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I didn't tell my girlfriend that I was moving out; just packed my stuff and disappeared while she was at work. There was no need to say anything. After weeks of sleeping on the couch she wasn't going to miss me.

My new apartment was furnished so the move mostly involved traipsing boxes up the stairs and finding the right shelf, cupboard or drawer for their contents. Still, it was pretty late in the evening when I finally sat down to enjoy a well-earned wank. There were a few unpacked boxes in various rooms but since they didn't contain anything essential they could wait. This was the first night I'd had in a long time to take care of my sexual needs and I wasn't going to waste it.

A lot of men would go out on the town to find a one night stand. Not me. I was never good looking enough or had the confidence to do that so the internet had become my steady mistress over the years. I got hard pretty quickly, stroking myself with my free hand as I surfed free porn with the other, and, as much as I tried to make the experience last for a while, shot my load into a tissue sooner than I'd have liked.

Normally once I cum I lose interest in sex. Something was different about that night though. Immediately I felt that one wank wasn't enough, so I tossed my used tissue on the floor and continued rubbing my softening cock. I started searching for new material, looking for something a little more shocking than a slutty woman to get my erection to return more quickly, and stumbled upon an image of a very sexy woman with a large cock dangling between her legs. I clicked on the image to take a closer look but some damned malware hijacked my browser and redirected me to another site.

Before I could open my task manager the site started playing a video of a shemale playing with herself in front of the camera. The erotic display captured my attention and, with my blood being redirected back to my cock, I forgot about the present risk of a computer virus.

It's strange, I don't remember much after that. I do remember jacking off vigorously and I think I must have passed out from the intensity and exhaustion of getting off twice inside such a short space of time. I vaguely recall getting up from my computer in the middle of the night to have a shower and then going to bed straight after, but I have no idea what time that was.

I was woken up the next day by a loud knock at the door. In a mad scramble to see who it was I had to dump the contents of a couple of boxes to find my bathrobe, shouting that I'd be there in just a second. When I opened the door I was greeted by the sight of a beautiful young woman holding a plain white box.

After exchanging pleasant introductions, she handed me the box. 'This arrived for you this morning but the building manager left it in front of my door. I'm really sorry; I opened it by mistake thinking it was for me. I hope you don't mind.'

'Not at all,' I said. I examined the package. It was long and narrow with no brand markings to suggest what it contained. 'It was probably meant for the previous occupant anyway.'

'That would make sense actually. The, ah, item in the package is definitely not something a man would normally buy.'

'Keep it then.'

'Oh, okay. Thanks. Welcome to the building, Tom. I'll see you around.' She crossed the hall back to her apartment, glanced over her shoulder with a mixture of a frown and a smile, and slipped out of sight.

The day was pretty boring, filled mostly with shopping and unpacking the rest of my belongings. I thought about Jennifer a lot, wondering if she was single and toying with how to ask her out. When I finally plucked up the courage to knock on her door I heard cries of lust on the other side, so I retired back to my apartment to handle my dejection with another session of self-love.

My computer automatically opened the shemale sex site when I booted it up. To be honest I didn't really complain, they were just as sexy to me as the night before, perhaps more so. I watched nothing else that night, mesmerised as I was by those hot babes and how they couldn't get enough of each other's meat sticks. Once again I didn't go to bed until it was very late and I remember dreaming about being a shemale myself. It was intensely vivid, especially any time a cock entered my mouth or ass, and it left me feeling conflicted in the morning as I'd always been strictly hetero.

I went for a run to clear my head and found a package outside my door on my return. It was identical to Jennifer's the day before. Inside, surrounded by silky fabric, was a large, very realistically shaped dildo that put my own cock to shame. This must have been meant for a different person, yet the receipt had my name, address and the last four digits of my credit card.

That damn website. I must have subscribed to it. And now it was using my credit card without my permission. I marched straight to my computer, the site flashing up as expected, and I searched for a way to cancel my mistake.

Are you sure? Yes, of course I was. Another window popped up. Are you sure you don't want to watch our sexy girls play one last time? As fun as that would be my financial security was more important, so yes. The site persisted. Are you sure you don't want to watch and use your new toy to feel the pleasure with them?

