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Sex Wrestling League: Titan


Lots and lots of credit to Tconcord18's page who came up with setting, background, and characters for a popular series which has spawned a few people to write stories of their own.

If you stumble across this first check out Tconcord18's page.

Chronologically this character comes before Rob. Any constructive comments/complaints/criticisms are happily accepted. I do plan on running every story by Tconcord18 so the setting/shared characters stay the same.


It wasn't my first time in the Sex Wrestling League building. I had been here before as a spectator and occasional gambler. It was however my first time as an aspiring wrestler. I had contacted the owners about possibly joining and tonight was my interview.

Mr. Bartlett led me through the back to the offices. We sat at his desk and he gave me the intro speech. "First off David, and I want this to be clear, this is not a place to come just to get your rocks off. People in this ring can get seriously hurt if they don't know what they're doing. I've seen you at enough matches to believe you have a good idea of the rules. Let's get your measurements, a little background and then I'll turn you over to my partner for her exam."

"Height, weight and dick size?" he asked.

"6'1" 185lbs and 6.5 inches" I listed off.

"When was the last time you played any competitive sports? Do you work out regularly? Do you have any wrestling experience? Who are your favorite male and female wrestlers we have?" He continued to rapid fire questions at me.

"I wrestled for a year in high school but that's my only experience. I work out regularly and play city league sports. Is that a problem?" I queried.

"No, it isn't a problem we just need to know how athletically active our potential wrestlers are. You didn't answer my last question by the way." He smiled. I chewed my lip nervously trying to figure out what my answer might mean. "Don't worry David; we won't set you up against your favorite female wrestler for your first match. That wouldn't be very fair now would it?"

I let out an audible sigh of relief, "To be honest I don't have a favorite male wrestler, but I love the General. Her nickname fits her personality perfectly. Even though her record isn't the best she always fights till the very end with passion and intensity." "She's also incredibly hot...." I blurted almost as an afterthought.

Mr. Bartlett chuckled quietly, "She is a popular wrestler. Having a favorite male wrestler may have helped us pair you with a trainer but it's not an issue." He stood from the desk, "Please wait here for a moment Ms. Wallace will call you into the next room for the second part of the interview."

About 10 minutes passed and I began to wonder if I had been forgotten when the door opened. Ms. Wallace stood in the doorway in a business suit with the papers Mr. Bartlett had been writing on. "Are you going to keep me waiting all night?" she asked tapping her foot on the ground. I got up and tried to move to the next room as fast as I could without running. We must have been in the practice room because there was an old ring in the middle and two chairs off to the side. She pointed to one but stopped me as I moved to sit down, "This is naked wrestling let me see what you'll be showing our audience." I guess I didn't strip fast enough because she snapped at me. "I said strip. If this is too much how do you expect to concentrate in the ring?" With one swift tug my underwear and pants hit the ground. I sat down on the chair in my shoes, socks, and stiffening cock.

As it rose, she circled me and I felt her eyes bore into me. Ms. Wallace is a knockout and I liked to fantasize she wrestled in the league at one time. She is in her late 30s with bright blue eyes and brown hair to about her shoulders. "Do you think you'll be able to control that thing in the ring? She asked pointing her pen at my cock.

"Yes ma'am.... I", she cut me off before I could finish.

"You are an interesting prospect for us David. Being an audience member could make you a crowd favorite but it also makes you more recognizable even with the mask on. Are you willing to be embarrassed, perhaps sexually, in front of people who may know you under the mask?" She glanced down, "Your cock is still hard so I'll assume it speaks for you." "There is one more test you need to go through before I make my decision. Consider it a test to see if you can follow the official's instructions on the ring. Grab the seat of the chair with both hands and don't let go until I say it is okay".

Not wanting to jeopardize my chances and not knowing what came next I grabbed for all I was worth. Ms. Wallace reached into her suit pocket and pulled out a strip of cloth. She stepped behind the chair, and wrapped the cloth around my eyes blindfolding me. It was done firmly, not roughly and I knew that there was no chance I would sneak a peek at what happened.

