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Sex With Married Women


We are blamed for many things in our personal and sexual lives. There are good people sometimes called Puritans that have valid beliefs regarding sex and marriage. I'll never argue against those beliefs. However perhaps someone needs to explain the opposite type of life too for those that can't understand or have trouble listening and definite problems accepting. And especially husbands that ignore, criticize or belittle their wife about their bodies or sex. In my opinion your woman should be a primary focus of your life in every way and that definitely includes sex and her appetites for it.

The topic I emphatically reference here is extramarital sex and I won't capture any converts with my reasoning or explanation but I feel it needs to be said and so I begin with some history before I move ahead.

I was busy and more than a bit shy and hadn't had a date until just after the start of my Junior year in college. At that time I met a sorority girl that had somewhat the same appealing demeanor most of us guys want and then we began dating. On our second date she began talking about marriage and told me it was what all the girls in her sorority were after and they all wanted to quit college after that.

The talk continued until finally after about two months of dating she wanted to know when I was going to ask her to get married. She had been my first and only sex partner and she had initiated it. She told me then that I was her guy because with my attributes I always satisfied her. She added that she'd talked to her girlfriends about it and they'd been amazed and mostly didn't seem to believe in her description of my attributes and so she actually arranged me to date one of her girlfriends from the sorority so that when the other girl told them then they'd believe.

I wasn't ready to get married and wouldn't until sometime after I graduated and I told her this.

She went ahead with scheduling the date though then the girlfriend seemed immediately to want to see and measure me so she could hurry back and affirm the original description. When I found out I was embarrassed but also secretly I suppose I grew proud of it. She didn't leave either until we'd had sex.

A week later the first girl broke it off with me when I didn't propose and then pursued another guy and was married three months later. As the days proceeded more of her girlfriends were asking me out and all wanted to get married as soon as possible. The sex was fine and every girl was different. Some were busty, some small and some outrageously demanding sexual entities. But I broke off with each one in turn because I was tired of girls going with me only because they thought they could convince me to marry them so that they could say they were married.

After college I moved away to accept a great job offering and another few months passed before I dated again. This time the girl wanted presents from me and so it didn't last long although she would call me or just come over for sex for a long time after.

I was approaching twenty four and all the girls I dated were like her and wanted the same things. Guys I knew called them all gold-diggers and warned me off. One girl wanted me to loan her money and another to pay for her trip around the world on a cruise ship. Still another just wanted to move in with me and for me to pay the bills for everything in exchange for regular sex.

If someone had told me I was discouraged they'd have been short of the mark by miles and I almost swore off all women.

And now I suppose this is where my story actually begins because my next date was almost two years later and with a married woman that had asked me to have coffee with her after work. She had a different employer than mine but we'd accidentally met and I liked her. At first I didn't know she was married because she never wore rings and hadn't volunteered the information.

After coffee she asked to see my place and said she'd leave her car and ride in mine. Fifteen minutes later I unlocked then opened the door for her and she was inside.

She kissed me almost immediately and after another five minutes she was undressing then undressing me. From the first view I was hooked by her body and she vigorously raved about the important parts of mine. We had incredible sex for two hours and it included everything I knew and a bit more of the subject. Her oral was far better than any I'd ever known and by then I'd had more than a few experiences with the subject.

Suddenly she glanced at my bedside clock and ran into the bathroom. I heard her cleaning up and when she came out she dressed quickly and told me she had to leave. I tried to find out why or if I'd done something wrong but she just smiled and made a date to meet me at my place the next afternoon.

I still can't believe all that I learned from her and can still remember epic sexual bouts that have been burned into my mind and I still treasure.

The most phenomenal thing I learned I suppose was that she never suggested marriage, never ask for money and was satisfied being with me and of course in sex. I was truly naive because it was over two months before I found out she was married and that was the reason she'd never stayed a night with me or suggested marriage.

When finally I'd learned of her husband and family I asked her why and she told me that she needed more than her husband had ever given her and she needed it regularly. I suppose it was a reason and we liked each other even beyond the sex but that's when she told me she'd never leave her husband or family. We finally broke up when her husband became suspicious and began watching her and calling her regularly.

I suppose I'd already decided by then that extramarital sex for some women was as essential as it is for some guys.

