tagBDSMSex with Fiza Ch. 06

Sex with Fiza Ch. 06


Next day I called Fiza from my office and told her to be ready at 6pm sharp. My advices were very clear on what she had to do to be ready for me. She was to be waiting at her bedroom, on her knees, hands down at her sides. She was to have no clothing on, no jewelry, her hair to be down.

At 6pm I walked through the door and saw her kneeling before me. I did not say a word just closed and locked the door. I reached down and grabbed a handful of hair with one hand, took my cock out and shoved it in her mouth.

She started sucking and I had loosened my grip up a small amount allowing her to have some movement with her head. Her hands came up and took hold of my shaft so her mouth and tongue could concentrate on the head of my cock. After a few minutes of this I pulled out of her mouth, taking her hands behind her back and tying them together.

I pushed Fiza roughly down lower so her knees were spread but her ass was on her heels to push her all the way down would have let her pussy rub against the floor and that would not do.

I grabbed her hair pushing her head back some; I placed my cock at the edge of her lips pushing her mouth open. Fiza tried vainly to suck my cock, I reached down and pinched on of her nipples hard making it turn blood red and told her to just keep her mouth open.

I began fucking her, I fucked her mouth like it was her pussy...fast, hard and deep, making her gag at times but I never stopped. I fucked her till my cum shot down her throat spilling out the sides of her mouth. Fiza tried so hard to swallow it all but I kept cumming and she couldn't drink it fast enough.

I pulled her up to standing, using my fingers I wiped my cum from her face and gave them to her to suck clean for me. I led her over to the coffee table and pushed her to her knees in front of it.

Her legs were the first to be bound to the legs of the table; I then stretched her across it untying her hands only to tie her arms to the other side of the table. I then placed a pillow under her stomach so that her ass was up in the air, just enough to give me better access.

My hand was the first thing she felt strike her ass, there was no rhyme or reason to his slaps. Fiza tried so hard at first to not cry out, to take the pain and punishment I was giving to her with grace but then I started using my paddle.

Her ass was already red and stinging before the first stroke of my paddle but when it made contact with her skin she cried out in pain. I continued with the barrage of paddling, her cries soon became no longer just pain but a mixture of pleasure and pain. I ignored every one of her please for me to stop.

Finally I stopped but only when she had stopped begging for it. I looked at the pillow under her and there was a wet spot right in a direct line from her pussy. Without saying a word I greedily thrust 3 fingers inside of her. She was saturated and I felt her pussy beginning to contract around my fingers.

I kept fucking her with my fingers. I leaned in taking my tongue and I teased her ass. Fiza tried to push up to make me go deeper my fingers and my tongue and she didn't care which she wanted more. She begged me to let her cum; she needed to cum so bad.

I stopped everything I was doing and just sat still with my fingers deep in her. She was still begging pleading with me to please fuck her and to fuck her ass, her pussy just to please give her my cock.

I slowly pulled out my fingers; she began moaning and screaming from need of something to fill her up. I placed the head of my cock just at the outside of her pussy, my hand came down and slapped her red ass then I rammed myself deep inside of her in one hard deep thrust.

She couldn't hold it back she felt her orgasm starting without telling her brain. Her body just responded in a pure primal state. As her moans grew deeper and louder I fucked her harder and deeper never stopping to let her catch her breath after that orgasm.

My cock driving into her pussy she knew she was going to come again if I kept up that pace. She pleaded with me to please fuck her ass. I didn't need much begging at this point. My cock slick with her cum, I pushed just the head in and held there giving her a chance to adjust to my size, my one and only act of kindness during this hard fuck.

I pushed my way deep inside of her revealing in her cries of pain and pleasure. I fucked her hard and slow, rubbing and grabbing at her ass as I grinded my cock deep inside of her. She felt me tense and my pace picked up, my hands were mauling her ass that was still burning and hurting from my paddle.

She felt her orgasm starting to well up knowing that I was going to cum all inside of her. The smell of sex that had permeated the room was all she could handle. Then we cummed simultaneously.

I filled her ass with my white hot cum and she filled her pussy up. After I pulled out of her, I took a camera and took a picture of her red ass with cum dripping out of both holes before untying her.

After that I went to the bathroom. Suddenly I heard a male voice from Fiza's bedroom. It was the sound of Ballu. I came out of the bathroom and placed my eyes in the keyhole. I was right, it was Ballu. He was already naked before Fiza.

He sat down on the coffee table and took her with him. She ended up falling across his knees. She was flailing away and kicking her legs, trying everything she could to get away from him. He pushed her head down toward the floor.

