tagGroup SexSex with Fiza Ch. 05

Sex with Fiza Ch. 05


After that party I usually tried to escape from my colleagues and my boss asked me several times that he would like to visit my mother-in-law's house. Fiza started calling me everyday for her pleasure.

We enjoyed sex every evening. But I had listened her desire for Mr.Shekh. Whenever she reached in her full satisfaction she moaned, "Shekh, fasterrrr....harderrrrrrr....fuckkk me".

I knew that Ballu gave her pleasure in the night session and in afternoon. But she might dream about her sex with my boss.

That evening after her sexual satisfaction she told me that she would like to invite Mr.Shekh. I gave her his cell phone number. Next day after lunch my boss called me in his cabin.

He told me that Fiza invited him in the evening. I could understand that it would be better for me not to visit my mother-in-law's place especially with my boss.

I said, "It is great. She likes to meet you and asks me to invite you". After that I left his cabin and called Fiza.

I said, "I like to watch you with my boss". She giggled and said, "Come and hide in my closet. You can see everything. But promise me that you will not stop us." I said, "I promise".

I went to my mother-in-law's house early and hide in the closet to watch her being fucked by Mr.Shekh.

While watching from my hiding place in the closet, Fiza was in her see-through bra and a smooth silky panty that partly pulled into her cunt lips.

I heard that the door slowly opened and Mr.Shekh and Ballu walked into the room one by one. The show was about to begin. Fiza quickly glanced at my direction.

Ballu approached to Fiza and said, "You have a great pair of tits". Suddenly he palmed the flimsy covered breast and squeezed them until he could feel a nipple in his palm.

He pulled down one side of the material and exposed one nipple. He flicked it with his thumb and to his surprise a breathy moan escaped her lips.

Her nipples were long and he ached to suck them. He pulled on the center of the bra and forcefully ripped it off her body freeing her massive tits. Her cunt juices began flowing.

Pushing her head down onto the bed he pulled her panty to one side and shoved his cock into her cunt from behind and reached forward to grab hold of her tits as he fucked her.

After a moment he released her tits and let them bounce freely. He could hear the clapping sound her tits made as they bounced from side to side and then collided.

Fiza began to moan loudly and he knew she was close to what would be an explosive orgasm. He began fucking her even harder, watching her tits swinging like pendulums.

He pulled his throbbing cock from her cunt and turned her around. Her large tits bounced out and down and he immediately lifted one huge mound from underneath and brought it to his lips.

He sucked one long luscious nipple into his mouth and pressed it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. She let out a strangled groan and he smiled. She remained silent. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

"I can't help it. I love to have my tits sucked", She said, looking at his bulging cock. Mr.Shekh and Ballu wasted no time in removing Fiza's cunt hugging smooth silky panty.

Shekh held Fiza's head tightly as he lowered her head to his cock. As she opened her mouth she once again looked over to where I had hided. She opened wider as Shekh's massive cock invaded her mouth.

While she was trying to suck my boss's massive cock Ballu's finger fucked her while playing with her nipples. I was enjoying that my mother-in-law was getting excited from the glistening wetness on her pussy mound.

Shekh then forcefully fucked Fiza's face as she gagged on his mammoth cock. Ballu continued his furious finger fucking when I saw him slide a finger up Fiza's ass. She immediately stiffened and began quivering as she started moaning repeatedly.

Shekh then held Fiza's head tightly in place as he pumped a load of his cum down Fiza's throat. I could hear her gagging as she tried to swallow and watched as his cum oozed from the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin.

Ballu grabbed my mother-in-law and pushed her onto the bed. He turned her over and without warning thrust his entire length in her soaking wet pussy. I listened to the hard steady slap, slap, as I watched Ballu's huge cock fuck my sexy mother-in-law.

I slowly stroked my own cock as I continued to watch the wild fucking. Fiza threw her ass back to meet Ballu's maddening thrust while wildly throwing her head from side to side. Seeing her get fucked dog style was a big turn on for me.

Her cunt juice was flowing down her legs. Fiza was then moaning, fast approaching another orgasm. Ballu responded by pounding into her pussy at an unbelievable pace, stiffening as he unloaded load after load deep in her pussy.

The sight of his huge cock pounding my mother-in-law's pussy was more than I could take and I unloaded myself.

Ballu pulled his shrinking cock out of Fiza's cunt and lay on the bed. I watched as his cum mingled with her pussy juice and continued to running down to her legs.

Ballu laid there, his cock glistening with my mother-in-law's cunt juice when he told her to, "Lick it clean, you bitch." I watched as Fiza knelt down and took his wet cock in her mouth and sucked him clean.

As she continued to bob up and down on his now swelling cock I felt my own cock started to rise again.

Shekh was now behind Fiza and rubbed his monster cock along her wet pussy lips. He then tried to get his cock into her drenched pussy but was having difficulty because of his size.

Fiza then was pussy-sucking Mr.Shekh's cock at a wild pace, Shekh finally forced several inches in her stretching cunt.

Shekh began fucking Fiza from the rear, getting a little more fat cock into her inflamed hole, when he suddenly pulled his cock out.

