tagToys & MasturbationSexploration Ch. 03

Sexploration Ch. 03


Thanks so much to jetdriver68 for being an amazing editor!

Hello again...

Well I've told you about my first orgasm...I've told you about how I gave in to my base desires and let my dominant friend give me a proper working over... but would you like to know what happens when I am all alone? Would you like to fantasize with me? Imagine what it would be like to have me thinking of you while I pleasure myself?

It has been such a long hard day for you. You're sitting back...relaxing... and reading this story of this young woman who in turn is all alone...

At the end of my day, all alone, I wander aimlessly through the rooms and get ready to finish the evening. I couldn't see you today, and now I have to deal with this throbbing in between my thighs... I shut off all the lights in the front of the house and make my way to my room. I start to casually shed my clothing, but after I have removed my blazer... and the low heeled pumps...I think of how you would enjoy watching me undress and strip off the practical things I have to wear to school and work.

So I slowly unbutton my blouse. Ten small pearl buttons down the front of my crisp linen top. As the fabric parts you would get glimpses of my skin. Then I shrug the top to my shoulders and cast you a flirty glance. Your eyes would blaze at me, command me to continue.

Next is the side zipper of my navy pencil skirt. Slowly I ease it down opening the side panel and then the fabric slides over and off of my full hips. Yours eyes hungrily devour my body as it is reveled to you inch by inch.

My hands reach behind my back and unfasten the clasps of the lacy half cup white bra releasing my full breasts. The straps are trapped at my bent elbows, and you still can't see my nipples. Your eyes half close as you wait with anticipation. I give in to the hunger I see and I drop the offending garment to the floor. My nipples have pebbled with arousal and stand up from my breasts dark pink and proud.

I use my hands to tease you, slowly cupping each full breast giving the nipples a flick with my fingers which elicits a groan from my lips. Fingertips slide very lightly down my torso and then catch in the elastic waist of my white silk panties. Instead of immediately taking them off I lower them just enough for you to see the curve of my mons and then my hands dip inside the fabric. When I gasp and my eyes shutter close you know that I am being naughty and that I have touched myself. You'd be breathing hard and your knuckles would be gripping the chair ready to come help me if I really needed help getting the panties off.

I hook my thumbs in the side and ease them over and off of my hips bending over, my breasts swinging and swaying as I removed my panties. One foot and then the other step out and then my hands are caressing my calves, my knees, and then my thighs as I straighten back up. I'm ready to be done teasing... I grab my robe and cover my body which is starting to chill because I am all alone. I think I need a relaxing bubble bath to ease the self induced tension.

Wrapped only in my white terry cloth robe, I go into the bathroom, pick out my favorite bath gel, turn on the water and allow myself to be mesmerized by the forming bubbles.

I pick out some mellow music and a cool drink to sip in the tub. Next, I get some candles and light them in the bathroom. With the lights off, the room is illuminated only by the soft, sensual flickering of the candles.

Soon enough I'm feeling the effects of my surroundings. Dropping my robe, I stand there for a moment in my glorious nakedness. I breathe in deeply, taking in the enticing scent of the candles. A shudder runs down my body as I imagine you enjoying the sight of my nudity.

Stepping into the tub, I feel the bubbles against my skin, imagining it to be your hands caressing and wetting my skin -- setting it on fire. Sliding down, I begin sponging myself, watching the water pouring onto my well rounded breasts, my tanned shoulders, and running down my firm legs...

Taking a handful of bubbles, I caress them onto my breast, feeling the nipple, touching its softness, and yet feeling it harden beneath my fingers. Moving my hand slowly lower to my abdomen, I glide the water across it, loving the feel of silkiness as I do this. Not yet ready to touch myself there, I bring my hand to my other breast and give it the same attention.

Slinking further into the tub, I relish the feel of the warm water. I close my eyes, pretending to be in your arms. I imagine you kissing me, gently at first; planting kisses all over my body -- on my forehead, my cheeks and nose, and then to my cherry red lips. Oh, I can almost taste you...

Your hands press into my breasts, just as I am doing now. Then, one hand remaining on my breast, the other slowly moves downward to a place hidden from view... My hand moves in the same direction...I let my hand explore the valley between my legs. Still, with thoughts of you deeply imbedded into my head, I imagine you to be the one caressing me. My breathing becomes heavier...

Allowing a finger to slide into the valley between my legs, I can almost feel it to be your tongue... slipping slowly up and down my lips, halting at my clit and applying a little bit of pressure; I begin to feel it tingle. Feeling myself become even more inflamed, I head back down and decide to part my lips and enter; knowing if I had your big cock to fill me up I'd be in heaven...

I can feel the desire building deep inside -- throbbing, begging to be released...

Deep in my thoughts I am taking you into my mouth...sucking the hardness that is you... feeling you, tasting you, delivering to you the same madness that you are bringing to me. Slipping one of my fingers into my mouth, I suck it as though it were your shaft... slowly at first, then taking it all into my mouth. I suck hard and pretend I am drinking in your juices... I picture my tongue wrapping itself around your cock, sucking you hard. Sliding my tongue softly down to just the tip, I slip my tongue around it savoring the firm hardness that is your head. Mmmm, a soft moan escapes from deep within me.

The finger of my other hand is still deeply embedded in my pussy, pushing me to the brink of ecstasy; but I need to feel the fullness that only your huge engorged cock can bring. In an attempt to do this, I slip another finger into my pussy and continue the rhythm. Bringing my hand back to my breast, I squeeze my nipple, knowing how delicious a tiny nibble from you would be at this moment.

Hearing myself moaning and breathing heavy, I realize I'm about to explode...

My fingers moving feverishly, sliding in and out of my hot, wet pussy, in and out, fucking myself, rubbing against my clit...

Just then I feel myself tighten around my fingers. Oh God, I cum to such an explosion that my whole body rocks from it!

Well I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me...

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