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Sex Toys for Joanna


Joanna had always felt insecure about her nipples.

They were long, pink, and delicate. Her breasts were small. That's what made the sight so jarring. She had small breasts with long pink nipples.

She used to be embarrassed taking her top off for a new boyfriend. A part of her was even ashamed about it. But over time, she became used to it. Mostly because her nipples had always been showered with praise. Although she couldn't exactly understand why. Maybe it was the taboo. Or maybe because they were interesting to look at.

Men, she thought, were very strange.

Whatever the case, she enjoyed the sensitivity. Playing with her nipples always felt good. Having them sucked by a boyfriend was always a nice feeling. If she was alone, occasionally she would suck them herself.

A woman like Joanna could never go braless. That's what she envied about women with regular breasts; the ability to slip on a tshirt and go for a walk. But for Joanna, she would always need a bra, along with some extra padding or else her nipples would be poking out for the world to see.

Despite the issues, the orgasms were well worth it.


On that particular day, Joanna had a doctor appointment. It was for a simple physical check-up. She had always kept herself healthy and in good shape. Her diet was clean and her workouts were rigorous.

She dressed light, knowing she would have to get naked. She kept it simple; bra & panties, along with a blue sun dress.

The doctor appointment was nothing exciting. She was told by the nurse to get naked and wear the blue medical gown. Minutes later, the doctor came and did the usual routine. He checked Joanna's vital signs, heart, lungs, and womanly parts.

It was Joanna's first time with that particular doctor, so there was plenty of small talk and 'getting to know each other.'

"You can get dressed now," he finally said, making small notes on the medical documents.

Joanna got dressed. The panties came on first. When she reached for her bra, the doctor spoke again.

"I'd like to recommend something for you," the doctor added. "About your special attributes."

Joanna sarcastically played dumb, still holding her bra, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"What special attributes?"

"Forgive me. I'm not usually this direct with patients. But I find your situation to be particularly compelling. Your physical endowments are a wonder."

Joanna gestured to her small breasts. "I'm not exactly an endowed woman."

"I was referring to your nipples."

"What about them?"

"Don't take this the wrong way," the doctor said cautiously. "I'm not soliciting anything from you. And I'm certainly not expecting anything in return. But I know a person who can assist with your attributes."

Joanna raised an eyebrow while she was still topless. She knew the doctor had good intentions. He wasn't trying to make sexual advances on her (not that she would have minded).

"Why not?"

The doctor wrote something on a notepad and handed the small piece of paper to Joanna.

"Call this number," he said. "Her name is Marissa. Tell her I gave the recommendation. She'll take care of you. You won't regret it."

Joanna took the note and looked at it.

"Neat handwriting for a doctor," she joked.

"Well, I guess I'm an unconventional doctor if I'm referring you to Marissa. It's not exactly appropriate on my part."

"Now I'm curious."

Joanna finally put on her bra. Then her dress. They finished their small talk and the appointment was over, although Joanna would have liked to finish their conversation.


In the days that followed, Joanna continued her normal routine. Work, family, friends, and other activities. She lived alone. The phone number the doctor had given her was frequently on her mind.

She wondered what kind of activities the doctor was referring to. It had to have been something interesting, since after all, he was a doctor.

There was no point in wondering any further. There was no point in waiting. Joanna picked up her phone and called the number.


Sunday morning. The lab was a small building on the outskirts of downtown. It was a quiet street. There wasn't much going on. The building itself looked bland, like a plain white rectangle, with a few windows. There was only one car in the parking lot, which Joanna assumed belonged to Marissa.

The main entrance was unlocked, as expected. Joanna entered the eerily silent facility. It was mostly dark, but some lights were on.

"Hello," Joanna called out.

Footsteps approached, and she saw a petite little woman in her 40's wearing a lab coat. She was much prettier than expected. She wore a large dark framed glasses which gave her a geeky, yet adorable look.

"Hi, I'm Marissa," she smiled warmly. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. They walked inside the facility together. Joanna instantly noted that they had a nice chemistry together. Even though they had only met, it felt like they were close friends.