The video started playing as the website awaited my decision. There was a man, naked on all fours, with a beautiful woman teasing his ass with the same dildo I'd seen in the box.

'You want this, don't you?' she said.

'Yes,' he said, his breathes coming short and fast.

'You want to feel it thrust inside you, feel it squirt its magic deep within. Let it take hold and give you a nice, big cock of your own.'


'Good. You'll make an excellent slut,' she said and pushed the cock into his upturned ass. It slid in easily and I found myself quickly undressing and reaching for my own dildo to join him. The fake cock leaked a clear, slippery substance from its tip that lubricated me nicely, so it didn't take long for me to catch up with the action on screen. My dick was the hardest I'd ever experienced as I thrust the silicon phallus as deep as it would go and I felt it shoot something warm inside me. That pushed me over the edge and I shot a huge load of jizz onto my bare stomach.

I left the computer running and took a shower, taking the dildo with me to fuck myself with it again under the hot spray. The urge to be filled by that wonderful rod took me many times that day and I emptied its entire supply of pseudo-spunk in my ass. It was just another form of masturbation; nothing gay about it. At least, that's what I kept telling myself.

When I went online to order a new dildo I took the time to read through the product description. Apparently the fluid contained a special growth hormone and there was a treasure trove of photos and videos showing the effect it had had on the star of the video I'd watched earlier. They were all pure close-ups though, so it was probably a scam using photoshop or even just different people. Still, I wanted it to be true.

I clicked purchase and watched a hot video of a shemale sucking off two guys at once before going to bed. It was cute the way her own cock slowly grew erect as she slobbered all over the veiny shafts in front of her. I didn't know if I wanted her or wanted to be her. Either way my sex life would involve other cocks. The appeal of that thought scared me and I quickly closed down the screen.

The next morning I woke feeling refreshed and very horny. There was no rush to get out of bed so I stayed there and mused on how a big, hard cock with throbbing veins would feel in my hands. Without touching, my own cock stirred beneath the sheets. It crawled up my leg and onto my stomach, pulsing with every heartbeat, its journey not stopping where I expected it too. When it slipped past my belly button I threw off the covers to see a succulent sausage I could hardly believe was my own.

My body also looked smoother and I could have sworn that my nipples were puffing out slightly. I touched one of them to check and felt a jolt of electricity shoot down my spine and straight up my cock. Amazing! I grabbed both my nipples and started playing with them, eager to experiment with the new sensations. I rubbed, pinched and pulled on my hard nipples, caressed them lightly, twisted them hard. Everything I did had me squirming and moaning like a slut in porno. Only I wasn't acting. I came without ever touching my throbbing meat, shooting cum over my smooth chest and busy hands, and I screamed out in bliss.

Several minutes passed as I enjoyed the afterglow of my orgasm. I didn't feel the usual urge to clean myself up, which was surprising given how much I hated having cum on me, so I laid there peacefully until my heart rate slowed and my body cooled down.

It was Saturday so the package didn't arrive until nearly lunch, by which time the desire to have my ass filled with hot cream was driving me to distraction. I tore open the box and screamed with girly giddiness when I saw the pink toy and a complimentary channel decoder that fit on the back of my television. I scrambled to the lounge, shut the curtains, shuffled out of my clothes and tuned into the shemale network.

In my excitement I forgot to grab a fresh box of tissues from the cupboard. With one hand rubbing my cock and the other thrusting the toy in my ass, they would have been a distraction anyway. It wasn't long before I was shrieking with joy, spewing huge amounts of cum over my chest and stomach, the hot splashes over my skin adding a pleasant flourish of sensation to my orgasm.

I wanted more. I nudged the dildo in my ass and idly rubbed my hands over my nipples. The flesh underneath them were sending me signals to massage it a bit too so I widened the circles I was making with my fingers, unwittingly sliding through the puddle of cum in the middle of my chest and dragging some it back across a nipple. I gasped. Without thinking my hand greedily swooped over the sticky man-juice that plastered my torso and drenched my tingling nipples in it.

