Sex Toys and Coffee


"There's no need to be so shy Kira," Laura encouraged, pausing every few words to gasp.

"Just because you're a crazy slut," Kira laughed. "Let me be a demure slut thank you."

My cock was screaming for attention. I was about to reach into my pants and pull it out when the door of the cafe opened. We all looked up, completely startled. Initially I was probably the most surprised- Sally had just walked in the front door of the shop. She must have snuck around from the back door. I smiled, realising that both Laura and Kira thought that she was a normal customer and not my girlfriend and fellow cafe owner. Kira didn't change her posture, it was impossible for the tension in her body to increase. She no longer ground her thighs against one another but she still maintained pressure on her groin.

In contrast Laura's bearing changed greatly. She had been on the cusp of orgasm, moaning and writhing in pleasure. Now she attempted to stand normally, hiding her state. Although she was able to control her sounds and movements her breathing was still ragged and deep. With the small beads of sweat on her brow it looked like she had been so desperate for coffee that she had run here. Mercilessly, I refused to turn the vibrator down, leaving it at near maximum power.

Sally strode up to the counter, "Can I please grab a latte?" she requested.

I barely attempted to hide my mirth at this farcical scene.

"I'll grab that for you right now," I laughed.

Kira and Laura must have thought my enjoyment was solely due to Laura's situation.

"I guess it must be almost closing time for you?" Sally asked with false innocence.

I smiled, appreciating Sally's practicality, "I was just about to close up actually."

"Let me do that while you grab the coffee," Sally suggested, immediately heading over to flip the open sign, lock the door and draw the curtains in front of the windows.

"Hang on, we need to go!" exclaimed Kira, distress covering her face.

Laura didn't look like she was capable of talking let alone moving anywhere. Her jaw was clenched tightly. Her only obvious movements were the rapid and deep heaving of her chest. Closely examining her, she didn't seem to be able to fully control her feet either- her toes were wiggling in her ballet flats.

"We'll just be going now," declared Kira, rising up and moving over to help Laura.

"There's no need to rush," said Sally warmly. "The weather is wretched outside."

I passed Sally her coffee, she accepted it with a smile before asking, "So how do you guys know Chris?" gesturing towards me.

"We don't actually, we just came in for a coffee and now we're about to leave," answered Kira.

"You're in such a hurry!" she laughed. "You should stay! The coffee is good and I can see that Chris is eager to serve you."

We both blushed.

"And what about you- how do you know Chris?" Sally asked, addressing Laura directly.

"Same," Laura managed to grunt.

"That's strange," Sally said, scrutinising Laura as she approached her so that she was now standing directly in front of her. In the silence the buzzing of the vibrator was clearly audible. "I thought that you would have got to know my boyfriend better before you asked him to get you off. That is what happened isn't it? Or has he bent the truth?"

Laura's eyes widened in alarm.

"You're his girlfriend?" Kira exclaimed. "Oh shit! We're so sorry. No one touched anyone- it was just a bit of a game. And we're definitely going now," she said grabbing a hold of Laura's arm.

I hadn't been sure how Sally was going to come clean about our relationship. Despite her bluster I could tell that she deeply turned on- she was enjoying toying with the newcomers.

"There's no need to end the game," Sally said, grabbing a hold of Laura's other arm. Laura had started trembling slightly again; whether that was in fear, excitement or a combination of the two I couldn't tell. "I just thought I'd set the record straight." Sally smiled encouragingly. "And now we can all started play together," Sally added, slowly moving her hand from Laura's arm to brush her breast.

"Oh Laura and I don't play like that together," responded Kira, her face flush with embarassment.

"You just make yourselves cum in front of each other?" laughed Sally. "I can see that the tension under that little dress isn't just fear."

Kira didn't reply, instead she rapidly sat down, resuming her previous position with her legs crossed.

"Are you okay Laura? Do you want to stay?" asked Kira.

Laura nodded, no longer trying to hide the pleasure streaming through her body. I admired her fine body that was jiggling in all the right places. Sally prowled around her.

"She's better than okay," she declared, stroking Laura's hair before reaching to squeeze her butt. Leaning in close to her ear, Sally whispered, "You're a happy little slut aren't you?"

Laura nodded furiously, moaning in delight. Sally was significantly taller than Laura- standing so close to her, Sally's strong and sexy body dominated Laura's form.

"Say it, tell me how you're a little slut," Sally demanded.

