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I work for a computer company in Lucknow as a project consultant. I wanted to share my experience of my relationship with my center manager, my boss, MRS. Sheetal. Sheetal is quite an arrogant boss who was a real pain in neck for all of us in office. In the month of April our company was undergoing auditing as a result I had to wait after the office hours and assist Sheetal with the work. It was in the first week of April, I was sitting in my cabin and preparing to leave for home, as it was already 10 p.m. by now. There was no one in the office except me and her and the security guard. Then I received a call from Sheetal to come to her cabin. I entered her cabin .She was looking tired but she was busy in the files of the files in front of her that were to be submitted tomorrow. She asked me "Sunny, can u help me with these files. I am very worried how will I complete them alone". Though I was damn tired too .I couldn't refuse her and agreed to help her. I took some of the files and sat on the sofa in her cabin. Before I proceed let me tell u all that Sheetal is 5' 6'' in height. She is really very beautiful and good-looking girl with fair color. She has got 38D size boobs. A nice waist enough to send men masturbating to toilets.

Her ass is ripe and protrudes outs of her sari. In all she was the most beautiful female in our office. While working with files I occasionally looked to her to catch a glimpse. After few minutes she asked me whether I was hungry. I said I was the most obvious thing in the world to be hungry at 10 in night esp. when one is working n office for hours. She laughed and called the security personnel and giving him money asked him to bring some thing to eat and a bottle of '8 pm. whisky'. I was stunned on hearing this, I was still thinking about this when she spoke "Sunny u must be surprised why I ordered this whisky" she continued and said "u know when I really get tired I have a peg or two to shed off this tiredness" .in the mean time we completed all the work. It was already 12.30 now and we decided to have the dinner before we arranged all the files and documents for the presentation tomorrow. The food was really good after all it was ordered from one of the five star hotels. After we had enough, we opened the bottle of whisky and poured it in our glasses.

Sheetal was quite in a relaxed mood now; she spoke in a soft tone, which she rarely does in office. She moved beside me on sofa and started talking about herself. I was expecting something more intimate between us. She asked me if I had any girl friends and whether I had any previous experience with girls. I lied that there was no girl in my life. She would have been shocked if she ever came to know that I had fucked more than 20 girls and the latest one was her personal secretary 'Sanjana'. Anyhow she told me that boys had always misunderstood her. She told me that there is a soft, loving women behind that strict demeanor. I comforted her and told her that I was with her. In the process I took the advantage of touching her and trying to console her. While I made for her the third peg drinking it she said, "I don't know. I am all alone in this town. I have no one to talk to".

"You can always talk to me ", I replied. She said, "Thanks for being what u r sunny". "My pleasure", I replied I could hear the sexual huskiness come to her voice. My eyes held all the wonder in the world as I gazed at her. As she watched me, I walked over and locked the office door. I returned to her and fell to her knees, buried my face in her lap and, as her fingers touched his hairs, he slowly lifted her sari, exposing her white creamy thighs to me. I kissed and massaged as she threw her legs over my shoulders. I removed her sandals and asked her to get up and then I removed her sari and petticoat. She was wearing red panty.

In a sharp contrast to her white skin. I kissed her waist and removed her blouse and reached her white bra. Now my boss was lying before me in her under garments. She pulled my head towards her lips and planted a long kiss or I should say smooch instead. She started fondling with my shirt and quickly took it off my body and asked me to remove my vest, which I quickly did. Even before she asked me I removed my pants and carried her and laid her down on the big conference table. I switched off all the lights and lit only a small lamp. The A.C was on but still the heat from our body made us hot. I started kissing her neck and proceed to her boobs and opened her bra. Her boobs were free now.

