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Sex With Linda


Surprise Story

I have had several unique experiences, sexually, during the period John and I have been together. All were done with his knowledge, cooperation and encouragement. While our sex is terrific, extra-marital sex, as we do it, has been gratifying and exciting for both. It is a game, in which I have the sex, which I later describe graphically and completely, usually accompanied by the best sex we have. Instead of becoming angry and jealous as I recount the sexual experience, John becomes more aroused and passionate. For my part, the retelling is exciting because I not only relive the experience but I excite and stimulate the two of us. Per our agreement, I never omit anything that was done or said during the sex. To do so would break the trust and understanding required to carry out the fantasy sexual encounters. I may, and sometimes do add or enhance what was done or said in a way that intensifies and both the story telling and the recollection.

All that being said, I want to tell you about a recent encounter that had a few new twists.

Having decided it was time for another fantasy game, we selected the man whom I would seduce. We used to say attempt to seduce, but in five previous effort, I had been extremely successful, so we don't even consider it a challenge anymore. It's not that I am a model, or have a fantastic body, but when I want to, I can be extremely sexual and seductive. Physically I am taller than most women, long legs, big tits and when touched (physically or emotionally) great nipples that not only give me away, but become the center of attraction. All in all, most men find it hard to resist me when I have them in my sights.

I had met John's golf buddy half a dozen times, mostly at the club bar after they played golf, and on two occasions John invited him to the house after golf. Joe was probably ten years younger than John, with a dark complexion, and rather nice looking. When sex with Joe was suggested, I agreed, perhaps a little too quickly, but that was never mentioned so I don't think John picked up on it.

The plan was to invite Joe and his wife Linda over for dinner. I had never met, or even seen Linda before, but John told me she was a nice looking woman he had met once, who seemed very personable and friendly. The only question, could she be separated from Joe long enough for he and I to have some sort of sexual encounter. Well, we wouldn't know till we tried, so a date was set and the plan was on.

They arrived right on time. Joe was looking very sexy in slacks, a nice soft white cotton button up shirt and sports coat. Linda was no slouch either; she was three or four inches shorter than me, dark complexion like Joe, with dark hair and blue eyes. Not beautiful but intriguing; a sensual appearance. She was wearing a blue plaid wrap-around skirt, and silk button up blouse with a cute sweater vest.

I was hoping Joe's wife would not be attractive, thereby improving my odds, but his wife was no dog, quite the opposite. Experience has shown that the seduction process demand that when the time comes, you need to be prepared to execute in a split moment. Anything that would detract from the spontaneity of the moment must be avoided. That usually means my clothing must be easily removed. There never are panties or pantyhose involved, and when possible no bra is worn. Finding something that fits the bill, yet does not look slutty can be a problem.

Tonight I am wearing a one piece dress, with a full skirt just below my knees (no panties). The top is a halter top that ties around my neck, with an open back. Of course, no bra. If I tie the top securely, it fits so snug that there is very little gap and my tits are not exposed. If I tie it loosely by bending over, or turning sideways just right, most of my tits are visible. Not knowing Linda, I have opted to tie it snugly, at least at first. I have worn this with success on another occasion.

Alcohol is always the un-inhibitor, for me as well as our guests. I make a point to stay just short of drunk for the entire evening, it not only helps me, but allows me to use alcohol as an excuse for my behavior should any of the men think this is the beginning of an affair which will be repeated.

Dinner was planned for an hour after they arrived, but the company had been so good and relaxed, we were all on the verge of having too much to drink before dinner. Linda was helping me in the kitchen while John and Joe talked on the deck. Once or twice I was alone for a brief moment with Joe and on each occasion gave him a hug, and kiss on the cheek, telling him how nice it was to see him, and how we were glad he and Linda could come. As usual, I would press my tits into him, and hold my kiss a little too long.

Linda stayed with me a lot, so I was not sure if she was doing it to keep Joe away or not. She was very nice and friendly, so it was not as frustrating as it would normally be. She frequently would put her arms around me with a hug, thanking me for the invitation.

Dinner was a success. John grilled a great rib roast, combined with baked potatoes, salad, and steamed veggies. The wine flowed all during dinner.

