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Sex with the X?


It took Christina and I awhile to break up a few years ago. We'd fight, she'd leave, we'd talk the next day, and a day or two later we'd end up back in bed together as if nothing had ever happened.

Until, finally, we broke off the routine. We said we'd be friends, we talked on the phone once in a great while, we emailed and texted here and there, and we moved on with new lovers.

So I was pretty surprised when she called me out of the blue toward the end of winter to tell me she and her boyfriend were moving out east so she could go to grad school. Before she did, though, she wanted to see me one last time, and suggested we go to dinner and get drinks before she left. So we agreed to meet at a subway station downtown after work on Wednesday and then head down to Chinatown.

I was nervous, moreso than I should've been, about seeing her again. After all, it had been over a year. She was with someone now, and I was too. We were just two old friends meeting up for dumplings and mai tais.

And yet my heart skipped a beat when I spotted her on the subway platform. Even under the fluorescent lights, she looked great. She'd added some highlights to her red hair, which she'd allowed to grow out longer than she ever wore it when we were together. Her pale skin looked like milk, her freckles small dots to be connected or simply dreamed upon like stars. And her breasts and ass still looked good enough to slip my dick between, especially those D cups that left me entranced with their bouncing every time she'd ridden my dick or taken it from behind.

She greeted me with a smile and a hug; I had to keep from getting too close to her lest she feel me poking her with the effect she still had on me. No matter how hard we may have fought toward the end of our relationship, I still felt the sexual chemistry, and felt grateful that the seasonal chill required an overcoat to hide my erection. My hardness remained throughout the brief subway ride as we sat leg to leg on the narrow seats

The hostess at the restaurant sat us at right angles to one another, like a man and a woman together rather than just a pair of friends. The better to poke at one another and touch each other's arms and legs over dinner, I happily realized. She looked outstanding in her green sweater, long skirt and knee-high boots, with just the slightest heel to keep her from becoming much taller than her nearly six foot height.

She told me how excited she was to be moving, to establish herself out east for a while before beginning her new program of study that would lead to her new career. We both complained a bit about our current relationships, how the companionship was better than the sex. She seemed shocked that I was okay with only getting some once or twice a week, since she and I had made love far more often than that.

As the fruity, rum-and-vodka-infused drinks continued to flow our tongues got looser and looser. Two hours passed, and with it being a weeknight the restaurant was emptying out quickly. Through my buzz, I asked her if she wanted to come by and see my new apartment. She said maybe, that she wondered if I still had any of the books or movies she'd given me or whether I'd burned them all in effigy. Come over and find out, I teased her. It's a school night, so you'll be safe.

I paid the check and we headed out into the night. I suggested that rather than wait at the freezing subway stop we simply take a cab. She was agreeable, and within a chilly minute we were in the backseat of a yellow beater with a surly-looking driver who was gabbing away on his cellphone. I told him the address, suggested he take the expressway, and we were off.

We both leaned back deeply in our seats, enjoying our buzzes. I asked Christina if she remembered how we used to fool around in the back of taxi cabs. She took my hand in reply and nodded, smiling seductively, her eyes and mouth making encouraging promises. When I asked her if they were happy memories, she gave a slightly moaning yes. Letting go of her hand and slipping the glove off of my right hand, I told her I would be more than happy to relive an old memory as I inched my hand above the knee on her left leg, resting my hand midway up her thigh. "More?" I mouthed at her, and she nodded in reply.

I felt up to the middle of her underwear, pleased to feel it so warm and wet beneath my fingers. I slid my index finger rhythmically along the length of her slit, eliciting a low moan from her. She brought her mouth to mine, and we began to kiss deeply while I fingered her wonderfully wet pussy, trying not to let the driver know what we were up to in the back of his cab.

All too soon after she'd placed her left hand on the front of my corduroy trousers and started rubbing the length of my erect cock I felt the cab begin to slow as we came off the expressway exit ramp. Another brief mile, and we'd be at my place. I put my tongue to Christina's ear, whispering "more in a minute or two" as I removed my hand from between her moist thighs, licking my fingers and inhaling her scent as I slid my glove back on.

I paid the cabbie and we walked up to the three-flat I now called home, pleased to have left the world of roommates behind shortly after breaking up with Christina, a time when I'd thrown myself harder into work to ease the hurt and earned a nice promotion as a result. She walked ahead of me while I admired her from behind.

