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Sex With The Neighbors


The events of this story happened at least thirty years ago. I lived in Virginia at the time in an apartment complex made up of about a dozen buildings of eight apartments each with each two apartments sharing a common stoop.

The residents of the building in which I lived were all very nice people and besides myself and another guy were all married couples. Most evenings would find several, if not all of the residents sitting in the front of the building talking, drinking beer or wine and generally having a good time. We'd sometimes set up a couple grills and have a building cook-out to which everyone contributed something. It was a great place to live.

There was an older couple in the building that often invited me to have dinner with them and their three children. "Older" is probably not an accurate description of this couple but compared to my age at the time, nineteen or twenty, they were older. Vern was thirty-four or thirty five, stood about 6', weighed about 220 or so and had brown hair and eyes. Charlie was thirty-two or thirty-three, stood about 5' 8", weighed about 155 or so and had light brown hair and hazel eyes. Both carried some extra weight but because of their jovial nature it only seemed to add to their friendly and out-going personalities and because I found them interesting I always enjoyed being in their company. Vern always had a joke to tell or could see the humorous side of almost anything and Charlie was such a flirt. Back then I was still fit and in very good shape, standing 6' and weighing 185 pounds.

We'd arranged to get together one Friday evening for dinner and at the appointed time picked up my cooler, which I'd earlier filled with beer and ice, and headed to their apartment. I lived in B and them in G so it wasn't that far of a walk and when I came out my door I saw Vern was sitting out on his stoop already drinking a beer.

Putting the cooler down I flipped open the lid and asked Vern "ready for one?"

"No, I'm good" he said.

After getting one out for me I sat on top of the cooler and we talked a few minutes before Charlie came out and joined us.

Charlie accepted my offer of a beer and after talking awhile she told Vern "it's time to get the grill started. "

Vern and I each took an end of the cooler and carried it through the door into the apartment and as I passed Charlie who was holding the door open for us, she grabbed my ass. Now this wasn't unusual for her to do and as I said she's a bit of a flirt and likely to do or say something outrageous. She doesn't hide her actions or statements from Vern and he usually comes back with something ribald of own.

I playfully said to Charlie "Whoa, watch it there Lady! That's my ass there."

Vern told Charlie, also playfully "stop that, you'll make us drop the beer, at least let us get it inside and set down before you grab his ass." They played like this often and from what I had seen had a very secure marriage.

Going through their apartment and out the back door onto a small screened in porch area we set the cooler down before going out into the back yard to light the grill.

Before getting off the porch I asked Vern "you ready for one now?"

He looked around and picked up his bottle from the patio table, judged its weight and said "no, not yet."

I grabbed another beer for myself and sat under the umbrella over the patio table as he fussed about with the grill.

By the time he'd gotten the heat he wanted and threw on the steaks I'd finished most of my beer and as Charlie was coming out of the house Vern called out to her "hey babe would you grab us each another beer?"

As Vern grilled, he, Charlie and I talked, about nothing specific just general conversation.

I asked where their kids were and Charlie said "my sister volunteered to take them for the weekend to give us some alone time."

Feeling I may have been imposing I suggested "oh, well maybe we should have postponed our dinner to another time."

Emphatically they both said "No, don't worry about it."

Vern then said "we've looked forward to this all week and besides we'll have the rest of the weekend to ourselves."

About this time Charlie got up and said "let me get you another beer" and although I had about a quarter bottle left I drank it down so she could take the empty.

At this point in my mind I asked myself if I wasn't drinking a bit much as I was downing them two plus to Vern and Charlie's one, but it also seemed like they were encouraging me to drink, so who was I to disappoint?

After another beer we went inside to eat at the kitchen table and as we ate and talked Vern and Charlie "forced" me to drink another beer with dinner before we went to sit in their living room.

Sitting on the love seat Charlie sat on the sofa to my left while Vern sat to my right about six feet away in one of two straight-back chairs separated by a small table and set in front of the draped front window.

