tagLesbian SexSexploration Ch. 04

Sexploration Ch. 04


My heart raced. I didn't think I could bring myself to take another step forward. Hadn't I been thinking about this since the first time I met Tracy? Didn't I regularly let my mind wander into that fantasy realm where I had her laid out in front of me, and she was begging me to take her to heaven?

How had I gotten into this? I had kept myself very, very occupied when it came to my sex life. I had minded my words, actions, moods, all so I wouldn't overstep my boundaries. I was nothing but a friend in the best sense of the word when it came to my roommate. And now...now I could have exactly what I wanted and I was scared.

I think it had a lot to do with Tracy's new love interest. Of course I had been the one to introduce them. Lee had been my ex boyfriend in high school, turned into my best male friend and confidante. We talked for hours about things I was not able to talk about to anyone else. Occasionally, we revisited the idea of being together, but I knew it just was not meant to be. He was wildly flirtatious with absolutely anything that walked and had breasts, and I was fiercely possessive and jealous in high school.

But...back to the matter at hand.

Tracy lay sprawled out on that enormous king size bed she had made her ex husband buy her right before she left him, the phone cradled in her ear, little tank top riding high on her midriff, and thong cut panties riding low on her hips. She was smiling, laughing, and talking to Lee when I emerged from the shower. I stood at the foot of the bed and looked at her feet: her toes curled in her excitement. I didn't dare touch. But I wanted to...

Not much of a foot person, per say, but at the moment I wanted to take those toes into my mouth and nibble them, suck them, rub the arch of her foot, assist with whatever it was Lee was saying to her to get her aroused. I was broken out of my fantasy by the sound of her very aroused and husky voice calling my name out. "Oh but Monica, hold on please."

"Yeah Trace?" (Damn it I was going to jump on the couch with my favorite fuzzy mink green blanket and have a couple of frustrated hours to myself.)

"Come here, Lee wants to talk to you." (I inwardly groaned. Lee hadn't been quite my chat buddy since he had set his lustful eyes on Tracy and I was a little put out. Being that I wasn't exactly a nun at the time though I had to let it go.)

"Yeah, okay." I took the warm slightly sweaty phone from her small delicate damp hand and cradled it against my ear. I leaned against the foot board, her arches inches from my face. I studied them while I took a deep breath and finally addressed my best friend.

"Hey Lee, what's going on?"

"Well, Monica you know that I am so far away right now." Lee was in the military and was on his first tour of duty overseas. "I really need you to do something for me."

"What would that be, Lee?"

"I need you to take care of Tracy for me."

"Fuck that Lee. This isn't fair. I've liked her for a long time, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here as a surrogate." I was a little angry at how he was trying to play me right into a situation where I could be cut to ribbons. But my breath was quickened, my nipples were hard, and I was looking up those long white thighs, over the valley of her stomach, across the mountain peaks of her breasts, and into those eyes gone hazy and blank in their lust. My stomach clenched, along with another part of me. I turned away, facing the closet.

"No, no, no, honey, listen to me. We talked about this. She knows you have wanted her. She wanted you too, but was scared because she has never been with a female. Now that she is free, she wants to experience things she was scared to try because of her ex husband. I will be here every step of the way and she won't back off. I promise. She will be thinking about you." He was damned convincing every single time. I could never say no. He was too dominant of a personality to my more submissive one.

"Lee, I can't." What? I can't? Really, because I just realized that my finger was stroking up and down the bottom of her foot and she wasn't stopping me, or laughing.

"Yes you can Monica. She wants you. She told me while you were in the shower; she wished you would stop joking about it and just start something. You have to make the first move. She's too shy and scared." Listening to his low and hypnotic voice, I stared at that large toe like a cobra's head waving back and forth -- I sensed my increasing ensnarement.

"Lee, it'll mess everything up. I can't work with her, go to classes with her, and know that I had touched her, tasted her, and loved her. It would drive me slowly crazy." My hand now rested on the top of her foot, slowly rubbing it, massaging it. As her foot arched into my palm, she moaned lightly, her hands flung up over her head as if in surrender.

