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Sexcapade to... Freedom


The loud sounds of hands, banging on a wooden plank diminished the image of Pankaj as Sapna stirred out of her sweet dream to face the reality of another hard day at work. With much labor she opened her eyes to see the red hearts dangling over the poster of Hrithik Roshan, the matinee idol, heartthrob of billions across India and maybe another million across the world. Looking at those little plastic hearts she suddenly remembered, that today was the blessed day, the day she was waiting with anticipation to arrive, the day she had been waiting for since the last 365 days.

She gathered her hand that was flanked across the breasts of her room partner, Ratna. Ratna, beautiful, extremely attractive and younger to her by at least three years was deep in her slumber, her brownish hair sprayed across her face like a clouds on a warm night covering the moon, her soft snoring was hardly audible beyond the wooden walls of the room. Room, was exactly an exaggeration for the five feet by twelve feet cubicle she shared with this 19-year-old. A four poster high single bed with five pillows, on which they both lay right now, a high side table or rather a console by the side of the bed that held an ewer and two glasses, a small acrylic cabinet mounted with a mirror on one wall, a small noisy wall fan on the other, a four feet by four feet open washing place at the extreme end was all that the steamy little cubicle contained. A clothesline ran across the cubicle lengthwise, and on it were hung the vibrantly colorful dresses of these two women. There was no tap in the wash place and when dry, it stunk.

Sapna swept the hair of the face of the younger woman, she looked down at her and for the first time realized that the girl had most luscious lips she had ever seen. She could not help herself and bent down over her and kissed the juicy lips. Ratna still in her sleep, probably dreaming smiled back at her.

Sapna got off the bed to reach the cabinet to fetch cigarettes, cheap cigarettes which she kept there along with a lighter, a musical one, a gift she had received exactly 365 days before, on this blessed day. She removed one from the box and lit it.

"Ratna...Ratna...wake up girl," she called out to the sleeping girl.

"What is the time?" Ratna stirred and asked her.

"Its time for your cigarette, you bitch," said Sapna and tugged at the girls arm to wake her up.

Ratna sat up, and one of her breast fell out of the oversized T-shirt she was wearing. Sapna immediately groped for that naked firm breast; clasping it in her fist she kneaded it savagely.

"Pom...pom, get up you slut," she said laughing as Ratna squealed in pain.

"Fuck you, you whore, leave it you bitch," she screamed.

Sapna left her breast, took a hard drag on the cigarette and offered it to her. Ratna immediately took it, and put it to her young pink lips and inhaled on the stick.

"What's the time Sapna, I want to sleep some more," she said, taking another drag from the cancer stick before handing it back to Sapna.

"It's 2.30 already," she answered her, looking at her wristwatch in the dimly lit cubicle.

"Oh! Then why did you wake me up so early?" the young woman asked. "Let me sleep for another hour," she said.

"No! Baby, you better have a bath and get dressed early today, if you want to earn good," Sapna advised Ratna. "Business starts early today, they start coming in from 5.00 onwards," added Sapna.

"My clothes are not yet dry," said Ratna, her hand reaching out to the clothesline, feeling their dampness.

"You can wear one of mine to baby," offered Sapna as she went down to squat on the floor and pulled a case from under the bed. Then she dug her hand into her neckline, to reach in her bra for the small key to the small lock on her suitcase.

Ratna joined her squatting next to her, as Sapna opened the case. Sapna pulled out a lovely red dress from inside and spread it over the open case.

"You can wear this, it a lovely one, very sexy, but just don't soil it," said Sapna handing the dress to the younger woman.

"What are you going to wear?" Ratna asked with concern in her voice, she knew that what Sapna handed her was probably one of the most sexiest and best dress she had.

"Pankaj had brought me a very nice dress, the last time he came. He wants me to wear it for today," saying so she reached right to the bottom of the case and pulled out a shopping bag. Her hands then dug into the bag and she brought out another red outfit.

"Wow! Another red one for you." Said Ratna.

"Yeah and its really very sexy too, I tried it on once, to see if it fit me, and fits lovely, bringing out my curves to perfection," giggled Sapna.

"Let's go have our bath before somebody else occupies the bathrooms," advised Sapna and the two girls pulling their towels from clothes line, rushed out of the cubicle, ran down the corridor to reach the two, yet empty, bathrooms, where all the inmates took their baths.