They went into the lab area with no one else around. It looked fairly state of the art. Everything seemed new. Everything was neatly arranged. Joanna had no idea what any of the stuff was. But she recognized computer parts and an assortment of other cool looking devices.

"I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing here," Marissa said. "Please, have a seat."

They sat down in the lab, only a few feet apart, facing each other.

"I'm obviously curious. But I trust that I'm in good hands."

"You are. Believe it or not, this is actually a famous laboratory. Some of the most innovative and groundbreaking medical devices have been designed here."

Joanna briefly surveyed the room again. "It certainly looks that way. So, medical devices, eh? What does that have to do with me?"

"It has everything to do with you," Marissa said, eyebrow raised. "When you told me about your large nipples on the phone, I knew you were the right person."

"Yeah, well, I only mentioned that because my doctor seemed infatuated with them. He called them my 'special attributes,' which is a pretty cute name, I must admit."

"May I see them?"

Joanna's eyes looked around. "Here? Now?"

"Relax, it's just us. I'm a medical professional. I've seen more naked bodies than regular customers to a strip club."

"Okay, so, umm, how should we do this?"

"Just lift your top. That'll be fine."

Joanna brought her hands to the bottom of her top. She paused a moment, noting how awkward the moment was. Then she just did it. She lifted her top in a swift motion, lifting her bra also. Her small breasts were exposed, with its long pink nipples proudly showing. She noted again how awkward the moment was; showing her breasts to a complete stranger in an empty laboratory.

Marissa sharpened her eyes, looking through her glasses, and leaned forward to get a closer look at the bare breasts. She reached over to get a small ruler, and she used it to measure the length of the nipples. Once she was satisfied with her findings, she put the ruler down and leaned back.

"Very good," Marissa said. "You can cover yourself now."

In a split second, Joanna pulled her top back down and adjusted her bra.

"What was that all about?" Joanna asked.

"Are they sensitive?"


"How sensitive are they?"

Joanna thought for a moment. "Pretty sensitive. Much more than most women, I would imagine."

"Can you orgasm from nipple-play?"

"Not by itself. No. But it helps me though."

"So, if you're masturbating with vaginal stimulation, playing with your nipples helps achieve orgasm, correct?" Marissa asked in a scientific way.


"What manner do you stimulate your nipples? Any preferences?"

The questions were getting more intrusive, and Joanna felt more uncomfortable. But she was relaxed by the fact that Marissa was a true professional about things. Plus Marissa's thick framed glasses somehow seemed to lighten the mood between them. Maybe it was the quirky appeal they had, Joanna thought.

"I like pinching them. You know, rubbing them between my fingers."

"Oral stimulation?"

Joanna was taken aback. "Excuse me?"

"Do you like oral stimulation performed on your nipples? Either with a partner, or by yourself."


"Yes to what?"


"Don't be embarrassed," Marissa said in a comforting tone. "There's nothing wrong with a woman pleasing herself with her own mouth."

"Do you also perf..."

"The question part is done," Marissa said, cutting off Joanna's question. "I think you're right for this role. You're healthy, young, honest, and you have the necessary attributes."

"What role are we talking about?"

"I've been developing sex toys for women this past year. Prototypes. It's something I do during my free time. Why not? Right? Women are busy these days, and we need all the satisfaction we can get."

"You've got that right," Joanna nodded.

"Do you own any sex toys?"

"Yes, you've touched it a few minutes ago."

"I did?" Marissa asked with a puzzled expression. Her eyes looked big through the lenses of her glasses.

Joanna waved her hand. "Sorry. I meant my fingers. Bad joke."

"Oh. Funny. But on a serious note, I'd like you to try the sex toy I've developed. It's perfectly safe, I can assure you of that. Would you be interested?"

"I'm listening."

"Well, it's a small little item. It was made off-the-record. Meaning, I design things in my free time, then I have some of the developers make them for me. All of the expenses came from my pocket."

"Really? Why?" Joanna asked. "This place seems like it has plenty of money to invest."

"True. But this company isn't in the sex toys business. However, I would like to pitch my product to the CEO someday, and maybe develop a new line of sex toys. There could be a lot of potential, in my opinion."

