tagGroup SexSex Writer Symposium: 01

Sex Writer Symposium: 01


Three of us sit naked, watching three people fuck. We are instructed to write about it. A sprawling lodge in New Mexico is a love nest of truly epic potential.

Zhay's idea is to plumb the depths of sexual arousal from up close. Participate and write; write and participate. For two whole weeks. Had we been professional porn actors and actresses, this might seem like business as usual, but for writers, this is mind blowing fucking erotic.

There are cameras here, but for now they are laying in the corner, for day two. My eyes are the camera and my imagination is the focus. I am focused on Elle's asshole. It is gorgeous and I am delirious with desire seeing it.

Elle is on her knees sprawled across a large stuffed pillow, straddling Beth's face. Beth is taking her slow, sweet time eating Elle's cunt. I know the mechanics of a pussy engorging with arousal, but watching it happen inches from my face gives me a whole new understanding, and a grand appreciation.

I can't help slipping my fingers to my pussy, past the short patch of hair above my clit, and lightly across my pussy lips. Yes. I am engorging.

Beth is savoring the moment. She had confided to all of us that she had fantasized about licking another woman for years, and volunteered immediately to do the first model session. She is a natural. She presses her lips against Elle's cunt and smears them around, coating them with Elle's cream.

Her tongue is slightly extended and stiff so it nudges every nerve as she moves her mouth. I am obsessed with Elle's asshole. She is totally clean shaven and wide open. I keep catching myself thinking, here I am inches away from one woman's asshole, with another woman's tongue inching nearer and nearer.

I breathe deeply, trembling as I draw my pen toward the paper. Try to finish one thought at a time, Zhay had told us over and over. She has done this before. Obviously. I want to fuck now, not write. But I am getting paid to write. Fucking is a fringe benefit for this workshop.

Jack is having problems. His cock is oozing and he can't figure out how to keep his paper and pen clean. Unlike us girls, his problem protrudes straight up toward his face, making his lap useless.

I suddenly realize with a rush of delirious certainty, that I will be swallowing that man's sperm before this week is over. Hell, before the hour is over.

Jack is a little embarrassed when he catches me looking and I smile warmly at him. I reach down and part my pussy lips for him and tickle my clit. He grins his appreciation. I can't wait to read what he is writing.

Oh my God. Here she goes. Both Jack and I turn to watch Beth raise her face and trace her fingers around Elle's asshole. I could write volumes on this. Elle is consumed with being eaten out and has let her body descend where it will. Her cunt and her asshole are contracting beyond her control and she has relinquished herself to them.

Beth's fingers are slipping along Elle's slit and dipping in and out along her crevice to incite every nerve. She is rapt with wonder watching Elle's asshole throb in natural rhythm with Beth's fingering.

I so want my tongue there, and Beth must almost be there. She is. She descends with outstretched tongue, her fingers slide deep inside Elle, and she lays her tongue along Elle's rim. Elle gasps and bucks almost violently when Beth's fingers enter her. Beth smiles an evil pleasure and holds her tongue still until Elle relaxes a little.

Jack and I are not writing. We are watching Beth slowly tongue fuck Elle. In and out, in and out, around and around, soft and deep, now two fingers. Elle is rocking very slowly.

Beth moves back to Elle's puckered hole and dips her tongue into it, capping it firmly, but not too deep at first. Beth groans a deep guttural sound and I am damn near coming. I have never witnessed fucking like this. Beth is devouring Elle. Her tongue probes and scoops, presses, releases, darts, ravages, disappears, reappears. Her fingers never stop that firm, consistent fucking.

Now Beth spreads Elle wide with her hands and laps at her tight bottom, making wide swaths of glistening saliva, licking from cunt to ass and back. She runs her tongue back and forth, inserting it deeply into cunt, then deeply into ass. She cups Elle's pussy in her hand and is firmly stroking her cunt and clit together with a wide, strong pressure. Elle is bucking now, thrashing. "Oh my God!," she is begging. Beth finishes her with a flurry of fingers and tongue and lips. Elle is convulsing wildly. Her asshole is clenching and releasing rapidly. Beth adjusts her licking and fingering to Elle's sensitivity so well that Elle doesn't have to reach back and stop her.

This thought brings me back to the task and I note that this is the first time I have seen a woman so expertly fucked that she didn't have to intervene with her fingers at least a little at the end. Write that.

Elle finally shifts and gazes into Beth's eyes with genuine astonishment. Genuine astonishment. Beth just smiles back. Elle rolls over and pulls herself to Beth's mouth, cupping her face in both hands. She sits upright and her mouth melts into Beth's. Beth shudders a little and closes her eyes, opening her mouth wide and tangling her tongue with Elle's. I write like a zombie. I shake my head to clear it and find Jack doing the same. We grin and both shake our heads, writing madly on our wet notebooks.