Sheetal has got very tight and ripe melons. I pulled, massaged them till she moaned. Her nipples became swollen inviting me to them. I took them in my fingers and squeezed them hard. Rachna was a hot bitch now. She was pulling my hairs and digging her nails deep in my back. I kissed her tummy and applied saliva on her navel. I could see her panty wet from the juices. I peeled her panties and kissed her legs every moment massaging them making my way to her choot. Sheetal didn't shave her pubic hairs as she was a 'sardarni' but she waxed it in such a way that only a curly strip of hair was left in the center of the mound making the opening all the more available. I kissed her clit and pressed it hard with my fingers, slowly rotating in a circular motion. Rachna moaned and squirmed in pleasure.

I parted her cunt lips with my fingers exposing the red inside of her vaginal walls and licked it till she was asking me more. I finger fucked her it was a real delight to lick her. I used my both hands to fondle with her breasts massaging them. Her moans got louder and she was telling me to stop but I wanted to drink her love juices. Then with one explosion she exploded with a wonderful orgasm flushing my face with her love oil. I licked her pussy with my tongue. She got up and made me lie on the table. She took out her moisturizer and said, "Lie there and think about what I am doing to your body," She rubbed the lotion across my chest and down my stomach towards my groin, making gentle, circling motions.

"Close your eyes and enjoy it", she said. Her fingers were as light as butterfly wings, moving down my body, caressing me. I got a full 9 inches erection. Sheetal took my growing luund in her hand and stroking it softly. She moved her tongue down on my shaft until I was squirming in pleasure, then continuing softly towards my toes. Then she made me turn over and began again. She also took good care of my ass. Kissing my ass hole applying saliva and finger fucking it. She was a hot whore now. In my all 20 girls experience I have never seen a girl go so far but it was my Lady Boss this time and she was giving me good bonus + commission now. I longed to fuck her now. I made her lie on the table and entered her slowly letting my luund enjoy very moment of her nest. She moaned at the enormous size of my organ. I withdraw but she held me tightly.

And it became an animal like, wild, sensual thing. I was pumping her hard. Her moans and screams made me grow hard again and again, so that I had orgasm after orgasm without ever leaving that warm love nest. With every orgasm I filled her choodh with my cum. She too ejaculated many times. After we had three times. We lied down in each other arms. Seeing that it was 3.00 a.m. now and we have to back at 10.00 in morning we dressed up and cleaned the place. I drooped her to her place. After that day I moved in a rented flat near her house. We enjoy the game very often now. I have also her nude photographs with me too which I use as wallpaper on my computer. During last few months I have done things with her, which I would have never asked a whore to do. On Sunday we see xxx movies and fuck in the various poses and styles. But she is an old stuff now to me as her choot has become 'loose' due to my frequent fucking. But Sheetal was pressurizing me for few days to marry her, which I never wanted. Then one fine day my colleague 'shambhu' visited me. Incidentally the time of his arrival coincided with one of the sex-dates I had planned with Sheetal and after few minutes Sheetal arrived too. I asked shambhu to hide him inside and come after the game is in motion.

Shambhu agreed, he was obviously getting a choot in free. When I fucked her for the last time filling her completely with my cum. I asked her to suck me clean, which she did happily I asked her to stand and turn over her ass to me. I kicked her ass hard and she fell on bed. She was angry at my behavior and before she could say anything to me I asked her to look behind. Shambhu was standing there nude (NANGAA) stroking his lund. Sheetal was shocked and before she could say or resist shambhu fucked her thrice in front of me. While I photographed the whole sequence and drank beer. We have turned Sheetal into a whore now. Every male in our office has fucked her. Whenever she refuses we promise to make her nude photographs online on porn-sites.

Except our office servant PAWAN every one has feasted her body umpteen number of times. But I promised PAWAN today that he would definitely fuck Sheetal this weekend. We have even planned a group-fuck on Sunday in which all the males would fuck Sheetal again. We will have beer, dance, and of course a mega sex blast after which we would hand over the negatives to her. After all Lady Bosses have no right to be arrogant to their male subordinates.

Sheetal was too much. She had terrorized our lives at office now she has got a lesson and she knows that she is a 'BIG RANDI ' now.

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