"Monica, it'll be okay. Hey, put me on speaker phone for a second." I sighed but complied with his request. "Hey Tracy honey, what are you doing right now?"

"Mmmm baby, she's playing with my feet; it feels so good." Her breathless little answer made my stomach ache that much harder.

"Oh yeah, baby? Monica, you didn't tell me that. I guess you are doing okay then."

"Shut up Lee."

"Monica I think you should keep going; rub your hands up her calves a little. My baby needs a little leg massage."

"Lee if I am going to do this I am doing it at my own pace. I have been thinking about it too long for you to come and give me directions. Who the hell do you think I am?" With that said I got my face pretty close to her foot, I took a deep breath, and I blew it out. She gasped at the air flow so concentrated on the bottom of her sensitive foot. Licking my lips I leaned forward and kissed that bog toe. She groaned loudly. Fuzzily I heard Lee.

"You like that don't you baby? Hmm, you've been so pent up you just want to be loved all over, don't you?"

"Oh God yes, Lee. She is sucking on my toes right now, rubbing my foot and up my ankles. Her mouth is so hot and wet it feels a little strange, but right now I don't care. I wish she'd stop teasing me though." Her shaky voice penetrated my love trance with her feet and I pulled her toe out of my mouth with a little pop. I licked my lips to gather the excess saliva and I slowly climbed up on the foot of the bed. On my knees in a kneeling position to my prostrate goddess, I took a deep breath and dove straight in.

My hands smoothed over her calf muscles as I massaged away the aches, knots, tension that I could feel, until she was a quivering puddle in front of me. I blocked out Lee's voice as I became completely immersed in my task at hand. Up and down and over and around her leg I went; over her knee cap, brushing her thighs, but retreating when they started to feel warm and flushed. She rubbed her neglected foot on my arm, so I doubled my task, one hand on each leg, arms spread, body rocking back and forth with the movement of me opening her up and getting her under my spell. I wanted her thinking about me damn it...

I crawled over her body eying every inch on the way up, and then I looked her right in the eye.

"Shut up for a second Lee." I said between gritted teeth. I captured her mouth with my own. This was not delicate teasing first kiss that I had imagined. I had too much furious passion raging inside of me. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, bit the tip of her tongue, nibbled her lip, bit her jaw, held her head in place, and plundered the depths of the hot, wet cavern taking every treasure. She whimpered as I eased off a little and moved over to attack her ear, sliding my tongue over the shell, dipping in the entrance to her canal, scraping my teeth over the lobe and then sinking into the soft spot right beneath. I wanted to ravage and feast, but I held myself in check as to not put any marks on her fair alabaster skin.

She arched, groaned, whimpered, gasped and then said, "Monica..." I chuckled darkly. I eased off and picked up the phone out of her limp hand. "Lee, Tracy is going to have to talk to you tomorrow."

"Now wait a minute Monica, I told you I am going to stay so that she stays comfortable."

"Lee she is beyond comfortable right now. So we'll chat with you tomorrow, okay hun?" I grinned broadly as I felt the satisfaction of pushing that button and hearing the distinctive click of the receiver hanging up. I felt guilty for a moment, I mean that poor boy was overseas and all. But he would get over it.

I went back to the spot beneath Tracy's ear and slowly covered every inch of her neck and throat with my kisses, licks, and bites. She went back and forth from being taunt and bent like a bow to loose, relaxed, and limp then back again.

I started my journey southward over her chest, in between her breasts, inhaling her scent, nuzzling the soft flesh, feeling her fingers wind in my hair. I licked the undersides of each globe, and around the aureola, not quite touching the nipples. Where my mouth couldn't touch all at the same time, my hand covered, squeezed, soothed, pinched, and rolled until her chest heaved and she squirmed to get me to touch the hardest aching part of her breasts.