I was awkwardly chaste for about six months until I was approached by what guys called a BBW. I'd known her a few months, liked her, and she was always happy and smiling. I think that and her size made her attractive to me but her smile and attitude won me this time even though I knew she was married.

She asked me to lunch at a fast-food and we talked business. Then a few more weeks passed and we had lunch together even more often. Then on a hot sweaty afternoon I called her on the phone and she told me the air-conditioning at her job was out and she was sweltering in the heat. I commented how she could go home that evening and cool off in her own home's air-conditioning. That's when she confided they had no air-conditioning at home.

Maybe it was my Libido because I know that I was aroused every time we talked but now I laughed and told her she could come over to my place and cool down before going home. She laughed with me and asked if I was serious. I assured her that I was and I thought she was still teasing me but gave her my address.

We must have both left work early and taken routes to my place from our jobs but I was closest and got there at least five minutes before she did. I was still surprised when she pulled up smiling and said "Let's go inside."

She'd worn a dress and in the heat the top buttons had been opened to allow some air around her ample cleavage. I stared I guess when I first noticed it and again noticed after she'd taken a seat in front of a cooling vent inside before she asked what I was staring at. She already knew my answer but I was honest anyway.

She laughed and cupped her breasts as she asked if I really liked them. I answered "Of course."

She raised the front hem of her dress and began fanning it to let in some cool air and I laughed before I said that she could take it off if she wanted because air-conditioning at my job had worked fine.

She laughed and said "Are you trying to get me undressed?"

"Of course." I added with a smile and then "I can even help if you'd like." extending my little joke.

She completely surprised me because she said "Of course! I'd love your help may I get naked too?"

"Too?" I asked smiling "That association seems to say someone else will also be naked. Do you mean I can get naked too?"

"If you help me get these hot things off I'll bet I can undress you faster than you can alone." she smiled back and winked at me.

I walked to her and opened the remaining buttons on the dress then grabbed the hem and lifted the dress off over her head. She was standing in front of me naked except for shoes and bra and I stared at her completely smooth and hairless lower body. "No panties?" I smiled.

"I took them off and slid them into my purse on the way over here." she teased and then turned around for me to open the clasps at the back of her bra. When the clasps were open I slipped my hands around and cupped her breasts and bra in both hands before letting the bra slip away. "Are they sensitive?" I asked as my fingers found her nipples.

"Mine are extremely sensitive to everything and I love them played with." she answered as she put her head back and turned it to see me. We kissed and then she turned again and she may have been right because she did have me undressed in near record time.

"Oh my!" she said as her hand found my hardness and she stepped closer before bringing it up and used it to spread the lips of her sweetness. In moments I felt her tongue parting my lips and entering my mouth deep as she rubbed the head of my cock firmly over and around her clitoris. She moaned into my mouth and her hand continued urgently to use it and tease her clit.

She was panting when finally she broke the kiss but did not remove her hand or stop using my cock to circle firmly and rapidly against her nubbin.

Even though I'd been attracted to her I'd never before really realized how eager, exciting and interesting a large woman could be. She was showing that ability and then as one hand kept the head of my cock teasing she brought her other hand into play and began seriously stroking me until I'd gone from hard and large to a point where, if swollen any larger from the blood entering it, would have exploded.

She giggled, pushed me back then seated herself in my easy chair before she leaned forward and smiled up into my eyes. "I'm going to see if I can please you." she said and began with her tongue and lips before working my head into her mouth and moving continuously over and around it then finally swallowing it and taking it full depth in what seemed an impossibly short time.

She devoured my cock and her throat took it full strokes into its tight softness while continuing to look into my eyes. She closed her own eyes each time only when she climaxed too. She was still eager and seemed to be climaxing endlessly before she pulled back and ran my cock's head over and around her nipples then closed her breasts around it and began to work it up and down touching my tip with tongue or kiss at the peak of each stroke.

"Now then it's time to get something sweet in my mouth." she said and took me into her throat again. This time her head bobbed faster and faster until I had to grab her head and take over. There was no way I could have stopped then and she took me to an incredible climax and I emptied while she had her lips sealed tightly around my base. As I was winding down she pulled me back out to fill her mouth and moaned loudly as she tasted it.

She was smiling happily when finally she slipped it out of her mouth and used her hands and tongue to clean and extract every last drop. While she was finishing she managed to tell me a lot with sandwiched phrases.