The slut in the current scene dismounted from the man fucking her and dropped to her knees. All of the men surrounded her and stroked their thick, meaty pricks until spunk rained down on her proffered tits. My own cock erupted and I quickly moved my hand out of the way to receive the thick torrents of seed straight on my hard nipples and the oddly soft flesh beneath them.

The more I covered myself in sweet smelling cum, the hornier I got. All afternoon the dildo shot its loads into me, and I shot loads over myself with greater and greater volume and intensity. Each spray landed higher on my chest, then my neck, my chin, my cheeks. Some landed in my open mouth and the salty nectar danced over my taste buds. I made sure a lot more landed in my mouth after that.

It was dark outside when the channel showed a debut from one of their new models. She looked like she could have been the sister of the man from the day before, save the huge cock dangling between her legs. Then I realised it was actually him. I'd stared at his cock long enough to recognise it. Warning bells burst through the fogginess of my arousal and I sat up, feeling the weight of my tits for the first time. They were still small, perhaps only a b-cup, but it was obvious from the debuting slut they wouldn't stay that way. Then I remembered Jennifer and her embarrassed greeting with a package that was obviously meant for me. I needed to get that package back before she was affected by these strange events too, if it wasn't already too late.

I hopped in the shower to get cleaned up and searched for some loose clothing to wear. As I got dressed I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror and jumped. Looking closer my eyebrows were thinner, my lips a little fuller, my nose narrower and my hair was almost touching my shoulders. I hoped Jennifer would still be able to recognise me.

I burst across the hall and knocked on Jennifer's door. She opened the door wearing nothing except a bathrobe, her body disguised beneath the fluffy cotton.

'Can I help you?' she asked. She didn't recognise me.

'It's me, Tom, from across the hall,' I said, my voice softer and higher than I was used to.

'Tom! You look... different.'

'I know. Do you remember that package for me that you accidently opened? Can I have it back?'

'Sure,' she said, thankfully convinced of who I was. 'Come in and sit down while I find it.'

I breathed a sigh of relief. If she needed to search than it must have been tossed somewhere and forgotten about. Jennifer led me into her lounge and I struggled to steal my eyes from the gentle sway of her round hips, glad that in my consuming hunger for cock I still lusted after women.

'Make yourself comfortable,' she said and pointed toward the couch. 'I think I left it in the bedroom last night.'

Oh no. I was so focused on watching Jennifer that I hadn't seen the clues. I started to take in everything around me. The dildos strewn over the floor, the muted channel on the television, the smell of sex in the air; Jennifer was under the same spell as me.

She entered the room waving a pink dildo in the air. 'Found it!'

'Jennifer, I'm so sorry,' I blurted. 'This is all a mistake. The fault of some weird website I never should have clicked on.'

'I figured you had something to do with my changes,' she said and started to undo her robe; 'but I'll let you off the hook if you take care of this for me!'

Her robe fell to the floor, revealing mouth-watering tits that hung like honeydew drops and a big, thick cock that was hard and ready for action. The sight captivated me. Her cock bobbed with every step, her heavy balls swaying in rhythm with her chest. I collapsed to my knees under its charm. The head of her cock touched my soft lips and I parted them gently. The taste of warm skin and salty pre danced over my tongue as her shaft slid into my mouth and I wrapped my hands around her long rod to prevent it from slipping away.

'You know, I'd never used a dildo before I met you,' she said as I sucked on her delicious meat pole. 'Mmmm. I didn't have the courage to buy one, even online. Ah! But thanks to you I finally got the chance to try one. And boy was it fun! It squirted something inside me, mmmm, which did freak me out a little, but not enough to stop me from using it again. And again. And again!'

She lifted my shirt and I had to stop as she pulled it over my head, exposing my small breasts much to her satisfaction, and I resumed my cock-sucking without encouragement.

'Ahhh. When the changes started I used the delivery note to find the website it was ordered from and discovered a rather kinky site dedicated to transforming people into very sexy shemales. It was a bit hard to believe, but then so was the fact that my clit had grown to over 3-inches by then.'

And it had grown a lot more since. There was ten inches of thick man-meat where her clit had once been and two plum-sized balls that held most of my attention as I thought of the creamy reward they'd soon blast my tonsils with.

