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Sex With Father In Law - Lonely Times


There was a sudden development in the life of Mona. Her husband Rand would proceed to US to undertake a project at a client's premises and to finish it as soon as possible. Rand was busy going around arranging for the visa and other travel papers for himself.

On the day of departure they all went to the airport, after a tearful farewell, waved as Rand disappeared to his security checkup. Both Roger and Mona returned home in their car.

In the night Mona was sleeping in her bedroom with Roger. Next day the sky was overcast huge dark clouds covered the entire sky. The time was evening and Mona was watching some TV programme. At 9 she served supper to her father in law and he went to bed and she ate her supper leisurely sitting in front of the TV.

There was a drizzle and the in the wind window panes were moving noicily. Suddenly there was a cold breeze and Mona completed her work in the kitchen and switched off the lights and went to her bed and suddenly the power went off.

A big flash of lightening and followed by a huge thunder shook her and she was scared. Since there was no power she was scared. She got up groped for a candle and a match box and again there was a flash of lightening and another huge thunder.

Poor Mona gave out a cry of fear. Immediately there was another big flash of lightening and a huge thunder shaking the entire building. Mona was scared. She did not know what to do. It was too much for her to bear.

She ran in the darkness in the direction of the bedroom and pushed the door open shouting for help. Roger was scared to her her cry for help.

He got up and realised that it is totally dark and there was no power. Before he could tie his lungi around, Mona's body was pressed against his and he was thrown into the lying position.

She held him in tight embrace out of fear, closing her eyes tightly. Roger having been awaken from deep slumber all these things were quite unexpected.

She hugged him in tight embrace, pressing her boobs against his shoulders and chest.

Mona's hands across his chest and her leg over his left leg held him tightly. He turned to face her and pressed her fully against his hairy chest and his hand went over her back.

He found that she was not wearing any bra and her naked boobs were pressed against him. Again his hand went below and found she wore a panty. He kept his hand over her ass and pulled to towards him so that her cunt is pressed against his thigh. He had a glorious erection.

His huge cock which was starved invigorated by the feminine touch was standing erect like a steel pole. He turned so that it may touch the girl and make her to come to senses. His cock was pushing against her stomach.

A sensible girl would know what this strange object is. Roger did some quick thinking and thought to take advantage of the situation. He unhooked her night gown with one hand and pushed his on leg between her thighs. Mona did not resist.

His hairy leg was pushing over her panty and he pulled his leg up and down so that her cunt may be rubbed roughly. Mona opened her thighs wide and Roger slowly mounted her balancing his weight on his elbows. Mona was embracing him with both of her hands and her legs were wide open.

Roger was totally nude with a hard erection. He slowly pounded his cock on her panty at the position of her pussy. Suddenly Mona's cry stopped, lights came, the room was lit by a night lamp, Roger's cock was pounding her clit over the panty.

Roger lowered his face and his lips searched for the nipple of Mona. He was enjoying to see that Mona lifted her boobs to feed her nipple into his mouth. Roger licked around her nipples and then sucked them first softly and then very hard. Mona was moaning with pleasure.

She fed him her boobs alternating. Roger slowly got up and saw her condition in the dim light. Her legs wide open with the panty on. He smiled at her and pulled her panty down. Mona lifted her hip to enable him to pull down the panty totally. She was totally nude.

Roger leaned forward and put his face over her cunt and took a deep breath. Her pussy was having a pleasant frangrance. He asked her to keep it open with her fingers and he took his cock and rubbed it on the clit.

Mona was in fully aroused condition. Roger again lowered his face and licked her pussy and clit. Mona gave a hissing sound and a loud moan. She lifted her hip to meet the face of Roger. He gave her a good lick and sucked her clit.

Mona closed her thighs along the side of the head of Roger and pressed. She had her massive clitoral orgasm. Fluids were flowing free from her cunt. Roger licked and drank the fluids. They did not speak a word so far.

He took his cock and smeared it with the viscous fluid coming out of her cunt and tried to insert it in her cunt. It went in by about two inches and then it got stuck. He inserted his finger and rotated it in such a way that the passage will be widened.

Somehow Roger wanted to fuck her that day. It took time for him to inch his cock inside her cunt. Though it was paining, she tolerated because he was stimulating her clit often. It took more than 15 minutes to make a complete penetration.

Mona with full of tears in her eyes tolerated all the pain and when it was over was smiling. It was tight fitting and was enjoyed by both. Roger started to move in and out slowly. Mona thought it has gone right upto her stomach. But the in out movement was pleasurable.