Continuing our conversation for several minutes Charlie got up and turned the radio on softly then went into the kitchen returning shortly with two more beers, one each for Vern and me. As she gave the first bottle to Vern she leaned down and gave him a long kiss then came over and sat next to me on the love seat before handing me the other.

This put us in pretty close proximity and although I'd had plenty of experience with men and single women and was by no means sexually naïve or shy, I'd never had anything to do with a married woman, especially one with her husband sitting right there. Not sure what to make of this situation and not wanting to upset Vern by appearing to make a pass at his wife I made sure to keep to my side of the love seat.

Charlie however was of a different mind as she let her fingers caress the back of my neck, and occasionally ran her finger over my ear as we talked.

I was getting a little nervous about Vern's reaction to this as all our former "fooling around" had been just that…playful, flirtatious fun, but Vern wasn't upset at all by Charlie's overt show of affection, in fact he seemed excited by it.

After a few minutes she placed her hand on my thigh and squeezed as she said "I've always thought you were cute."

"Thank you" I replied, with an eye on Vern.

Then she asked "did you know sometimes I fantasize about you and me together?"

"Uh, no, I didn't" I said a little nervously.

"Well I do, don't I honey?" she asked her husband.

He nodded and smiling said "she sure does."

Changing her position to kneel on the love seat Charlie leaned over and kissed me briefly allowing her tongue to playfully dart over my lips.

Now this had gone way beyond flirting but Vern still seemed to be enjoying what was going on, so I relaxed and resolved to go where things led.

She was looking into my eyes with a sly grin playing on her mouth and after placing her arm around my neck she leaned in, closed her eyes and kissed me more passionately then before. Holding her in my arms her tongue was in my mouth as I sucked gently on it and battled it with my own.

Kissing is something I really enjoy and when I'm lucky enough to be with a woman or man who likes to kiss and is passionate about it I become instantly hard as a rock, which I certainly was at this time.

Breaking the kiss and sliding off the love seat with an impish grin on her face she knelt on the floor between my legs. Running her hands over the top of each thigh she rubbed her way up to my fly, opening my belt, button and zipper.

As I felt she wanted to play games as the vamp, I decided to play some myself by not co-operating with her at all. Yes I let her open my jeans but I didn't lift up so she could remove them, so she struggled for a few moments trying to tug them down and when she couldn't, with a sexy pout on her face she tried sweet talking me into letting her take them down, caressed my cock through my pants in an effort to make me co-operate, all to no avail.

Finally as she sat back on her heels she turned to Vern and again with a pout on her face said "he's not letting me take them off him baby, so you need to help me."

Vern got up, walked behind the love seat, pushed his arms under mine and after clasping his hands across my chest he effortlessly lifted me so Charlie could pull my jeans and underwear down and then he set me down again with my ass on the front edge of the love seat which had been pulled there as Charlie tugged my clothing down. With my pants and underwear around my calves Charlie pulled my shoes off before pulling my clothing the rest of the way off which left me sitting on the love seat half naked.

She was playfully smirking at me as she placed her hands on my knees and pushed my legs wide apart and satisfied I was now in the position she wanted Charlie rested her forearms on my thighs as she played with my hard cock, squeezing and caressing it. Charlie casually stroked my cock and ran her fingers over the head playing with the precum that I'd already leaked before leaning in and taking the head and first inch or so into her mouth.

As she began to bob her head on my cock she ran her hands under my shirt and over my chest and Vern who was still standing behind us with his hands on my shoulders watching reached over and grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head leaving me naked except for my socks as Charlie continued to suck me and rub my chest.

Coming from behind the love seat Vern sat back in the chair he'd been in but not before pulling his shirt off and dropping his shorts and underwear. I watched as his hard cock sprung up when freed from its confines and bounced a couple times before pointing straight out from his groin. Vern was cut, about six and three quarter inches with a large head, and had a slight left hand bend to it about two thirds up the length. He began to stroke his meat as he sat and watched his wife suck my cock. As he masturbated he held his cock in a tight grip that caused the ridge at the base of the pointed head to catch on the rim of his fist each time the head disappeared into his fist.