After dinner Linda offered to help with the clean-up, the guys retired to the den while Linda and I cleaned up. I wasn't sure before, but when Linda removed her sweater to help with the clean up, it was apparent she was well endowed on top. Her blouse was rather thin, and you could see the intricate lace on the bra she was wearing.

As we did the dishes I began to wonder if I would ever get a chance to be alone with Joe. It seemed any time he was around, she showed up. In five or ten minutes the dishwasher was loaded, and Linda and I were ready for a refill on our wine. We could hear the TV in the den, football. Damn.

"I think Joe lives for football." Linda said.

Just what I wanted to hear I thought. "Yeah, John is pretty addicted too." I replied.

"Screw-em." Linda said. She picked up her glass of wine, took a big gulp. This was her third or fourth glass just since we had been standing there.

"Screw em?" I said. That's what I'd like to do. I raised my glass in a toast, and we downed our glasses of wine, quickly pouring a refill.

This is not going well. Linda and I were on our fifth glass of wine, the men were in the den watching football, it was after nine, and I had not seen Joe but once as he came in the kitchen to pick up a tray of snacks. At least Joe appeared to be as disappointed as I was. On a couple of occasions when we were standing next to each other, he would put his hand on my bare back, and gently rub my back, and on one occasion slipping his hand under my dress in the back around my waist. It wasn't much, but it did indicate an interest.

Picking up the wine bottle from the counter, Linda nudged me and said with a smile, "Show me the rest of you house." As soon as she stood up she staggered back, out of control. I reached out and grabbed her arm, barely able to keep her from falling backward.

"Oh damn, I think I'm drunk." She slurred.

I stood next to her and helped to keep her on her feet.

"Are you alright?" I asked as I held on to her.

She reached for me with her free hand and said, "I think I need to lie down for a minute."

On somewhat unsteady legs, I took her by the arm and began leading her toward the stairs and upstairs. In the background I could hear the guys yelling as they watched the game.

We made our way to the guest room. It was dark except for a night light in the hallway. I figured a nice cool dark room would help. I propped her up, removed the bottle of wine from her hand and sat it on the table. I then reached over and threw back the comforter and sheet and helped sit on the edge of the bed.

"Lie back and I'll take off your shoes." I said.

She fell back on the bed. I bent down and removed her shoes and lifting her leg I managed to get her lying properly on the bed. Like me she must hate wearing panty hose as her legs were bare. I lifted her feet and slid them under the sheet, and pulled the sheet over her. As I started to leave she spoke.

"Lynette, my pocketbook is downstairs and I have some medicine in there that will help, would you mind getting it for me."

"Sure. I'll be right back."

I went back downstairs, found her pocketbook and stopped by the den to see what the guys were doing. John was in his big recliner, and Joe was seated on the couch. I sat down next to Joe and asked him if everything was okay.

"If our quarterback would get his head out of his ass things would be a lot better." He said smiling.

I told him Linda was under the weather and was lying down.

"It's the wine." Joe said. "She can not handle wine. She hasn't thrown-up or anything has she?"

"Lord no. She's just a little woozy. I said. "She said she has something in her purse that will make her feel better so I'm going to take it up, but I'll be back down as soon as she's settled." I leaned over a gave Joe a kiss on the cheek,

"I'll be glad to take the pocketbook upstairs if you like, and you can stay down here." Joe replied.

"You guys enjoy the game; I'll take care of her."

When I came back in the room Linda looked pretty much as I had left her. I held out her handbag, and as she sat up to take her handbag the sheet fell down exposing her naked from the waist up. Seeming to be in no hurry she rummaged thru her handbag, finding her bottle of pills, looked up and said, "Sorry, I had to get out of those clothes."

Reaching down with her free hand she raised the sheet to cover herself and asked if she could have some water. I walked in the bathroom, filled a glass and returned to the bedroom. Linda had taken a couple of pills from the bottle, and was still sitting up, still holding the sheet over her. While I only saw her exposed for a few seconds, I couldn't help but be impressed with her tits. They were as large as mine, but a bit perkier. Perhaps she has had a boob job I thought.