A bottle snapped open and then shut a few moments later. Perhaps it was Purell I thought, but then I caught the smell of strawberries. I gasped as a feminine hand wrapped around my cock and slowly began to slide up and down. After a few minutes of pumping the hand let go. Both hands roamed on my lower half. They trailed up my legs to my groin, finger nails ran lightly over my shaft and balls. As the hand returned to my cock I wondered what in the world was going on. Ms. Wallace, part owner of the league, was giving me a hand job and it felt amazing. She'd occasionally twist her hand just a little to change the sensation and each time I moaned. A few more minutes of bliss passed and when she took her hand away I whimpered a little. I was quickly silenced by her left hand when it replaced her right. The motions weren't quite as smooth but she jerked me faster and fondled my balls with her right hand. I silently prayed that she wouldn't get bored and her wrists wouldn't get tired. I sucked in air sharply as her tongue flicked across the head of my cock. Her hand strokes became shorter as she lowered her mouth over me. If her hands had been bliss, I was in heaven. Her tongue slid all over the length and she sucked me on deeper. I hardly noticed when her hands dropped away entirely and it was just a blow job. The longer it went the harder I struggled to hold back. As I got closer to cumming I started to pant just slightly. Ms. Wallace must have been waiting to hear something like that out of me because she popped my dick out of her mouth and went back to the hand job. My hips bucked as I felt my orgasm hit and she quickly pointed my cock at my chest and let me shoot all over myself.

"Don't move an inch," she snapped when I flexed my hands on the seat. "You lasted longer than I expected David. With that kind of stamina you might not be a total disappointment for us. Before you leave Mr. Bartlett has paperwork for you to sign. Be back here tomorrow night to start training. Do not take off your blindfold until you hear the door close behind me". I listened to the tap...tap...tap of her heels across the room and the slam of the door as it shut.

When I was sure she was gone I got dressed and left the room through the same door. Mr. Bartlett was waiting for me at his desk just like I had been told. The paperwork was tedious but didn't take too long and as I signed it I felt elated. I was in the league! I had a long way to go though, and I had no idea who my trainer would be. As I pondered my situation Mr. Bartlett spoke, "Your trainer is going to be Steven. He is a former league member and a sound technical wrestler. He will meet you here tomorrow at 6:30 to start your training. Wear workout clothes. Your first match will be two Saturdays from now. We'd like to give you more time but a few injuries came up. You will be facing another first time wrestler named Stacy, who goes by The Schoolgirl." He walked me to the door and we chatted along the way. "Be sure to think about a nickname to go by in the ring. Do you have any questions?" he said opening the door. I promised that I would think about my nickname and exited the building. A few feet past the door I stopped and called to Mr. Bartlett saying I had a question. He opened the door again so he could hear me better, "Do you interview the female applicants like Ms. Wallace interviews the guys?"

He looked at me, and laughed "Our interview process is confidential David. In a business like ours discretion is very important." I chuckled and walked to my car.

The next day I could hardly pay attention at work, training would bring me one step closer to my goal. As soon as I got off work I got in my car and sped the whole way to the building. I changed quickly in the locker room and headed toward the room Ms. Wallace had interviewed me in. Lost in thought, I turned a corner in the hallway and ran someone over. After a stunned second I looked down hoping I hadn't hurt them. I had run over a woman. She was kind of cute, black hair in a pony tail, pink workout pants, a white tee shirt and flip flops.

"Hey asshole, are you going to help me up or just stare at me and drool?" she snapped. Her ever so slight east European accent made her even more attractive. I extended my hand and she pulled herself up.

"I'm sorry for running into you," I said trying to look down and not stare. "My training session starts soon, and I was thinking about that. My name is David".

