked my cock, as I fucked her mouth. She massaged my balls, so good. That chick knew how to treat a cock and balls. She rubbed her neatly trimmed, black haired pussy faster. I felt my climax close, so I doubled my throat fucking efforts. I slammed down in Chyna's sucking throat, as she sucked me with blazing speed and massaged my balls. I held her head and came deep and hard down her throat. I pumped a ton of thick nut, down her sucking throat. She swallowed it all, looking up and smiling at me. I looked right at her, groaning for the great feeling, as she kept swallowing my jizz and playing with my cum pumping balls.

She sucked every drop out, not spilling one. "FUCK, you suck good cock baby!" I shook my head and watched my twitching cock in her mouth. She kissed my cock, smacking her green lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm, all your chicks are right. You have delicious cum baby. The best ever. What's your name?" She asked, as she kept softly sucking, my still hard cock.

"It's Dick, it's a pleasure to meet you Joanie." I said, slowly fucking her mouth.

She pulled me out of her mouth briefly to say, "you called me by my real name. That's sweet. Most guys still call me Chyna." She sucked me back in her mouth, softly sucking my rock hard 10 inches.

"Well I'm not most guys and I wanna fuck you right now, beautiful. So what do you say?" She smiled at me and gave me my answer, without saying a word. She got out of her chair, moved it aside and bent over the table, looking at herself in the big mirror. I rubbed my rock hard meat hammer slowly, up and down her slit. She moaned. I slid slowly up her surprisingly, tight pussy. I smacked her muscular ass and fucked her pussy deeply. She reached under herself and rubbed her large, engorged, pink clit. I smacked her ass again, fucking her with long deep strokes.

"Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me Dick. I love your big cock baby. Fuck meeeeeee!" I slammed my whole 10 inches in her wet, tight pussy. It loosened up nicely, fitting so snug around my thick cock. It was so warm and wet. I groaned and smacked her ass again. I fucked her pussy faster, harder, every inch slamming in that muscular twat. She screamed out, "I'M CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG!!" She squirted an insane amount of pussy cream, all over my throbbing cock. I fucked her at supersonic speed, piledriving my thick cock up that soaking wet pussy. She squirted again. I kept pounding her pussy so fucking hard! I reached up and squeezed those gorgeous, very big tits, through her bodysuit. I held onto them and slammed my cock up her wet, now well stretched out pussy.

She squirted again. I pulled out, her pussy shooting out long streams of pussy nectar, across the room. I leaned down and opened my mouth, catching some, tasting her. I stood back up and spit on her anus. I rubbed it in with my rock hard cock and pushed, rather easily, up her muscular ass. I smacked her ass again, hard. My hand and wrist started to hurt. Her ass is very muscular. I squeezed her big, beautiful tits and drove my cock up that sweet ass. Her ass felt so fucking good. It was looser than I expected, you could tell she digs getting fucked up it, but it still felt so good. It was still snug on my thick cock, but not as much as her pussy.

"FUCK MY ASSSSSSSSS!! I FUCKING LOVE ITTTTTTT!! SLAM MY FUCKING ASS BABY!!" She was loving my cock up there, so I pounded it, as hard as I could. My cock was moving so insanely fast up her muscular ass, it was a fucking blur. She moaned and squirted again, all over me and the fucking floor. I drilled that great ass, as hard as I could. She kept moaning and squirting, all over me and that blue carpet on the floor. The table shook so much, it sounded like it was gonna fall apart, but we didn't care.

I grabbed her long black hair and pulled it, drilling all the way, up that gorgeous, muscular ass. She squirted 8 times. I pulled out and pulled her to the floor. She opened her mouth wide and I just jerked off, into that sexy green mouth. I dumped so much cum in there. Mouthful after mouthful of thick jizz, filling her mouth and immediately being swallowed down. She smiled big at me, the whole time and swallowed every drop with glee. I smiled back at her, my big wrestling crush and now my big porn crush. She kissed my cock, reaching up to her purse and getting a piece of paper and pen. She wrote her number and gave it to me, just as someone knocked on her door, saying they were looking for a guy that snuck on set.

She smiled at me and softly smacked my cock. "Bad boy. But I'm glad you did sneak on set Dick. I had a great time baby." She sucked my cock some more, before telling the person at the door. "Nobody's in here." You could hear the person walk away.

"Sorry babe and thank you. Thanks for not turning me in and thanks for making my 21st century. Your one of my all time favorite women." I smiled big and pulled her up, kissing her. I hugged her too, holding it longer than normal, because she's not around anymore and because she felt so damn good.

"Now get outta here, before you get caught babe. Call me." I made my way quickly back the Sex Time Machine and set the coordinates for my place and the present day. I got back and just shook my head, it actually worked. I pulled the paper out of my pocket, with Chyna's number on it and felt bad I didn't stay around to call her before I came back. I realized, though, I can go back anytime I want. I love that freaking... Sex Time Machine.

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