'Oh yeah, keep sucking like that and your mouth will be the first I use every day,' she said with a heavy breath. I never thought words like that could get me so excited. I rolled my nipples in my fingers and bobbed my head faster.

'I ended up subscribing,' she continued. 'Those shemale sluts are just so hot and they have so much fun. I envied them and ordered lots more toys from their catalogue in the hopes that I could become one too. And, oh god, I didn't expect it to be like this!'

She started thrusting her hips and I let her take control, my own cock throbbing with excitement as she used me for her pleasure. Her cock felt firmer against my lips as her climax neared and I looked straight up into her eyes.

'I'm so fucking horny. I spent today sucking off strangers through a glory hole and fucking loved every minute of it. I'm so perverted now, I even took selfies! I'm a slut and I love it! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!'

Her cock erupted in my mouth with a torrent of jizz. It tasted wonderful, the thick salty tang sending shivers down my spine with every gulp. My lips didn't want to let her go as she pulled away and painted my pretty face with her last few ropes of cum. It felt hot against my skin and the smell was like an exotic perfume that reminded me of the ocean.

Unable to resist any longer, I rubbed my cock through the fabric of my jogging pants and came hard, raising my girly voice to the heavens as my whole body shook with electric jolts. When I opened my eyes Jennifer was looking down on me with a wide grin and I looked away feeling embarrassed.

She dropped to her knees and pulled me into a deep kiss, my hard nipples burying themselves in the warm embrace of her soft chest as our tongues swirled together. I wrapped my arms around and pulled her closer, my heart straining with the passion that consumed me.

'Am I going to be a slut too?' I half-whispered after I broke off from the kiss. She smiled at me and rubbed a finger across my cheek, bringing with it some spunk that I greedily sucked into my mouth without thought.

'I think you already are,' she teased. 'Spend a night with me and I'll prove it. You owe me that much.'

She stood and led me to the bedroom where she undressed me the rest of the way and kissed me for a while. Her hands caressed the inside of my leg, rubbed over the swell of my bottom, and gently squeezed my breasts. An ache grew inside my body, the desire to be filled by her cock becoming greater every time her hardness brushed against my leg.

I rolled her over and straddled her waist. She smiled at me and ran her hands up my stomach to cup my breasts as I reached behind to grab her cock. I pressed the tip against my sensitive rosebud and pushed my body down. Her cock glided in. I sighed with pleasure. Inch after inch sunk into my fuckhole until my soft cheeks rested against her thighs. It was done. My anal virginity was gone and there was no going back.

I rocked gently back and forth, allowing myself to become accustomed to the feeling of being so completely filled. Then, slowly, I started to move up and down in small amounts. Most of the time, my eyes were shut so I could concentrate on the sensation of being stretched in such a pleasurable way. Whenever I opened them Jennifer was smiling up at me and I'd smile back. I rode her harder, with longer strokes up and down her shaft, cooing when she pinched a nipple and moaning when she spanked my ass. My cock went untouched, though it was harder than steel and getting ready to erupt.

'If we do this for much longer I'm going to cover you in my cum,' I said, remembering the courtesies expected of me from past girlfriends.

'I'd hope so,' she said with a grin. She licked her lips and met my downward motion with a thrust of her hips. There was the smack of skin on skin and I cried out. A few more of those and I'd be finished.

I bounced up and slammed back against her rising hips, shrieking with every bounce. My cock twitched and unleashed a salvo over the right side of her face. Jennifer grabbed my hips and pounded me twice more, my second spray covering her neck, than held me at balls deep as she unloaded her own sweet load. Feeling her hot seed flow into me pushed me to greater heights and I shot a strong rope that reached her forehead. It covered her nose and ran down into her open mouth, where her tongue snaked out to gather what it could reach. My final blast coated her left tit nicely and the rest dribbled out onto her stomach.

We breathed heavily, smiled, even giggled a little as we recovered.

'You don't want to get off me, do you?' she asked.

I smiled and shook my head. 'It feels too good. I want your cock to stay inside me forever.'

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