"It is your first training session isn't it?" She asked. I nodded my head sheepishly. "Look up." she snapped. I raised my head so I could look her in the eye. "If you can't look at me with my clothes on you'll get eaten alive in the ring. What would you do if I was across the ring from you right now?" My mouth opened and hung there but no sound came out. "You are in a lot of trouble....unless," she paused and stepped in close to me. Her hand slid up my thigh and stopped on my crotch. I tried to maintain some dignity but it was rapidly disappearing as she stroked me through my shorts. "You know David, I think your problem may just be me. You're hard as a rock for me and you don't even know my name. Would you like to know it?"

The word yes slipped out of my mouth faster than I could think it. Stretching up she wrapped her arms around my neck and put her mouth next to my ear.

"My name is Ana," she said in a seductive voice. "I wrestle as The Princess. If you win your first few matches I'll find you." With that she grabbed me one more time, picked up her gym bag and walked away.

After a few seconds I realized I was still standing in the hallway and not at my training session. I hurried to the room, and burst through the door. Mr. Bartlett stood in the ring next to a man in shorts and a tee shirt. He waved me over and as I entered the ring introduced me to my new trainer. "David this is Steve your trainer. He is a former champion and left with a 13-3 record. An accident in the ring ended his career early but he agreed to help us as a trainer." A former champion for a trainer I must have hit the jackpot I thought. He continued, "Steve is here to teach you the fundamentals of wrestling, answer questions about the league and in general provide you with advice. Did I forget anything?" Steve shook his head no and I realized he had been watching me intently. "Did you come up with a nickname yet?" Mr. Bartlett asked me.

"No but I have an idea. I was thinking about Titan?"

He looked me up and down "You are a bit taller than most of the other competitors so we'll give it a shot. We'll give you a green mask with a golden T that has room for the goatee. My final advice is to listen to everything Steve tells you. He didn't become a champion by accident." With that he left Steve and I standing in the ring together.

As soon as he cleared the room my first session began. We went over my modest athletic experience, what I thought I'd learned by being a regular spectator and my measurables. Steve asked if I have anything I thought would be a particular advantage; I said my height and reach. He chuckled to himself and told me it would be a double edged sword. "You're already underestimating your opponents. If you go in expecting something other than experience to be a major strength right away it won't be. You need to develop good fundamentals and work your size into being strength. A lot of the women will be smaller yes, but they will probably be faster, and the good ones will be just as strong as you." After having him basically tear my plan apart I tried to keep my hopes high. We spent the next hour covering basic wrestling moves, holds and strategy. Steve talked about his first experience in the ring and how the experiences of his other trainees went. Toward the end of the session we covered some basic and some mildly exotic submission holds. For the most part he simply walked me though applying them and how to break out of them.

He did have one specific move in mind for me though, "How familiar are you with a judo style armbar?" I knew the basic jist of the hold and explained it as best I could. "Lay down on your back," he said pointing at the ground. "It is very important that you pay attention. I'm going to very briefly put you in an actual armbar so you know what it feels like when you do it to someone else. Submission moves are a perfectly legitimate way to score a pin fall but if you seriously injure someone in a match you'll have hell to pay." He briefly looked down at his leg, "The reason I had to leave the league is because I was too stubborn to tap out. Some competitors will be very stubborn, but probably not to the point where they end up tearing their knee up. My opponent never wrestled again after that match and I've never been the same. You need try to be aware of when someone is in real danger of a permanent injury. The referees will try to stop a hold when they think it's close to permanent damage but they're not always right, and they don't want to decide matches."

After his explanation he took a hold of my arm, locked in the armbar, and raised his hips. The further he went the more it felt like he was trying to snap my elbow in half. I lasted about 30 seconds before I had to tell him to let the hold go. I cradled my arm as he explained that my size should give me a bit better than average leverage when using an armbar. We arranged three more sessions between that night and my first match because my schedule matched up well with his. My first session had been on a Thursday. The second would be the following Tuesday, third would be Saturday during the day, and my final training session would be Wednesday of match week. I left the building feeling pumped about having an ex-champ for a trainer, him having a plan, and slightly guilty about meeting a cute girl.