As we entered my flat I was on the verge of doing the gentlemanly thing and asking her if this was something we should be doing when she covered my mouth with hers, kissing deeply in the entranceway as we ground our hips together, feeling the heat through our woolen coats. She took me by my hand and led us through the living room and dining room, searching for my bedroom. "This way," I whispered, taking the lead and walking her down the brief hallway to my chambers.

Coats, boots, and everything but our underwear quickly hit the floor as we frantically undressed one another. While I was wearing my usual patterned boxers, Christina had chosen a very nice matching black bra and panty set, the better to showcase her creamy skin, the under wire in the bra giving her heart-stoppingly gorgeous cleavage that I lost no time bringing to my mouth as I sat on the bed and pulled her halfway onto my lap.

I kissed and licked all over her breasts and neck while she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed the top of my head, then pulled my mouth to hers for further explorations. As we made out our hands found one another's pleasure zones, she pulling my cock out and jerking it while I rubbed all over her pussy. "God I've missed your touch" she moaned in my ear as she pushed me down with a hand to my chest.

Taking command of the situation, she pulled my boxers off and got on all fours, starting with kisses on my chest and working her way down my quivering stomach, her sexy red hair tickling me slightly as she kissed her way further down. I in turn slid a hand under her panties, seeking out her clitoris and rubbing it in a circular motion with my thumb while running my index finger along her channel and into her wet tunnel.

I gasped as she took my head into her mouth, doing a slight puckering move that I didn't remember being part of her oral repertoire. She cupped my heavy balls in one hand as she slid down the length of my shaft, taking it all the way in and holding it there for a moment, moaning over the length of it as I worked her clit while fingering her G-spot. I felt her pleasure gradually build around my nimble digits as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth, struck by the view of her beautiful face and sexy crimson lips wrapped around my ugly dick.

We worked in near-silence for several minutes, no words but plenty of sighs and wet sounds as I fingered her and began to urgently thrust myself into her mouth, her head bucking slightly to keep up with my assault as I fucked her face, one of my hands now placed on the back of her head as she used her own hand to help control my throbbing erection and supply additional friction.

I stopped suddenly, the buzzing feeling spreading all throughout my body from my cockhead to my chest telling me that I was on the verge of coming, knowing that she preferred to finish me off with her hand rather than sucking me to climax. "No, it's okay," she told me, her lips briefly sliding off of my shaft. "I want to swallow you."

I didn't need to be told twice, and I began to mutter all kinds of jibberish and fucks and Jesuses as I began to thrust again and felt my climax build up and then exit me in a series of hard squirts, several days worth of come powering forth from my cock as she sucked and moaned and gulped it all down, struggling a bit to keep up with the flow of my ejaculate. My body trembled as she continued to fellate me after I came, driving me crazy with all my nerve endings on fire until she let my softening member fall from her lips. I'd stopped working her pussy just as I began to come, and so she crawled forward a bit to rest her head on my chest as I absentmindedly stroked her hair, her hands caressing my stomach and thighs, gently massaging me in the aftermath.

"That was intense," I told her, disappointed at the way my IQ had dropped a good 50 points after I shot my load. "I love that you swallowed. You never let me come in your mouth back when we were together."

"I know — it's something I've learned to enjoy with Ted. He couldn't believe I didn't swallow, and kind of coached me on what to do."

"Jesus, Ted," I said. "And Melissa. I've never cheated on anyone before!"

"Me neither," she sighed, and we let the room fall silent for several minutes.

Finally, I spoke. "You know, I guess to some people this isn't actually cheating, right? I mean, like the kids say today — it's just oral, not real sex." I paused, then chuckled while she looked into my eyes. "And I suppose you didn't really even get oral sex, just gave it. So I'm not sure which of us is guiltier, or even if either one of us is guilty at all."

She socked me in the stomach playfully. "Yeah, about that— I don't think I can leave until I come. Your fingers got me pretty close, but I think you have a bit of work to do," Christina told me, rolling onto her back, spreading her legs in invitation. I looked between them, at her soft pink lips and clitoral hood framed by her trimmed red pubic hair, and smiled as I crawled between her thighs....

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