She'd been married eight years and yet hadn't had sex in the last six. She said her husband had decided after two years that she was too fat and needed sex too often. He'd moved out of the bedroom into a spare room and wouldn't have sex with her. When she tried to even give him what she'd just given me he wanted no part of it and wouldn't let her even touch him that way.

She explained that she'd felt starved for it and I was the first guy that ever really showed any more interest in her. It had given her hope that maybe eventually we'd be together as we were at that moment.

I asked why she didn't leave him and she said it was against her and her family's beliefs.

It was then that she got sad and even contrite as she looked into my eyes and asked if it was alright and if I'd enjoyed it. She told me that if I wanted then she'd do it all again right then or any time even if we did nothing else. She told me she needed the taste of a man and had always needed it and now I'd given her even more.

I smiled back then and said "Do you mean we can't have real sex too?" and she laughed. She was relieved that I even wanted to do it with her.

I moved to the couch and patted it as I smiled at her and then she got up and walked over. I went down on my back and motioned her to climb aboard and she did. Her pussy was tighter than any other girl I'd known and it was perfect. As large as she was she knew what we each needed and was more than willing and able to do it all. She could still climax even more and when I reached down and began playing with her clit as she was dropped around me again she became wild with need. I joined her in that need and even today I think she was the best fuck I've known.

I think I matured and solidified my thinking that day. I realized that married women can be even more needy sexually than most single women and they have experience that most other women lack. A married woman gives freely knowing already what you or she likes and needs. She will usually do everything to satisfy you too provided you are good to her in return. Married women aren't in need of money or travel and they don't need to be taken care of except sexually. Many women are left marginally or completely unfulfilled by their husband and although the times they are free for extramarital relations is frequently limited they are more grateful when it's available and if possible they will do it anywhere as long as chance of being identified and caught is minimized.

Even if there's only time for a blowjob most married women will understand and provide your reward.

Very few married women are looking for commitment except for your availability and are willing to work around any scheduling problems with you. Then too they are frequently interested in giving gifts of caring without wanting anything in return that their husbands might determine is from a lover. Married women will dress for you and wear beautifully enticing lingerie then get right down to satisfying the reason for seeing you.

I also know now that a larger size woman can be at least and probably more appealing than their less voluptuous peers. I'm not just an ass man or a tit man because I like every part of a woman and I'm not afraid or hesitant to show it in any fashion that will please them.

Variety is not wrong and although sex with a married woman was at one time against my beliefs it is no longer an issue with me. I believe every woman has the right to be fulfilled and appreciated and if they feel it is with me then I want to do it.

I don't think I've known any guy that wouldn't be willing to receive a blowjob from almost any woman and yet I know very few guys that say they're willing to return oral to a woman. Even if a guy will return it, if necessary, most of them will say they'd never give oral to a 'Fat broad.'

I've never had that problem because if she's clean and gives me oral I won't hesitate to return the favor and I think I learned that from the same larger gal I've been describing.

When it was nearly time for her to leave that afternoon we showered and I did indeed return it all. She not only enjoyed it but had never before experienced it and the whole thing turned me on almost as much as it did her I think. It wasn't just her taste but the way she completely enjoyed.it that turned me on.

If required to make a choice between a larger cute girl and any skinny one I think I'd always select the larger girl now because our joy is so thoroughly shared.

I also don't draw a line at a woman's age because some of the kindest women I've known were much older than I am. The most elderly was a spry, sweet woman over sixty that had a Libido as strong as my own and a husband older than she was that could no longer preform. At first she was going to only give me oral because she told me she thought I needed it and afterwards she felt spry. When I carefully leaned her over a table and took her from behind she almost cried with joy. Afterwards she thought I was the nicest man she'd known beyond her husband.

It isn't that I wouldn't like to find and even marry a woman near my own age in the low forties but in the meantime if I find a much older woman then I'll happily do what I can for her.

Condemn me, curse me or damn me but first I think you should examine your own actions and motives. If your wife is cheating can you blame her if you've denied her or if you've castigated her? Sometimes verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse. I think you should be looking inside yourself first because it really does take two to Tango. Don't come looking for me with a Baseball bat or gun because I can defend myself if you make it necessary.

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