They chatted with each other over the half wall while having their bath. Sapna had taken with her the expensive scented soap that Pankaj had brought for her. She took special care to clean her body, paying special attention to her armpits, the nape of her neck and her breasts. Not to forget, she applied extra soap to clean her pussy, making sure that it would smell good if Pankaj put his face there.

With towels wrapped around them when they came out, the other inmates were waiting in a queue grumbling over them having taken extra time today. They rushed back to their cubicle and started wearing the dresses. Sapna's new dress was a marvelous piece; it was a backless, red halter-top, skin-hugging dress that ended at her thighs. She avoided wearing a bra today and just slipped up a black satin panty. The dress made her look ravishingly desirable, as it exposed her filled bosom to display a deep cleavage, ending at her thighs it displayed her smooth creamy skin. While what was covered also left little for imagination as it clung tightly to her skin contouring in to display her navel and perched up the smooth roundness of her breasts to slightly peak at her taut nipple.

Ratna slipped on Sapna's red dress, a frilly mini skirt with a matching mini top, which left her mid-riff bare, exposing her lovely, girly navel. The younger girl was slightly more filled than Sapna and thus her breasts seemed to be bursting at the buttons while the frilly skirt hung provocatively over her bumpy buttocks. The girls made up their faces from the same vanity case they shared, while Sapna used the hand mirror from the vanity case, Ratna used the cabinet mirror.

Once done, they looked at each other for approval, nodded back at each other, just as the wooden partition to their little abode, was banged on to again, to announce that they needed to hurry. In a frantic urgency, the two pulled the rest of the damp clothes from the clothesline and dumped them in a spare pillowcase that lay on the bed. While Ratna squatted and deposited the bundled clothes on the case top, Sapna undid the clothesline, wound it in a round and shoved it under the mattress at the wash place end of the bed. Ratna opened the cabinet and removed a cheap perfume, the kind you find selling on pavements in Bombay and sprayed it below her ears and on the bare part of her breasts, Sapna taking the perfume bottle from her followed suite. The two together then spread a clean bed sheet over the single bed, propped up the pillows nicely and stepped out of the cubicle into the corridor again. They treaded there way towards the main sitting area, which was separated by a door. They checked themselves in the full-length mirror that was fixed to the door, opened the door and were about to step into the room, and Sapna stopped.

Sapna suddenly remembered something, she excused herself and rushed back to the cubicle, she pulled up the dress to her waist and squatted back to pull out another piece of garment from the case, a pastel color chiffon sari. She also picked up a wooden box from the case and together with the sari; she put it in the drawer of the side table. She then rearranged her dress and rushed back to the main sitting area, not before rechecking her image in the mirror.

When Sapna stepped into the sitting area, the waft of sweet smell, of the burning incense welcomed her. She looked and noticed that she and Ratna were probably the early birds today. Tai, the manager was chatting with Bisti an old inmate, these were the two women she hated from the core of her heart, but had to obey them just as did the other eighteen inmates.

Jagduba, the eunuch was performing the puja, rotating the incense stick around the miniature temple, made in a wall unit, in a secluded corner of the room. Once the puja was completed, Tai called the two girls to take blessings of the aged eunuch, who was also a healer. Ratna skipped ahead of Sapna to get her forehead adorned with the blessed tikka while Sapna followed in queue behind Bisti. When Sapna's turn came, she bent down and touched the feet of the aged eunuch and as with Ratna and Bisti, the eunuch after applying the tikka, turned Sapna around, made her squat before her and bending her forwarded, put her foot on Sapna's upper back, on the spine and pressed it hard, moving it downwards unto her tail. Then raising it back to the waist, she applied a short jab. Then gave her hand to the assist her to rise. Sapna was thus relieved of her backache and readied to take on the onslaught of the long days or rather nights work. Sapna on her part put in a token of love, a few coins in the plate, which Jagduba had kept near the temple.

"Sapna...Ratna..." called out Tai, the manager.

"Yeah..." both the girls called back together across the room and skipped their way to Tai.

