tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex With A 'Stranger'

Sex With A 'Stranger'


My fiancée and I set out early Monday morning to catch our 9am greyhound bus. We were heading down from Canada to the United States for a week long visit at my folk's house in Atlanta, Georgia. The bus ride was 28 hour long but plane tickets were simply to expensive so we grabbed our bags and vowed to make the most of the trip.

John told me he wanted to make a last minute call in the terminal and that I should get on the bus without him, that he'd come soon and that I was to "play along." I didn't know what John meant but I knew better than to question him, so I gave the bus driver my ticket and climbed on board choosing a seat towards the back.

Several other people got on the bus but it was empty for the most part. Finally John got on the bus he had changed his shirt and switched from glasses to contacts. I was curious but caught on very quickly when he approached me and said "excuse me miss, is this seat taken?"

I smiled slightly and told him it wasn't, realizing the role play we were now involved in. I turned away from the "stranger" and looked out the window imagining all the fun this 28 hour long ride would bring us.

A half hour pasted before I turned back to face the man sitting next to me. He had gotten out a newspaper and was flipping through the sport section. I looked him over as if I'd never seen him before. Short brown hair, light brown eyes, a nice smile, I was trying to size up his weight and height when he turned and looked at me catching me in my gaze.

"The name is John..." he extended his hand to me, as I told him my name was Chrissy. He folded the paper and set it aside and asked me the usual questions, where are you going how old are you... He told me he was heading for business down in Atlanta and thought it was coincidental I was heading there too. It was hard for me not to laugh; he seemed so into his role.

We talked for quite a bit first about our general life then into more personal topics. He told me he had a fiancée at home but that it was a long..... trip with endless possibilities. My cunt started to tingle with the thought. The conversation shifted to turn-ons and our favorite positions.

The sex talk and the situation started making me very horny. My thin shirt showed the outline of my hard nipples and I shifted frequently in my seat trying to get relief to my now aching pussy.

The stranger asked me my wildest fantasy and I described an erotic threesome scene, two girls and a guy fucking, sucking and licking... He leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear "Don't just sit there girl make yourself useful look at the bulge you just caused in my jeans"

He reached for my hand and set it down over his now throbbing cock. I started to rub it through his jeans. Sliding my hand down the length, pushing slightly causing a groan to escape his lips.

He started tweaking my nipples with one hand, and with the other he pulled my head close to his to share a passionate kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I dove my tongue into his, consumed with tasting this stranger and exploring his mouth slowly and sensuously.

We were driving each other crazy with lust. We were rubbing and kissing and biting each others shoulders and ear lobes. I needed him in me, and from the look of his straining cock he wanted it to.

He told me to slip into the bathroom and that he would be join me in a minute. I thought he was nuts but didn't question. The bathrooms on the bus are so small one person can barely fit much less two. It seemed like ages till I heard the door creak and he came in.

The bathroom made such a tight fit it was impossible to move around at all, I was simply just pressed up close against this stranger I could feel the heat from his cock so close to my needy twat.

He saw the look of need in my eyes and whispered in my ear "Aww what's the matter whore you need some guy you just met to fuck your little cunt, you're such a slut"

Hearing him curse and call me names made me need it more and I began humping his knee trying desperately to reach orgasm.

I was lost in my own world and didn't even hear him unzipping his pants. I felt him lift up my skirt and slide my soaked panties to one side. The close quarters forced him to ram in instantly without any time for adjustment to his 7 and ½ inch monster. I tried to scream out but his hand covered my mouth and muffled my cry.

"You like being fucked by a stranger in a filthy bathroom? You like acting like a common whore for a man you just met? You like being a naughty little slut?" His taunts and insults drove me mad with desire, and I fucked him back as much as I could. Grabbing his ass trying to pull him deeper into me. I clawed at his back leaving five scratches as he sunk his teeth into my shoulder bite me and pushing me over the edge simultaneously.

My body was overtaken by orgasms and I moaned loudly against his hand as he shot his load in me causing my orgasm to intensify. His arms moved to hold me till my body regained control of itself. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there smiling his evil grin.

"I'm lucky I accompanied you on this trip young lady... you may have had fun with a real stranger." I laughed and opened the door only to hear clapping. I stuck my head around and saw the entire bus looking back at us laughing and clapping.

"Thanks for the show" someone called. "Your girlfriend's moan sounds so hot" another guy yelled. A few women turned away in disgust or cursed at me. I was so embarrassed I slipped into my seat and John sat down next to me laughing hysterically.

He kissed my cheek telling me not to worry and said "Voyeurism only turns me on you dirty little whore... 23 hours to go!"

*** Hey all, hope you enjoyed my story... more to come send me feedback and let me know if you love it or hate it. Thanks to all my loyal fans... kisses all around***

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