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Sex with a Scenic View


Our stories show the progression my husband and I made into exhibitionism and ultimately my becoming a hot wife. Each story is 99% true, telling the actual events that occurred for us on our path of sexual exploration. The timeline of these stories began very early in our relationship when we were just dating with the more recent occurring now after many years of marriage. For those interested in following our path understand that our situation was not something that occurred overnight or easily. These events were often the result of many discussions of our fantasies and even some unsuccessful sexual encounters (we didn't enjoy it, struck out trying to find others, or maybe just didn't have the right timing). While we certainly did not know it at the time, each story in this path reduced or removed a roadblock to where we were ultimately going. When we look back now at those events that began with simple outings of exhibitionism or public flashing, and then those events where we first included others in our play, there are pretty clearly defining moments that created breakthroughs to our ultimate outcome.

We will continue posting stories of our exploration (we have many experiences of different situations at this point). We will initially post those stories in the order in which the events occurred although we may later go back and revisit some happenings not included initially. Realize that in the earlier stories we were very early in our path so things that seemed very sexual to us at the time, may seem tamer now, and may feel like they were not big steps to you, our reader. Our stories will get more intense as we progress through our experiences and I am submitting them chronologically as they happened. Each story is its own experience and stands apart from the others. If you are not interested in reading the whole timeline, there is very little information from one story to the next that would impact understanding the previous story.

We hope you enjoy our learning experiences...


My husband and I had a free weekend and decided to take a road trip to the mountains. We had been together for three or four years and we were afraid of our sex life becoming routine, so we had begun to explore different things to spice it up. In particular, my husband shared with me how much he liked to show off my body to others. At first, this was uncomfortable for me with my traditional, southern upbringing, but, over time, I had to admit, my exposure always got me excited and often led to some intense sexual experiences. We had explored these feelings by fooling around at the movies, local parks, the apartment pool, and car washes among some others and many times had experienced some very hot times for both of us. By this point we both knew that when we began an adventure out, there was a high likelihood that it would end up in sex.

We particularly enjoyed the warm, southern weather and bright sunny days. This particular day was just such a summer day and to celebrate the beautiful weather and our time out, I was wearing a slightly shorter length, red, flowing skirt and white button up thin, short sleeve sweater. Since this was not typical attire for me as a professional person, I was somewhat apprehensive as we headed out, but I was comforted knowing that we typically took our play away from home where it was unlikely we would see anyone we knew. Under my thin sweater, I had on a 36D white lace bra. I liked those bras that pushed my breasts up making them look and feel very full and I loved the feel of lace on my bare skin. This particular bra combined with my larger breasts caused a gap in my sweater at the buttons in the front showing a peek of the lace holding my breasts. It was nice to just enjoy the weather and watch the peaceful scenery as we headed north toward the mountains.

My husband seems to stay horny, so I was not at all surprised when not far out of town he began slipping his hand between my legs, caressing the inside of my thighs, and pulling them apart. He would alternate between caressing my inner thighs, touching my silk panties across my clit, to cupping my breast up under my top, to circling my nipple with a firm circle motion. After thirty minutes or so of his constant attention, I could feel the heat growing within my body. Curiously I reached across the car and found that his cock was already very hard signaling how he also was aroused. Knowing he is excited always turns me on more. It is very sexually arousing for me to see evidence of him turned on touching and seeing me. As our activities would continue over the years, I would find that I get equally excited seeing other men turned on by my body as well.

As we drove along the four-lane highway, he continued to move his right hand all over my body spending a little more time rubbing my clit through my panties until they were thoroughly soaked. Wanting more, I pulled them to one side so he could insert his fingers deep into my wet pussy. As he did so, I found my breath accelerating and I was quickly reaching that magic point he always strives for where I no longer care about my surroundings.

Driving along we would occasionally pass other cars which initially made me nervous, but either I was too turned on to care or I had become comfortable with it and no longer cared. Having flashed and engaged in a little play with truckers in the past, I'm sure my husband was somewhat disappointed that on this smaller highway there was very little semi-truck traffic on this day to better show me off. Not wanting to leave my husband's sexual gratification out, I continued to massage his cock, pulling it out of his shorts and underwear, and then loosened my seat belt so I could get up on my knees in my seat and take this cock into my mouth.