"Ummmh! So you have got a new dress. Looks very expensive, when did you buy it." Tai asked Sapna and then turned to Ratna, "And you, where did you get that...oh its Sapna's"

"I bought it when I had gone to see the movie, Tai" lied Sapna, not wanting to tell her that it was her guy Pankaj who had brought it for her, not wanting her to know that she was wearing it today because Pankaj wanted her to wear it today, not wanting her to know that he was coming today and she definitely did not want her to know that today was that special day. But, she was wrong, for not wanting her to know something was not in her capacity, for the very next instruction from Tai caught Sapna in a tight corner.

"Look you girls, it is Valentine's Day today, so the business should be big. I am going to charge an extra cut for today. You girls also are going to make a good tip for yourself, so ask for good tips today." Said Tai.

"Yeah!" replied Sapna, defeated that she would not be able to earn any extra buck today, she was upset that she would not be able to spend this night with Pankaj.

Sapna went back and sat on the couch wondering how she would be able to earn enough to repay Tai, the manager and owner and clear her debt. Here she was planning on making some extra buck on the sly and now her plan had failed.

Sapna vividly remembered how Bisti who promised a lucrative job for her in Bombay and brought her from the hills of West Bengal to this hellhole, fooling her and her poor parents. Bisti paid her parents Rs.40,000 a sum large enough for them to marry off her elder sister, but they were unaware of what their darling young daughter had to go through. She shivered when she remembered how these two women confined her for days in a dark room, without food and water to break all her resistance, how these women mentally tortured her by threatening her to bring in the same hellhole her younger female siblings, how in the dark they groped her and tore her clothes, her soul still stirred within her beautiful body when she remembered how they got in a young men to belt her naked body with all lights on, till finally she learned to obey them and do the task that was ordered of her, initiating her into a world where every night she was supposed to satisfy the lusty desires of dozens of men.

The house had a special room that was very large, air conditioned, floor-to-floor carpeted, with a huge double bed, a TV, video and lots of cushiony pillows, the girls referred to this room as Blue Room; for a client short of ideas had to his disposal a range of blue movies disc he could pop in the player and then have his consort act to it. It was in this room that Sapna had entertained her first man. The pot belled, but very rich man in his 40s was sitting on the bed having his drinks and Sapna accompanied by the two women was brought there. She was then ordered to drink, half glass of whisky. Sapna had to force down the cheap drink through her delicate mouth and throat as it burned its way to her tummy. Then Tai and Bisti made her stand in front of the aged man and shamed her by disrobing her before his lecherous eyes. The rich moneybag grinned lustfully, his mouth open and tongue out as he took in the beauty of her curvy form. Though Sapna did not resist anymore, yet the two women dragged her naked to the man and sat her on his lap. Then Tai warned Sapna to be good with the man and left the room. The man then played with Sapna's breasts, kneading them, pinching and sucking her nipples while she squealed and writhed on his lap. He played with her beautiful body for an hour as he sipped his drink, enjoying the feel of her young smooth body, often rapping her young, firm and lovely buttocks.

Sapna, though hated the man's ministration of her body, she did involuntarily become moist and her love juices started to ooze wetting her pussy lips. The man kept rocking his lap, as he continued with his hand exploring her body. When he had finished his drink, he stretched his hand and put the glass on the center table and reached his hand between her legs to explore her private part. When he found her pussy wet, he grinned at Sapna showing a gold tooth. He further explored his fingers and located her clit, when Sapna involuntarily moaned. As if her moan was a signal to him, he stood her up and then standing by her side, forced his lips on her and kissed her. Sapna never having experienced a kiss before did not know how to react, she kept herself still not wanting to annoy the man and have Tai and Bisti charting out another punishment. Sapna decided to co-operate with this man, for at least he was not as cruel as the two women. The man, then started to disrobe, taking off his kurta and then his pajama, followed by his trunks till he was naked standing before her with his standing member.

He once more grinned at Sapna and dangled his cock with his hand, showing its hardness to Sapna, then he took her hand and placed it on his cock, wrapping her fingers around it and showing the young girl how to pleasure her by moving her hand.

"Yes, do that Sapna, shake it, yeaaaah that is fun," he said shaking her hand, guiding it, showing her how. "Do you like that cock," he asked her, "it will give you great pleasure Sapna when it enter you here," he said putting his hand to her pussy and probing his finger to locate the manhole.