Laura took a deep breath, then rapidly screamed, "I'm a horny slut! My pussy needs filling!"

Sally laughed, making another languid lap of Laura, her hand brushing against Laura's shaking body as she walked around her. Upon completion of her lap, Sally reached to Laura's groin, rubbing Laura's vibrator against her body through her dress. Laura gasped and closed her eyes. Sally finally answered Laura's screams in a surprisingly soothing voice, "I know that you need filling baby."

This was the moment that I had been waiting for. I unfurled my erect cock from my pants, stubbornly resisting the urge to start pumping it wildly- I was so turned on that I was fearful of cumming immediately.

"Yes," mouthed Laura, her body shaking so much that her dress had fallen off one of her shoulders, exposing her green and black push-up bra.

"No, not like you two thinking," answered Sally. She moved her hand from Laura's groin to reach around to slip her hand underneath Laura's exposed bra. She gave Laura a firm squeeze before using her other hand to push Laura forward without warning. She was now bent over the counter right in front of me. Laura didn't resist but I don't think that she could have if she had tried. She smiled at me as I reached forward to fondle her breasts. Sally pulled one of her dildos out of her handbag and brandished it as she smiled at me. I grinned back- Sally had chosen well. It was one of her larger items, significantly bigger than my cock. It was always a thrill for us both when she could take it. I loved inspecting Sally's excitement all along its smooth black length when she had finished with it.

Sally deftly raised Laura's dress over her hips with one hand, using the other to maintain firm pressure on her back. Laura squealed in delight, her g-string now exposed. It matched her bra, a tiny silky green and black number. Unbidden, Laura spread her legs- demanding to be taken. Her underwear was so small that Sally didn't have to remove it, simply pulling it to the side to expose Laura's swollen and parted lips. Her scent filled the room. She was wearing the small vibrator that I had been controlling. It fit inside her before wrapping around to excite her clit. Now that it was fully exposed it was quite loud, I realised that despite its size it must be quite powerful.

"Can you take this big boy?" Sally teased, brushing the dildo against Laura's inner thigh, letting her feel its size.

The way that Sally was pressing Laura into the counter prevented her from ever having seen the dildo- Laura was going to have to make this call based purely on the feeling of it against her skin. She was putting her trust in this hot stranger. She let Sally rub it around her inner thighs and over her buttocks. Sally raised the dildo up to give Laura a light smack on the bum with it. I groaned in appreciation. Both Sally and Laura giggled at me- I must have had the most dumbstruck look on my face.

"Do you think I can take it Kira?" Laura gasped.

"I think that you're going try no matter what I say. But yes, I think you're going to have a good time with that."

Looking up at Kira I noticed that she had shifted her chair slightly so that she had a better view of what was happening at the counter. She ignored me; her attention was focussed purely on Laura's exposed pussy.

"Mmm, describe it to me," Laura demanded.

"It's black and smooth, wider and longer than any real cock I've seen, but it's no monstrosity. And now its tip is glistening with your juices."

We all laughed at the final observation.

"Thanks Kira," Laura breathed. "I'm ready. I want it." She rose up on the tips of her toes to give Sally better access. I could no longer restrain myself, I began pumping my cock. With Laura lying just in front of me she watched me hungrily me as I began to work over my cock.

Despite her assertive demeanour, Sally was gentle as she worked the big black dildo into Laura. Slowly the intensity and depth of the strokes increased. Laura's eyes were closed and her breathing became ragged. I was unsure if she was in pleasure or pain. I was just about to ask her but I kept quiet when a dopey smile spread across her face. Sally was now pumping the dildo firmly in and out of Laura's cunt. It made the most delicious sound as it worked in and out of her.

"Fuck!" Laura screamed. Reaching out to grasp my wrists, she began to thrash on the counter. I was frustrated that Laura's grip on me prevented me from masturbating. I tried to get my hands free but Laura was holding me too tightly. Without use of my hands I tried to get Laura to take me in her mouth, thrusting my cock forward so that it was just in front of her face. She ignored it- too overwhelmed by orgasm to notice.

"Take it! Take it," Sally urged, her skin flush with excitement and she drove the dildo in and out of Laura's wet pussy. Laura kept on screaming, I don't think that she could have formed real words if she wanted to. As Laura's thrashing subsided to merely shaking she opened her eyes to see my cock just in front of her face.

"Hello there," she laughed, sweat on her brow.