After sucking me for about five minutes she let go of my cock and sat back on her heels then pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it aside. Then reaching behind herself she released the bra clasp and after removing it tossed it on top of her blouse. For a woman of her size Charlie's breasts were on the smallish side, about 36B and obviously after three kids they sagged some but because of their size not very much. Her nipples were hard, about a half inch in diameter and stood up on her breasts in the middle of her crinkly areoles about as high as they were wide. Standing she pushed her shorts down over her hips and kicked them off but kept on her panties as she got onto the love seat facing me with her legs curled under her and laid in my arms.

Vern was steadily jerking his cock as Charlie and I engaged in more kissing. I could taste myself as she kissed me with great passion holding the back of my head in her hands and caressing my neck.

As we kissed I allowed my left hand to roam over her hips and thighs which she spread and I felt her pussy through her panties for the first time. There was a wet enough spot on the crotch of her panties that I could feel it distinctly as my fingers petted her through the thin material. I placed my hand inside her panties and cupped her pussy as she humped herself against the heel of my palm as we kissed. We remained like this for several minutes making out, me feeling her up when something pleasurable was beginning to make itself known through my beer hazed mind. I realized someone was sucking my cock and since Charlie was in my arms that left but one other person in the room.

Taking my lips from Charlie's I looked over her to see Vern kneeling where she had been earlier and his head was rhythmically bobbing up and down on my cock.

Charlie placed her hand on my cheek and brought my eyes to hers and with concern on her face said "Please don't be angry but he likes boys too."

Staring stoically into her eyes for several long, long seconds I asked "he does, huh?" Looking over her again at Vern's still bobbing head for a moment before looking back into her eyes I paused another long second before saying "well, that's good because so do I" then broke into a wide smile.

I can describe the look she gave me when I said that if you've ever seen the film "A fish called Wanda". Obviously it was years later when the film came out but when I saw this scene it brought back the memory of that day because it was Charlie's exact reaction to my reply. In the film Jamie Lee Curtis' character is with Kevin Kline's character and she says to him "even if you were my brother I'd still want to fuck you", and then made a face. It was THAT face that Charlie had made to me years earlier.

As Vern continued to give me superb head Charlie and I went back to making out. My hand was between her legs fingering her pussy and she kissed me with such passion that could only be described as hunger. We remained in this position for seven or eight minutes until I felt the increasing pressure in my balls signaling my nearing nut. Charlie kept her mouth on mine holding me tightly as her husband sucked me off, my load shooting into his mouth in several spurts. Finished my cock shrank to its soft state and slipped from Vern's mouth as he licked his lips and fingers clean of any cum or precum there.

Charlie got off me, swung around and sat on the love seat as I looked at Vern still kneeling in front of me who was returning my gaze trying to judge my reaction. Sliding off the love seat I knelt with him and kissed him as I took hold of his hard cock.

Charlie, sitting on the love seat uttered a husky "oh my gawd, that's hot" as we kissed and I played with his cock. Pushing him onto his back on the floor I lay between his spread legs and nuzzled his balls sucking on them before licking up his shaft to the head. Running my tongue slowly around the ridge of the head and through his piss hole over and over brought a moan from him.

As I began to suck Vern, Charlie stood and removed her panties then lay down perpendicular to her husband on her belly and they kissed. They'd pause from time to time and she'd ask him "how is it, baby?", "feel good?", or just watched as I sucked. Vern stopped me from bringing him off with my mouth when he felt he could hold out no longer.

Getting onto his knees he rolled Charlie over and sank his cock into her pussy in one motion. Charlie held her legs high with her knees near her chest as Vern fucked her for maybe two minutes when he began to cum shooting his load into her pussy. Spent he slipped out of her and lay beside her on the floor.