"Yeah!" said Sapna, now sure that if she tried to be nice with this man, she would get away without any more confrontation with the two tyrants who had destroyed her life. "I like it, I like your cock," she said, learning fast the ways to remain safe in this hellhole.

"Good, good, very good, Sapna, you should like it, because it is going to pleasure you girl," he said. "Come, now lie down on the bed," he instructed her.

Sapna left his cock and laid on the bed, as he directed her, then he knelt on the bed and moved before her, parted her legs and got between them. As a young woman, she had dreamed of this day, when her prince charming would sweep her of her feet and then with great love and care, tenderly make love to her by entering his cock in her body. However, that was not to be, for she was lying in the comfort of a bed she had never even dreamt before, she had her legs opened wide to welcome a cock, but it was not her prince charming, it was a pot belled rich man. While consoling her, Reshma, an inmate had told her that it was just one prick and then it was over; Reshma had even confessed to her that she resisted a lot and was finally raped by the man, but once he was inside her, she had started to enjoy the feeling of his cock in her.

Sapna was not sure if she was going to enjoy a cock in her, but now she was ready to take this cock, she was ready for the pain that was associated with it. The man positioned himself and Sapna felt his hard cock touch her pussy lips, she closed her eyes and the man inserted his cock in her tight cunt. Sapna felt her cunt walls tear as he entered her. He thrust his hips forward to slowly drive it further into her, another thrust to still further his cock inside her. Sapna hissed as the cock spread her walls as it entered. Then the man stopped still. Sapna opened her eyes, thinking that it was all over; she opened her eyes and saw the man above her, grinning, showing his gold tooth. He slipped his hand under her arm to clasp her shoulders and then he applied a powerful thrust, to tear through her hymen and lodge his cock all the way into her.

"Ayeee Maaaa!" Sapna screamed as unbearable pain pierced through her pussy, setting to fire her complete body. She writhed, her body flapping like a fish out of water. She pushed hard on the man's chest to get him off her. The more she tried, the more painful it became.

"Shoo, shooo, easy girl, easy," the man above her said comforting her.

"Pleeease take it out...please," she pleaded to her tormentor.

The man pulled his cock out, just enough to give another powerful thrust making Sapna scream again...and released his cum in her body grunting and groaning. Sapna, still in the pain, felt the second jolting thrust and then the hot sperm filled her tight cunt.

"Sapna...Sapna...!" whispered Ratna, elbowing her, sitting besides her, intruding her past to bring her back to the present day.

"Yeee!' Sapna responded as her rail of thoughts from the past dissolved and she was brought back to the present. Sapna realized that three more girls, Radha, Sangeeta and Vaishali had joined her and Ratna on an adjacent couch sitting pretty.

"Your guy too has come Sapna," said Ratna, referring to the early visitors, the gang of four college boys. These boys had been visiting here since the last six months or so; they would make a visit once in two weeks. The guy Ratna was referring to, was handsomest of the lot, but was very reserved. While his friends would pick girls and have their fun, he would sit in the sitting area, nursing his beer and smoking cigarettes. During those initial visits, the girls would often drool over him, sit next to him pressing their bodies to him, caress his thighs trying to entice him, but finding it unfruitful they had all given up on him.

However, during his last visit, Sapna was unoccupied with 'work' and the young man had been constantly eyeing her as she sat across him, while he sipped his beer. Sapna taking the initiative had warmed up to him in a friendly chat that resulted in him finally taking the dip. He wanted to have Sapna, so Sapna took him to the cubicle where he paid her for her service. After Sapna had deposited the money with Tai and came back to service her young client, the boy did not make any advances, instead he started to chat with her, opening up about his broken heart. That evening instead of merely just fucking with a client, Sapna had made love to him, giving the young boy, who was at least three years younger to her, his first sex of life.

"Look Sapna, two of them have already picked on their regulars, Radha and Vaishali, and Dinesh is definitely going to pick on me, go and get your guy before Sangeeta closes in on him," advised Ratna. True to her guessing, the guy she called Dinesh got up winking at Ratna that he wanted her service, and walked through the door towards the cubicles. The young boy, who had given his name as Saleem, kept staring at Sapna sipping his beer and blowing cigarette rings in the air. Sapna sensed that he was not going to make a move, so she got up to sit by him. But just as she got up, so did Saleem; Sapna just stood there waiting and he came to her smiling.

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