"I need my hands back please," I demanded.

She laughed, guiding one of my hands to grasp my cock and my other to cup my balls.

"Much better," Laura observed. "Now let me see you at work."

Kira squealed in delight, although Laura was addressing me, Kira seemed to have this directive for herself. She was no longer making any effort to hide her masturbation. Instead she sat with her legs fully spread. She was a sexy mess with her dress hitched up to her hips, rigorously rubbing her clit through her sheer black underwear. We made eye contact as we both played with ourselves. I pumped my cock hard, my other hand massaging my balls. She gripped her small breast and began to follow Laura into orgasm, making the chair squeak as she shook. I came with her, groaning as I unloaded onto the counter. My heart felt like it could explode- I panted, relishing the sensation of my arteries streaming with joy. I tried my best to control myself and aim my spurts away from Laura but despite my efforts I couldn't fully control my arcs. Some of me ending up on her arm. She groaned in appreciation.

"He packs quite a load," Laura declared, admiring my cum covering the counter and her arm. Sally had relaxed her pressure on Laura's back such that Laura could turn around to face her and see the tail of Kira's orgasm.

"It's because you're such a hot little tease," Sally smiled, giving Laura a soft smack on the bum. "And I like that your friend has joined the party."

We all watched Kira finish her orgasm. She smiled and renewed her screaming as we all focussed on her. I loved how firmly she gripped her breast as she came- I wondered if it would hurt afterwards. Once Kira had finished cumming she let her hands drop away from her pussy and breast. She looked happily spent and didn't bother closing her legs. I admired her full and dark bush, clearly visible through her soaked undies.

"I think you've got another one in you," Sally said, massaging Laura's back as Laura finally pulled the vibrator out of her pussy.

"I think that I've got many more in me," Laura giggled, struggling to turn the vibrator off. Pausing to lick my cum off her arm, she smiled before adding "And I also want another in me at the same time- I want to suck Chris' cock whilst you fuck me."

"You are a thirsty little slut aren't you?" Sally replied, before leaning in to give Laura a passionate kiss of approval.

It took all of my strength of will to remain impassive but my body and mind were screaming in anticipation.

"And you could take another in you well," a new voice suggested from behind me.

I turned around in shock. Jess was smiling behind me. Sally must have helped her sneak in the back door. Everyone had been facing her except me.

"How long have you been there?" I demanded, perturbed by her sudden introduction.

"Long enough," answered Kira with a tired smile.

Jess grinned, brushing my back to calm me. She stepped next to me to stand close to Laura, "I remember what else you bought in my store. Want to give it a go?"

Laura's eyes lit up as she considered the proposal, but she was clearly nervous. "I don't know if I'm that much of a slut."

"You're not a slut, you're just a woman who knows what she wants and is prepared to go get it. Slut can be such an ugly word," Jess observed. "You bought it because you wanted to use it."

"Alright, let's try it," agreed Laura. "Can you please pass my bag Kira?"

Kira smoothed her dress back over her hips before grabbing Laura's bag from next to her and passing it to Laura. She opened the package to reveal a small butt-plug made of surgical steel.

"Laura, I want to be part of your group fucking," Kira said shyly.

"I thought that you'd never ask," Laura beamed. "Can you massage my back while we get this inside of me? It always helps me relax."

Kira nodded, pulling Laura's dress over her head before doing the same for herself. Kira was bra-less; the thick nipples on her small breasts rigid with excitement. The breast that she had been gripping when she was cumming was still lined with marks from her fingers, clearly visible across her tanned skin. Laura kissed this breast lightly; more of a get-well kiss than an act of passion. She then removed her own underwear before turning to slide Kira's underwear down over her hips.

"You're so wet," Laura exclaimed. "I love that." She giggled before tenderly slipping a single finger between Kira's lips. Kira shuddered in surprise and excitement. Laura brought the glistening up to her mouth and tasted Kira. "You're delicious," Laura whispered, before turning to kiss her. As the two friends wrapped themselves around each other the rest of us stripped down.

I had never seen Jess nude before. I admired her waxed pussy with her long labia. I was surprised to see that one of her nipples was pierced. As always Sally looked spectacular naked- her large breasts shaking delightfully with her every movement. I was pretty sure that Jess and Sally were well acquainted with one another's bodies- some of Jess' advanced workshops were pretty hands-on. They never would tell me exactly how these workshops operated but I don't think that Sally could come home so immediately proficient in her new arts without some practical training. Often I enjoyed the idea of Jess training Sally as I much as I enjoyed the results when Sally came home to me. I think Sally recognised this and deliberately kept things hazy so that I could fill in the details with my own fantasies.