Taking the glass, she popped the pill in her mouth, took a swig of water, and throwing her head back to swallow said, "Thanks."

She lay back, pulled the sheet over her and closed her eyes as I sat the glass on the table.

"You get some rest, I'll check on you in a bit and see how you're doing."

Her eyes opened, and she reached for my hand, and scooting toward the center of the bed, gently held me and asked, "Will you sit with me for a while?"

I said, "Sure if that will help." I sat on the side of the bed facing Linda. It was a little awkward with one leg folded under me and the other on the floor.

"Thanks. I'm sorry I drank so much." She continued to hold my hand in hers as she sighed and closed her eyes.

"Don't worry; I do it myself on occasion." I said as I reached down to brush her hair to the side where it was lying across her face.

As I sat there I glanced around and saw her clothes, including her skirt, piled on the bed. She must be completely naked under the sheets I thought. I sat there a moment or two as she lay there, with her eyes closed, not saying anything. In a few minutes she'll be asleep then I'll go back downstairs and join the men. With Linda passed out it will be a lot easier to make a move on Joe, if I can coax him away from the TV. I'm sure John is as disappointed in the turn of events as I am.

It seemed a little strange that a woman I had never met before would be so presumptuous as to climb in a bed naked. I would never do that in someone's house. Weird I thought. But I kept trying to visualize what she looked like under the covers. Wine tends to make me horny and sitting her, in this room with a naked woman inches away was not helping.

Minutes passed with neither of us saying anything, and soon her deep breathing and the release of my hand told me she was asleep. I whispered her name, no response. Before I left I arranging the covers, brushing my hand against her breast as I pulled the covers up around her shoulders.

"Is she asleep?" a voice behind me whispered.

I turned around to see Joe standing in the doorway.

"Yeah, I think so." I said as I slowly slid off the bed.

Joe stepped into the room, and closed the door behind him. With the door closed it was almost totally dark, the only light coming from under the bathroom door.

I stood there as Joe slowly approached. He put his hand to my face, and slowly began to trace the outline of my face, my neck, as his fingers moved down the exposed area between my breast, back up and around my neck where he pulled one of the ends of the bow knot holding up my top. As soon as it was undone, the fabric fell away fully exposing me from the waist up.

He took my breast in his hand and began to squeeze and caress them.

I stood there, arms at my side, my eyes closed as I felt his warm touch, completely forgetting his wife lying a few feet away.

He leaned forward and our lips met. As soon as our lips touched he took my nipples between his thumb and finger and began to pinch and twist them. If anyone ever gets to my nipples, I'm a goner.

As he squeezed and manipulated my nipples I press my lower body against his. His tongue and mine were darting in and out of each others mouth. I raised my arms enough to hold him around the waist and pull him tightly to me as I ran my hands over his ass.

As we kissed he kept pressing his crotch against me, in a rotating fashion. I knew what he wanted.

I slowly pulled my lower body away as I moved my hands to the front of his pants. With the palm of my hand I began to rub his cock thru his pants. I could feel it standing flat against his body, pointing straight up. I began to run my hand up and down his cock as he continued to torture my tits while we kissed.

Though not a word had been spoken, I was aware of soft muffled sounds we were making, and suddenly realized where we were, and who else was there. I stopped and pulled away, and whispered, "What if Linda wakes up. This is insane."

Joe pulled me close and reassured me that he had seen her like this before, and she was out like a light. He then reached down, and slowly lifted my skirt, parting my legs as he did.

I don't think my not wearing panties surprised him, as he didn't even pause when he found the wet opening of my pussy.

I know I let out an audible sigh when his fingers found the opening and slid inside me. I put my arms around his neck for support as he began to finger fuck me. As he slid his fingers in and out of my pussy I began to moan as I felt my body stirring. He muffled my moans by kissing me. He held his mouth to mine as I continued moaning, my tongue flicking in and out of his mouth and he continued to finger my cunt. I pressed my tits against him as I felt an orgasm coming. As it approached, I began thrusting my hips into him, forcing his fingers deeper and deeper, and faster and faster.