Seeing she hadn't gotten off I crawled over to kiss her and looking into her eyes told her "it's your turn now for some head" and slid down her body pausing to lick and suck her nipples as I moved down between her legs. Getting my first look at her pussy I noticed how hairy she was. Her mons was covered in a thick pelt of light brown hair and while her lips were covered with a less dense amount of hair they were still well covered. Her outer lips were flat and broad while her inner lips were long and thin. The inner lips barely hung outside her outer ones but ran all the way back tapering to her asshole. Her clit was pea sized and was visible only when you pulled her hood back. And Vern's cum was seeping out of her hole and running down the crack of her ass.

I blew a warm breath over her sex and then licked between her outer lip and the joint of her thigh on the left, then on the right, teasing her by avoiding the more tender and sensitive flesh between her legs. Lowering my head I laid the flat of my tongue over her lips, curved the tip into her hole, tasting Vern's cum for the first time, and then licked all the way up to but not over her clit then down again, licking up Vern's cum as I went. Licking all the way down to her asshole I cleaned up all of Vern's cum that I could find.

After licking her like this for several minutes I began to flick the tip of my tongue all through her lips back and forth, dipping it into her hole now and again and then up to her clit while keeping my lips and mouth against her pussy. Several times I held her lips spread with my fingers as I licked slowly and gently on either side of her clitoral hood then flicked my tongue quickly over and atop her hood.

Charlie grabbed my head and pressed my face harder into her pussy as my tongue licked everywhere, sometimes using the flat of my tongue to lick her lips, other times flicking just the tip over her tender flesh, and other times sucking gently on her sex.

As I went down on his wife Vern knelt beside us and began to rub my ass. I spread my legs to allow him more access and he reached down and rubbed my balls then brought his fingers up and onto my ass. He poured some lube he had taken from an end table drawer between my cheeks and began to rub his finger over the outside of my asshole. After teasing like this for a minute or so he began to dip his finger into me eventually getting three fingers inside me causing me to hump back against his probing fingers.

As Charlie held my head pressed to her pussy Vern got over me and laid atop my prone form and I could feel his breath at my ear as his hard cock slid between my cheeks trying to get its head into my hole. I was surprised that he was already hard again having just a few minutes before cum in Charlie but he finally succeeded in getting inside me and fucked me in nice long strokes as I ate his wife's pussy.

Charlie rose up on her elbows and looked at her husband fucking me and in just a couple minutes more she hung her head back and began to cum from my oral ministrations humping her hips slightly as she came.

Afterwards she slid back from me and got up on her knees and crawled over to us and rubbed Vern's back as he rode me telling him "fuck his ass baby, fuck his ass good." A bit later she asked "is he tight baby?" Moving behind him she tells Vern "ohh, I can see your cock in his asshole, fuck him baby, fuck his ass for me."

With each encouragement from Charlie, Vern fucked me deeper and harder and I was in heaven with his cock in my ass. After fucking me for almost six or seven minutes he picked up his pace and shot his load into my ass.

Rolling off me he lay on his back beside me as I felt Charlie's hand pressing on the small of my back holding me down. Looking back over my shoulder at her she smiled and said "stay there, please don't move."

As her fingers went between my cheeks and into my still open hole she tells Vern "hmmm, honey I can see your yummy cum in his hole" and pushed two fingers into my hole and fingered me as I'd done her pussy earlier. Adding another finger she pushed deep into my open just fucked asshole playing with her husband's cum.

After playing with my ass for several minutes she leaned over and whispered into my ear "don't move", kissed my cheek then got up and left the room. She returned several minutes later with a bowl of hot water, two wash cloths, a hand towel and a bar of soap. Kneeling beside me she wets one of the wash cloths and using the soap washes my ass, drying me with the hand towel.

Finished with me she goes over to Vern who by now is again sitting in the same straight back chair he'd been in earlier and washed his cock in the same manner. Finished cleaning both of us she pushed the bowl out of the way under the table.

Taking the other straight back chair and placing it more in the center of the room she says to me "please sit here." After I do she gets back onto her knees and begins to suck me again. Once hard she begins to stroke me, wrapping her hand around my cock the head disappears into her fist on each stroke. She reached onto the table and got the bottle of lube that Vern had used earlier and poured some into her fist on top of my cock head then worked her lubed fist up and down my cock.

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