Sally and Jess both turned to Laura and began to massage her back. Evidently Kira had lost focus on her assignment. She and Laura gently fingered one another as they stood together. Still they kissed. Laura leaned back, letting Kira and Sally kiss her on opposite sides of the neck.

"Oh god," she moaned.

"Are you ready?" Jess asked, picking up the butt-plug and covering it a ridiculous amount of lube.

"Yes," Laura gulped, resuming her position bent over the counter. Laura and Kira still kept two fingers in each other's pussies. They both squelched enticingly as they worked in and out of each other. Sally loomed over Laura, tenderly massaging her back. Jess stood behind her and gently slipped a lubed finger into Laura's anus. She gasped initially before relaxing quite quickly.

"Alright, now for the real deal," warned Jess as she removed her finger and slowly introduced the plug.

After some initial discomfort Laura was groaning in pleasure. Sally had taken this time to slip on a harness and affix the dildo as a strap-on.

"When did you get that?" I asked. This all seemed like a dream- I didn't know that Sally owned that kind of gear.

"I quickly bought it from Jess when I got your message. It sounded like it would come in handy. And when Jess heard about our party she decided that she had to join us."

My cock quivered in excitement, rock hard once again. It stood in front of Laura's face. Her mouth would be the last of her holes to be filled. Kira slipped her fingers out of Laura's pussy. Again Sally stood behind her, the strap-on comically rising up from her crotch. She began to slowly work it into her again, letting Laura adjust to the double penetration

"How you doing?" I asked Laura, watching her face contort.

"It's so intense- holy shit!" she gasped. "Stay slow Sally, I need a minute."

Despite the almost overwhelming sensations that Laura was experiencing she was still pumping her fingers in and out of Kira. Kira was starting to go weak at the knees.

"You should sit along the counter-top," Jess suggested, helping lift Kira up. "Sit up here and lean back on your elbows. Let us all play with you," Jess soothed. Clearly she was experienced in these situations.

With Kira resting along the counter Laura, Jess and I all had good access to her body. I began massaging one of her breasts, gently tweaking her nipple. Laura was now driving three fingers into her. Jess began to play with her other breast and started massaging her clit. I could see that it was quite large, that must have helped her masturbate when she was grinding her legs.

"That's it honey, relax," Jess encouraged.

Kira stopped trying to watch us all run our hands across her body and lent her eyes close and her head fall back. Jess fell in to kiss and nibble at her neck.

Laura adjusted her gaze, taking a few moments to absorb her friend's ecstasy before telling Sally, "That's it- I'm ready for you now. I want it hard and deep."

Immediately she turned to take my cock in her mouth. She was sucking on me hard. Sally started pounding into Laura, grasping her own tits as we locked eyes and both smiled. With the increased intensity of the thrusting Laura was groaning in delight. Her moans sent delicious vibrations all down my length. Every time that Sally pounded Laura she forced her whole body forward, including her mouth over my cock. Laura eased back after each stroke, meaning that her mouth was sliding deliciously up and down my cock. I knew that I wasn't going to last long. A particularly powerful thrust left Laura screaming in delight on my cock. I couldn't take it any more- a blinding orgasm exploded out of me. My cock pulsed so fiercely it almost hurt. I unloaded my cum into Laura's mouth. Wave after wave of delicious warmth pulsed out of my core and rushed to my skin as I closed my eyes in ecstasy. When the violence subsided I felt like I could float away at any moment.

I looked down to see Laura smiling up at me exhaustedly. She had managed to swallow most of me but a bit had escaped onto her chin. Still she held my cock as Sally thrust into her. Her other hand was still somehow working Kira's pussy. I looked across just in time to see Kira explode in orgasm. As her pussy clenched Kira began to squirt. Jess moaned in appreciation at Kira's display. No wonder her underwear was so wet earlier. Kira screamed, her juices arcing across the counter. A few drops managed to reach Laura's face. Laura screamed in appreciation. In the heat of this moment I had maintained my erection. I took my cock out of Laura's hand, she was so overwhelmed that she was no longer masturbating me properly, and began furiously pumping myself. I was chasing a double bounce orgasm, turned on to see our counter covered in sex.

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