Joanna nodded. "Nice. I'm impressed. I like that you're pretty, smart, and also business savvy. What a combination."

"Thanks," Marissa blushed, not-used to hearing such compliments. "You're pretty too. Anyway, the device is small and simple to use. Take it home, use it, and I'll pay you some cash for your feedback. What do you think so far?"

It was a fairly easy decision. One that didn't require much thought. Joanna had never used a sex toy before. She was always too embarrassed to buy them. So a discreet sex toy was a major incentive.

"I think I'm interested so far. Although I wouldn't feel right taking your cash, since, you know, there are other benefits."

"I insist. We always pay if someone tests our medical products."

"But the cash is from your pocket right? Not the companies?"

"Right," Marissa said. "This is purely off-the-record. At least for now."

"I won't accept your money. It wouldn't be right. But I'd be more than happy to participate in your research."

Marissa smiled, "If these products are a success, which I think they will be, then I'll pay you some money later. How does that sound?"

"Sounds reasonable," Joanna smiled back.

"Great. Follow me."


The two women went to another room of the building. It was another laboratory. This time, there were more contraptions and devices laying around.

"What is this place?" Joanna asked, her eyes marveling towards the weird little contraptions.

"R & D. Research and development. Here's where a lot of the magic happens. We have a wonderful team of engineers and scientists here. I paid someone a couple hundred bucks to develop a few things for me. It didn't take long. The designs were fairly simple."

Marissa gestured to the item, then continued: "Here it is. It's a small device which is meant to stimulate your nipples."

The device had the same design as a breast pump. There was a pumping device which was connected to two tubes. Each tube had little suction cups on the end, to latch onto a woman's nipple.

"Looks like something for lactating mothers."

"That's correct," Marissa replied. "It's modeled after a breast pump. Have you ever given birth?"


"Well, the device is easy to use. Simply insert your nipples inside of each tube, then activate the small machine by flipping the switch. Then relax. The pump will provide a feeling of oral stimulation. And there are tiny stimulants inside each of the tubes for your nipples."

"Sounds crafty," Joanna nodded. "I've never used a mechanical sex toy before. My first time should be one heck of an experience."

"It should be. No vaginal stimulation is required either. It's good for marketing. Think about it: The revolutionary new sex toy that can make women climax, with only their nipples. It's practically unheard of."

"Perfect for vacations and office breaks."

Marissa smiled, "Should be."

"At this point, I can honestly say that I'm excited about trying your product. You seem like a cool person. You're obviously very intelligent, and you care about your product. I look forward to giving it a try."

"Excellent! But there's one more thing I forgot to mention."


"I'll need you to record everything."

Joanna paused for a moment. "You mean, like, video record?"

"Will that be a problem?"

"I'm not sure. Will anyone see it?"

"Depends on your consent," Marissa replied. "I'd like to watch the recordings to see how everything goes. If it works perfectly, then I'll show the tape to my bosses, assuming you consent."

"I...umm...I've never recorded or taken pictures of my body parts before. I've always been too afraid that it might circulate the internet or something."

"Well, you have no issues showing your body to your doctor, right?"


"Think of this the same way. The tape will only be seen by professionals, not perverts with horny intentions."

Joanna took a deep breath. "That's a good way to phrase things."

"I understand you're nervous. It's my mistake for rushing things so fast. As you've noticed, this isn't my field. I'm a lab geek. Take your time to think about it. When you've made a firm decision, I have a document for you to sign."

"Like a consent form?"

"Yeah, I had the legal department make a quick one for me."

"I'll do it," Joanna said. "I think it's pretty awesome to be your test subject. Just as long as the tape never goes to the internet."

Marissa beamed. "You have my word on that. The tape will be safe."

She reached into her large pocket and unfolded a legal document, placing it neatly on the table, along with a pen.

"It covers everything," Marissa continued. "Consent, and liabilities in case anything goes wrong."

Joanna quickly signed the paper. "I'm not worried about that. I mean, what could go wrong?"

"Well, there are some combustible aspects to the pump. It could explode if used incorrectly."

Joanna's eyes widened. "What?"

"Sorry. Joke."

