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Sex Toy Party and More


One day while on the phone with a friend, she mentioned an acquaintance of ours having a sex toy party. The only rules were no kids and no men. I asked if she knew who to contact about scheduling one. She gave me the information and I set a date and called friends to invite.

On the day of the party I reminded my husband of the party and the time. He said whatever and waved as he left for work.

People started showing up at 6:00 ready to check out the goods. I figured looking at toys all night we would need alcoholic beverages. The drinking began and about an hour later the show was starting.

A couple of the toys looked too intimidating for any of us to be interested in. Sally, the lady with the merchandise holds up a pair of leather vibrating panties. Someone asked how discreet this contraption was. Sally turned on the vibrator and nobody heard a thing. About four of us jumped up at the same time wanting to check it out. We are wives and mothers so we have to keep our stress level down right?

My friend Lucy asked for a demonstration before ordering one. Sally asked if there were any volunteers willing to show us all how it worked. Tammy isn't much of a drinker and was feeling brave after having several drinks. She raises her hands and off to the restroom to change she goes. A few minutes later she comes out in nothing but the panties. She waited until she was in front of us all before turning it on. It didn't take long to realize the panties were a success. Tammy lay down in the middle of the room and in no time she was squirming in pleasure. There was no doubt an orgasm was brewing as she yelled and started bucking her hips. The only thing heard in the room was Tammy breathing hard and rapid as she started calming down. She bought one after that.

Next was a vibrator that could be put in the vagina and backdoor at the same time. It had three speeds and was very flexible. A few people were interested in this and placed orders. Sally had saved the newest and biggest toy for last. We all took a break giving her a few minutes to set up. As we entered the living room we all stopped and stared at my coffee table. On it was an up and down gyrating vibrator and clit massager. This was the toy to beat all the rest. It had suction cups for the table display or could just be held. Sally informed us the best way to see what it did was to get on. My best friend, Karla started stripping in front of everyone and told Sally to turn it on. As the toy came alive so did Karla, moaning and rolling her head back and forth like it was her first time. Watching her was making the rest of us wet.

In the heat of the moment and demonstration, I went to the other toys displayed and picked up an anal stimulator. I got behind Karla and started playing with her arse. Karla wanted the speed turned up a notch. I never thought I could get so wet watching a female on a toy. I left Karla alone long enough to get a toy and cure my own itch. Following raging hormones, the other women also lost their clothing and gained a toy.

My husband didn't pay any attention to my words earlier that morning. He arrived in the midst of our getting off and not to our knowledge at first. He had come thru the side door to the garage. He stopped at the door leading into our living room when he heard moaning. Looking thru our lace curtain, he saw all of us naked and pleasuring ourselves and each other with toys. Seeing all that pussy and self pleasuring made him hard. He figured in the garage no one was around so he could take care of his erection without anyone knowing. He took out his dick and started stroking. As he picked up the pace he let his guard down. His hand slipped and hit the door. One of the girls closest to the door heard this and looked up. She saw James barely visible thru the curtain. Not wanting to let him know he had been spotted, Suzy crawled over to me. Acting like she was licking my ear, she informed me of the peeping tom. I glanced towards the door and saw my husbands face smashed against the glass trying to take in the whole scene.

Knowing some of the women would rather have the real thing, I asked who wanted a meaty substitute in place of a plastic toy. Several faces had a questioning look as I walked towards the door. I opened the door before James could put his pecker away. We all saw his thick long dick sticking straight out. Karen, my neighbor, spoke first. She admitted she had wanted to sample that for some time now. I told her tonight was her only night but all fucking, sucking, and licking had to be done in front of everyone. She willing agreed as she went to James. Not saying a word she went to her knees and started giving my spouse a slobbering blowjob. I don't know if James was close to cumming before he was spotted or the audience but it didn't take long for him to grab Karen's head and hold it tight as he sprayed the back of her throat.

Giving him an ovation, I asked which pussy he wanted to eat first. He said he had another idea. I was sent to the kitchen to get a timer. We were told there was a 2 minute time limit. If you got off while he was eating you great but if not too bad next person was up. Suzy led the pack since she spotted him. She didn't take but a minute and a half thanking the gods for moving the earth. Next was Karla, her time was up with no climax. As she got up, one of the other girls followed her and completed the task of getting her off. Nobody went unlicked as girls ate girls and my husband ate us all.

At the end of the pussy eating, one friend boldly went to my husband and mounted his dick. She rode to her orgasm in no time. As she got up, another woman knelt down licking all the pussy juice Karla left behind.

Sally was still dressed but had started rubbing herself thru her clothes. She is a widow that hasn't had any attention in quite some time. She isn't ugly by any means she just doesn't do frills so she is rather plain looking. James gets up after he has been cleaned and heads towards Sally. He undresses her and leads her to the couch. She lay back and her legs were spread. It was obvious she was horny as her pussy shined with juice. James starts with her boobs. Pulling on one nipple at a time with his teeth, his hand goes to her mound and starts rubbing it. As his finger finds her clit she sucks in her breath as pleasure runs thru her. His finger enters her smoothly, going in and out. He lowers his head to her box and starts circling her clit with his tongue. Her moans become louder than the toys as she gets closer to her orgasm. Holding his head tight at her crotch she starts fucking his face. Just as she starts to get off, James backs up and for the first time in our lives, we see a woman squirt all over. Her body convulses for some time as she calms down. Just as she thinks it is over, James finger strokes her velvety inside causing her back to arch as another wave of pleasure hits her body. Wanting to show her appreciation she pleasures James with a blowjob. I didn't think he could get it up again but he proved me wrong as he stood fully erect and ready. When he shot his load, Sally grabbed his ass cheeks swallowing every drop he pumped out. She then proceeded to lick up anything she left behind.

By the end of the night all the toys had been tested as well as my husband and his very stimulating abilities. Tammy asked when I was having another party. I told her next time was a different house and husband.

Closing the door, I gave James a piece of paper with a number on it. Sally had passed it to me asking if she might be able to borrow him soon for another shot at squirting. I said I had no problem with that as long as I got to watch and try out her new toy. She winked and said no problem. I have never had a party that everyone left very satisfied.

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