I felt guilty because the girl I was seeing, Savannah, had no idea that I had signed up to compete in the league. The few times I'd convinced her to come to the matches she'd thought the sex was hot but the wrestling aspect wasn't really her thing. She told me she didn't mind if I went because she knew I was making some money betting on the matches but we'd never approached me wanting to be in one. I hoped that I would be able to win a few matches and show her the money before we really had to talk about it. Since we didn't live together she probably wouldn't have a reason to be suspicious about my remaining training sessions and I was sure I could just tell her that I was hanging out with people from work on the night of my match.

The time in between my training sessions went fairly quickly. Our second session, a week later, was mostly about how to play to the crowd. We talked about what had worked for Steve, what grabbed me when I watched the matches, and what turned audiences off. He impressed upon me that keeping the crowd on my side was important. He explained how very promising wrestlers both male and female had sidelined and eventually drifted away because bad losses. "Sometimes the success of a wrestler is based more on who they get paired against instead of any appreciable talent," he told me. We worked on a basic good guy routine to use in the ring, and even a few fall back bad persona ideas. Work with what the crowd gives you was the lesson for that night. Steve talked a lot about his career and gave plenty of examples of when he'd made mistakes or made very good decisions about the crowd. Time flew by and when our time was up I hardly realized we'd done no real wrestling practice.

Between the second and third training sessions life went pretty well. I got a promotion at work, not a big one but still. Because of it I had to interact more with my manager Jackie. She was a good looking woman, so I didn't mind. She always seemed frustrated with something but for the most part didn't take it out on me. Things with Savannah were going steady, a few times I thought she had an inkling something was different but she never brought it up. For the most part all I could think of was my upcoming match and how I could train in my apartment. I resolved to go to the gym as often as I could in the weeks before my match. Sadly that fell behind the closer my third training session got. Toward the end of the second week Jackie dumped work my predecessor had put off on me. It took me until my third training session just to try catch up.

My third training session the Wednesday before the match went really poorly. Work was making me very short tempered and I had been thinking a lot about how little actual training I'd had in my last session. This session wasn't going any better; Steve kept rattling on about old matches and only vaguely showing me how he escaped holds. I finally snapped at him and told him I was too stressed from work to keep going. He tried to talk me into finishing the session but I wouldn't have it. When I got home I called his cell phone and left him a message apologizing for canceling training and asking if he was still going to be at my match. Thursday morning I had a message from him promising to be there.

The next two days flew by and Saturday night I found myself in the locker room waiting for my first match in the Sex Wrestling League. I donned my mask and pretty much nothing else and moved into the hallway. There I paced and tried to stay loose while I waited to be announced in. "Ladies and Gentlemen tonight we have two first time wrestlers squaring off. I introduce to you first the man of the hour David aka Titan!" he finished with a slight dramatic flair and my rather generic sounding intro music started. It was a rock/rap beat with no lyrics, but what rookies ever get the royal treatment in anything. I made my way to the ring trying to look as confident as possible and hoping only I could hear my heart pound. My eyes scanned the crowd and settled on Steve who shot me a big grin and a thumbs up.

The announcer interrupted my thoughts, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the wrestler who will be facing Titan, Stacy the Schoolgirl". Stacy's trainer must have put a little more effort in or had better connections because she came out to a real song. As she pranced her way down to the ring Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" rolled through the room. She gave everyone ample time to look at her as approached the ring. My estimate put her at four to five inches shorter than me, but she had a killer body. Blonde hair bobbed out of the back of her mask, a tight body and B cups breasts that looked like they'd been sculpted onto her body. The referee politely held the ropes for her as she stepped into the ring. Stacy paused bent at a 90 degree angle at the waist and made a show of surveying the crowd, clearly making a few more fans of her body than anything else. Whatever squeamishness I may have been feeling was something she didn't seem to be bothered with. The match hadn't even started and I felt like the crowd was solidly in her corner.

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