New waves of pleasure swept through her which was hitherto unknown to her. She too moved her hips to adjust to the movements of her father-in-law. She liked him and ran her hands through the hair on his chest. Her boobs standing like two hills were moving up and down with each thrust of her hubby's father.

Both were not in a hurry. Her hole was uniformly tight throughout which gave more pleasure to Roger.

He asked Mona, how many times you and Rand fucked a day. Suddenly there was a cloud in the face of Mona. She said we did not fuck at all for the last one and half month. WHAT, cried Roger, you did not allow my son to fuck you for 45 days. Mona was sorry and was trying to find excuses.

All these discussions happened when Roger was continuously fucking Mona. Suddenly the level of arousal of Mona came down. But her father-in-law sucked her nipples and got her to her full arousal and made haste to complete fucking.

Mona, aroused now wound her legs around him and hugged him. Finally both had their orgasm together. They both kissed each other and licked the cheeks.

Although the Roger's erection was intact, he withdrew and went to the bathroom and cleaned up his cock. Mona, totally nude also came after him and and cleaned her cunt of all the mess. When the power came the lights in the bedroom of Mona were burning and Roger went to her bedroom and switched off the lights.

Mona was putting on the night gown. Roger told her that she need not put it on. From today you are going to sleep with me in my room in my cot. You are not to wear any clothes, bra or panty when you are lying with me.

Everyday I am going to fuck you once or twice. He asked her, are you agreeable? She said yes. Then come on, he said and both of them went to the bed. Roger took a closer look at his daughter in law. He was taken aback at her beauty.

Her face, boobs, navel, pussy, thighs and legs were all white as if carved in ivory. He told her he will shave her cunt on the following day and he wants to be as smooth as her chin. Shyly she agreed.

She took his erect cock in her hands and took a close look, its foreskin, the protruding veins, his ball pouch and all. She smelled his cock and opened her mouth and took it in her mouth and licked and sucked it.

He asked her to turn her cunt towards his face so that he can suck and lick her cunt when she sucked his cock.

His tongue went inside her hole and dug at her clit. She was squirming when he pulled her clit with his lips. He understood she was a real hot stuff and somehow he was successful to ignite her.

He asked her to get up and straddle him and take his cock inside her cunt and ride his like a horse. She got the point and put her legs across and straddled him and in one or two attempts succeeded to put his cock in her cunt.

It took time to go in but she moved her butt in such a way that it went in deeply. Her face showed her joy and each movement sent waves of pleasure. She opened her mouth and gave out cries of joy at every movement. She danced on his cock. Roger was enjoying the show.

Her boobs were jumping up and down. She moved her butt front and back and was enjoying every moment.

With both of his hands he cupped her boobs and suddenly she cooled. Her orgasm was coming. She fell on Roger and moved up and down and both had a fantastic orgasm. His cum was sprouting as if from a fountain into her cunt.

They slept in the same condition with their fluids dripping from her cunt into the bed.

Recently they had a servant for cleaning the house who came in the morning and cleaned all the rooms, helped Mona in the kitchen and go to the market etc.

She was very nosy and wanted to lament at her tragedy of being without her husband and was advising her to go to her own house.

Mona asked her to keep quiet. Mr. Roger coming to the kitchen under some excuse or pretext made her wonder what happened to Roger who never used to come to the kitchen. Before she starts suspecting their relationship, Mona used to drive her away on some errand.

Mona warned her father-in-law not to come to the kitchen at all and if he wants anything to call her so that she will come to his room. He wanted to suck her nipples as frequently as possible.

He asked her to remain without wearing any bra so that he can just lift her blouse and take her boobs in his mouth.

Mona too wanted this more than him but this old lady should not get scent of this otherwise there will be a scandal. Mona gave her enough food and sent her away earlier so that her rest of the day is free from her torment.

As soon as the servant goes away, she used to bolt the door and go with Roger upstairs and take bath in the tub with him. His favourite sport is to sit in the tub with his cock totally inserted in the cunt and make her sit on his lap. He used to play with Mona's boobs in the broad day light.

Mona enjoyed every moment of the bath. They fucked almost all days. His mere touch used to arouse Mona immeasurably and she took initiative for sex which he enjoyed most. He used to bring her some pill and make her take them to prevent pregnancy.

Mona's husband Rand used to call her on all alternate days and speak at length about his travails due to her absence. He spoke to his father. He said his project was extended by another six months and hence he will be able to come only after one year.

