tagBDSMSexploration Ch. 02

Sexploration Ch. 02


I am a very naughty, very sexual girl. Sometimes that comes at a price! I get distracted, my work suffers, I lose sleep. I'd been trying for a couple of weeks not to let my sexual urges rule my life. However, every girl has her breaking point! When I found mine, I just couldn't resist getting in touch with my favorite dominant friend. After a couple drinks at my girlfriend's house, I began to text him.

He asked how I was doing and I told him I was good. Then, I told him I could really use a workup. Now usually I know better than to try to top him from the bottom, but I suppose that the dry spell was making me feel adventurous and craving a little danger. He ordered me to come to his place. I was shivering with eager expectation and hastily replied I would be there soon!

Once I arrived we wasted no time. Almost immediately, we started kissing as he worked my breasts and ground his big cock against me. He held my hands behind my back and told me keep them there. I was vibrating with anticipation as he kissed my neck, breathing in my ear that I was a very naughty girl and should be careful what I ask for. I tried helping him as he began to undo my pants; I got a firm swat on the ass for moving without permission. As his fingers felt the silk of my panties, he groaned. I was hot and wet and no amount of fabric could hide it.

I was panting as he slowly rubbed circles over my clit. He pushed against the material so that it got even more soaked. He pulled aside the offending garment so that he had direct access to my now dripping pussy. His fingers spread my juices all over my lips. My knees buckled when his finger slowly parted and then penetrated my folds. I was moaning constantly in his ear as he just teased me mercilessly.

Then he dropped his pants and pushed me to my knees. Oh, his cock looked so good, mmmm....

I licked and sucked his cock, taking it down the back of my throat. The taste of his pre-cum made me even wetter. My hands were still behind my back which thrust out my heaving chest. While I was sucking and releasing his dick in my mouth, his hands found my breasts. As he pulled and tugged my nipples, I got his cock so deep in my throat that I could stick out my tongue and touch his balls. He groaned, throwing his head back in pleasure. Then he pulled me up by my hair so that I came up off his cock with a pop!

He pulled me up until I was standing, then spun me around and gave me a smart smack on my ass. My pants had slid down to just above my knees. My juices were dripping down my leg. I slowly bent over and shook my ass at him, waiting like a bitch in heat. Taking his time, he rubbed his big tool up and down along my crease; then at once penetrated my tight pussy. It'd been such a long time since I'd been filled, I groaned as he slid it in me. He teased me at first; didn't pump it in and out, just stretched me open and then stood still. I began working my Kegal muscles, trying to milk his cock.

This provoked him to become aggressive. Soon, all I could do was just hold on tight while he pounded me hard, deep, and fast. I felt my pussy walls contract tight and then explode with the force of my orgasm. I squirted out around his cock and the juices soaked my thighs. My body wanted to go limp, but he was relentless and kept going, driving his hard cock into me.

When my knees finally buckled, he pulled out of my sore wetness as I slid down into a sitting position. He hadn't cum yet, so I eagerly swallowed down that piece of meat. Covered in my juices, it was a most delicious and satisfying treat. He tipped up my chin and looked in my eyes. Just before he came, his eyes closed tightly, and then he let out a yell while the force of his orgasm shot his load of cum deep into my throat.

I slowly swallowed down every drop of the deliciousness. Fully satisfied, I promised myself I wouldn't be so stubborn and wait so long before seeing him again! After all, life should be about balance, not about denying your true nature.

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