In this position I could no longer see any of the cars we were passing that might see my backside up in the air, but I could sense them. Knowing I was so close to exposure sent chills down my spine. As my mouth took in his cock, I felt him reach across my body and lift my skirt. My thong underwear had been pulled aside of my pussy earlier and they never completely found their way back to their expected spot. I could feel the thong strap was most definitely pulled to the side as well and when we lifted my skirt my asshole was exposed to anyone we were passing. I could occasionally hear the unmistakable noise of a semi engine moving beside us behind me and I wondered what they might be able to see. I'm sure it was no coincidence that as we passed other vehicles, my husband would pull my panties further to the side and sometimes grab my ass cheek spreading it apart so anyone we passed could get a glimpse of my pussy as we went by. Within a few minutes, I felt the breeze of the warm air on my ass as he rolled the window down obviously trying to draw more attention to my exposure.

We got a couple of quick blows of car horns letting me know that a couple people had in fact most definitely seen me as we passed. With each honk I would jerk in fear, only to immediately calm back down and spread my legs a little wider for anyone that might still be beside us. I'm uncertain how many cars and trucks we passed that day or how many people may have gotten a look at my nearly naked ass and exposed pussy, but I am certain that at least a few did. I am also certain that knowing this, made my pussy wetter and turned up the heat in the car.

We had played like this for almost an hour. I would work on my husband's cock until I could tell he was getting close to cumming from the slow groans he was beginning to make. Once I sensed he was close, I would slow down and caress his nipples or simply run my hand up and down his leg letting him calm down. Finally I heard the car turn signal begin to click, and I looked around to see where we were headed. It was a scenic pull off with a beautiful mountain view and many outdoor picnic tables. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was only one other car in the. This particular scenic view was different than most in that there was a short drive from the highway through dense trees into the wider clearing where the amazing view was.

My husband pulled into a parking spot at the other end of the lot from the sole car that was there and stopped by several picnic tables. We quickly rearranged our clothes and got out of the car us to enjoy the view, grabbing a blanket we had brought with us. We sat at one of the picnic tables and stared off for what seemed like miles at the valley below. We could see at a table near the other end of the park pull off the occupants of the other car were another young couple who were also sitting at a picnic table enjoying the view. Maybe we interrupted their daytime play?

While enjoying the sights, my husband began slowly caressing my back and I knew he wanted to play more. He then moved his hands to my shoulders and turned me slightly towards him and gave me a long, sensuous kiss. I was again beginning to melt into the moment. As we kissed his hands began to roam and quickly they found their way to my large breasts and began stroking them through my sweater. Somewhat disappointingly, after about ten minutes of our enjoying the scenery and beginning a light petting session, the other couple got up from their table, made their way to their car, and pulled out of the lot. We were now alone in the park with the sound of sporadic cars going by on the road mere yards from where we were sitting.

He pulled me up from the bench and had me sit between his legs, and I leaned back into his body. I could feel his semi-hard cock pressing up against my ass and it continued getting harder by the second. He had his arms around me with his hands up underneath my sweater working both nipples through my bra. He leaned my head forward, kissed my neck sending a stimulating chill through me, and whispered in my ear "I want to fuck you right here, right now."

My husband upped the ante, had me stand up while he spread the blanket across the table, and then told me to lay back on the table. As I did he pulled my legs apart and began stroking me through my thong panties again. He then slowly began to unbutton my light sweater stopping after each pair of buttons to massage my breasts a little through my lace bra before continuing to stroke my increasingly wet pussy and then starting his actions over again.

After about three rounds he had my sweater undone and laying open as I squirmed to his touch laying back spread eagle on the picnic table. He said, "relax and just let go." I seems silly now, but there was comfort in his voice and I knew I wanted this. With a slight nod, I nervously agreed, and he knelt in front of me, pulled my skirt up to my waist and my panties to the side, and began eating my pussy. As his tongue went in and out and up and down my pussy and clit, he hands began exploring my breasts until they were ultimately pulled out into the open over the cups of my bra. Feeling braver in the excitement and incredibly turned on, I no longer cared where we were or who saw us. In what I'm sure was only a few short moments, although laying there so exposed it felt like an eternity, I felt the roar of the approaching orgasm. I closed my eyes and felt enormous relieve as my thighs clenched tightly around my husband's head.