He asked his father to get Mona a passport so that he can arrange for her visa. But Mr.Roger told Mona that he cannot think of being without her even for a day. Sometimes Mona used to feel guilty for cheating her husband which she used to tell Mr.Roger. He said it is the fate and not intentional.

He seemed not at all perturbed by fucking his son's wife. He matched Mona in her passion and was eager to enjoy at any moment. His body inspite of his age was always ready for a wild sex, which enhanced Mona's pleasure.

He used to shave her pubic hair every alternate day and lick her cunt and clit for a long time. He seemed to enjoy this ritual most. When he presses her thighs with his fingers, there used to be red marks which pained him.

He used to lick Mona's thighs and cunt at every opportunity. They invented new postures for cunt sucking. Mona used to straddle his face and remain so when her cunt juices flowed into his mouth and face. He enjoyed licking them and swallowing them.

Days and months went by immersing them in utmost pleasure. Suddenly there was a message that Rand is coming and wants to take Mona with him to US when he returns. Roger was shocked. His moods and attitude changed.

Roger after completing his morning allusions went to the kitchen for his morning tea. Mona, fresh bathed and wearing fresh clothes was glowing in the morning sun. With shyness writ on her face she brought him his morning tea.

He sat in the dining chair but looking amazed at the beauty of his daughter in law Mona who came to his room frightened by the thunder but got fucked endlessly by him. Sipping his tea he was thinking about the last night and how to go about in future.

Mona was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the breakfast and for noon lunch. Her preparations were very good and Roger liked them very much and he had told her so many times.

Mona was looking at Roger through the corner of her eyes from the kitchen and her thoughts also were about the adventures of the previous night.

Poor Rand, her husband was not permitted to touch her pussy for more than 45 days and now he had gone to US and her father in law only had to fuck her.

The maid servant who used to do the cleaning work had just left to buy some meat and Roger entered the kitchen and came near Mona. Mona's felt wetness in her undergarment. Roger touched her cheeks and kissed her. Mona warned him not to do such things in the kitchen.

He asked her to go to his bedroom since he wanted to suck her boobs. He just wanted to see them in the broad day light. Mona also wanted to see the cock of Roger in the day light. She just sneaked into his bedroom and closed the door.

Roger coming near her just pulled up her blouse and bra in one stroke and her both the boobs just came out. Roger just took the nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked them. Mona put her hand inside his shorts and pulled his cock out. It was in full erection.

Mona felt like taking it in her mouth. She freed herself from the grip of Roger and kneeled on the ground and took his cock in her mouth. His cock thick and long in fully erect condition was not fully contained in her mouth.

All that she could take in was the head of the cock which she lustily licked. Roger wanted to lick her cunt. He lifted her and make her to lie down on the bed. He opened her legs wide and her cunt neatly shaven was glowing.

He opened the cunt lips and saw her clit and the hole Leaning forward he inserted his tongue inside her cunt and tongue fucked her. She was in ecstacy and was lifting her hips and vibrating her body due to waves of passion running over her whole body.

She kept her hands on the head of Roger and pushed it into her cunt. Roger with the tip of his tongue dug around her clit and pulled it out softly with his lips. Mona gave out a loud cry, aiyeeee............, and was squirming her hips urging him to suck further.

She had series of orgasm and cunt juices were freely flowing from her cunt. She was a hot girl and this was too much for her to bear. She was massaging her own boobs and twitching her own nipples and moaning loudly. Roger was having a great time sucking and licking the clit.

When he held it between his lips he could feel its mild throbbing. He got up and kept the end of his cock at the entrance of the hole. Mona pulled with all force up to her and hugged him tightly. Roger managed to insert his cock fully into her cunt and started to fuck her with forceful long strokes.

Mona asked him to lie down so that she can ride him. Roger obliged and they rolled over bringing her atop him. She sat on him in the pose of a frog and started to fuck his cock with a pluck, pluck sound.

With her mouth widely open and sounds of joy coming out, she fucked him like this for a long time. She was riding her top wave of orgasm and each stroke was adding to her pleasure. She did not want to come down from her orgasmic peak.

Roger shot his semen into her adding to the mess.

But she was not prepared to leave him. She moved her hips in suck a way that his cock touched her G spot and clit. Roger with his fingers pressed and massaged her clit so that she may reach her orgasm fast.

Roger thought that this girl is becoming unmanageable for him since she is never satiated and wanted more and more. But her beauty was so great that Roger never turned her down.

They fucked like this at least two times in the day time and once or twice in the night. Each time they fucked as if they never had sex for months.

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