He struck her evenly on both cheeks of her ass and marveled at how great it felt to slap her ass. He'd often looked admiringly at that gorgeous ass, but never really considered the possibility that he'd actually lay hands on it.

Ballu just kept up the spanking. Every now and then he'd hit the center mark and give her pussy another swat or two. Fiza reveled in the new feelings she was experiencing. She wanted to tell Ballu to quit spanking her and just fuck her, but she couldn't form coherent speech. All she was capable of now was grunts and groans.

She had completely quit screaming and was only grunting and moaning unintelligibly. She moved her ass back toward each blow and then forward. It must have come from her cunt. Fiza was lubricating copiously. She loved the spanking.

Ballu reached under her ass cheeks and felt her cunt. She thrust it back toward his hand as soon as she felt the slight touch. She wanted it inside her. Her cunt was wet and swollen. It was as ready for a fucking as it could get.

Ballu took two fingers and rammed them into her cunt as hard as he could and she exhaled as if she were hit in the gut. Then he pistoned his fingers in and out of her cunt rapidly. She was bucking wildly trying to keep time with his thrusts. He stopped suddenly and she gasped.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop," she cried.

He resumed fucking her with his hand. He reached up inside and curled his fingers down toward her pubic bone from within. That was the spot that usually drove women wild. He made sure to rub it with each stroke. She whimpered.

"Thank you. Oh, yes. That's the way. I want to come. I have to come. Keep it up," she implored.

Her orgasm began with tightness in her belly, right behind her pubic bone. It seemed to spread from there to every extremity. Her stomach fluttered and her head became fuzzy. Her cunt was the center of the universe now as the intensity kept building. She thought she might never come. She wanted it so badly. She imagined his hand was his cock.

When it finally hit, she was more than ready. She actually saw stars. The combination of feeling humiliated, the stinging of her ass, and his hand ramming into her finally sent her to a place she'd never been before. Her ass stopped moving and her entire body began to spasm.

When her gasps for air changed to even breathing, he changed to a slow lazy motion stirring her cunt with his fingers. Her juices were everywhere. She had lubricated so much that, as he had slammed his hand in and out of her cunt, her juices splattered all over the floor. She moaned and mewled like a little animal now.

Fiza was off his lap, and on her knees before him, instantly. She loved being there. She felt safe and secure at his feet. She was subconsciously wondering at this even as she hurriedly took his cock and made love to it. That's what it was. She didn't just suck it, she made love to it. It was as if she needed to repay him for the wonderful gift he had given her. She felt liberated.

She licked the tip of his cock, which was coated in his precum. Beating her ass hard certainly gotten him excited. She smiled as she wrapped her lips around the big crimson head and sucked. She maintained the suction all the way down the length of his shaft, not stopping until her lips felt his pubic hair. She held him there and marveled at the feel of it in her mouth and throat.

It was hard, yet soft. She could feel the veins bulging along its length against her tongue. It was incredibly smooth and as she held it in her throat, she felt it twitch. She knew she turned him on and it made her proud. She slowly withdrew and twirled her tongue around the head of his cock as she removed it from her mouth.

Ballu gave a little groan as it popped out. He reached for the back of her head to put her mouth back on him, but didn't need to. Fiza was already going back down again. She maintained that slow rhythm for what seemed like forever. He could only think of her mouth on him and she could only think of his cock in her.

They worked well together. Gradually, he began to take over control of the speed. He held her head in both of his hands and alternately pushed and pulled her mouth up and down on his cock. She put her tongue to good use at every opportunity.

He moved her head faster and faster. Soon he was fucking her mouth, not getting sucked. He rammed his cock into her mouth harder and harder. She fought hard to breathe and found it difficult to stop herself from gagging when his cock found the back of her throat. Finally,it happened.

He felt it coming. His cock swelled up in her mouth and it felt like he was about to explode. The tension was unbearable. He knew the spasms were forming, but they just didn't release. His cock continued to swell and, at last, he was there. A great gush of come spewed out the head of his cock and slammed into the back of her throat.

She took it and tried to swallow it, but couldn't get it all down before the next volley hit. She swallowed as fast as she could, but still missed a large quantity that ran down her chin. Some of it ran down into the cleavage between her breasts. She licked her lips and looked up at him with adoration in her eyes.

Silently he padded back to the bed with her shaking body in his arms. Fiza felt him tenderly lay her into the bed. Ballu slipped into bed next to her cuddling her close to him. I could understand that Fiza liked to take some rest and after sex foreplay from Ballu. I left them alone for that night.

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