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Sex Toy Marathon


It had been a few weeks since we had sex, and I was wet with anticipation. I entered the bedroom, wearing a strapless, white lace body stocking, with a sexy blue and black silk tank top and shorts over it.

My lover looked very hot in the sexy black silk thong with chrome studs adorning the front pouch. The porn movie that was playing, showed a lovely woman being DP'd by two very well endowed men. I said, "Wow! It looks like she's definitely enjoying herself"! He readily agreed, and told me that I would be doing the same, very shortly!

I stood at the side of the bed, running my hands over silky material covering my breasts. My lover asked me to put some nipple jewelry on, so I pulled off the silky top, revealing the top of the strapless body stocking that was covering my 40D breasts. I slid the top down over my breasts, and began caressing my nipples making them nice and hard. I put the jewelry on, nice and tight, so that they would stay on. Man, were my protruding nipples ever so sensitive!

I slipped off the silky shorts, and lay on the bed beside him. I couldn't help but play with my sensitive nubs, while watching the hot scene playing on the TV. With a devious look on his face, my lover said, "Let's see just how hot you can get". He held out his hand to show me a nipple clamp that had other jewelry dangling from hit. He told me that he was going to attach it the barbell that pierced the hood of my clit. I began trembling a little, as he moved between my legs to concentrate on adding the extra jewelry. As the jewelry was being attached, I could feel my pussy juice oozing down toward my asshole. Once it was attached, he marveled at how wet I was. With the tight nipple jewelry, and the added clit jewelry, my body was visibly quivering!

He spread my juices around and moved up so he could suck on my hard nipples. Then he began to slowly insert the purple jelly anal beads into my asshole. My lover loves to see me in ecstasy. As he slowly slid several of the beads inside of me, his expression indicated that he was truly enjoying my reactions. As I began to have a real hard orgasm, be pulled the beads back out. "Oh my God", I exclaimed! As I was cumming, he began tonguing my asshole, which further enhanced this great orgasm. Suddenly, the beads were being reinserted, and his mouth was eagerly lapping at the juices flowing from my pussy.

When I came down a bit from my orgasm, he began to work an 8" Realistic dildo into my pussy. Just imagine! My nipples are highly sensitized by the jewelry, my clit is singing with the added weight of the extra jewelry, there are several anal beads in my ass, and now my pussy is being pounded by 8 inches of ramming dildo! My orgasms were continuous, one after the other, and each at a new height!

Suddenly, the anal beads are pulled out of my ass, and my lover begins to slowly insert a 6 - inch vibrating dong into my asshole. I am just exploding with bliss at this point! He begins to pound my ass with this dong, while simultaneously working the 8 - inch dildo in and out of my pussy. When he starts tonguing my protruding clitoris, I can't resist caressing my rock hard nipples! Wow! Then, he pulls the dildo out of my ass, and replaces it with the 8 " Realistic. I just love the feel as it slides into my asshole. He gets onto his knees and slides his big, fat, hard, cock slowly into my pussy! I reach under my to hold the dildo in my ass, so he can really start to stroke my pussy. As we get hotter and hotter, I begin stroking the dildo in and out of my asshole, and he starts to really pound my hot pussy, we both start cumming at the same time. We are just grinding our crotches together for several minutes. God it was great!

We were both in need of a break after cumming so hard, so we cleaned up, and put on some fresh lingerie. This time I put on a black lace body stocking. My lover put on a black ball holder with cock ring, which looked great.

My body was still humming, and I was ready for more. Another hardcore movie was on, and it was making me hot! All I could think about was which toys I'd like to use this time. I told him that I was going to play for a while, and when he had rested enough to let me know, so I could enjoy sucking his delicious cock. He just chuckled! I slid a 5" rippled butt plug into my ass, shoved a 7 1/2 " red jelly dong into my pussy. While stroking the dong in and out of my hot cunt, I held the Trojan Torch against my clitoris. I was cumming in seconds. I kept this up for several orgasms.

Watching me cum so much enticed my lover to help me out. He took control of slamming the dildo in and out of my hot pussy. Finally, he swung around so I could lick and suck his cock and balls, while he continued to pound my pussy. Sucking cock always makes me even hotter. He really enjoyed it when I ran the vibrating Trojan Torch over his cock and balls. He was really working my pussy well! I came so hard that I pushed the dildo out of my pussy. He couldn't resist sucking up all of the tasty juices.

I reached for the cinnamon Good Head Gel, and put some in the back of my mouth. I handed my hot lover the Anal Probe, and he slid it into my hot ass, giving it a couple of nice strokes for good measure. I then moved between his legs and squirted the bubble gum flavored lube on his cock, and began to lustfully lick and suck his thick, hard, cock. While I'm pleasuring my man, the handle of the Anal Probe is swinging back and forth due to my ass squirming around uncontrollably. The resulting sensations are great! Before long, I could feel my pussy juice running down over my clit. I'm cumming almost continuously. Sucking cock always makes my juices flow.

Finally he rolls me on my back and sucks up the sweet juices. Then he pulls one of my legs up and across my body and slams his hard cock into my pussy. God, I just love this position! After a few minutes his cock stroking in and out of my hot pussy, he grabs the handle of the anal probe, and starts to work it in and out while still fucking me. My pussy clamped down so hard that he had to cum! When I felt his hot sperm splashing inside me, it made me orgasm to a higher state. It was great for both of us!

We were both worn out after this sex toy marathon. We had a great time, used a lot of our toys, and I just came, and came, and came. I've discovered that I have a hard time recounting exactly what transpired during these hot sessions. I've attributed it to being in an almost constant state of orgasmic bliss! My lover helped me remember some of the details, in order for me to be able to share this with you. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that it has made you hot, horny, and ready for action!

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