I took the left side nipple into my mouth; we both groaned with the contact. All thoughts of seduction left my head. I was simply a starving person suckling at the giving teat of life. I settled a little more comfortably on her and alternated between each breast until each nipple was a darker rosy pink and rock hard. Keeping one hand on one firm globe I traveled further south, dotting every inch of her smooth belly with kisses and licks. Too rough to be ticklish, but also easing up on the biting for this expanse of flesh. I used my free hand to start easing off her thong panties as she wiggled her hips to be accommodating. Every space that I uncovered immediately got licked or kissed. When I finally got her free of restriction, I moved my hand from her breast and took each thigh into my hand and opened her for me to feast upon with my eyes.

I took a deep shuddering breath and slid my body further down the bed until I was half hanging off. I maneuvered into a crouching position on my elbows with the glistening jewel of my desire in front of me for the taking.

I took that first swipe with my tongue. It had been too long since I had tasted of a woman. Slowly savoring it and shaking, I took another lick up along the slit of her vagina. She opened a little more, her flower blossoming before me. I darted my tongue into that opening. With a little more pressure again I went from south to north and licked from top to bottom. I pushed her thighs apart a little more forcefully and opened her up so that the hood of her clitoris pulled up and her little jewel poked out. I took the rough part of my tongue and laved it over her button feeling her jump and gasp with the sensation. I sucked her nether lips into my mouth and used the tip of my tongue on her button pressing her further and further. She arched and begged. It was music to my ears. I felt the blood rushing to my head until I heard only a waterfall roaring in my head.

I took one finger and rubbed it up and down her crease gathering the moisture there to lubricate it for my penetration. I slowly pushed my finger into her depths; her inner muscles squeezing me accepting me in, not to expel me out. I crooked my finger in the "come here" motion, rubbing it up over her velvet square. I felt her fluid rush to greet me as she moaned out loud. I put my lips to her clit once more and combined the two lightly, but with enough pressure to make her suddenly jump and scream. She bathed me with her thanks for my gift.

But it wasn't enough. I eased the one finger out only to replace it with two. I pushed them hard into her until I reached the back walls of her vagina. Then, I locked my teeth around that sensitive button. I stroked her fires until she was an inferno under my control. I was the volcano goddess and I wanted a larger, bigger better eruption.

The flavor of my prize was so exquisite it was like a drug. She was my own personal addiction. I had to give payment. So I gave her more.

I used my mouth, my tongue, my teeth, my lips. I made her orgasm hard again another time. She went limp and started to beg off. I growled in my throat. While I took my teeth from around her poor sensitive bright red puffy clit, I did not remove my fingers. I wasn't done with her yet. I lurched forward, put my mouth back to her breast as I fucked her with my two fingers, deep and hard. I pressed my palm to her clit and used my thigh between my legs to increase my pressure. What I wouldn't have given at the moment to have something more substantial to use on her, but I wasn't having too much trouble I think on my own.

She shook, quivered, and whined out in a high pitch squeal with yet another release. My hand was soaking with her juices. It wasn't enough.

I went back to my worshiping position. I lightly teased her by just using the tip of my tongue around the outside of her entrance, slowly making circles and making her even more damp with my saliva mixing with her juices. My fingers remained stationary and she slowly started to relax, thinking I was easing off so as not to leave her too suddenly. Oh, but she was mistaken! Once I felt her start to breathe normally, I went back at her savagely. I pumped her with my hand; I licked her clit hard, sucked it in my mouth, bit it hard with my teeth, and then kissed it, feeling sorry for my roughness.

I sort of lost it a little when she broke forth with another scream. I felt my upper most knuckles try to shove inside her. I ground so deep into her that I was separating her and I could feel her pubic bone. I sucked her whole clitoral area into my mouth. I growled long and deep while I ravaged her into a final long, squeezing orgasm. She almost bucked me off of the bed as she finally had the Big One I was looking for.

With both of us still breathing hard, I eased my fingers gently out of her swollen sensitive place. Then, I slid boneless, tired next to her on the bed. When her breath evened out she was asleep. I grabbed the sheet pulled it over us and followed her to dreamland.

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