I write: Nothing is more sensuous than soft deep tongue dances. The smell of the wetness that comes from deep within and the dexterity of the most flexible and sensitive body part exploring someone else. Reaching inquisitively for permission to fuck, then realizing that fuck is already here. Beth and Elle fuck shamelessly with their intimate mouths while we watch trembling. Eventually, Elle lays Beth back into the pillow and descends to Beth's hungry pussy.

What strikes me is that what follows is magnificent, but not magical like the first. Since Beth is on her back, Elle licks her pussy and gently fingers Beth's ass. Beth is coming within a minute. She yelps and surges into Elle's mouth. Elle licks deeply and stays with her until Beth gently slows her. That is all I have to write about that part. It is good, but it is not the story.

I am a wreck. I glance over at Zhay and close my notebook with a pop, then drop it. She laughs. It is time to swap roles. I will be a model. Jack will be my victim.

I crawl over to him and take his hand. "Come with me, Jack. We have to work now." He hesitates a microsecond then tosses his notebook and lets me pull him over to where Beth and Elle are still tangled on the pillows. They shift over and sit against the couch staying close and touching.

"Do we have to write right now?" Elle whines at Zhay.

"Only if you want to get paid for the session," Zhay says.

I am a whore. I am a man pleaser. I am writing in my head. I am going to devour Jack. Watch me work. I push him back into Elle's lap and work between his legs. I take his huge dick, glistening with thirty minutes of clear cum, and stroke it to coat the entire shaft. Then I simply lower my head on his cock and start sucking him.

I taste his clear, thick cum, and I meld my mouth to fit him like a hot rubber mold. I move around and suck with wanton, desperate craving for the taste of sex. I stop only once. I move my face directly into Jack's and put my forehead on his. I insert my tongue in his mouth and fuck him with his own taste. He is receptive. He is all mine. He is out of control. He will be fucking me only later. And I'm sure he will be good. But not now.

"I'm going to just suck you off," I whisper to him. "You can do me later. And you will." I smile. He just looks desperate.

"Please come into my mouth. Don't worry. I am going to swallow you. Okay?"

He looks a little uncomfortable. I know what he's thinking and I go way ahead.

"Jack, I know you feel guilty and like you have to do me. I promise, you can do me later. Just please, please let it all go and just let me do you."

He can only say a feeble, "Okay."

I stroke him a few times and wink at Elle and Beth, slowly scratching their pens on paper.

I am back to his cock. I am swallowing his shaft as deeply as I can. I dispense now and forever for any sort of distinction between pre-cum and cum. It is all cum. It is salty, pungent, delicious dick juice that oozes from his straining sexual organs into my hungry mouth. I suck for more. I squeeze his shaft and his balls for even more. I lap it up. I move my mouth back and lick it up so I can see it. I smell it. I make long strings of it by moving my tongue back and letting it sloppily string along until it breaks and I catch it with my hands. I lick my hands. Then I'm back all over him, sliding down and holding him there.

He is there. He is going to come. He is so out of control. He doesn't know where to run. There is no way out of this except straight down my throat, right in front of these people he has known only casually. And he goes over. He is shooting hot semen into my throat and my tongue.

He is whimpering and trying to keep from breaking my neck with his thrashing. He wants to grab his cock and pump it himself, but I am not letting go. I am swallowing his cum, drinking it. Later this week I will play in it. Right now I am just eating it.

Bobbing up and down, drinking and swallowing his thick, saline body. I am so high on sex endorphins I believe I will fly. But I am sucking instead. Up and down, gulp. Swallow.

I don't take my mouth off when the wild spurting has subsided to random contractions. I clamp tightly and move up and down. In and out of my throat until he starts to soften. Only then do I drag my mouth off of him a centimeter at a time. I raise my eyes methodically up his dick, up his chest, to his chin, to his eyes. And I smile sweetly. I open my mouth and let him see what a mess he made.

I say, "Thanks, Jack. We'll finish this later." Then I collapse into his very grateful arms, laughing.

I look down at my shaky words: Beth's tongue dances over Elle's clit, then probes Elle's pussy. Her eyes wide with wonder and excitement like she can't believe what she is doing. Elle and Beth have an automatic magic understanding. They clicked immediately and the warmth shows in their touch. God, women taste good. Pussy is elixir.

What I am thinking is, I want Beth to do that to me. But first I want to do to Beth what she did to Elle. I lean over and whisper that in her ear. She giggles a melodic, sensual sound and touches her tongue to mine.

So much for day one of Zhay's writing seminar.

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