"Oh. Funny."

Marissa placed the sex toy in a small cardboard box. Then she reached for a recorder.

"You know how to use the recorder right? Power on. Press the red button, red light means it's recording."

"Yeah, I know how to use one of those."

"Great. As for the research, I want you to get comfortable in your home. Set the camera somewhere. Get naked. Then I want you to talk to the camera. State your name, tell the camera about yourself. Then use the sex toy until your orgasm. Nipples only. No vaginal play. Then provide some general thoughts. And that's it."

Marissa put the camera in the box, then she handed the box to Joanna, who accepted it.

"Guess I'll be busy all afternoon."

"For all the right reasons," Marissa noted.


After a quick stop for fast food, Joanna went home and ate while watching tv. She relaxed for a while, letting the situational sink in. The box was on her living room floor. Occasionally she would glance at it, and think that she was crazy for agreeing to it. She considered backing out. But, she had already promised, and she didn't want to let Marissa down. It was for a good cause. (Plus the orgasms might be nice)

After enough thinking, Joanna contemplated her next move. The event was going to be filmed, so she wanted to look her best. She checked her reflection in the mirror. Not bad. Even though she was supposed to be naked, she still checked her outfit to make sure it looked good. An old habit.

Next, she paced her small apartment, wondering where to film. The bedroom seemed too cliche. The bathroom was too small. Kitchen would be too weird. That left her living room, which was the perfect spot.

She looked for the proper place to set the camera, and the proper place for her to do her business. She considered doing it on the floor. But that wouldn't have been very comfortable. The she decided on the couch. Not wanting to leave a mess, she went to the closet and grabbed a bath towel, which she spread neatly across the couch.

The living room table was repositioned to be in the center of the room. She stacked several books on the table, and placed the recorder on top to get the perfect angle. The sunlight in the room was perfect too.

Next came the more difficult part. (Mentally difficult, at least) She began to undress herself. The clothes came off easy. Everything was placed on a nearby seat. Before long, she was stark naked, her nipples pointing out freely. Normally, being naked in her small apartment was no big deal. It was the most comfortable thing in the world to her. But knowing she would soon be recording herself was the hard part.

She made sure that the camera was pointed in the right frame. Then she hit the record button.

Joanna sat on the couch. Naked. She was sitting on the towel which had been neatly placed. It wasn't as awkward as she expected. She was used to being recorded and having her picture taken (just not naked). She sat upright with good posture, and she looked directly at the video recorder.

"Hi, my name is Joanna. As a quick intro, I'm your average woman who lives in the city. I enjoy cooking, meeting new people, and bike riding if the weather is nice. I'm here because, well, as you can see, my nipples are fairly noticeable."

She gestured to her breasts.

"I used to consider them a hassle. And I was often insecure about the way they looked. But now I love them. They feel good if I play with them. They've always been sensitive. So, that's why I'm here. Because I'm the woman with the long sensitive nipples, and apparently that makes me the perfect subject to test out this sex toy thing, whatever it is."

Joanna reached inside the box, which was just out of the camera frame, and sat back down on the couch. She held the pump and tubes for the camera, as if she were modeling it.

"So here it is. Whatever it is. The instructions are super easy. It's my first time using it. This device can supposedly make me orgasm with just the nipple stimulation alone. Well, I guess it's time we find out."

The device was simple, like Marissa had explained. Joanna was easily able to latch the tubes onto each of her large nipples. All she had to do was push the button on the pump. A quick flash of doubt raced through her mind. The device was still experimental. God forbid her delicate nipples get injured. But, Marissa seemed like a smart woman, and she trusted her.

"Here we go."

Joanna pushed the button and activated the pump. It made a small mechanical sound. Nothing happened yet. It was like the machine was winding up. After a few seconds of waiting, Joanna suddenly felt her nipples being stimulated in a unique way. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. There was a strong suction on both of her long nipples. Inside the latch, there appeared to be stimulants. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

"Wow, it's working," she said to the camera. "It feels like my nipples are being sucked. I can also feel some things moving inside each of the latches. It feels like a weird combination of my nipples being sucked and rubbed at the same time. It's so weird."

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