After moments of basking in the feeling, I sat up and pulled my husband to me and opened his shorts. I sat there with my sweater open and barely hanging off my shoulders while my bra only served as a shelf to hold up my completely exposed tits. Once I had his shorts undone, they fell to the ground and I pulled his boxer shorts down exposing his cock to the warm summer air. I then stood up and motioned for him to switch places with me. As he sat back on the blanket-covered picnic table, I knelt down and took his hard, long cock into my mouth. It was exciting to be doing something that I knew was so dangerous to do and I could feel my arousal building again. I kept working his cock in my mouth and he began to stroke my exposed tits.

I reached under my skirt and slid my lace, thong panties down my ankles, then over my sandals and completely off my body. Once ready and bare, I pushed him further back on the table and I climbed on top straddling him placing my dripping wet pussy down on his hard cock. It felt so good up inside of me and I was now completely lost in the moment. As we began fucking harder and harder, I looked up and realized we were facing the parking lot so if another car pulled in and stopped, there would be no doubt they would see us. In particular they would have seen me riding him with my exposed breasts bouncing up and down.

This danger really pushed us both further towards the edge. My husband continued to thrust himself inside of me while running his hands all over my breasts. Even though I was already greatly exposed in a very vulnerable position, it was not enough for my husband. As we continued fucking, he moved his hands up and grabbed the sides of my sweater and pulled it down over my shoulders. As more and more of my body became exposed, he continued pulling it down. I was too turned on to stop him and straightened my arms enough to allow him to remove my sweater completely. Surprisingly he then tossed it to the other end of the picnic table out of my reach. I could feel my juices grow as I enjoyed the ride and looked down realizing that I was nearly topless in this public scenic viewing area.

Not satisfied, my bra was next. My husband had pulled the cups of the bra down earlier so my breasts sat mostly out in the open over the cups, but he wanted more. He quickly pulled both straps off my shoulders, down my arms, and over my hands. My bra remained around my torso barely held in place by the clasp in the back. He then grabbed me by both sides and pulled me down to him. Once I was close enough he leaned up slightly and began to kiss me deeply all the while his hands went around my back to undo the clasp to my bra. Instantly he had it undone and as I leaned back up, he tossed it out of reach also on top of my sweater.

He was not done! He began to fumble at the side of my skirt and unfastened the one button holding it around my waist. Sensing what was about to happen I sped up my hips and ground faster on his hard cock. He began bunching my skirt up on both sides in his hands and once he had it gathered like a belt around my waist, he pulled up and quickly raised it over my torso, past my head, and completely off my body. Finally he tossed it over by my sweater and bra also. There I was in broad daylight completely naked and riding my husband's cock sitting on a picnic table at a scenic pull-off with my clothes out of reach should anyone pull into the parking lot. We could hear cars whizzing by as we continued to fuck fearing that at any point someone could make the quick turn past the tree line in the parking lot facing us. It felt so dangerous and I was terrified, but it also sent my excitement level over the top.

Seeing me totally naked and vulnerable in such a public space was a great turn on for him as well. Just as we heard a car slowing to turn into the parking lot, he thrust three more hard times before releasing his cum within me. As the other car pulled closer to the empty spots in the front of the lot directly across from us, I quickly scampered off of him to the other side of the picnic table grabbing my clothes. He sat up and refastened his shorts. After grabbing my clothes, I quickly sat back down on the picnic table bench using my husband to shield my nudity. As we sat there and acted as if we were doing nothing wrong and I slipped my sweater on quickly and then pulled my skirt up my thighs while still sitting under the cover of the picnic table. After a few moments, I was able to put my outside clothes back on and adjust them enough to look presentable, and we moved to our car. As we walked some of his cum dripped down my leg and we passed another slightly older couple headed to the scenic overlook we had just left. As we went by I gave them a quick smile and the husband gave me a knowing nod.

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