I watched in amazement as Shekh forced his cock in Fiza's ass hole. He could only get his fist size cock head in but it was enough to make Fiza go wild with desire.

She was then sucking Ballu's rock hard cock like a wild animal as Shekh continued forcing his cock in her ass. Finally, Shekh forced his entire length into Fiza's ass and slowly started fucking it.

When Shekh's cock firmly embedded in Fiza's ass Ballu positioned him under her and jammed his cock deep in her throbbing cunt.

They were like total animals in heat. The glistening sweat on their bodies and the steady slap, slap of cock on pussy and ass hole.

I was amazed that Fiza was getting fucked so royally. As the paces quickened I saw my mother-in-law tensed up yelling, "Fuck me you barbarians, fuck me good."

As Ballu and Shekh increased their already maddening pace, Fiza quivered and shook wildly as she yelled, "Fuck, I am Cumming."

Both Ballu and Shekh stiffened as they shot their massive loads deep in Fiza's ass hole and cunt. As they separated with wet plops, I could see their cum oozing from my mother-in-law's stretched ass hole and pussy.

Shekh took his wet, cum covered cock that he had just pulled from Fiza's ass and stuck it in her face. He hadn't said a word but Fiza started sucking his cock. That was more than I could bear, as I shot my third load of the day all over the closet.

Shekh said, "You are my sexy slut, aren't you?" He continued to slide his fingers in and out of her heat-pot. "Time to play again," he said. He pumped his hips forward and buried his cock in her hot wet cunt.

She yelled out at the feel of it which gave him a sense of pride and power. He shoved his cock in and out hard and I could hear the liking sound of their flesh slapping together.

The more he thrust the more he could also hear the slurping sound her pussy made as it got even wetter. Every time he jammed himself to the hilt, he watched as her tits swayed violently up and down.

"Harder", she screamed. He pulled out of her and grabbed her arms till she sat up.

"Get on your knees." He commanded.

She obeyed. He watched her in that position for a moment. Her tits hung down so low that they almost hit the bed.

He shoved his cock in her cunt from behind and reached forward to grab hold of her tits as he fucked her. As she orgasmed, she screamed and he could feel her cunt juices flow over his cock.

He pulled out his still hard, dripping wet cock. He said, "I want you to ride my cock now, bitch." He lay down on the bed with his cock bobbing in the air. "Get on my cock now", Shekh commanded.

Fiza jumped up, breathing hard and started moving her waist. She slide easily on his cock and instantly started bouncing up and down.

This was Mr.Shekh's favorite position, as he was able to watch her fleshy tits flop around as she fucked him.

Fiza leaned down for a better angle, her tits now swinging in his face. He grabbed them both to still them and took turns sucking each nipple into his mouth.

Every time he sucked on her tit, she'd fuck him faster. He finally felt like he was about to cum so he stilled her hips and lifted her slightly off of him.

In one motion, he pulled her hips down, impaling her cunt. His cum raised up his cock, he pulled her off of him, rolled her into her back. Quickly straddled her waist, he motioned to her to take hold of his cock.

Shekh said, "Stroke my cock. Aim it at those nice tits of yours."

Fiza did so until he cummed all over her tits. He watched as his cum dripped off her elongated nipples. He reached up and rubbed his cum into her tits until those massive melons looked all oiled up.

She gasped and moaned while he kneaded her tits and tugged on her slippery nipples.

When he was finished he simply got dressed and walked out of the room. Fiza began to suck Ballu's cock. She was very good at it.

Ballu wanted to fuck her so he stopped her and began to lick her cummed pussy. He raised her legs up over her head and pounded her pussy. It did not take long and he cummed deep inside her.

When he was finished he removed himself and decided to go to his room. I was enjoying the sex game of my mother-in-law for last three hours. When they left her alone she was full of cum and joy.

I came out from the closet and sat at her bed. She smiled at me. I replied her with a passionate kiss.

I lowered my mouth to her right nipple and suck and nibbled on it while I continued to work on her left one. I slided my other hand down to her pussy and worked her slit with my thumb and forefinger.

She began to moan so I started to finger fuck her with one and then two fingers as she started to work her pussy to take them deeper.

I dropped my pants and shorts and drove my hard cock into her with one deep stroke and pounded her pussy. She screamed and fucked me like crazy woman and cummed so hard and screamed so loud that I was afraid that Ballu would hear us.

Then Fiza asked me that could I fuck her ass. Without any reply I slapped her ass cheeks and she then spread her legs giving me access into her ass. I positioned my self and slowly entered my cock into her small asshole.

It was hurting her as she moaned loudly, "Ahhh fuck... oh yeah man... fuck me". I stared to thrust slowly. Her moans continued and she begged me to go faster. I decided to pick up the pace and I fucked her ass harder and faster.

She was screaming my name and begging not to stop. I got more turned on and fucked her even faster. I was going to cum and our moans became even louder. I was fucking her from behind. I climaxed and blew my load inside her ass.

Both of us were lying down on the bed exhausted. After some time Fiza guided me to her bathroom and we took a bath. She gave me a deep kiss and in reply I pressed her boobs and cared her ass before I left her house.

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