It hit me in spasms. With our mouths still together I moaned loudly in his mouth, as wave after wave of orgasm's swept over me. Each movement causing me to jerk, thrusting myself on his probing fingers, as hard and deep as they would go. I could hear my moaning, and the sound of my wet cunt being finger fucked as fast as he could, the slapping sound as his hand hit my wet pussy, as my cum covered his fingers and hand.

As the orgasm subsided, Joe slow his fucking action to coincide with my receding spasms, until we were both standing there, still, and breathing hard to catch our breath.

He withdrew his fingers as I slowly came down from my tip toes where I had been during the entire orgasm, my dress falling back in place.

"God Joe, that was wonderful". I whispered in his ear. I was weak and holding Joe around the neck, to keep from collapsing.

As I held my arms around Joe, I could feel a movement as he reached down between us and unzipped his pants. He had backed up enough to get his hand between us so he could pull his cock out.

I expected him to reach up, take arms from around his neck, and pull me down toward his waiting cock, but he didn't. I waited to see what was going to happen next, as he began stroking his cock. I couldn't see him, but he made no secret that he was jacking-off. Was he getting it hard for me? I decided to take the initiative. I removed my arms from around his neck, moved back a little, and lowered my hands to where he was masturbating. As I reached for his cock, he used his other hand to put between us, to keep me from reaching him. As I pulled my hand back, he took his other hand away and continued to stroke his cock. I stood and watched in the limited light his hand going up and down on his cock. He had his eyes closed as if in a trance.

What was I suppose to do? He didn't want me to take his cock in my hand; perhaps he would like me to take it in my mouth. I love to suck cock, and I am good at it. That's it; I'll give him a blow job. I turned to look over my shoulder, and though Linda had changed position a little, she seemed to still be out.

I lifted my skirt a little and knelt in front of Joe. His cock was only inches from my face as I watched his hand caress and stroke his cock. I was surprised how small it was. When he pushed down on his cock toward his body, the head barely appeared, and when he pulled away, it seemed as if he were holding nothing. But, it was large around. The opposing finger and thumb of his hand did not touch. Would I be able to get it in my mouth, I wondered.

Without stopping him, I undid the buckle of his belt, unbuttoned his slacks and lowered them. He was not wearing underwear which made it a lot easier.

I reached up with my left hand placing it over the hand in which he held his cock, causing him to stop. I pulled his hand away, immediately replacing his hand with mine. As I held his right hand, I pointed his cock toward me, and leaning forward I kissed the smooth head of his cock. I stuck out my tongue, and with my hand controlling his cock, I ran it in little circles around my tongue and rubbed it against my cheek, kissing it every time it came close to my mouth.

His hand relaxed by his side as I released it. I was now in control; I ran my left hand up his leg till I was holding his balls. As soon as I took his balls in my hand, I held his cock firmly at the base and lowered my mouth over the head of his cock, and without pausing slid it the full length in my mouth. As I slid my mouth over his cock I gave his balls a slight squeeze.

"Jesus." he moaned.

I then slowly began to withdraw my mouth from his cock. As soon as it reached the point where the tip was all I had in my mouth, I pushed forward again, taking the entire length, and width, of his cock in my mouth.

"Oh fuck." He said. This time is was not a moan.

Now he had both hands on my head, not so much to guide me, but to prevent me from stopping. Which I had no intention of doing.

As I slid my mouth up and down on his cock, I continued to fondle his balls, every once in a while allowing a finger on that hand to probe the opening of his ass. Each time I did that he froze, waiting to see if I would penetrate his ass.

As I sucked his cock I looked down occasionally to see my tits, as they swayed with the motion. My nipples were hard as a rock, and I love watching them when I'm having sex. I especially like it when I'm on top, riding a hard cock, and my tits are going in every direction. I like to grab them, and pinch my nipples as I fill my cunt with cock.

I closed my eyes as I continued to suck Joe's cock. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth, and I love the control I have over him. I am deep in fantasy when I feel my tits being grabbed and squeezed. I pull back. Joe's cock pops from my mouth. Now I am being caressed by the arms around me, and pulled back a bit till my body makes contact with another warm body. I feel a kiss on my neck, as I am squeezed against the warm body and large tits of Linda.

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